My Alluring Minerals Review

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Mineral makeup is something I’ve heard a lot about the last few years but I haven’t really tried a lot of mineral products as a beauty blogger, to be completely honest. When I connected with Cher Donaldson, founder of Alluring Minerals, to discuss a review of her Australian made cruelty free makeup and skin care range, I decide to make it my business to learn all about mineral makeup.

So to start at the start, mica is the key ingredient in mineral makeup and this is what gives pure pigment colour, and when combined with other mineral makeup ingredients, gives the complexion that gorgeous glow mineral converts covet. What I did know from my basic knowledge of mineral makeup, is the fact that can be applied immediately after facial treatments or peels due to the anti-inflammatory ingredients within – plus it covers redness stat. I also did know that mineral makeup has a built-in SPF factor but it’s also noncomogenic, therefore completely safe to sleep in, not that I can ever allow myself to do that!

I also learnt that mineral makeup is waterproof and sweat proof, so it’s the perfect makeup base for a wedding, job interviews or a fun night out dancing! As someone who suffers from a mild case of rosacea, I’m happy to read that Alluring Minerals contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, both of which are reputed to help soothe irritated skin.

Just to note; Alluring Minerals contain certified organic ingredients, with natural emollients & emulsifiers, bio-active ingredients, Australian oils, fruits and extracts, cosmeceutical grade ingredients, aromatherapy oils, sustainable & ethical ingredients with natural preservatives. Alluring Minerals contains absolutely NO Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, parabens, mineral oil, petro-chemicals, glycols, silicones, artificial fragrances or artificial colours.

Now I’ve got you interested, I’ll jump straight into my review!

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Purifying Enzyme Cleanser $34.95

First up, this baby gets a big tick of approval for the packaging. I think that a pump action jar is always best for a cleanser – esp if it’s on the thicker side. It has a thick texture, which when mixed with water foams up just nicely and easily removes makeup with a gentle massage.  I find that I can use to remove all makeup in one cleanse with no effort whatsoever – other than a slight sting if I poke my eye! – and a quick tone is all that’s needed afterwards.

Regarding the scent, with ingredients such as papaya & pineapple enzymes and lime & juniper essential oils, I knew I was in for a treat! It’s  quite a fruity scent without being overpowering or offensive.

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Mineral Shadow Intensive 88i $20.00
Jaclyn Hill is the gal behind my current love for burnt orange eyeshadow, but I’ve found a lot of pigmented eyeshadows can take so long to buff out and blend to give a flawless finish therefore I’m reluctant to take the time each morning to do my eyes. The eyeshadow is SO easily applied with a flat shadow brush and blended out with a bigger fluffy brush. It also has a slight gold reflect so gives just the prettiest shadow shade ever, or even deeper contour shade!


Mineral Illuminate 04 $30.00

A sparkling glow that blends effortlessly into skin, without any tacky sheen or glitter. I think that’s really the best compliment I can give a highlight so I’ll just leave it at that! Best applied with a fan brush over cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose and the cupids bow.

Blush Fusion Baked Mineral Matte Fusion Berry $39.95

A powder blush that feels and applies like a cream, giving just the prettiest flush to cheeks – esp when applied after bronzer to the hollows of the cheeks. I think this would also be really pretty as an eyeshadow too, with berry shades bang on for winter style!

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Lip Crayon in Neutral $20.00

This shade is the shade of 2016 and I would bet that Kylie Jenner would approve of this colour. It easily slides along the lips and isn’t chalky or drying whatsoever. It’s also the perfect shade to slightly overline the lips for a slightly fuller appearance, who needs lip injections now?! I apply this on its own for a matte finish but it’s also gorgeous as the darker shade for an ombre lip….

Cher, the founder of Alluring Minerals, is such a dream to collaborate with and a fantastic connection that I’ve made in 2016. If making the switch to natural and organic beauty products is on your mind, I suggest this brand be on your list to investigate. The prices are completely reasonable in my eyes, without being over-priced and Cher has definitely done her research when it comes to creating dreamy and beneficial cosmetics + skincare!

If you would like any further information on these products, just let me know in the comments! Have you too tried Alluring Minerals, what were your thoughts?


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