Après Avant’s Clean Beauty Box

Upon my regular nightly scrolls on Instagram – it’s an addiction I tell ya! – I came across Après Avant. Pronounced (‘ah-preh ah-vahnt’),  Après Avant is an editoral and e-commerce website dedicated to conscious living. From beauty to nutrition, wellness to psychology, the site offers a cherry-picked curation of content and products. Their philosophy is to exercise wholesome daily choices with mindfulness. What interested me most was their Clean Beauty Box, a subscription box that is full of natural, effective and conscious beauty products. Each item was chosen with careful and conscious intention; and handpicked with love for your skin, and health of your body and our environment in mind. I recently spoke with the founder, Chuin Wei Koh to learn more about this very specific beauty box, and to be more informed on living a more conscious life.

The name ‘Après Avant’ literally means ‘after before’. It stands for what you do after the fact and before you act in all things, and all aspects of your life.

Hi Chuin, thanks for chatting with Why Hello Beauty. Please tell me more your Clean Beauty Box, and how it came to be? Recognising many cult beauty products to be made up of harmful synthetics or fillers, I yearned to be able to find cleaner alternatives that work just as effectively. With a curiosity for ingredients and how products are formulated, I began reaching out to brand founders of these cleaner, more conscious brands to learn of their story, the ingredients that make up their formulations, and their guiding philosophies that remain important to this day. Speaking with founders filled with passion and drive in their trade led to the development of these boxes, where its sole purpose was to enable accessibility, the opportunity for first-hand tactile experiences, and to encourage steps toward a cleaner, more conscious routine that would positively impact both ourselves and the environment. It is also my hope that one’s indulgence of well-deserved downtime is increased with the use of the products in our Clean Beauty Box.

How do you choose the brands and products featured within the Box? The ingredient quality and its source play a big part in the products that are chosen. LILFOX is a brand I mention often as I was surprised at how much I enjoyed using the products. Everything from the scents to how it made my skin feel during and after application stood out. I also feel her wet to dry ingredients are perfectly combined for weather such as ours, where it is hot and humid throughout the year. Her oils are dry to touch yet incredibly moisturising and emollient. We are thrilled to be working together for our first box.

Are the boxes seasonal, and can we await more in 2017? We definitely have exciting products in the pipeline (including another hero product I love by LILFOX) that we can’t wait to share in our next box! As the products in these boxes are sold at a fraction of their retail prices, we hope to continue working with brands to bring these lovingly-crafted treats to our boxes for everyone to experience.

How can we become more conscious about the beauty products in our bathroom, whilst still using high quality premium products? I believe there are many products made of pure, potent and efficacious ingredients formulated without damaging or potentially harmful chemicals that are waiting to be discovered. Being conscious to read a products full ingredients list can provide helpful information to assess its purpose as the message it sends on the front can at times be disparate from its contents listed in the back. Everyone’s skin reacts differently and that should be celebrated. Seeing as the key to a clear complexion is skin that is balanced on the surface as well as within, being conscious of your skin type can help in the quest toward finding the products that help you achieve your own perfect balance.

Chuin, what’s one thing we can all do to become more conscious about our living and beauty? With the power of social media, clever marketing and effective advertising that surrounds us, it is easy for our thoughts and opinions to sway. Being conscious of our own health and body greatly helps in addressing our individual needs and in finding what works best for us; be it in our diet, lifestyle or products we purchase.

Après Avant’s Clean Beauty Box retails for $78.00 + shipping which is calculated in checkout. The exclusivity of the Clean Beauty Box means that all four items inside are specially priced, as compared to their regular retail costs, so this box is the perfect opportunity for you to swap out your existing products for a short period of time and discover the wholesome world of green beauty and clean living. Whilst you’re on the website, take a peek at the interviews with May Lindstrom and Cilk Beauty Water’s founder Chanelle!


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