Beauty Tips I Wish I’d Listened to Earlier

Hello – Amy Coster of Amy Oh My here, guest blogging for Why Hello Beauty today! I hope you are all having a great start to your week, your coffee is strong, your eyes aren’t too blurry and your Mondayitis is at a minimum!

So I am going to make a massive assumption that a lot of you reading are women and I’m also going to assume a lot of you have a face… am I right? Now with your face, you sometimes might like to make it up with various substances called ‘make-up’… am I on the right track? Well I am a woman, with a face, who likes to put make-up on it to make it less scary and more people-friendly. Over the years of having so-called ‘face with make up on it’, I have heard many tips on how to improve or what I’m doing wrong. Some I listen to, some I don’t. But the ones I did listen to, I wish I had done earlier because it would have made my face a lot happier.

I thought I would do bit of community service today and share the tips that I wish I had listened to, but left it ages because I’m a nong! Here we go:

Use a Primer
Primer, oh primer, how you make my make-up so happy! What is primer you ask? Basically it’s an amazing little product that you put on your skin BEFORE you apply foundation. For me, I love it because it makes your make-up sit a lot better, I feel like it holds it in place and it’s much easier to apply. Also, it makes your make-up last waaaay longer than it normally would, especially on a warm. day. I absolutely notice the difference on the days where I forget to put it on, because my make-up fades so much by lunch time. So do yourself a favour, go grab some!

Lip Scrubs
I stupidly used to apply lipsticks and say, “Why are my lips so flaky and now my lipstick looks stupid and I could be out of ‘The Walking Dead’?!”That’s because, Amy, you have dry lips that have skin that wants to escape your face and fly free into the wind. So I finally used a lip scrub and BOOM, no more zombie lips! My favourites are the ones you get from ‘Lush’ because they smell (and taste) amazing, but also they are super rough, thereby an amazing scrub for your lips.

Good Quality Foundation
Make-up can be expensive that’s for sure! Thankfully, there are a lot of cheaper products out there, which work just as well! I do believe however, if you are going to spend money on one item, it should be your foundation. There are SO many out there to choose from and I have tried a lot of the less expensive, drug store brands and yeah they are good, but they aren’t great. They are always bit orange, don’t last long, you need HEAPS to actually get some coverage or they make your skin breakout big time. I did bit of research into some higher quality brands and discovered ‘Nars Sheer Glow’ and my life was changed forever. For me, this foundation is the bomb diggity! It sits well, it’s super natural, it has an amazing glow, it lasts ages and my skin never breaks out because it. I really can’t fault it, but just remember, this is my face I’m talking about, so it may not work as well for you. But the point is, your face is your physical business card. Everyone can see it, you can see it, it will always be with you and you want to look after it. If you think how much make-up you put on you face, all the time, you don’t want it to be crap. You NEED to look after that beautiful face of yours so it stays as fresh as possible, for as long as possible. The other make-up you use goes on top of the foundation, so you can bend the rules a bit with them, but get yourself a good foundation!

I love a dewy face. I know it is split between dewy and non-dewy, but I’m on the dewy camp. It took me literally until last year to realise that you didn’t need a dewy foundation (I found they made my skin so oily), you could actually just use highlighter. What?! There is one product that just makes your skin immediately dewy? CRAZY! No! It’s true! I love the ‘Nars’ highlighter in ‘Albatross’. You only need the smallest amount of it, but it does an amazing job. I am actually really intrigued to try out the ‘Mecca Illuminator’, as I’ve heard it’s amazing. So that’s next on my list!

Ahhhh the magic of ‘YouTube’. This is probably my most helpful tip. Anything you ever need to know about make-up, what products are good and bad, how to do a certain look, how to do the best winged eyeliner, which product to use first etc, is on Youtube. I learnt pretty much everything I know from watching tutorials and reviews – so helpful and there is sooooo much content to choose from. So if you are ever in need of anything, go there!! Warning: It is VERY addictive and a time vacuum.

Less is More 
This is a simple bit of advice. We all have those photos where our faces are caked with way way way too much make-up. You can poke a finger through your foundation, your eyeliner looks like something Cleopatra would be rockin’ and the bronzer…well wow…that’s very brown isn’t it? Less is more. Your face is perfect and sometimes all you need is a dab of this and a sprinkle of that and you’ll look and feel a million bucks. Some people don’t need make-up to feel good, some do. There’s nothing wrong with either, but don’t hide yourself away too much. That’s all I’m saying!

I hope you guys found those tips helpful! I truly did and still do! If you have any tips of your own that changed your make-up ways, I’d love to hear them! So let me know over on Twitter or Instagram. Have a great week guys and I’ll speak to you all soon!

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