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The Benefits of Beauty Supplements

Everyone is chatting about beauty supplements right now but what are they and what do they actually do? To answer this question – and more! – I invited Alexa of Potion London, a newly released UK based beauty supplement range, to share her knowledge of why we should all be taking beauty supplements and how to choose the one that is right for us. I’m currently trialling The Hydraulic Complex,  The Collegan Boost and The Beauty Formula, with my review to follow soon!


Hi Alexa, thanks for chatting with Why Hello Beauty today! I’ve just began trialling Potion London and cannot wait to see the improvements within my hair, skin and health. What inspired you to create your own range of beauty supplements? Have you tried beauty supplements in the past?

Hi Emily, thank you so much for having me, I love your blog and I’m so excited that you chose to use Potion, and to see how you get on with them.

I’ve always been interested in nutrition and have taken food supplements for as long as I remember, but never really thought about exactly what I was taking and why – it was more because I saw something on the shelf and thought it would probably make me healthier (I don’t advise this approach!). I had never taken specific beauty supplements before but as I got older I started thinking more about looking after my skin to avoid getting wrinkles. My background is in fashion and beauty marketing and at this time I started seeing a few new beauty supplement brands emerging and they sparked my interest. I knew immediately that this is the future of skincare and started researching which ones I should take, after all, it’s true what they say – you are what you eat. I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for in a supplement brand, so I decided to create it myself. After a lot of research and exhaustive searching for the best UK suppliers, I finally developed Potion London.

How did you choose your product line?

I wanted a mixture of specifically targeted beauty supplements as well as general health supplements. It was important that every product in the range also worked well together; one of my objectives was to take the headache out of choosing food supplements so that customers would know that whatever they take from the range is nutritionally balanced and can be safely taken together should they want to take more than one.

Are these supplements to be taken before, after or with food?

They should be taken with food (or just after a meal) and washed down with a glass of water. This is to boost the absorption of the nutrients – when we eat our bodies are in ‘digestion mode’ and are prepared to absorb the nutrients most efficiently.

The exception (hey, there’s always an exception to every rule!) is The Collagen Boost – this one is best taken on an empty stomach so that the digestive acid in the stomach – which is produced when we eat – doesn’t break the collagen down. So this one is best taken last thing at night before bed, or an hour or two after eating.


Which is your personal favourite from Potion London?

I take them all and it’s hard to choose a favourite because they all target different requirements, but I would have to say The Collagen Boost. It is our best seller and for good reason – just a few weeks after taking this people notice that their skin is more plump, brighter and has less wrinkles. All my friends now constantly look like they have just had a facial and I’ve noticed such a difference in my own skin. The results are boosted if you take The Hyaluronic Complex as well. Collagen is one thing that is very hard to get enough of in our diet; we would have to drink a huge amount of bone broth every day in order to get the same amount of collagen to make a difference, so a supplement is definitely a good idea!

My second favourite is The Probiotic. Good gut health is essential for our overall physical and mental health, and while it’s a very under-researched area, more work is being done all the time to understand our guts better and their influence over our entire bodies. Probiotics are not just for people on antibiotics, they are essential for maintaining the good bacteria in our guts, which can improve everything from asthma, eczema, food intolerances, skin health, mental health… the list goes on.

Do you have any quick wellness tips for women to incorporate into their daily schedule?

There are lots of quick and easy things can be easily incorporated into everyone’s day to improve overall wellness:

–          Make a smoothie for breakfast every morning to cram a load of veg into your diet and get a hit of vitamins to start the day – then if the day deteriorates and you end up grabbing food on the go, you don’t feel guilty for not eating enough fresh food.

–          Try to walk as much as possible. Take the stairs instead of the lift, walk up the escalator instead of standing still, walk to the furthest coffee shop on the street instead of the one next door to the office, get up and walk over to your colleague to have a chat instead of emailing them… tiny little changes all add up.

–          Stretch for five minutes in the morning to start the day, there are loads of good five-minute videos on YouTube if you’re not sure where to start.

–          Breathe deeply. We all breathe into our chests and rarely take the time to breathe right down into the belly. It’s amazing how calm and grounded you feel when you breathe really deeply for a few minutes. And you don’t even need extra time to do it – you can do it while walking down the road or sitting on the bus.

–          And of course, take a food supplement to ensure that you’re getting all of the nutrients you need every day. In an ideal world we would all get 100% of the nutrients we need from our food, but in this busy world it’s so easy to eat the same things over and over, or eat convenience food, which means that we don’t get all the nutrients we need every single day, so we could probably all benefit from taking a supplement.

What beauty supplements do you take and what’s your experience with them? I’d love to know!


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