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Okay serious topic today … BROWS. With good brows, your face is perfectly shaped + framed and with bad brows, girl – we all know how that story ends! But never fear, Brow Queen Lenita Cundari, of Lenita Cundari Brows, knows how to gives great brows and I’ve invited her to chat with me here on the blog to share some information to help you too, give a great brow.

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Hi Lenita, thanks for chatting with me at Why Hello Beauty! You are no doubt one of Australia’s brow queens with such talented work produced and I want to pick your brains on all things browsI see in the US some states have banned the use of brow tinting, is the case in Australia right now?

Yes, it is true that some states in the US have banned the use of brow tinting. Some say that this is due to some cases of people having reactions to this process and some say it has not undergone the right testing for salons to be using it on clients. Luckily, this is not the case in Australia. I say this, not because I would be absolutely devastated if i couldn’t tint my clients brows (cause I would be!), but because brow tint is more like a vegetable dye made up ingredients such as water, lanolin, castor oil. It would be a very rare case that someone would have some kind of response to this on their skin. All skin & brow therapists have been trained to do a patch test on all clients that have not had this procedure done before commencing.

Is this something you still do on your clients?

I tint 99.9% of my clients brows – I LOVE TINTING! Most people believe we tint to darken or lighten the brows. Whilst this is true, the main reason I choose to tint the majority of the brows I treat, is to pick up the tiny blond hairs that lay around and under the brow, in order to create a thicker, fuller appearance and eliminate any gaps. Its amazing what a difference it can make without having to altering the natural colour of my clients brows.

When shaping, are you a tweezer / waxer or threader? Why?

I’m a waxer and tweezer, I choose both. I wax nice and close to the hairline to eliminate the bulk of the hair that has grown and then I tweeze to perfect the shape. This is obviously a personal choice as I feel I have more control with these methods. Taking one line at a time to be sure i’m creating the perfect shape for each individual without overdoing it. Full, fluffy brows with definition are so hot right now!

Do you suggest DIY-ing it?

No, please don’t! If you don’t have the rights tools or experience, leave the tint to the experts. Stick to brow products between treatments.

What’s your preference for brow enhancement; pencil / powder or pomade?

A good brow pencil and highlighter are my daily tools of choice. Only cause they are super easy and quick to use (I simply don’t function before 8am and a strong coffee!). But please always remember to brush them through to ensure a natural result.

I do however love to add a brow powder to this routine if I have an event to attend, as I love the definition I get with a pencil, mixed with the soft colour wash of a powder.

Pomades are becoming quite popular at the moment and I love the all day staying power and that they are water resistant, so great for a gal on the go. But personally, I’m all about a soft, more natural look.

Do you have any brow ranges that stand out as favourites of yours?

I use and sell PONi Cosmetics in my brow studio. I love that the products are Australian made and you don’t need to be a makeup guru to use them. The results are easy, quick and instant. Their Brow Magic pencil and Brow Pop highlighter are my every day staples.

Okay quick question – Tinted brow gel or clear?

Both! I like a tinted brow gel for those days I don’t want to wear makeup but still want to look like I have colour in my face. Its an easy way to add a little pop and definition on a no-fuss day. It can also double up as a mascara if you wish.

A clear gel is great to set your brows in place once you have applied your makeup. Think about it like hairspray once you’ve styled your hair. Always remember to brush UP to keep them looking full and fab.

I see you now offer feather touch tattoos Lenita, can you explain a little more about this treatment and what it involves?

Yes, I am super excited to bring this procedure to my clients and expand my brow repertoire. Feather Touch Tattooing (aka: feathering, feather stroke, microblading) uses fine, hair-like strokes to replicate individual hairs in your brow. This procedure is done by hand, not a machine, to ensure precise results. It is amazing for anyone who has gaps, has over-plucked brows or for clients who simply want thicker or longer brows. It’s a semi-permanent tattoo that lasts up to 2 years and performed over 2 treatments for best results. Its the best feeling waking up with your brows on point!

What’s the one piece of advice you constantly find yourself sharing with your client OR What’s the one thing you wish your clients wouldn’t do?

Getting YOUR best brow is a process. Sorry to say but it doesn’t always happen after the first visit. As a brow artist, as funny as this sounds, I need to build a relationship with each clients brows. It may take one visit or it may take 3-4 before I declare them perfect. But I promise, you will fall in love with them if you trust the process. The other thing I find with most new clients, is that have seen someone different every single time they’ve had an appointment and then wonder why they are never happy. It is important to stick to one artist (or at least the same salon) for best results, and this way you work together to achieve brow perfection!

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Brow Shaping & Feather Stroke Artist

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