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    Skin Treatments You Can Do At Home While Isolating

    This is such a tricky and unsettling time we are currently facing, and I hope that if you are reading this – you are safe and well with loved ones nearby (or at least, virtually!). While I understand the enormity of this situation, I am also aware that we each need a little distraction from our reality and in turn, focus on self care.

    With this in mind, I spoke with Lisa Schmelzkopf, founder of Schmelzkopf Cosmetics to learn about some skincare treatments you can do yourself, at home!

    With a strong focus on Medical Grade and Certified Organic products and 16 years’ experience as a skin therapist, Lisa has earned a reputation for professionalism, skill and unwavering determination to supply only the very best, safest and most advanced products and services.

    Hi Lisa! While at home isolating, what beauty treatments can we safely perform? “The trick when it comes to performing your own facial treatment at home is making sure you’re using the correct skin care regime, for your skin type. There’s nothing worse than using a serum or a mask that is formulated specifically for anti-ageing, while you might have mature skin, but with breakouts that need to be addressed. The whole idea behind performing our home facial is to maintain the level of skin achieved from your skin care professional.”

    Lisa shares that the following treatments we can perform at home includes skin peels, which work to encourage cell turnover, even out skin tones, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and to help with breakouts. Lisa advises her clients to begin with the all natural Resurfacing Peel, applying once or twice a week for best results.

    The Schmelzkopf Resurfacing Peel removes dead skin cells and produces instant skin softening. It eliminates the outermost layer of the dead cells to give a fresher, brighter and younger-looking skin. The peel is highly effective and has minimum irritability on the skin, leaving minimal redness and no severe skin burn.  The peel is a non-irritant with an alkaline PH of 2 with instant results that continue with use.

    If you’d like to start with products you already have, then consider the below guide from Lisa as gospel – in the Classic Skin Facial. The Classic Skin Facial will ensure your maintaining a healthy skin throughout this lockdown, and then once this period ends, you’re able then to continue with the advanced skin treatments with your choice of skin professional.

    Lisa’s classic facial routine includes:

    • Double cleansing to ensure no build-up or clogging
    • Exfoliating 1 – 2 per week, via either a manual exfoliant or natural skin peel
    • Serum or treatment oil  to combat any skin issues like acne, saggy skin or pigmentation and ageing skin
    • Treatment mask once a week, leave this on for 15min and take off with a hot flannel
    • Apply your eye cream or gel, moisturizer and of course SPF!

    Alternatively, Schmelzkopf Cosmetics offer various different kits, in the D.I.Y. Home Facial Anti-Ageing Edition with everything you need to maintain a healthy, hydrated skin, or for those with acne and/or oily prone skin types, there is also the D.I.Y. Home Facial Anti-Bacterial Edition. From December 2020, they will be launching a brand new line, in the Hydration + Kit. This three piece set delivers high-performance active ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Centella Asiatica extract to boost the skin’s moisture levels, regaining your skins natural radiance.

    Before we start, what should we be mindful of when DIY-ing it? Before you get too slap happy (me!!), Lisa shares the following information to remember:

    • Over stimulating: Be aware of what you’re putting onto your skin. Try to stay away from harsh chemicals found in some skin care, as they can cause your skin to become sensitive and dry.
    • Oily skins: Stay away from different forms of alcohol or peroxides, as over time, this will begin to dry your skin out and while you think its working; it can actually make your sebaceous glands become over- active and in return produce more oil!
    • Sensitive skins: Avoid artificial fragrances, as they have a tendency to flare up any inflammation, redness and increase sensitivity.
    • Over exfoliating: Sometimes when our skin is feeling clogged, flaky or dry, we feel the need to want to exfoliate as much as we can, but by doing this more then twice a week, we can actually over stimulate our skin causing small breakouts, especially around your chin.

    What services are you offering whilst in lockdown, any virtual services? We are offering complimentary skin consultations via Face Time, over the phone or simply by email if this is your preference, at Schmelzkopf Cosmetics and Centella clinics. We can then ensure we are educating our clients in the correct choice of skin care and by explaining clearly how they need to use skin care and treatments over the phone.”

    What are you doing to stay safe and sane while isolating, and how are you pampering yourself? Share with me in the comments!

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    This Aussie Natural Beauty Brand Makes Superfood Serums

    We all know that our skin is the largest organ in your body and it can absorb anything it touches. So, if you’re layering yourself in parabens, talc, sulphates, chemicals and other scary ingredients, you’re going to see it. Thank goodness we have Raww Cosmetics, who are on a mission to bring their customers the very best in hydrating, moisturising skincare, by cutting the toxic crap and only including the cleanest, freshest ingredients in their selection of cleansers, toners, moisturisers and serums. Ingredients like nourishing Avocado Oil, moisturising Coconut Water and tightening Acai Berry keep the toxins out and the hydration in.

    Raww is the only superfood-infused, Australian made and owned cosmetics and skincare brand, meaning their products contain only the latest and finest-quality superfood ingredients and natural actives for the health-conscious consumer. Raww’s promise to consumers is to deliver high quality and effective skincare and makeup, with a large part of their range being COSMOS Certified Natural and all of their products being Cruelty-Free Certified.

    Australian Certified Organic is the first Asia-Pacific based certifier accredited under the COSMetics Organic and natural Standard (COSMOS) as an approved certifier for Organic and Natural cosmetics as well as cosmetics raw materials, following an accreditation process through the International Organic Accreditation Service (IOAS).

    If you’re new to the brand, my suggestion is to start with serums, as while it’s a small step within your skincare routine, it’s one that really packs a punch.

    Serums work hard by absorbing into the skin, rather than sitting on the surface like moisturisers, and penetrating from a deeper level. Whether you have sensitive or irritated skin, acne prone, dull, dry and/or dehydrated skin, Raww has a serum for you!

    Let’s look at some natural serums on offer from Raww:

    • Recover-ME Face Oil to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin with Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Grape Seed Oil.
    • Smooth-ME Fine Line Serum to brighten the skin with Vitamin C from Kakadu Plum, and help fight the first signs of ageing with the natural power of Acai Berry.
    • Light Beam Radiance Serum to make the skin glow with natural fruit acids from Mango, Papaya and Pineapple that gently exfoliate and renew the top layer of the skin.
    • Dew Drops Hydrating Serum, supercharged with a concentration of superfoods including WildBerry Harvest™ (clinically proven for intense hydration), and Nori Extract to lock in moisture all day.

    Serums are best applied to damp skin after cleanser and toner, and before moisturisers or oils. Use a serum both morning and evening for best results – remember, consistency is the key to healthy skin!

    Be sure to browse Raww Cosmetics’ website and shop online, or try their natural and effective skincare in-store. Raww offers free standard shipping over $60 and to receive 10% off your first order, simply subscribe to their newsletter – it couldn’t be easier. Also consider becoming a member to receive all their special offers before anyone else hears about it – you won’t miss a thing I promise!

    Here’s to making 2020 your healthiest year – and skin – yet!

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    5 Minutes with Erin Cook, Beauty Director at Gritty Pretty

    Gritty Pretty is one of my favourite digital beauty magazines, and with Eleanor Pendleton at the helm – it’s no surprise why. Every time a new issue alert arrives, I push everything to the side and immediately dive in. Erin Cook is the resident Beauty Director who I’ve followed on Instagram from what seems like forever now, and I was thrilled when she accepted my offer to feature in this series on my blog – I mean, Erin knows beauty and knows it well. I always make a point of reading her articles (a recent favourite here) and if truth be told, I might stalk her on the regular to keep myself up to date. That out of the way; let’s chat makeup, skincare and beauty with Erin Cook!

    Where did your love of beauty and skincare come from, has it always been there? Growing up, my number one true love was magazines. I was obsessed with the beauty, fashion and pop culture pages of Total Girl and then Dolly and Girlfriend before graduating to Cosmo, Cleo, Nylon, Yen and Frankie. For a long time, I loved fashion and beauty equally but beauty obviously won out – I think that’s because I always felt a little excluded from fashion. I grew up in a small town where I didn’t have the money or the resources to really delve into the world of fashion. (This is before online shopping.) Whereas beauty on the other hand… It was easy to walk into Priceline and pick up the hot new $15 eyeshadow palette from Revlon and try my hand at Cosmo’s latest smokey eye tutorial. Was it pretty? Absolutely not. But it was accessible to me.

    What are your favourite skincare ingredients, and why? Hoo boy! I hate to choose between my children but I think everyone secretly has a favourite child. (Mum, dad, if you’re reading this – it’s me, right?) I douse my skin in hyaluronic acid day and night. It’s so great for drawing moisture to the surface of your skin, making it look and feel super plump and super juicy. Bonus points if the hyaluronic acid-based serum has some niacinamide in it to calm my skin when it’s pissed off because I tried a new product that claimed it was going to change my life. Speaking of hydrating, squalane is so good(!) and I think we’re going to see more and more of it! Where hyaluronic acid is more of a surface hydrator, squalane can delve a little deeper for longer lasting hydration. Great for my dehydrated skin.

    Retinol is almost unparalleled when it comes to anti-ageing and creating smooth skin and small pores. Almost every dermatologist I’ve interviewed swears by it and they’re the real experts here. I get really cute hormonal acne on my chin once a month that I’ve just come to accept and treat as I go. For these guys, I love a salicylic acid spot treatment. Salicylic acid is the business for pimples – it’s anti-inflammatory and unclogs pores and calms redness and just try it already.

    What are your favourite beauty treatments? I’m not loyal by any means but the top spot at the moment goes to HydraFacial! HydraFacial is the Real Deal – and you can find it at skin clinics all over Australia which is great. It exfoliates, sucks all of the gunk out of your pores and then infuses a bunch of potent antioxidants (tailored to you) back into your skin. There’s no down time and you walk on out of there with skin that is noticeably glowy. Where’s the lie? I don’t like any treatments that are too extreme. Anything that requires downtime or involves layers of skin shedding off my face isn’t for me. I want to treat my skin nice and keep my skin barrier intact.

    In regards to skin therapists and dermatologists, whose opinion or knowledge do you trust and believe in? As a journalist, I want to speak to the experts that are well respected and at the top of their game. To become a dermatologist requires many years of study at a university level, same goes for scientists and cosmetic chemists. However, there are some very knowledgeable skin therapists out there too. I look at academic credentials and experience before reaching out to experts.

    What’s your thoughts on botox and fillers etc? You do you! If you’re going to do it, go somewhere reputable. I don’t have anything in my face at the moment.

    What would you like to try next; product, service or treatment? I’m obsessed with CHANEL makeup – their global makeup artist Lucia Pica is so cool and makes me want to work on my makeup stills. I just ordered MegaBabe deodorant online this morning because apparently it’s a natural deodorant that actually works. Time will tell! Treatment-wise, I really want to get a bit woo woo and get a super relaxing facial, preferably with crystals involved. Mostly for my brain but if it helps my skin too – great!

    What is your favourite beauty magazine, and/or who are you listening/watching to in podcasts, Instagram or Youtube? I love Porter and Vogue UK at the moment – they’re similar in that they offer super high-end visuals with in-depth reporting on topics that haven’t already been done to death. As for websites, I’m into Into The Gloss, The Violet Files (part of Violet Grey), Man Repeller, Goop (with a grain of salt), The Cut, Byrdie, The Coveteur and The Strategist. Violette (Estee Lauder’s global makeup artist) is the coolest person on YouTube in my opinion! As for podcasts, Fat Mascara are my OG beauty podcast (I feel like I know them at this stage). I’ve just started listening to Allure’s beauty podcast, Goop Beauty Closet is worth a listen too – plus, The Glossy Beauty Podcast and The Beauty Brains.

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    Who Says Vegan Beauty Has to Break The Bank?

    Once considered a luxury and often with a high price tag, vegan beauty is now accessible to all thanks to affordable certified vegan brands. One of the most popular vegan makeup brands is DB Cosmetics, making vegan beauty accessible to budget and environmentally conscious makeup enthusiasts alike since 2006.


    The word vegan means the ‘using or containing of no animal products’ and DB Cosmetics is proudly 100% committed to creating certified cruelty-free and certified vegan products. All DB colour cosmetics that contain beeswax or lanolin are vegan. It’s worth noting that beeswax or lanolin can be derived from animals or made synthetically, but DB Cosmetics contain only 100% synthetic beeswax and synthetic lanolin.

    In fact, in addition to being Vegan certified with The Vegan Society, DB Cosmetics is also proud to be certified Cruelty-Free with Australia’s Choose Cruelty Free Organisation. This means that none of the products or product ingredients have ever been tested on animals by staff, by anyone on their behalf, by their suppliers or anyone on their behalf.


    Their best-selling vegan foundation, the Natural Ground Minerals Foundation, has fantastic reviews and it’s little wonder why, as it’s formulated with Poly-Peptides to help plump and firm your skin, Sericite Mica to help your skin look and feel silky soft and Super fruit Pomegranate Extract to help the skin retain its moisture and brightness. The built-in grinder works to delicately shave the unique formula, transforming from pressed to loose, resulting in less mess and a fresh, flawless finish every time. Not to mention the added bonus of a natural SPF to help protect skin against UVA and UVB damage – an extra security layer in Australian weather!

    If you also enjoy wearing a primer underneath your base, try the Rise and Prime Illuminating Primer for maximum glow, thanks to the light reflecting pigments within working to illuminate your best features all day long.

    The best affordable vegan mascara is definitely the Absolute Lash Mascara; a water resistant tubing formula mascara, with lash fibres to add length and volume to lashes without smudging, clumping or flaking. Take your look from day to night with an extra layer or two of mascara and a swipe of the shimmer eye shades from the Coco Loco Eye See You Eyeshadow Palette.

    Also worthy of an addition to your cruelty-free makeup kit is The Lavish Lip Gloss, which boasts a long lasting shine and pigmented colours, without the stickiness of a conventional lipgloss. The gloss is available in 17 different shades, so you’re guaranteed to find your perfect colour – plus maybe a few extra as a treat to yourself?

    Pop on over and browse DB Cosmetics’ website to shop online, or try their natural and effective makeup in-store today!

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    My Experience with ESK – Evidence Skincare Retinal Serums

    Considered the gold standard in skincare as the most studied anti-ageing ingredient, retinoic acid, the compound used in prescription grade vitamin A, is admired for its ability to stimulate cell turnover and increase collagen production for fewer lines and wrinkles, smoother skin texture, and reduced acne and pustular rosacea. As retinol’s two-stage conversion process has been shown to be 20 times less potent than its prescription counterpart, scientific literature is now heralding retinal, retinol’s successor, as a more efficacious and better tolerated retinoid.

    Since I’ve been using ESK – Evidence Skincare Ultimate A and A+ products for the last 8-10 weeks, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to take the time to understand this ingredient, while providing you with a full rundown of my thoughts and review.

    What is Retinal? 

    Sometimes known as retinaldehyde, retinal is the third stage in the retinoic acid conversion process and performs closest to prescription retinoic acid at combating the physical signs of ageing. Converted by specialised enzymes that exist within the skin, retinal is more effective than any other form of non-prescription vitamin A and is ideal for most skin types, including sensitive, due to its high tolerability and minimal irritation. In fact, retinal has been clinically proven to be the superior cosmeceutical retinoid when compared to retinol and retinyl esters; and was even concluded in one study to be equally as effective as prescription retinoic acid at reversing the effects of photoageing.

    Pioneering the beauty industry with their evidence-based approach to skincare formulations, ESK – Evidence Skincare, introduces two varying strengths of retinal-based evening face serums, Ultimate A (0.06%) and Ultimate A+ (0.1%), as an effective, tolerable and scientifically-proven method of promoting new collagen production, combating acne and rosacea, and reducing the visual appearance of pigmentation, skin discolouration and unwanted skin texture.

    Combining glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid, to enhance the bioavailability of the retinal and improve skin exfoliation for increased cell turnover, Ultimate A and Ultimate A+ also contains vitamin B3 (niacinamide) to help visibly improve the appearance of enlarged pores, even skin tone, remedy skin dullness, and improve skin barrier function by strengthening the epidermal surface from future environmental assault.

    Formulated to be used of an evening, Ultimate A and Ultimate A+ can be used by all skin types, including those prone to sensitivity, but should always be used in conjunction with an SPF during daylight hours to protect skin cells from UV-induced trauma. All Vitamin A derivatives, including retinol and retinal, should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

    I have found the over the past almost three months my skin has improved dramatically, with redness decreased and the overall texture of my skin much smoother. I find the evenings I apply Ultimate A + (which is roughly every second night), my skin appears much glowier than usual in the morning and smoother visually. I did have a few weeks when I first started using this product where my skin would break out in tiny pimples in a few random places but after about 8 weeks or so, this ceased and now any old blemishes appear much less visible and without that aggressive looking redness.

    While the jars of Ultimate A and A+ look small, you really only need a tiny bit of product of an evening and I’ve been using one of each for almost three months now, and both are still no empty!

    Speaking of, here are my before and after pictures – please be kind, it’s a little nerve raking sharing these into the world!

    To learn more about Vitamin A and ESK’s retinal-based products, I sat down with co-founder Ginni Mansberg one-on-one to finally understand this often-confusing ingredient once and for all. Let’s jump into it…

    For someone who is new to retinoids, what is the best way to incorporate vitamin A product(s) into one’s skincare regimen in order to reduce any possible irritations?

    I’d say; use Retinal and dive straight in! Vitamin A doesn’t need to be irritating and Retinal, the form of Vitamin A we use in ESK (Evidence Skincare), isn’t. On the other hand, the two most commonly used forms of Vitamin A, prescription Vitamin A and Retinol, usually are very irritating. We use Retinal (or Retinaldehyde) in our skincare because it is highly effective but very rarely results in sensitivity. In our experience less than 1 in 2,500 people have sensitivity to Retinal. What is amazing to me is that – despite the evidence pointing to the superiority of Retinal, there are hardly any products on the market using it. And of the few products that use Retinal they are usually combined with Retinol or are unstable.

    There are so many OTC and prescription retinoid products available on the market. What should customers avoid?

    • Vitamin A in a day product: UV light breaks down Vitamin A. At best that renders it less effective, but there are concerns (particularly for Retinol and Retinyl Palmitate), that exposure to UV may create unstable particles known as free radicals, which can be harmful to the skin and possibly accelerate skin aging.
    • Retinyl Palmitate: There is no good evidence for it.
    • Retinol: While there is evidence for it, the conversion of Retinol to Retinal and then to Retinoic acid (the form of Vitamin A that is active in the skin) is inefficient and varies from person to person. That means that it needs to be used at high concentrations which often irritate. What’s worse, for some people, it will not be effective and yet still irritate the skin- the worst of all worlds.

    ESK Evidence Skincare uses Retinal, a superior alternative to Retinol. What are some of the benefits users will see when migrating over to Retinal after using Retinol?

    If you switch, you can expect fewer wrinkle and fine lines and greater skin elasticity, brighter skin, more even skin tone and where relevant, effective treatment of Acne. You may well also see less irritation. So many Retinol users get irritation and either need to use it sparingly or at lower concentrations (around 0.3 or 0.5%). Given that Retinol is estimated to be 20 times less effective than Retinal, that means users need to be using 2% Retinol to get the same effect as 0.1% Retinal (the higher of our two concentrations). For users who have Rosacea (estimated at up to 10% of the Australian population), most would not have been able to tolerate Retinol, so using Retinal is a game changer. It not only has evidence for managing the symptoms of Rosacea but users get the aging benefits thrown in too!!

    And now for the caveat. There are no studies comparing the use of Retinol directly with Retinal, so all we have is feedback from our customers – and when they do report to us we don’t know the concentration of Retinol they were using.

    As we discussed above, Vitamin A should be avoided by pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding. What should these customers use for anti-ageing during this time?

    It’s not only Vitamin A which shouldn’t be used when pregnant, but salicylic acid too… which is a nuisance, because breakout and pigmentation are two things often associated with pregnancy – two things that these ingredients manage quite well. The best evidence-based ingredients suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mums are:

    • Vitamin B3 (a great “allrounder”) with evidence for aging and pigmentation and also assisting in the management of acne (and Rosacea).
    • Alpha Hydroxy (Glycolic and Lactic) acids which exfoliate the skin keeping it smooth and bright, they also help reduce the risk of breakout

    The others that have a role in more limited circumstances are:

    • 4-n-B which is a great depigmentation agent and safe for mums to use, although it is quite slow acting; and
    • Vitamin C, which can help with pigmentation, but its real strength is antiaging, particularly for older sun-damaged skin (something which isn’t overly common with pregnant and breastfeeding mums). Beware many Vitamin C formulations do increase the risk of breakout…

    Once skin acclimatises to retinoids, what other products can customers use in addition to further meet their anti-ageing needs?

    Given that Retinal is so well tolerated, there really isn’t very much need to wait! The other really good evidence-based ingredients for anti-aging are;

    • This is going to sound very boring but using a broad-spectrum sunscreen (ie. also has UVA protection) every day should be the cornerstone of every anti-aging regime. UVA – the sun’s premature aging rays are consistent throughout the daylight hours and over the entire year plus they penetrate through glass (think driving, or commuting to work).
    • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) – particularly helpful for repairing and protecting sun damaged skin.
    • Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) – a great allrounder with evidence for assisting in the management of pigmentation, aging, acne, rosacea and eczema.
    • Alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic and lactic acid) – they not only exfoliate making skin smoother and more lustrous, but also stimulate skin cell turnover and increase the effectiveness of Retinal.
    • Salicylic acid – in addition to having evidence for shrinking pores, is also useful for oily or acne prone skin; and
    • 4-N-Butylresorcinol – more than a mouthful, it is a targeted de-pigmentation agent and has good evidence. It is effective, safe for long term use and well tolerated (it just takes a few months to start working).

    What other ESK products work particularly well with the Ultimate A/A+ range?

    The Smooth Serum (Glycolic and lactic acid serum) works really well with it. And for all but the most sensitive skin (which may experience sensitivity when using it), it will exfoliate the skin and also increase the effectiveness of the Retinal in the Ultimate A and A+. So those products pair very well. The feedback we have on the Zinc Shade (our Zinc based broad-spectrum day product) has been fantastic and the fact that most people use it as a primer is a big drawcard.

    The other products that pair well depend on the skin type and condition. So for rosacea, it would be the B Quenched (to be used in the morning). For very sensitive, oily or breakout prone skin the B Calm would be a great pairing and for older more sun damaged skin, the Reverse C Serum would be a great addition.

    Dr. Ginni Mansberg is the co-founder of ESK- Evidence Skincare. She is a practising GP, television presenter, and author. Dr. Ginni is best known for her frequent appearances on Seven’s Sunrise and The Morning Show, and as the co-host of Embarrassing Bodies Down Under.

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    5 Minutes with Carrie Barber, Contributing Editor of Violet Grey

    Carrie Barber is a freelance Creative Director who caught my eye some time ago on Instagram, thanks to her effortlessly stylish French-girl hair (read her haircut story) and eyebrows that are the closest thing to perfection I’m yet to see. As well as contributing to Violey Grey (the industries beauty edit), Carrie has worked with  brands including Glossier, The RealReal, Sephora and Augustinus Bader – so there’s no surprise that I wanted to ask Carrie all the beauty questions.

    Warning – skin goals ahead …

    • Where did your love of beauty and skincare come from, has it always been there?I have always been interested in makeup, throughout middle school I was adamant about wearing four shades of blue eyeshadow, but my Mom was always very natural with a routine of drinking a lot of water and wearing sunscreen.  I didn’t get obsessed with beauty until I worked at Sephora right after graduating college. Once I started, I was hooked and it felt like where I was always meant to be. As I have gotten older, and been in the industry for almost a decade, I am now more obsessed with skincare and wear less makeup every day.
    • What are your favourite skincare ingredients, and why?  For me, it’s about the product texture and how it finishes on the skin. That being said, I want my products to work so I look for a high percentage of active ingredients. Currently I use two hydrating products in the morning, SkinMedica HA5 and Biologique’s SERUM AMNIOTIQUE with Dr Sturm Face Cream and Sun Drops. At night I use U Beauty’s Resurfacing Compound and La Mer Creme de La Mer. If I wear makeup it’s Westman Atelier or Koh Gen Do.
    • What are your favourite beauty treatments? My favorite treatment to get is Lymphatic drainage at Ricari Studios. It’s like a two for one: it detoxes your body and feels like a massage. Its so relaxing, I fall asleep every time. For facials I see Camille Fields or Biba in Los Angeles.
    • In regards to skin therapists and dermatologists, whose opinion or knowledge do you trust and believe in? Honestly, I trust my beauty editor friends the most. They are the most skeptical and have seen it all, so if they really like someone, they mean it. I think its important to find someone who you connect with and that takes care of you, regardless of their celebrity or social following.
    • What’s your thoughts on botox and fillers etc?  I personally have done both, and am really happy with the results. This isn’t everyone’s opinion but I think wait as long as you can to do either, and keep it conservative. Make sure you see someone with the right credentials, fillers is not a place to be thrifty.
    • What would you like to try next; product, service or treatment?  I really really want to see Joomee Song.
    • What is your favourite beauty magazine, and/or who are you listening/watching to in podcasts, Instagram or Youtube?  I will always and forever read Into The Gloss. My favorite magazine is Self Service Magazine. My favorite instagram is @cyndlekomarovski and I am not much a YouTuber but love watching Katie Jane Hughes do makeup.

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    How to Combat Five Common Brow Concerns

    We all strive for the perfect brows that shape and frame our face, however with trends coming in and out of fashion it can be confusing as to what style will work. First thin was in, then full brows were best. So how do you really know which is right look?

    Well, the truth is – stay away from trends and choose a timeless brow that works for your face shape. The best and only way to style your brows is dictated by what brow look will suit your facial features, and what brow challenges you may be struggling with.

    There is nothing unnatural about wanting a perfectly shaped brow to enhance your natural beauty. Perfectly shaped brows are the most youthful, refreshing and uplifting feature to awaken your inner glamazon! We all have a brow issue that we would like to correct, and even in the absence of major brow concerns, we’re all still looking for definition and lift to create a stunning look for every occasion.

    To help de-code common brow concerns, I caught up with Brow Expert Carolyn Fox, Founder of leading Australian cosmetics brand Garbo & Kelly, to provide us with insider solutions to combat five common brow issues.


    Eyes Wide Apart

    If you have wide-set eyes, then it’s likely your brows look slightly short, lack shape or start too far apart. Always measure where your brow should start and finish for perfect balance.

    To correct this, try a Garbo & Kelly Brow Guide stencil to see exactly where the shape is lacking. A Brow Guide will reveal the best place to start, in order to create and fill your perfect shape. It is really important to measure where your brow should start and finish for perfect balance.

    Once you’ve found the right shape for your face, use a Brow Perfection Pencil to lengthen and create more definition. Then finish with a Brow Powder for density. If you are after a more intense fashion look, use a smudge-proof Brow Pomade over the top of your Brow Powder.

    Unruly Brows

    Don’t feel your brows are too unruly to bother with, when tamed and trimmed they will completely transform your face and to go from bushy to breathtaking. In saying this, flirty feathered brows are very fresh, fun and youthful, the key is what suits your features and personality.

    It’s important to create some definition and shape to your unruly brow and this is easily achieved with the right tools and know how. A Brow Pencil can help create definition, while a Brow Gel will help tame and add shape to the overall look of the brow.

    To add softness and tone of colour to your brow, opt for a Brow Powder to lightly fill in your pre-shaped brow.

    Thin Brows

    This is a very common problem usually caused by over-tweezing or simple genetics. To create shape and structure firstly use a Brow Perfection Pencil to add coverage and definition, then use a Brow Powder to create fullness. To achieve additional coverage for an evening look, try a smudge-proof Brow Pomade and Brows On Point pencil for fast, full bodied brows.

    When combating a thin brow for the first time we recommend starting with a subtle look in the beginning, and eventually build up to a bolder look.

    For a 3D effect, use the Garbo & Kelly Master of Illumination highlighter kit for a lifting of the brow and opening of the eye! Use the matte wells for extra cover and definition around the brows and shimmer to pop and enhance your arch and cheek bones.

    Straight Brows

    To correct straight brows, you’ll need to lengthen the eyebrow tail which will help create the arch and finish the brow. Use a Garbo & Kelly Brow Perfection Pencil or Brows on Point to lengthen the tail. Also use a Brow Powder and/or Brow Pomade over the top of the pencil work to achieve fullness.

    You will be amazed at how simply lengthening your eyebrow tail will create a perfectly elegant arch. You will need to finish the tail at the side of the nose and corner of the eye.

    The highest point of the eyebrow should be above the iris, build the perfect arch in your brow by using Garbo & Kelly Brow Perfection Pencil to achieve this look. Lengthen the tails and define the backs of the tails to create the illusion of stronger arch.

    For extra lift add highlighter to the brow bone from the Garbo & Kelly Master of Illumination highlighter kit and use the matte wells to clean up and define around the brow.

    Sparse Patchy Brows

    The key requirement to update a sparse or patchy brow, is to fill in inconsistent gaps and growth patterns to create more volume and fullness.

    To start you need to fill the gaps using Brow Perfection Pencil or Brows on Point pencil depending how large the gaps to create even coverage. Then use Brow Powder over the top to fill and blend for perfect consistency. Define along the brow with Brow Perfection pencil and personalise your tails for the perfect arch. If desired dd Brow Pomade for full coverage finish and if needed, lightly trim any excess length from your brows using Garbo & Kelly brow scissors.

    To go from work to ‘wow’ try adding a coat of tinted Brow Gel This will help liven any sun-bleached or grey hairs. Finish this look with a kiss of highlight from the Garbo & Kelly Master of Illumination highlighter kit, use the matte wells to clean up and define around the brow which will lift and open the eye!

    Whatever your issue, Garbo & Kelly has the product solution for creating beautiful head turning brows.

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    Have Fine Hair? These Are The Hair Hacks to Know in 2020

    While some things never change – old Hollywood glamour hair, anyone? – a new year is a great time to switch up things for a fresh new look. I was lucky enough to secure some time recently with Stephanie Gelston, Education Director for Paul Mitchell Haircare, who shared five easy ways those with naturally fine locks can update their locks in twentytwenty!

     ‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.’ – Coco Chanel


    (via @DD&Co)

    HACK 1: Get creative with your colour

    Colour is a fantastic way to transform thin hair. Face framing foil highlights will add texture to both light and dark hair, and the variation in colour tone gives the appearance of extra body and volume.

    “When you lighten the natural hair colour you swell the outer layer of the hair and lighten the natural pigment, the end result will be lighter hair that feels thicker and fuller” says Stephanie Gelston, Education Director for Paul Mitchell Haircare.

    But beware, too much lightening can damage the hair and cause breakage resulting in even thinner hair than before you started. So always consult a professional to create your colour.


     HACK 2: Lose your length 

    When it comes to creating volume for fine hair long lengths can be the enemy, highlighting the lack of natural volume in the hair.

    “Opting for a shorter style instantly creates the illusion of volume and body.  That doesn’t mean you have to chop your hair into a super short pixie cut, mid length styles such as a long bob are the perfect way to add natural volume and body” explains Stephanie.

    Pro Tip: If you are attached to your long locks then incorporate layering to your style. Shorter layers through the top will help increase volume.

    HACK 3: Add texture

    Whether you are rocking choppy layers, beach waves or soft curls, incorporating texture into your style will instantly boost the hair’s volume.

    Styling Tips:  Blow-dry your hair upside down to create maximum volume. Then using a curling iron lightly curl hair in alternating directions to create soft natural waves.

    Say no to a straight part. Try a zig zag patterned part to create the illusion of more volume and to lift the hair from the scalp.


     HACK 4: Pump up the volume

    Investing in professional hair care and styling products specifically designed for fine hair is a must when volume is your end goal.

    Fine hair has a different set of needs to normal or thick hair and professional volumising products are designed to gently cleanse hair whilst boosting body and maximising bounce and shine.

    “Adding volume to fine hair is all about lifting the hair strands to sit higher off the scalp. This is where root-lifting products come into play. They are specifically designed to lift the hair off the scalp and create volume from the roots.  So, pairing a good quality root-lifter back with a volumising shampoo and conditioner is the perfect way to pump up your volume,” explains Stephanie.

    WARNING: Be careful not to overload fine hair with product. An excess amount of styling product will weigh fine hair down, leaving it limp and lifeless. The golden rule is less is more.


    HACK 5: Protect fine strands

    It’s a simple fact that fine hair breaks more easily than thicker, so protecting it during styling is a must. Reducing use of heat tools, using a heat protection spray and keeping hair well hydrated all help maintain your hairs condition and minimise breakage.

    Suggests Stephanie, “If you have fine hair it’s time to ditch your straightener. Your styling kit should comprise of a professional quality blow dryer, round brushes and a curling iron that doesn’t clamp the hair.  Creating volume is all about building hair up not flatten it down and clamping or straighten the hair only makes it skinnier and flatter.”

    A curling iron that allows you to wrap the hair around the wand barrel is the ideal styling tool for fine hair. Just ensure it has a temperature setting that allows you to choose the heat level.


    trico.lab Good Hair Vitamins, 56 capsules (8 weeks supply), RRP $39.95

    Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press, 200ml, RRP $26.00

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    5 Minutes with Allison McNamara, of MARA Beauty

    Allison McNamara is a TV host, digital influencer and founder of the clean algae skincare line, MARA Beauty. She drummed up the idea for MARA on a trip to Istanbul, Turkey and began developing the brand which launched February 2018 with one hero product – MARA Algae + Moringa Universal Face Oil. MARA quickly developed a cult beauty following with the brand now sold worldwide through the likes of Credo Beauty, Blue Mercury and Cult Beauty. With three gorgeous products now available, including the just launched Chia + Moringa Algae Enzyme Cleansing Oil, Allison – and MARA –  are ones to know.

    I’ve been using the Universal Face Oil and Algae Retinol Face Oil for a few months now, and can honestly say they are simply the best oils I’ve ever used on my skin, period. Not only is my skin the softest and supplest it has ever been, it’s simply so hydrated and I cannot remember the last time I had dry or scaly patches anywhere on my face or neck.  These oils play nicely with makeup too, I haven’t noticed any slipperiness or pilling from my makeup and I haven’t used a primer in months. The glow is real, people.

    Allison was lovely enough to recently answer a few questions via email recently, and I can vouch that she is just as gorgeous inside and she is out. And that skin, I mean …. scroll down for all the deets!

    • Where did your love of beauty and skincare come from, has it always been there? I grew up with my dad working in beauty and was always surrounded by products for as long as I can remember. My love of beauty definitely stems from spending hours on commercial sets as an early teen and having access to so many skincare products at such a young age. I was always the kid bringing face masks to the slumber party even before I was 10 🙂 I knew early on I wanted to do something in the field I just wasn’t sure what. After years of writing and talking about fashion and beauty, I decided to go out on my own and create MARA.
    • What are your favourite skincare ingredients, and why?  Retinol! Not only is it the most studied skincare ingredient, it’s truly incredible for overall skin health, texture, radiance and clarity. I have been using retinol for almost two decades and swear by it to maintain the overall look and texture of my skin. SPF is also a big one. Runner up would be Vitamin C, I love it in the AM for brightening the complexion.
    • What are your favourite beauty treatments? I love facials, especially with LED light therapy, micro currents and even facial cupping. I also love micro needling although I have only done it twice.
    • In regards to skin therapists and dermatologists, whose opinion or knowledge do you trust and believe in? For dermatologists, I have been seeing Dr Fincher for years in Beverly Hills. His partner Dr Moy is also incredibly knowledgeable as is Dr. Nancy Samolitis who co-owns Facile. For therapists, Sonya Dakar is incredible. I also see Emma Goodman at Skin Worship, Cynthia Marie Franco and Jacy B Skincare.
    • What’s your thoughts on botox and fillers etc? I love it! I do it very moderately and have been getting treatments since my early 20s. I never like to look frozen–I do it to soften the forehead lines I developed in my late teens. I see PA Sari Hoban at Westside Aesthetics. I have never done fillers but am totally for them if they make you feel more confident.
    • What would you like to try next; product, service or treatment? Oh that’s a tough one! I’m always open to trying the latest and greatest laser.
    • What products can we expect to see from MARA Beauty going forward? We just launched our Algae Enzyme Cleansing Oil which I am so excited about! We will continue to launch a few more products this year, I can’t share what we’re working on just yet!
    • What is your favourite beauty magazine; and/or who are you listening/watching to in podcasts, Instagram or Youtube? I love Byrdie Beauty, Vogue, and Allure for beauty content. I also read everything Jessica Yarbrough writes, she is so knowledgeable about clean beauty and I always learn something new from her content. For podcasts, I listen to Goop religiously. I also listen to Gloss Angeles and Hello Beauty podcasts and so many more.

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    Toss Your Foundation and Use This Instead

    I feel like it’s been coming for some time now, but I believe foundation is officially on its way out. With BB creams, CC creams and the like now so readily available, containing more benefits than ever before, I’m calling it – twentytwenty will the year I’ll toss out my foundations, especially now that Foundation No More BB Cream dropped!

    Award-winning skincare brand Skin Physics have just launched their first colour range with the new Foundation No More BB Cream; an anti-ageing, multi-action, full coverage BB Cream with SPF30+ that perfects skin complexion by evening out skin tone, covering blemishes and reducing the look of pores. The lightweight formula glides across the skin for a ‘barely there feel that won’t crease or crack throughout the day.

    Foundation No More BB Cream features a hyaluronic acid gel-film to instantly hydrate skin, combined with an anti-wrinkle peptide that helps to reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines. The addition of UVA & UVB filters provides essential protection with every wear, without an oily or heavy coverage nor a white cast. Additionally, rosehip oil and green tea extracts provide antioxidant protection, while the chamomile extract reduces redness and soothes skin.

    Basically, you cannot go wrong with a product like this when it comes in shade different shades, you’ll be able to mix up your perfection potion quickly and easily. I’m currently wearing Nude with a drop of Pearl and it’s gorgeous. Glowey and bright without being shiny, I’m able to use this as a base with just a touch of bronzer, cream blush and a tinted balm for an effortlessly put together look.

    Available online through Skin Physics and instore at various Priceline & Priceline Pharmacies.

    What else do you think we will see happen trend-wise in 2020? Tell me in the comments!

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    5 Minutes with Christina Kassi

    If you’re a lover of skincare or beauty in general, I have no doubt that you’ve come across @christina.kassi on Instagram, or may even be following her already. Christina the creator of some of the most beautiful imagery I’ve ever seen, many of which are re-posted on high profile channels constantly. Between working full time, creating images for social media and regularly uploading to her Youtube channel (my personal favourite video), Christina is also a contributor to Kourtney Kardashian’s website Poosh.

    Scroll down to spend five minutes with the beauty that is Christina Kassi!

    • Where did your love of beauty and skincare come from, has it always been there? My mom was always into beauty treatments and perfume. I loved perfume from a very early age and would always sample my mom’s collection! I didn’t start exploring skincare specifically until much later. I was about 21 when I first purchased skincare.
    • What are your favourite skincare ingredients, and why? I love hyaluronic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, niacinamide, and other antioxidants. I think these are the most effective and well-researched ingredients that make a skincare product worth it.
    • What are your favourite beauty treatments? I love using my Ziip nano- and micro-current device! It’s been such a treat to incorporate in my routine. I also love Biologique Recherche facials, although I can’t get those as often!
    • In regards to skin therapists and dermatologists, whose opinion or knowledge do you trust and believe in? I think a synergy of both is what I prefer. I think estheticians are more inclined to target skin issues that are considered minor to doctors. Doctors tend to want to address more intense issues. I love the advice my estheticians give to me because they can truly analyze my skin and know what condition it’s in and what type of products I need during that period. Doctors don’t go into depth in that aspect.
    • What’s your thoughts on botox and fillers etc? That was going to be my next point on doctors! I love going to them for my botox and fillers haha! I have done and love botox, although I know some people get it done too often, I think for me once or twice a year is enough. I like to do 1 syringe of hyaluronic acid filler along my nasolabial lines, and what’s leftover on my lips. It’s really a minuscule amount and it’s undetectable! I love it when doctors do them in a way where it makes you look just fresher and younger, but not different at all!
    • What would you like to try next; product, service or treatment? I’d be open to having IPL done! Currently, I’m doing microneedling treatments for my deeper acne scarring and uneven texture.
    • What is your favourite beauty magazine, and/or who are you listening/watching to in podcasts, Instagram or Youtube? I don’t have a favorite beauty magazine, I don’t think we have beauty magazine’s here in the US? I love reading Violet Grey blogs and interviews though! I also love Violette_Fr’s youtube channel. On Instagram, I’m always surrounded by my fellow beauty content creators that constantly inspire me!

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    What This Skin Specialist Thinks You Should Be Using Every Day

    Elani Digby is the skin specialist based at boutique space NRG Skin, Ulverstone Tasmania. Elani is highly trained in all areas of beauty, but specializes in brows, makeup and skin treatments. I recently had the chance to experience a facial with Elani and it was simply luxurious, but I was so impressed with the knowledge Elani held on all things skincare and treatments. I of course then invited her to contribute to Why Hello Beauty, sharing just a little of her skin-formation!

    What are your favourite skincare ingredients, and why? “Some of my favourite products that I believe should be a necessity in everyone’s skincare routine are;

    • Vitamin C serum (to be used in the AM)
    • Sunscreen (at least SPF30+) applied every morning
    • Vitamin A serum (to be used in the PM)
    • A hydrating serum containing Panthenol (B5), Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide (B3)

    At NRG Skin, we stock and use a brand called Medik8. This cosmeceutical goes by a simple philosophy “CSA”, so this means Vitamin C of a morning followed by Sunscreen and then Vitamin A of a night. I really love that about them because it’s easy to remember and honestly the best combination for healthier skin and a more youthful appearance.

    Some key ingredients in skincare that I personally believe you should not skimp on are:

    • B3: This ingredient is beneficial for the immunity of the skin and helps to calm redness. Our skin has its own immune system and can be damaged due to many things including sun damage. B3 has been proven to give skin cells an energy boost, helping them repair damage.
    • B5: This ingredient will deeply moisturise the skin, help with anti-aging, help to reduce scars and has great anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Hyaluronic acid is an absolute must. This ingredient is so beneficial to every single person’s skin. The main function of hyaluronic acid is to retain water and keep your tissues well lubricated and moist. This will promote supple skin, speed up wound healing & keep the skin feeling and looking plump and youthful.
    • Vitamin C: This is a potent antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals. Because of its antioxidant properties, vitamin C aids in your skin’s natural regeneration process, which helps your body repair damaged cells. It will also increase collagen and elastin production which will rewind the clock for your skin and keep it plump & firm.
    • Vitamin A: Both upper and lower layers of the skin need Vitamin A. This wonderful antioxidant will provide protection against free radical damage, speed up the cell turn over, help to reduce fine lines & will help with scarring. What more could you want?!”

    “I think these products and ingredients are ones that my clients love just as much as I do. Mostly because when incorporated correctly in a skincare routine this can drastically change the way your skin looks and feels. Remember: don’t buy anything that isn’t proven to be top quality. Your skin needs ingredients that are going to penetrate deep into your skin in a healthy way. Cosmeceuticals (such as Medik8) tend to have an excellent delivery system that will allow these amazing ingredients to be delivered to the cells deep in the skin giving your skin the nutrients they need to look, feel and work its best.”

    What are your favourite beauty treatments? “Out of all the treatments that I have had done or offered myself, I really think that you can’t go wrong with a suitable skin peel. A skin peel is an anti-aging treatment with a host of benefits. Some of those benefits include deep exfoliation, reduction of fine lines & wrinkles, reduced pore size, a radiance boost, it will also help build collagen & will certainly clear the complexion.

    Something I am super passionate about that isn’t skincare is cosmetic tattooing. I’ve always been an artistic person and I think that is what lead me to my passion for beauty, so obviously eyebrows are something I just love to do. I love the way they can transform the face and a person’s confidence. Shortly, I will be offering microblading at NRG Skin. Also known as eyebrow tattooing or brow feathering. I have a large clientele for brows, so I think this will be really beneficial for them, especially those who lack in the brow department and find that tinting and henna doesn’t do enough for them.”

    In regards to skin therapists and dermatologists, whose opinion or knowledge do you trust and believe in? “When it comes to opinions and knowledge there are a few standout’s that I have really loved learning from. I attended the Melbourne Beauty Expo and whilst I was there I really wanted to learn more about the skin, so I listened to a few of the educational speakers but one that I found so interesting was Chiza Westcarr. Chiza is a university qualified Nutritionist and Dermal Therapist. She explains gut health and acne and how detrimental your gut health is to your skin. I think it’s so important if you are having skin problems to be aware of what may be going on inside our body, the stomach is just like a second brain.”

    What is your favourite beauty magazine, and/or who are you listening/watching to in podcasts, Instagram or Youtube?I am a big fan of Instagram to find tips, tricks and facts in relation to all things beauty. I love @Medik8australia for all things skincare, as they will educate you on how their products & ingredients work and what they do to and for your skin. Some makeup related pages on Instagram that I love are @vergemakeup for some cut-crease goodness and of course @emmachenartistry as she can do full glam, natural and everything in between.”

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    Video tutorial: Gua Sha Facial Massage

    I recently wrote about the benefits of gua sha, of which which there are many, but as I wrote that piece I began to wonder where I could find the correct way to physically hold and maneuver the tool for comfort and maximized results, which lead me to Wildling Beauty who have created a culture of self-loving beauty through sophisticated self care rituals.

    They explain that technique is everything, and the most important thing to remember is to keep the gua sha facial massage tool at a 15-30 degree angle to the skin at all times, which maximizes the surface area of contact between your skin and the tool. To explain this better than I can, below I’ve popped a detailed tutorial with Wildling’s co-founder Britta Plug, describing how to use their Empress Stone for lifting, toning and brightening of the face, neck, and decollete. Watch this video first, then follow it with the How to Practice the Empress Ritual.

    As well as Youtube, Wildling Beauty have quite an array of IG videos from improving skin texture with gua sha, to TMJ relief for those suffering from jaw pain or tension. There is even one on softening frown lines with gua sha – which just goes to show a few minutes creating a self care ritual each day can go on to have long term benefits for the mind and body ….

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    Achieve Your Best Tan Yet This Summer

    I cannot believe it’s finally S U M M E R, as it’s felt like the longest winter ever down here in Tasmania. But of course, I’m not prepared at all and if you’re anything like me, you’ll take all the at-home tanning advice you can get! I’ve enlisted Lisa Williams, of Sunescape to share her expert advice so we can all achieve the best tan of ours lives this summer.

    The first question I asked naturally was how can we make our tan last as long as possible? As Lisa explains, it comes down to two simple steps, prep and maintenance.

    1. Tan Prep: “You should always exfoliate before tanning. Our Exfoliating Body Polish is a miracle-in-a-bottle formula that works to gently slough away dead layers of skin and boost cell turnover, ensuring your skin is prepped and preened to perfection come time for your next tan (whether it’s a self-tan or a spray). Hair removal should be done a minimum of 24 hours prior to spray tanning, and with waxing we would recommend 48 hours prior so that the skin has had plenty of time to calm and minimise any possible irritation. For best results, it is important that skin is dry and free from any oils, moisturisers, makeup and deodorant. Tans work best on dry, unperfumed skin.”
    2. Tan Maintenance: “Hydration is key! Our Hydrating Shower Gel is jampacked with ingredients that leaves your skin hydrated, refreshed and radiant whilst steering clear of nasty sulphates and parabens that strip away at your tan. This cleansing body wash has been specially formulated maintain your tan and is perfect for all skin types, especially those with dry and sensitive skin. Additionally, try to have short showers wherever possible and pat skin dry rather than rubbing with your towel, and ensure to moisturise skin morning and night.”


    What types of at-home tans are available, and do different formulas work better with different skin types?

    Lisa says: The colour one person achieves to another will be different – this all depends on their original skin tone, and the conditions around pre and post spray preparation. Remember that colour is also subjective, what one person thinks is dark may be different from another. One important factor which will impact any fake tan is the pH levels of the skin and formulation. An alkaline pH causes the tan to look orange, whereas a slightly acidic pH reduces this colour problem. A balanced formulation understands the importance of maintaining moisture in the skin, the correct pH balance and the reaction of amino acids and DHA. Other things that can impact how dark a tan will develop include things like hormones – which can impact the pH of the skin, medications, or even humidity. For example, if you have just had a shower and your skin has not yet cooled down, this may impact the DHA’s ability to fully develop.

    So, if it’s an immediate glow-up in a bottle that your heart (or your skin!) desires than look no further than our signature HERO product that is our Instant Self-Tan Mousse. Our Week in Fiji shade is perfect for all skin tones, being our most popular shade to achieve the most perfect golden tan. And for those seeking a more dramatic result that leaves your skin with a deep, dark bronze then our Month in Maui mousse is the perfect choice!

    Key Features:

    • Instant streak-free natural colour
    • Non-sticky and fast-drying (dress after just 10 minutes!)
    • Develops into a deep natural tan within 3-4 hours
    • Helps smooth uneven skin texture, conceal cellulite and stretch marks

    The Gradual Tan Extender (DHA: 12%) is the perfect option for first time tanners as it gives you complete control over the end results and is great for learning what depth of tan suits your skin!

    Key Features:

    • 3-in-1 Formula – acts as a gradual self-tanner, tan extender and moisturiser all in one
    • Perfect for fair-skinned people wanting to build a tan slowly
    • Enables you to control the depth of tan you want to achieve
    • Extends the life of spray tan

    Looking to enhance your tan or craving an instant summer shimmer? Our Illuminating Body Tint (DHA FREE) is a luminous bronzed-kissed lotion that provides your skin with a radiant, sexy wash-off glow.

    Key Features:

    • Non-stick formula and quick drying
    • Evens skin tone and conceals flaws
    • Adds a slight shimmer to the skin
    • Washes off with a little soap and water

    Lisa also advised there were two main ingredients commonly found in tanning products that we should avoid:

    • Brown HT – This synthetic petroleum-derived brown colouring dye has been banned in the USA, Canada, Japan and major European countries like France and Germany for its potentially dangerous health risks. Brown HT can induce hypersensitivity, eczema, dermatitis, itching and rashes, can cause bad reactions in those allergic to aspirin, leading to asthma and has been linked to some cancers.
    • DMDM Hydratoin & Imidazolindinyl Urea – These common formaldehyde releasers break down to form toxic carcinogen, formaldehyde, and act as a preservative in tan to hold product formulas together. Even low levels of formaldehyde are a major health concern, and are known to cause weakened immune systems, respiratory problems, cracked and blistered skin, and even cancer when ingested or absorbed through the skin.

    Here’s to long days by the water and evenings by the bar!

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    New | Customised Solid Fragrances

    For someone who has become quite a fragrance whore lately, it’s no surprise that I’m thrilled to be playing with a newly released solid perfume, in Narrative Lab. For those who aren’t aware, a solid fragrance is just a concentrated version of your usual spray on perfume/aftershave or eau de parfum, but it’s suspended in a natural wax base rather than alcohol which means it provides additional skin nourishing benefits when you apply it to your skin.

    How do you use it? With your fingers, apply as liberally or as little as what suits you. There is no right or wrong way to use solid wax perfume.

    Each solid fragrance palette comes with three fragrances, built upon the same keynotes of the base fragrance. I choose Rose Above, a floral rose, with the scent of wild berries with fresh rose, magnolia and woody patchouli base tones. I find the scent lasts a good couple of hours, and because I’m slightly addicted to the clicking open the case, it’s no hassle to reapply as needed. They also offer the same scents in a roll-on perfume oil, which is just as travel friendly as the pots. It’s worth noting that the pots are comparable to a 50ml perfume spray, which is quite a lot considering the tiny size.

    Narrative ingredients are as natural and organic as possible with no nasties – vegan and not tested on animals. Narrative has worked with industry experts, formulators and product developers over many years to create these scents, but they’re also very selective with the factories and packaging materials they use, ensuring they are trading both to a high-quality manufacturing standards, but also with ethical working conditions. Where possible, Narrative use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified or recycled paper and make sure all other materials used is either reusable or refillable.

    For reference, the Narrative Roll On Oils are $59 AUD and the Solid Fragrances are $99.

    Good for the earth and our noses!

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    The Skincare Ingredients This Cosmetic Physician Swears By

    I’ve always wanted to have a real conversation with a skincare expert and ask specific questions but every time I have a facial or skin treatment, I completely forget all my plans and usually end up zoning out in deep relaxation. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr Kate Jameson, and I jumped at the chance. Dr Kate Jameson is the Medical Director of Youth Lab, a doctor led medical aesthetics clinic located in Perth, Western Australia offering a wide range of non-surgical treatments aimed to repair, rejuvenate, enhance and protect the skin.

    For all the skincare junkies out there – this one is for you!

    In regards to both yourself and your clients, what are your favourite skincare or beauty ingredients/products, and why?

    My favourite skin care ingredients are those that deliver transformative results in the skin and that have strong evidence to back up their claims. When it comes to “powerhouse” ingredients and products you can’t go past a high potency retinol. Retinol ​and its derivatives are forms of vitamin A, which are essential in healthy cellular function. Incorporating a Retinol into your skin care regime is essential for those who want to preserve their healthy skin and combat the signs of ageing.

    Retinol works to stimulate collagen production, encourages new cell turnover and exfoliation, regulates oil production (so is excellent for acne and congested skins), combats pigmentation as well as working as an anti-oxidant and repairing environmental damage. My favourite retinol currently is Cosmedix Serum 16 which really assists in evening out skin tone, smoothing wrinkles and also boosting moisture in the skin. What I love about it is that it is non-irritating and the skin is not left feeling dry or sensitive which can occur with other retinols.

    Another essential skin care ingredient, and product, is ​Vitamin C,​ also known as L-Ascorbic Acid. Vitamin C is essential for collagen synthesis and works as a potent antioxidant whilst also fighting hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C works to brighten the skin, improve skin texture and firmness as well as protect our skin against harmful UV and environmental damage. My favourite product containing Vitamin C is PCA C and E Advanced which also contains the antioxidant Vitamin E which works synergistically with vitamin C, boosting the effects. This serum feels silky smooth and soft on the skin and contains the highest concentration of Vitamin C available (20%).

    Finally, I also can’t go past a ​Hyaluronic Acid​ serum which works to deliver intense hydration and gives a plumping effect to the skin. My go to Hyaluronic serum is the PCA Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum which delivers hydration on three levels – the skin’s surface, deep within the skin as well as boosting the skin’s own hyaluronic acid production.

    In regards to both yourself and your clients, what are your favourite beauty treatments?

    I don’t believe in fluff treatments and always prefer treatments that deliver changes to the skin and treat certain conditions. Results driven treatments are key for me. My favourite treatment for the majority of skin types is ​Broad Band Light (BBL) which is the use of certain wavelengths of light used to target different colours (chromophores) within the skin resulting in the destruction and removal of the target. BBL is phenomenal for treating sun damage and pigmentation, redness and rosacea, visible blood vessels and capillaries as well as active acne. Once a client’s skin has been corrected with BBL, and they are left with an even and smooth skin tone, we step up to our maintenance program called the Forever Young BBL. These BBL treatments can then be done on a quarterly basis to encourage collagen production, maintain the results of the initial treatments and keep the skin looking healthy and young.

    Hydrafacials​ are also very popular among my clients. This is a phenomenal treatment which uses four steps to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, extract and then infuse in a cocktail of antioxidants and hydrating hyaluronic acid. Hydrafacials are suitable for all skin types and can be done fortnightly to monthly. It can treat active breakouts and congestion, remove blackheads and decrease the appearance of pores, smooth skin texture, improve pigmentation and maintain healthy skin. It is also the perfect pre-event or special occasion treatment as the skin is left glowing and hydrated immediately after.

    In regards to both yourself and/or your clients, what would you like to try next; product, service or treatment?

    The next treatment on my list is the ​Halo laser​ which I plan on having annually to combat sun damage, pigmentation and improve the texture and tone of my skin. Halo is an advanced laser which combines ablative and non-ablative lasers in one to treat the skin at all levels. It is not for the fainthearted and there is about 5 days of “downtime” which includes redness, dryness and flaking but this is significantly less when compared with other lasers available. The Halo results are evident within the first week and continue to improve over many months as deep collagen is stimulated.

    We call the outcome of this treatment the “halo glow” as the skin looks polished, luminous and silky smooth after each treatment. We are trialing a new “chemical free” peel known as the ​Deep Sea Peel ​by beauty brand Cosmedix which is delivering excellent results. I plan on trying this peel myself but also look forward to seeing the results on my clients.

    As more people steer away from chemicals this is a good option for those seeking a natural peel alternative. It uses coral particles which work as a manual exfoliation to resurface the skin, lifting away stubborn pigmentation and softening the look of acne scarring.

    What is your favourite beauty magazine, ​and/or who are you listening/watching to in podcasts, Instagram or Youtube?

    I am a skin care nerd and most of the magazines and publications I read are medical and industry focused so to many can be a bit boring as they often contain research articles and industry updates. I spend much of my spare time researching and developing new treatments and products to introduce to my clinic so I don’t often follow beauty podcasts or watch vloggers on YouTube. An online magazine I just love is Beauticate. I enjoy reading their reviews on clinics, treatments and products. I also subscribe to Spa and Clinic Magazine which is a beauty industry specific magazine focusing on business.

    A podcast I would recommend for anyone interested in medical aesthetics, injectables and laser would be Inside Aesthetics. This is hosted by a Cosmetic Doctor and they regularly interview industry leaders to get the inside scoop on their treatments of choice. It is suitable for not only doctors like myself but anyone interested in the industry and wanting to educate themselves on what treatments are safe and effective.

  • InBeauty, Hair

    New Year’s Eve Ready with ghd

    It’s not just the end of the year, it’s the end of the decade so this year, I’m going out with a bang and thanks to My Haircare & Beauty X ghd, my hair is going to be flawless. While I’m still not 100% sure what I’ll be wearing just yet, I know I’m going to have smooth slick strands and of course, statement earrings.

    As a proud stockist of ghd in Australia, MyHaircare & Beauty invited me to help share the word of the limited edition rose gold styler, which coincided perfectly with NYE preparation.

    The Dynasty Rose Gold Platinum+ with Vanity Case in the limited edition rose gold comes complete with an exclusive vanity case, for safer storage and travel. For a styling experience personalised to you, the styler features ultra-zone predictive technology, which anticipates the needs of your hair according to thickness and styling speed. Working at an optimum styling temperature of 185 degrees, this tool also features a convenient automatic sleep mode that switches your styler off after 30 minutes of non-use, for peace of mind once out and about.

    I’ve been playing around with the styler over the last few days and was easily able to create sleek locks (albeit with a touch of summer humidity!) that I zhuzhed up with a bit of texture for a more relaxed look. A touch of sea salt spray and my gold sparklies and I’m set.

    Perfect to add to your vanity, this styler looks good and performs even better!

    Bring on NYE!

  • InBeauty

    Stand Out Beauty Favourites of 2019 + A Discount Code

    Throughout the year, I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in an ongoing collaboration with U.K based beauty website Calissa, by trying out various new products and brands, some I’m similar with and many I’m not. I thought I would do a roundup of my favourite products so far, which will make a nice segway into my favourite products of 2019.

    Calissa is our doorway to luxury independent beauty. An independent, luxury beauty platform that prides itself on its edited selection of premium and niche brands. As a British brand, they’ve cherry picked the best products from home as well as sourcing favourites from all over the world.

    If you too would like to try some of my favourites found at Calissa, you can score a sneaky little discount with my coupon code 10FRIENDSOFCALISSA at checkout. Free worldwide delivery available, with free samples included with each order. Take a peek also at the Calissa Club, where by joining you can collect points on each order and by writing product reviews to score free cash to buy more products – enjoy!

    Happy holidays x

  • InBeauty

    Niacinamide? Nia-what?

    Is it just me or are all the new and exciting skincare ingredients worth talking about getting harder and harder to pronounce. For someone who was obsessed with David Boreanaz as a teen – and pronounced his name bor-en-az until my husband taught me the correct way to say it out loud – it’s just another word to add to my commonly mispronounced list.

    Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3, is one of The Ordinary’s biggest sellers and when you hear the benefits, it’s no surprise. Joanna Fleming, Adore Beauty’s Beauty Editor, explains that niacinamide can help to improve barrier function to reduce water loss, while helping to balance the skin’s sebum production, making it an excellent ingredient for oily and blemish-prone skin types. She also mentions that this particular ingredient can also have a brightening effect on the skin, while help to transform the texture of uneven skin.

    Suitable for all skin types and ages, the unique combination courtesy of The Ordinary uses this potent ingredient plus Zinc helps to battle blemishes by reducing bacteria on the skin, regulating oil production, and minimising the appearance of pores gently and efficiently. Speaking from my own experience, I found that when I using this product regularly (being a beauty editor means I’m always trying new things!) I found that any blemishes I had cleared up significantly faster and arose less frequently, but it’s worth noting that if I skipped a few days – my skin would let me know …

    Before I forget, this year alone Adore Beauty has sold 4180 cups worth of The Ordinary’s Niacinamide? Learn more about some of their important milestones, and enter the competition to win  $100 Adore Beauty Vouchers everyday for 7 days. I’ve already entered, have you?

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    The New Natural Deodorant

    While ‘wellness’ is something of a buzz word right now, there’s no denying the benefits of probiotics and their ability to assist in supporting digestive health and immune function. It’s of course no surprise that even skin care brands are adopting this principal to help restore the skin’s natural immunity against irritation and inflammation.

    Merging probiotics with natural ingredients, KIND-LY revolutionises the green hygiene category with Australia’s first and only 100% natural deodorant enriched with probiotics and magnesium. Referred to as resident bacteria, the good microorganisms found in KIND-LY deodorants neutralise the bad, transient bacteria by supporting the skin’s natural microbiome for healthy, smell-free pits.

    “With daily showering and excessive use of soaps, we’re washing away all the good bacteria from under our arms,” says KIND-LY founder, Lisa Raciti. “As a result, we’re unprotected from the bad microorganisms that mix with sweat and produce odour.”

    As sweat itself is odourless, KIND-LY’s aluminium, paraben and alcohol-free formulation allows the underarm area to produce sweat and expel toxins naturally without the associated smell and re-educates the body to correct bacterial imbalances on its own.

    It’s worth noting that when transitioning to a natural deodorant, the body can take several weeks to adjust as sweat ducts become reliant on the chemical’s found in common deodorant and forget how to naturally correct bacterial imbalances on its own. I’m about a month in now and it’s all good news, the fresh scent is uplifting of a morning and keeps me feeling protected all day long – no whiff to smell here! Note: Shake the bottle before using, and always apply to clean dry skin allowing to dry before dressing.

    Available in 5 invigorating scents blended with essential oils and ingredients specially chosen for their antimicrobial benefits including Lavender & Bergamot, Lime & Frankincense, Cypress & Sandalwood, Coconut & Vanilla and Rose & Geranium – without any common irritants like alchohol, parabens or synthetic fragrances.

    Available globally online and in over 200 Australian stockists, as well as Urban Outfitters in the USA, KIND-LY is taking natural deodorant mainstream. No longer just an ‘alternative’ – natural is the new normal!