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    Understanding Retinol and What It Does

    As I recently celebrated the big 30, and now just quietly the not-so-big thirty-one (thriving thirties, right), I knew it was time to finally pull out the big guns and begin to introduce retinol into my skincare regime. While once upon a time only something a doctor would prescribe, brands like The Ordinary give everyone everywhere access and more importantly, understanding, to the big wide world of acids and active ingredients.

    Put simply: As we age, the skin’s cell renewal process begins to slow which in turns gives the skin a dull or sallow appearance. Retinols, also known as Vitamin A, ‘switch back on’ the shedding of skin cells at a faster pace which results in a fresh glow to skin. Any products applied penetrate much deeper and work that much harder.

    My retinol experience begins with The Ordinary’s Retinol 0.2% in Squalane, and as the jar is almost empty, I’m about to introduce Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion. If you noticed the slight difference in the names (retinol/retinoid), basically retinol is a weaker form of retinoid, hence the labelling of the products. As it’s widely and very strongly advised by skin experts, any retinol usage must begin at lower levels as the skin build tolerance to the active ingredient. Irritation, redness and peeling are all common side effects, while temporary, and levels can be increased as the skin adjusts.

    Let’s break down the two different products further:

    • Step 1: The Ordinary’s Retinol 0.2% in Squalane. This has light oil-like texture and is applied before thicker serums, oils and creams. While the retinol helps to reduce the appearance of photo-damage, skin ageing and fine lines, the addition of Squalane provide hydrating benefits for those on the drier skin side.
    • Step 2: Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion. This has a creamy texture, and contains a higher level of the star ingredient. The Granactive Retinoid works to enhance the skins elasticity, plumpness and hydration levels for a radiant and fresh glow.

    I plan to update this article once I’ve used the 2% for an extended period, but so far, here’s my thoughts:

    1. When applied to clean dry skin, the 0.2% feels slightly tingly and itchy for a short time (to be expected) but thanks to the Squalane, doesn’t leave me feeling dry or scratchy;
    2. I notice that each night I apply the 0.2%, the next morning I’ve definitely a noticeable glow and softness to the skin;
    3. I started applying the 0.2% of an evening once a week, but can now apply every second or third day without any reaction, giving me confidence for the higher dosage to come;
    4. Sunscreen is a non-negotiable each and every day, as retinols can make the skin more sensitive to UV radiation;
    5. Still applying my Vitamin C of a morning with zero dramas, and I’m really starting to feel like a #skincarejunkie with all these exciting lotions and potions!

    While I’ve also enjoyed The Ordinary’s (and NIOD’s) range and accessibility of products, I was reminded last week upon listening to Nicole Kilner’s podcast episode with Gemma Watts (The Glow Journal) why this brand continues to stay at the top of it’s game – its main priority is doing business in a kind way, with exceptional products to boot.

    And finally, Deciem have given us all an early Christmas present as until November 30th, they have 23% off everything on their website – I say run, don’t walk!

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    What I’m Coveting from Cult Beauty Right Now

    As it’s nearing Christmas and I’m still a shocking present organiser, even at thirty-one, I’m starting to get my brain into gear working what to get each of the important people in my life. But of course, somehow, it always come back to me and what I will gift myself. Here’s what I’m coveting:

    Special mention to Roen’s Disco Eye and Summer Disco Eye. Gimme all the glitter for summer please✨

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    Lets Chat Beauty with Bianca Hill of @heartofdvst

    I’ve followed Bianca, or @heartofdvst as you may know her, for what feels like ages. Bianca has grown such an amazing community and shares all of her thoughts, opinions and knowledge so freely. Just recently, Instagram deleted her original account which had grown over 2k+ followers organically and Bianca was left to rebuild her account, which she has done through incredibly curated images by the dozen.

    Lets chat beauty …. with @heartofdvst!


    Where did your love of beauty and skincare come from, has it always been there? It definitely hasn’t always been there. I grew up predominately with a very non-feminine, strict mother who refused to let me wear makeup right up until when I left home at 16. And even then, I would wear makeup only because it was something that was “forbidden” prior. Not because I was passionate about it, I was just curious. I only really started getting into makeup seriously 4 years ago when I became friends with a makeup artist. And skincare, only 1-2 years ago? It’s all happened really fast haha but I feel like my creative side has always been there and I’ve just found my niche.

    What are your favourite skincare ingredients, and why? Vitamin C, Lactic Acid and Ceramides – glow, exfoliating and moisture. The holy trinity.

    What are your favourite beauty treatments? Retinol – does that count? And SPF. I count SPF as a treatment because if you’re using it, you will then avoid a lot of premature ageing! Honestly I have never gotten any invasive facial treatments before because I just don’t really need it! I’m sure that will change when I start getting older though …


    In regards to skin therapists and dermatologists, whose opinion or knowledge do you trust and believe in? I don’t know if I’m in a place to say whether or not I trust or believe either, as I’m not an expert personally. What I will say is, I trust Susan Yara (she’s a qualified aesthetician and Youtuber) with my life and I will take any advice she provides. I’ve learnt a lot from her!

    What’s your thoughts on botox and fillers etc? The more, the merrier! I have lip fillers and they’ve changed my life. I want to get cheek fillers next, but they’re a little pricier. I’m not at a point yet where I feel I need botox but I’m tentatively waiting for the first wrinkle to appear …

    What would you like to try next; product, service or treatment? I really want to get a facial at the little company while I’m in Byron!

    What is your favourite beauty magazine, and/or who are you listening/watching to in podcasts, Instagram or Youtube? I’m loving All Bases Covered podcast and I watch Susan Yara via Mixed Makeup, Jackie Aina and Mariah Leonard religiously. There’s too many to name on instagram, but right now my faves that come to mind are @skinned_row, @itsalexanohely, @rohinielyse, @rowisingh and @riyahtaylor.

    Thanks lovely one, you’re a dream! By the way – I’m off to pull out my Fenty Lip Stunna in Uncensored for a fun afternoon pep-me-up!

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    Important Space NK Dates to Put In Your Calendar

    If you’re a beauty aficionado, you’ll be well aware that Space NK is the dreamland of beauty. The ultimate curator of over 100 of the most in-demand, highly innovative and boundary-pushing beauty brands, Space NK the go-to destination for worldwide beauty discovery.

    If you want to score a bargain or an extra GWP, or maybe just blow your your savings – these are the dates you’ll need to remember.

    Important Space NK dates:

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday: 29th November to 2nd December 2019

    Double Points: 8th to 14th December 2019 – Receive N.dulge loyalty points for every £1 spent. 100 points = £5 incentive voucher.

    Last Minute Sale: 10th December – Free gift with £100 spend plus free delivery!

    Winter Sale: from 25th December 2019

    As always, Space NK offer worldwide delivery, as well as a bespoke shopping experience in store. Free samples with every order and by joining N.dulge, their loyalty program, and receive a special birthday gift every year.

    Make sure you pop these dates in your diary, ’tis is the best time of the year!





    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website.

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    Hand Care Advice for Summer 2019

    We’re all about skincare, especially of late, but are you one to actually take your care of your hands? I must admit, I strive to be that person but I often fall short. I consider it a good effort if I remember to apply cuticle oil and hand cream before bed, but most notice I admit, I forget.

    With this in mind, I enlisted the knowledge of Enbacci founder and skincare expert, Yong-Li Zhou, to shed some light to how I can adopt a serious #handcare routine, and more importantly – where to even begin.

    As Yong-Li Zhou says “Our hands are constantly exposed to environmental pollutants. They are exposed to harmful UV rays while we are walking down the street, driving the car, talking on a phone, and playing most outdoor sports.”

    This means that as the skin on the hands and wrists are susceptible to photoaging much like the face (crows-feet anyone) they require the same level of care and attention as the skin on our face. Enbacci have a dedicated hand care range, designed for all skin types, ethnicities, genders and ages; and is available nationwide online and via the brand’s flagship store located in Melbourne’s city fringe.

    To cleanse, Yong-Li Zhou suggests Enbaci’s Nourish Hand Wash to effectively clean and disinfect without leaving hands feeling dry, taut, or irritated. This gentle formula repairs damaged skin, restores moisture and offers antimicrobial properties to protect skin from harmful surface bacteria. Once dry, Yong-Li Zhou recommends applying the Brightening Hand & Nail Cream SPF15 to nourish and protect your hands, keeping the skin looking youthful for longer with this Vitamin A and E rich cream.

    It’s worth nothing that while freckles on the hands and fingers are not always a cause for concern, they can be a precursor to certain skin conditions and cancers. “Taking the right skincare precautions and having regular check-up’s with your GP or dermatologist will ensure your hands stay youthful and healthy for as long as possible,” said Yong-Li Zhou.

    Hands up who is ready for summer 👐

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    For The Friend Who is Obsessed with Monogramming

    Monogrammed items are everywhere right now, from iPhone cases to handbags. We all love a personalised piece, especially when it’s a gift so let me introduce you to Beysis, formally known as Say It With Polish. From humble beginnings with the launch of a single customisable nail polish line, the Beysis team has recently expanded into an extensive range of thoughtfully designed beauty and lifestyle essentials, including personalised and refillable perfume atomisers, candles, makeup cases and compact mirrors. They’ve even curated a range of stylish and practical water bottles, while still creating their stand-out nail polish range.

    Name them, monogram them, make them yours!

    Featuring minimalistic, classic designs, Beysis create products that are sustainable and functionable, which you can order in just a few clicks. I remembering gifting my bridesmaids a nail polish each with a personalised message before my wedding in 2016, and it was such a treat for both them and I, creating such a beautiful memory.

    Australian owned & designed, all of Beysis’ beauty products are also certified cruelty free by Australia’s leading body, Cruelty Free Australia, with their polishes also being ‘10 Free‘ which you can learn more about here but basically, this means that their polish is free of all the nasties commonly found in nail-polish, all without compromising on quality or performance.

    For the friend who has everything, or even if you’re in the mood to #treatyoself, make Beysis your first stop. 

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    Ever Imagined What It Would Be Like Working for a Luxury Beauty Website?

    Ever wondered what it would be like to work for a luxury beauty website? Well wonder no more, as I’ve been lucky enough to speak with Amber Cotterell and Beth O’Keefe, who both work for luxury independent beauty platform Calissa. Calissa prides itself on its edited selection of premium and niche brands. As a British brand, they’ve cherry picked the best products from home as well as sourcing favourites from all over the world. The team is always on the lookout for the next big thing in beauty, and orders will be delivered to you quickly, reliably and in award winning recycled and recyclable packaging (almost) anywhere in the World.

    For serious #workenvy, just scroll down …

    What does a general day look like for you, and what aspects are beauty related?

    Amber: Everyday of the week I do something different. One day I will create banners for the website, as well as creating social media posts and another day I’m coding images into the background of the website. A typical day for me would be to come into work in the morning, look at my emails first thing and see what I need to reply to and if I need to do anything from those emails. I then focus on the workload that I have to do, each day I have a different lot of workload to do (I keep a schedule on what I do on what day.) For example; Monday would be creating all the images you can see on the homepage. Tuesday would be changing the banners and then editing our descriptions. Wednesday I would be creating a blog for the website. So each day is different, however the average week is the same.

    With the beauty aspect, it’s quite hard to see what’s beauty related. We sometimes get our brands to come in and give us training lessons, where we learn more about the products, and we get to try the products out. We also sometimes get given free samples that we can take home and use, and this is all to help with the descriptions of the products because if we’re writing about a product we need to know about the product. We also do a lot of research on brands and up to date beauty trends for blogs. I would say that’s the kind of beauty related stuff we do.

    Beth:  As Amber said every day is different! My day typically consists of designing website banners, email campaigns and any visual content you see on the website. When I’m not designing I am usually researching the beauty industry for the latest trends and topics that we can feature in a blog post. As many of the brands we stock have an amazing back story when they invite us to training days I often convert this information and share our knowledge through a blog post. The creative aspect of my role consumes most of my week however there are still marketing responsibilities me and Amber have to keep on top of, for example discussing a marketing strategy for the following months. As my role is very creative I would say about 60% of my tasks are beauty related, I am constantly learning about brands, ingredients, trends – the list goes on!

    What involvement do you have with Calissa, and how closely do you work alongside the team?

    Amber: So our team is a pretty small, Beth and I work in the Marketing Team. There is one person who specialises in Customer Service, one person in accounts and the two directors of the company, so we are a very small team. However, because we’re a small team we do a lot of things together. For example if there was a customer service query, I might be asked to help out answering the question, or if I need a price list then the accountant will be able to provide it for me and might even complete the task that I want done. It’s quite nice to work in a smaller team as you get to know everyone individually, and it’s easier to ask for someone to do something. With Calissa, Beth and I have 100% involvement within the website, we create the website content as well as the banners, category pages and images alongside that. We also are in charge of looking after all of the social media platforms and emails. So regarding the Digital Marketing aspect of Calissa we have 100% involvement.

    Beth: Calissa is 100% mine and Amber’s responsibility. We design the visual content, the written content and ultimately make sure the site is running to the best it can! As Amber said our team is very small and we are all there to help each other when we need it however the teams have very different job roles, as Amber and I are the marketing team we work very closely with each other to ensure the website looks and feels the way we believe our customers want it to look.

    What are your ‘ride or die’ beauty products, and is beauty a huge part of your life?

    Amber: I’ll be honest before starting here I never really focused on beauty products, I had a big part of makeup but beauty wasn’t something that I had really thought about. As I started learning about different brands and products I started becoming more interested in things I had never thought about, like vegan products. I’m not a vegan and never thought about buying vegan or natural products. However when I started working here, I became a bit more aware of the benefits of buying vegan or natural products, so I try to buy more products within that range.

    I have a few favourite products that I think now I’ve started using I don’t know what I’d do without. The first one is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, I absolutely LOVEEE this product, I use it everyday after putting on my makeup. It’s great as a waking up mist and I love it as a setting spray. The next product is the Electric Ink Tattoo Daily Moisturiser, I have a few tattoos and especially in the summer they can look a bit faded from the sun, so I like to add some of the daily moisturiser to give it that extra glow and makes it look fresher. My final product would be the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, at first I’ll admit I couldn’t use it, I’m not a good sleeper, I wake up a lot during the night and most of the time have 4 to 5 hours maximum. However once my body got used to the smell, I fall asleep with the click of the fingers. It relaxes me so much.

    Beth: I would say beauty is a huge part of my life but i’m quite settled in my ways, other than the samples that are featured in our posts I don’t try as many new products as I perhaps should! That being said when I started working for Calissa I was very pleased to see all of the vegan, organic and sustainable brands – this is the reason I am quite reluctant to try new things. Being particular about the ingredients and morals of brands has made it more tricky in the past that however now is starting to change with my role here and I can’t wait to try some of the products we will hopefully be bringing to our customers in the near future!

    My “Ride Or Dies” would be:

    1. Dr Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Oil– this smells amazinggg! Every morning it’s the perfect moisturiser after my shower, the scent wakes me up and my skin remains soft throughout the day.
    2. Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Intense Moisturizing Cream– honestly the texture of this face cream is out of this world! Never have I used a face cream so velvety in my life and now i wouldn’t be without this product for the world!
    3. Emma Hardie Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask– Once a week I used this as an overnight mask and in the morning it rinses off my face so easily!  leaving my skin with an even complexion and super smooth! I don’t feel the need to moisturise after using this and my skin stays smooth and hydrated all day!

    What’s the biggest beauty tip you could share with my audience?

    Amber: See I don’t have that many beauty tips, I have one makeup tip which works for me but it does look weird. My tip is once you’ve applied lipstick, and you’ve got a tissue and dabbed off the excess of the lipstick you can get some translucent powder and dab it onto your lips and it sets your lipstick. Not too much powder only a tiny bit to set it, so it’s not too sticky and doesn’t come off. That’s my tip, I do it every time I wear lipstick so it doesn’t come off and I think it makes lipstick last longer. The only other tip, which I’m not sure is a tip, is that some beauty products can be stored in the fridge so the products themselves last longer. I don’t know if these are new tips or if people already knew them but those are my tips.

    Beth: I am very simple with my makeup, using the same stuff everyday and my routine is quite hard to break! The only bit of advice I can think of would be using a brush to apply foundation rather than your fingers! I must admit I am guilty of using my finger in the past but now I’ve converted to a brush I would never go back! As finger tips are grooved you actually waste most of your foundation! With a brush you can achieve a smooth finish and still have foundation left in your bottle when you’re done! Foundation is a key part to most peoples makeup routine, while on the topic I would say primer! Works a treat.

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    Nedahl Stelio on Natural Beauty

    As someone who worked in women’s magazines for twelve years, Nedahl Stelio knows beauty. I remember Nedahl as a constant source of inspiration throughout my late teens and early twenties at both Cosmo and Cleo magazines, and was thrilled when I put two and two together and released that Nedahl herself was the founder of Recreation, a Australian-owned, all-natural fragrance house based in Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

    I’ve been wearing the scent Call Me Venus (a glorious fresh rose scent) for the past few weeks to compliments almost on the daily, and I figured if a fragrance could be that beautiful and long-lasting, and above all natural, it’s something I need to dip my toes into. I’ve thought about cutting chemicals often over the years but figured chemicals meant ‘products actually worked’ but I’m pleased to say if I can look half as good as Nedahl does – remove all chemicals from my life stat please!

    Nedahl was kind enough to answer a few of my burning questions which I’ve popped below, and do check out the Recreation website, even just for your free 25-page white paper ‘Why Ditch Toxins’– enjoy!

    All natural perfume – what does this mean in layman terms and why is this better for our bodies? All fragrances that aren’t natural are basically a blend of synthetic fragrance and chemicals. Synthetic fragrance means the scents are made in a lab – they don’t contain real flower and plant extracts, they are made in test tubes so they are much cheaper to produce than using the real thing. They can also be very irritating and overpowering, so a lot of people have allergic reactions to them. Headaches, skin allergies and sensitivities are common. The chemicals used in these perfumes are proven endocrine disruptors, which means they disrupt your reproductive system and can even disrupt the development of the reproductive system of your unborn foetus if you are pregnant while using them. There are over 3000 chemicals which can be classified as ‘parfum’ according to the regulations so you can be getting a whole load of these chemicals unknowingly and spraying them directly on your lymph nodes (on your neck).


    Vegan and cruelty-free | Chemical free | Hypoallergenic | No parabens | No mineral oils | No petrolatums 

    No sulphates | No phthalates | No petroleums | No siloxanes | No DEA, PEGS, BHA or BHT

    Your products are all vegan and organic, but are they also good for the earth and sustainability? Yes, we worked really hard to find packaging that was sustainable – all of our perfume bottles are made with glass and aluminium and the plastic bottles in our body + hair oils are made with 50% recycled plastic. We’re also introducing a smaller, glass bottle for the body + hair oil at the end of the year.

    As you’re the expert, what advice do you have for making scents last as long as possible throughout the day? Layer and moisturise! The best way to get fragrance to last is to apply it to moisturised skin, and even better if you are applying an oil in the same fragrance because you are essentially layering your fragrance so it will last longer. We also do travel sizes so people can top up throughout the day. Apply fragrance to pulse points – on the neck, behind ears, inside your wrists and don’t pat wrists together! So many people do this but it just breaks down the fragrance molecules so you won’t smell the top notes as much.

    Back to you personally, do you follow an organic lifestyle and does this stretch out to all your beauty products? I went all natural and organic about 10 years ago when I struggled to get pregnant (it took me over two years to fall pregnant). I did a massive overhaul of my lifestyle and products so now everything is natural, including home cleaning products (I use Koh, it’s amazing), food – especially meats because of all the antibiotics regular meat has. And my beauty cupboard got a huge shock when I cleared everything out and replaced it. There was no luxury natural perfume line and it’s why I created it! I spent years spraying regular perfume on my clothes or in my hair so it didn’t touch my skin which really takes the whole luxury of the ritual away.I now only use natural products and though it has taken me a while to find the right things, there are so many beautiful, natural products on the market with all the science behind them, it’s great to see.

    What are your picks for those dipping their toes into natural beauty? Start with fragrance and body products. Perfume is one of the worst offenders when it comes to chemicals because of all the hidden chemicals. Body products should be next because you’re putting them all over your skin and your skin absorbs up to 70% of what we put on it. Things like cleansers get washed off quickly so you can finish your bottle before buying a new clean brand but moisturisers, serums and oils should have no chemicals because they sink into your skin and bloodstream. There are so many lovely, clean products now. It’s the way forward.

    I couldn’t agree more, Nedahl. Tell me, do you live a clean and natural lifestyle that extends to beauty too?  I’d love to know in the comments but for now, I’m off to clean out my beauty cupboard and begin to ditch toxins + chemicals for good.

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    Current Beauty Essentials

    I thought it was about time for a chatty blog post, as it’s been some time – EOFY is always a crazy time in Finance! I wanted to discuss my current beauty essentials, as right now (and every morning!) I’m all about quick breezy makeup that makes me look alive in the morning, and a little more like the glamorous me I think I am.

    I could NOT live without my Tinted Beachy Brows for the literal beachy brows it gives me … think brushed up plump brows for days. I swipe on a touch of brow pencil prior to wetting this little pot of gold with my Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Spray and use the spoolie shown to brush up my brows til they don’t even look like my brows – it’s that good. You can also purchase the clear version, which I think I might do need – although I like the tinted version, I can be a little slap happy and clean up afterwards is a must.

    I always have in my handbag – so in love with my new handbag from Title Theory, and thanks Paula Joye for the discount code – one or both of the The Beauty Archive lip cream in Effortless and Clarins Natural Lip Perfector. I interviewed Zandra from The Beauty Archive years ago, and have used her lip creams non stop since, but Effortless is my absolute favourite.

    I subscribed to Elle (or maybe Marie Claire actually) recently and picked up a Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat as a bonus gift, and I remember how much I love thee. So brightening for my dull winter skin, that doesn’t crease or crack throughout the day.

    I also received a sample of Benefit BADGal BANG! Volumising Mascara recently and I’m actually v impressed with the results after just one coat. Slight bit of mess towards the end of the day but nothing too much, a mascara to try if you’re in the market for a new one.

    Lastly, my Lanolips order arrived this week and I’ve no doubt the new Lanostick will become a loved staple, as it’s just the original but better! My lips are forever dry and I always have a lip balm handy at all times, so what’s another one, right?



    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website.

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    Review | Skin Health Science Skincare

    You know how sometimes you see something once on your internet scrolling, but then it just pops up all the time from that moment on? Skin Health Science is just that – it’s literally been in my Instagram feed and stories for weeks now. When an email popped up in my inbox a few weeks back with an invitation to trial the first products, it was a no-brainer of course. The cosmeceutical brand debuts with a simple three-product range – Carbo Cleanser, RP Moisturiser and REM Serum – with each product containing evidence-based active ingredients at the correct strengths combined with scientifically-backed natural powerhouses to support and regulate healthy skin.

    Enter three new products to my skincare routine;

    Created by twin sisters Samantha Hair and Jessica Whalleyboth cosmetic nurses with extensive backgrounds in emergency medicine, Skin Health Science aims to simplify skincare regimes across the globe. Working in their own aesthetic-focused practice, the nurses had become disillusioned by the unnecessarily complex array of skincare treatments on the market, many of which did not contain strong enough actives to create clinically significant results. “We also found that many brands that did offer potent enough ingredients were selling each cream or serum separately as if only one active ingredient could be used per product. It really doesn’t need to be so complicated, so we decided to simplify it ourselves,” Sam explains.

    “We used clinical research to combine priority key actives into our three-step range; everything your skin needs is in there – and it’s suitable for both men and women and all skin types,” adds Jessica. “Skin is designed to protect you from the outside world, if you don’t feed it the basics of what it wants it won’t accept anything you offer it, no matter how expensive or beautiful the bottle of lotion is. It is a clever and powerful organ, with the exception of more complicated skin conditions, the general rule is that if you feed skin correctly, it can work out the rest for itself.”

    Given all I had heard, I began to slowly incorporate these products into my routine, beginning with the REM Repair Serum, then moisturizer and cleanser. Within a week and a half, I had all three products on my skin daily – zero reactions or irritations – and inspired by seemingly everyone downsizing their skincare routine, I decided to reduce my routine to just these three products, a makeup removing cleanser and sunscreen, save a sheet mask or two. This started off great guns and my skin seemed to enjoy the break from scrubs, vitamins, retinol etc, but after a week or so of this, I was finding my skin felt extra dry and quite flaky, and the RP Moisturiser was leaving a white cast to my skin that appeared as dry skin. NB: I’m told by the experts that this is quite normal, and that skin could get quite dry and flaky after about two weeks of usage as the skin purges and renews, but this should settle after a week or two. I reduced the amount I was applying but ended up deciding my skin just needed a little more than these three products could give on their own. I then re-introduced exfoliating pads every few days, and a few serums and a heavy-duty night cream which helped considerably. *It’s worth nothing that while the moisturiser isn’t advertised as an SPF, the zinc and titanium dioxide within do provide good protection for your every day use (like to and from the office etc), but I did apply an additional SPF over the top if I was outside for an extended period of time.

    After a month or so, I’ve come to the conclusion that;

    a) I adore the cleanser as a deep second cleanse, and will purchase this one;

    b) I’m thrilled with the effect the REM Repair Serum has on my skin – instantly too I might add. Another I would purchase; 

    c) I’ve popped the moisturiser back in my cupboard to try re-introducing it back in the warmer months, as it’s just not enough juice for my skin.

    I was surprised I actually liked the cleanser as it’s foaming one and generally they’re too harsh for my easily irritated skin, but I honestly loved the way it left my skin feeling, fresh and clean without any ickiness. It’s easily washed off with water and the charcoal component wasn’t overpowering or anything – big thumbs up. Ditto for the serum, a beautiful beautiful product that works instantly to give a fresh glow to the skin, but I could definitely see myself using far too much of this as it’s that good. I was mindful to only apply each product sparingly as per the instructions, but this is one I just want to bathe in. As I said, I’ll give the moisturiser another go when my skin could use a lighter approach to skincare, instead of writing it off all together.

    The packaging for this range works a treat, being a pump jar/ applicator, and looks even better in my bathroom. Interestingly, skin therapist Belinda Hughes is a fan of this range and it’s clear to see why. Basic skincare, and a great philosophy. Stay tuned for a new hyaluronic acid-based moisturiser release from the brand very soon, it sounds amaze!


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    Skin Journal – 28 Days to Rejuvenation

    The Skin Journal – 28 Days to Rejuvenation reads the headline.

    You know me, I had to know more – skincare is my jam.

    In a nutshell, this beautiful addition offering from clean beauty makeup artist Georgina Alexandra is a solid, concrete skin care journal where individuals’ own routines are put on paper with the help and guidance of expert advice, allowing for self-reflection and real results. You will learn to understand, love and care for your skin with this guide and experience a step-by-step daily model that provides you with useful daily tips and tricks, real facts and information, plus insight from experts about the beautiful new habits you will be creating.

    This intrigued me greatly, so I reached out to Georgina in the hope of learning a little more about her and The Skin Journal, and she very warmly accepted. Georgina explained that after studying makeup artistry, she was left confused post-graduation when it came to skin care advice and disliked the toxicity found in commercial products. “I only use clean products because it is better for both our health and the environment. I have a passion for education, and I love to be a part of the conversation about the importance of our health and the correlation between what we are putting on our skin that is being absorbed and the high importance of our planet, too.”

    “The Skin Journal educates you along the way with tips and tricks and everything you need to know to start your own overall wellness journey.” Georgina explains. “Absolutely anyone can pick up and read it, it is for all ages. Originally I wrote it for brides, now, since writing it is for everyone to create a relationship with their skin, learn how to read our skin, understand the whys and educate themselves on the cleaver container that holds our body.” Georgina said.

    Of course I then asked Georgina the question, “What does clean beauty mean to you?” She replied, “Consciously choosing. Clean beauty means using products that support our choice to be healthy in all aspects of our lives as well as products that support our environment and overall well-being”. Georgina hopes that her journal’s holistic and self-starting approach will help with “releasing the inner feminine goddess of each beautiful soul with the teachings of understating the cosmetic organic, natural, non-toxic and sustainable world.” Redefining the approach to taking care of one’s skin natural while bringing a sense of ease and self-authority, Georgina is set to help women achieve a natural, glowing complexion with healthy skin care and makeup choices.

    Putting her education and passion into action, Georgina shares her talent by continuing to work in makeup artistry. “I am working nearly every weekend with my bridal clientele, and I also create makeovers for any occasion offering skin coaching to all my brides – your makeup will only look as good as your skin’s health. 1:1 makeup and skincare coaching are available online for everyone!” She also incorporates regular workshops and events, where she says “We focus on an in-depth understanding of everything I cover in the book and so much more. We do a day to night time makeup look using (obviously) all natural certified organic products. It is a wonderful way to ‘try’ on different foundations, feel and touch other products and learn even more about what suits your face shape, skin tones and everything in between! See what works and what doesn’t along with education on application. It is such a fun day!”

    Lastly, I asked Georgina what is the one thing we can all do to improve our skin’s health today. Her reply? “Be consistent with your daily routine – this is why I create the journal. So many ladies swap and change products after a few days because they don’t see change, my journal keeps you informed, encouraged and supported. Cheeky number two – add oil into your routine – doesn’t matter the skin type, add some sort of deeper hydration product that isn’t a moisturiser and see how fresh and youthful your skin becomes!”

    Georgina Alexandra – clean beauty makeup artist and The Skin Journal founder
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    A New Generation of Beauty Salons

    When I read a recent press release with the heading ‘Vegan, Eco-Friendly Beauty Salon‘, I gotta say I was intrigued. The next line I read was ‘it’s also dog-friendly‘ and that was it, I had to know more. Introducing Bat Your Lash, a beauty salon tucked away on Melbourne’s famous Greville Street that is challenging the salon industry’s wastage problem with its eco-approach to beauty. The urban oasis, owned by Nadia Eizadi, has an ethos of beauty with intent and has transformed over the past two years to become waste-free, eco-friendly, vegan and toxic-free.

    I recently had the opportunity to speak with Nadia about her vision for Bat Your Lash, and why this is a salon we should be aware of. Warning – complete #decorgoals ahead ……

    Hi Nadia, your ethos is ‘beauty with intent’, what does this mean to you specifically?

    Beauty with intent has so much meaning to us! So much thought and research has gone into creating Bat Your Lash to create a space for beauty treatments that are not harmful to us, to the environment nor our four-legged friends. Every single service we offer has been carefully curated making sure there is no chemicals going on our clients skin, that it’s vegan and cruelty-free, that it’s got holistic and healing ingredients and no toxins are put down the drain. We replace plastic with bamboo and biodegradables and aim to buy local Australian products to support our economy and reduce C02 emission impact. When it comes to our furniture and décor we use natural materials from wood, marble, brass, copper, silk etc.

    To top it off we are also a zero-waste salon which means all our rubbish gets collected by Sustainable Salons and not through council. We have several recycle bins throughout the salon in which this amazing company reduces our landfill by giving them a second life. Reusing our waste to build parks, outdoor furniture for our community, art, research, etc. the best part is that 50% of their workforce have disabilities which are so beautiful to hear and a pleasure to support. One will truly appreciate our ethos of beauty with intent when they receive the Bat Your lash experience.

    So tell me more, what does a waste-free, eco-friendly, vegan and toxic-free beauty salon look like?

    As you walk in you will find a lot of natural materials from copper, brass, marble, wood and greenery. We have 3-4 recycle bins in each room and sections of the salon, paper, plastic, metal and general. We avoid plastic as much as we can so most of our packaging is either glass, bamboo, recycled paper and pest wood (fallen wood) even when you shop on our online store you will receive a unique compostable and reusable bag, all packaged without any tape or plastic – yes we’ve gone that far! You will get a sense of an earthy, grounded feel as you walk into Bat Your Lash. Most people say it feels playful yet very fresh.

    How can you make your space animal-friendly – not that I’m against it whatsoever – it’s just a new concept!
    Being based on Greville St, our furry friends become like our little family. Our team are slightly obsessed so we either attract them or chase them down, but yes clients are used to bringing their pets and having them sit on their laps whilst getting treatments done. It definitely puts a smile on everyones faces.

    What are the small touches that you offer, that give you that point of difference in beauty salons?

    We aim to have a point in difference with everything we do. Being a green salon is the first thing as I have yet not seen one in the beauty industry. We have swapped plastic with bamboo and biodegradables which is rewarding for us and our clients have appreciated too. We have super comfy custom made pillows and lash beds that are heated so great for cold winter days as our clients purr to sleep. All our mani and pedi products are vegan, cruelty-free and toxic-free including all our polishes, shellacs and gels. Say goodbye to damaged nails as most of these products not only don’t damage them but are actually made to strengthen.

    Our signature copper pedicure’s I would say is a MUST and an experience that can’t compare. It’s a custom made station of two, making it very exclusive, intimate, cosy and best of all tucked away from watching eyes of the street. Our copper bowls are unique to Melbourne and have many health benefits such as great for arthritis, skin conditions, low immunity, muscle and joint pain and most importantly anti fungal. With our signature copper pedicure our clients get to choose their own foot soak, scrub and oils to be used on them, which is quite fun.

    Besides using the best local products we could find, our décor is one to brag about. It’s definitely no usual beauty salon. Let’s just say it’s a ‘new age’ beauty boutique. As you enter we have a beautiful green flower wall with neon lighting, to marble and wood mani tables, custom made burnt orange pedicure chairs made from silk. A Velvet green and brass reception.

    Each room has a quirky name matched with its quirky wall art… pink flamingo, hairy canary and golden eagle. Theres so much to see but my favourite has to be our unique lash basin that is a vintage mid century brass champagne bucket with ram head handles… for those who know me, lets just say I like to be a little extra sometimes!

    What service is your most popular?

    I would say lashes and brow, and our signature copper pedicures are not far off.

    Bat Your Lash has a professional, qualified team offering a range of services including; eyelash extensions, henna brows, manicures & pedicures, waxing & threading, and makeup, and can be found at

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    Celebrating Bastille Day with Katrina Lawrence

    If you’ve followed my blog from the start, you will be well aware of my quite obvious girl crush I have on Katrina Lawrence, the former beauty writer and now author and travel consultant at Paris for Dreamers. After the book launch of her first book Paris Dreaming: What the City of Light Taught Me About Life, Love & Lipstick., Katrina realised she had much more to say on the subject of Paris, and was happiest when advising others on how to get the most out of their next Parisian jaunt. Which is why she wrote a book on walking tours with a difference — Paris for Dreamers: Whimsical Walks Through the City of Light’s Delights — as well as launching the website, to give other Paris dreamers the inspiration they need to have their dream Parisian experience.

    With Bastille Day coming up on Sunday, I couldn’t not speak with Katrina about everything Parisian, and of course her covetable french beauty staples!

    What does Bastille Day mean to you?

    On a personal level, I’ve been in Paris for Bastille Day numerous times: with my grandfather when I was young, with girlfriends when we were all footloose and fancy-free, and a couple of times with my young sons. So I have a variety of memories of this fun and festive day.

    But from the point of view of a Francophile — a lover of French culture, history, food, everything! — Bastille Day represents a celebration of the human right to a good life.

    Bastille Day might not at first seem like it should be a happy event. It commemorates the storming of the Bastille prison, a bloody siege that led to the Revolution and the so-called Terreur, a time of such frightening and indiscriminate violence that it gave the world the word ‘terrorism.’ But although the French Revolution saw some truly evil men commit atrocious acts, it was above all a fight by the people for equality.

    What I love about the legacy of the revolution is that it wasn’t about dragging everything down so much as elevating everyone up to a better life. Old aristocratic habits weren’t killed off by the guillotine. Restaurants boomed after the revolution. Opera kept playing. The fashion industry kept spinning. People continued to drink champagne. I adore that about the French, their firm belief that everyone has the right to drink champagne, that we should all be able to have a life worth celebrating.

    So Bastille Day is about saluting the freedoms and the rights that allow the French to live well. In France there is free education and healthcare. People are highly taxed for it, of course, and income is not particularly huge in France. But most people get by, and have the time and money to enjoy picnics with friends, long family lunches, holidays here and there, those seemingly small pleasures that end up being the big things in life. And when you’re in France on Bastille Day you see this, everyone out enjoying life’s little joys — the picnics, the pétanque, the macarons, the rosé!

    You were a beauty journalist for many years — what did the French teach you about beauty?

    Oh, so much. I loved interviewing the perfume ‘noses’ in particular. They’re such artists and I now really appreciate a beautifully crafted fragrance, especially one that leaves a lasting sillage — that scent trail that Parisiennes love to wear like an olfactory scarf!

    I also interviewed many beautiful French women, from skincare formulators to actresses and models, and what I soon came to realise is that the effortlessly chic look they do so well actually does require a certain amount of effort! But they know when to draw the line, so to speak — they’re not chained to their bathrooms. They know which beauty tasks require the most attention. So, for example, they’re ultra-diligent with their skincare, and regular facials, which means they can get away with a quick daily makeup routine of minimal foundation (if any), followed by a smudge of liner or swipe of red lipstick. Similarly, they use good-quality haircare, so that if they air-dry their hair, it will still look healthy even if messy. It’s like carrying around an old Birkin bag — it might be battered but, hey, it’s Hermès!

    A Parisienne once told me that she can’t spend too long on her beauty regimen as she would miss out on too many other things that are important to her, such as reading the newspaper or catching up with friends. The key for her was in knowing how to do the minimum work for maximum results.

    For most Parisians, looking groomed is a social duty — they like to live up to the gorgeousness of Paris. I love this about them, the pride they take in themselves as much as their city. Grooming is also a form of self-care here. After all, it was a French brand that came up with the tagline ‘Because you’re worth it’!

    What are your favourite French beauty products?

    • Anything from the wonderful Bioderma. Especially their cult cleansing water, of course, but also their anti-redness skincare, which I find soothing for my rosacea.
    • An Embryolisse moisturiser followed by Embryolisse Secret de Maquilleurs — I usually need coverage on my cheeks for my aforementioned redness, and these two products combine for a great base.
    • Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt. I am nothing short of obsessed with this shampoo. I love the exfoliating action and how it makes your scalp feel so fresh, but also that at the same time it’s super-gentle on hair, especially of the highlighted variety. Also, the lather is exceptional for a sulphate-free product.
    • Suncare by La Roche-Posay. The formulations are as lightweight as they are high-coverage.
    • Guerlain L’Heure Bleue. I adore a thematic perfume, a fragrance with a beautiful back-story, and this is the ultimate for me. It was inspired by Paris’s famous blue light, that vaporous, violet-tinged twilight. Cue a powdery sparkle that dissolves into a seductive muskiness, with a potent sillage that takes you well into the after dark.

    Finally, can you share any Paris travel tips?

    Of course! It’s my favourite thing to do! I have thousands of them but if I had to pick out a few tops, they would be …

    • Just go. Whenever you can. Don’t think you must sync your holiday to a particular season if you have limited timing options. Of course, Paris is sublime in April, when the pink cherry blossoms are in full bloom. But it’s a city that is exquisite in every season. You just need to make sure you’re fully equipped for that season (say, pack Uniqlo thermals for winter), and tailor your itinerary to suit the conditions. In other words, don’t plan for late-night picnics by the Seine if you’re going to be there in December!
    • Pack walking shoes. Or a few pairs. Paris is for wanderers. It’s relatively flat in surface, it’s doesn’t take too long to criss-cross, and there are so many picturesque ways to get from A to B — there’s always something to swoon over, such as a pretty flower-laden balcony. This is how you find a Paris of your own. I always recommend leaving one day on the itinerary completely blank — this is the day for just walking wherever your fancy takes you. And in Paris, a city of so many portals to a past time and of so much beauty, that fancy will always take you somewhere amazing. Oh also, all the walking works off all the macarons and cheese!
    • If you’re heading to Paris in peak season, consider pre-purchasing tickets for the larger museums and more popular monuments. Just be aware that, with most of these, you’ll need to commit to a specific date, possibly even a particular time slot, too. That might be tricky at first, but you’ll be thankful for the forward thinking once you’re breezing through the fast lane.

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    Now Is the Time to Shop Charlotte Tilbury

    One of my most favourite makeup and skincare brands is the ever covetable Charlotte Tilbury, which will be hardly a surprise to anyone. With 20+ years as a makeup artist surrounded by some of the most incredible of people, Charlotte Tilbury knows what works and every tip and trick she’s learned along the way has shaped her makeup and skin care line. Now is the time to shop hard as the Australian and UK websites are having a very limited time sale – scroll down for the information you need to know.

    Glowgasm Magic Duo – Save $18 on the exclusive makeup kit, which includes a Face Pallete and a Beauty Light Wand (in your chosen shade).

    Glowgasm Wand Trio – Save $12 On the iconic Beauty Light Wand highlight & blush trio!

    Dreamgasm Eye & Lip Kit – Save $19 on a mega-watt face glow kit, including a Luxury Pallete Dreamgasm, Legendary Lashes Volume 2 Black Vinyl and Collagen Lip Bath in your chosen shade.

    Gorgeous Glowing Eye Kit – Save 5% on this glowing eye look in an exclusive makeup kit that includes The Feline Flick Panther, Full Fat Lashes Glossy Black and an Eyes to Mesmerize in one of two shades.

    And can we just take a moment appreciate the beauty that is the Hot Lips 2 packaging, oh my ….. <3

    Credit card limit, what credit limit?

    If you get a chance, do try the Magic Cream – I promise you it lives up to the title.

    *Sale ends 14th July, 2019






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    Brow Rehab with Suzie from Flybrow

    I’ve been growing out my eyebrows for years now, thanks those teenage days plucking what hairs I did have into that super thin tadpole shape that literally defined the 90’s, but we’ve come a long way since then. Brow experts such as Suzie Moldavon, founder of Flybrow make the grow out process so much easier, and it’s more bearable than ever. I never tire of seeing brow transformations, and Suzie and her team do some of the best. I recently caught up with Suzie to learn more about Flybrow and the experience that is brow rehab!

    The first of its kind mobile brow service, FLYBROW was created to serve you, today’s modern woman, everywhere you already are. We go to your office and plan pop-ups at your favorite hair and skin salons making self-care easy and your best brows possible. At FLYBROW we start with brows, but end up reshaping your self-image, your confidence and how you show up in the world.

    Hi Suzie, without giving away all your secrets, what advice can you give to those who are beginning the brow rehab process? I’m never worried about giving away secrets. Truth is I can’t be everywhere and I only have 2 hands, so I’d rather teach other artists my tricks and tips and empower them to run their own successful brow businesses. I’m teaching a Flybrow Academy on July 15th and we will be streaming it to anyone not in CA! The link to sign up is here and the streaming ticket is really affordable! Not sure what time of the day in AU it will be, but will be everything I know about brows and the beauty industry!

    But brow rehab, you ask. We love it when we meet a client who came in for a clean up and we realize that she could be in for more of an eyebrow journey. Clean up after clean up is what lands most women at brows that are uneven or too thin. So it’s our job as artists, to pause and think, can this client achieve a better brow for her face than she currently has? Might more hair grow? How long has it been between brow services? And once you get all the information you need, you set her off on a journey, that is painful at first and liberating in the end. It’s so hard for an everyday tweezer to put down her tweezers, but once she gets out of the habit of pulling hairs daily, she’ll feel so free from the chore of it. But the best advice I can give, is get your brows shaped WHILE you’re on the rehab journey. Artist consistency is key and so is staying committed to the cause. But as long as the artist who holds your vision for a thicker fuller brow is guiding you and shaping your brows WHILE you’re rehabbing, you don’t have to live with giant messy brows all over your face for the 3-12 months rehab can take (each person is different depending on age and what their original natural brow looked like). Nobody needs an eyebrow on the middle of their eyelid. Clean up the excess and get them shaped while leaving space for the miracles to happen!

    Listen to Suzie on the living skin by dermalogica podcast ‘Building Your Business Series: The Business of Brows’

    What can we expect when we are going through brow rehab, and can the experience be made any easier at all? Yes, shape them while rehabbing! BUT make sure that the SAME artist is on the journey with you. If you’re someone who gets a ‘clean up’ at a nail salon or at a waxing salon that has a roster of artists, request the artist that noticed that you might be a good candidate for a rehab in the first place. That artist holds the vision of a fuller brow and they can make sure to not just clean up old lines and leave you with the same over-tweezed shape you had before. Tinting is something we love to use while rehabbing brows as well – it picks up the light hairs and helps to make what do you have look thicker. I always say “twins, not sisters” because to me, you should always aim for the top! So many artists settle at ‘sisters’, but between nature, professional brow artists and product, brows that are twins is definitely a possibility.

    Do you recommend we use any specific eyebrow tools or products at home, i.e pencils, pomades, or gels? Yes, nature doesn’t always bless us with symmetry, so during rehab at home, product is your friend. Find a pencil, powder, pomade or gel that can help you fill in the spaces where your brows aren’t yet grown in. Product is used for ‘editing’ what nature didn’t make perfect so find a product that you’re comfortable using that leaves color on the skin. The product itself is up to you, the market is so over saturated, I’d find something that is comfortable in your hand, and responds well with your skin whether it’s oily or dry and looks the most natural! Always remember to spoolie the product after applying, this seems to be a commonly missed step. And, don’t use a tinted gel or ‘boy brow’ during rehab unless you’re a blonde – you’ll need product that leaves color on the skin and not just in the hairs that you don’t yet have.

    And lastly, where can those in the US find you? They can find us all over! We pop up several times a month in LA, SF and NY and to see where we’ll be next, follow our Instagram and book here! Our vision is to empower women on both sides of the chair. We teach the Flybrow method so they can learn our techniques, and maybe run their own Flybrow in their city one day. Our mission is to spread the love and the magic of Flybrow far and wide to more clients than we could ever touch with just our two hands … so contact us if you’re interested in joining the team, or want to bring Flybrow to your city or company, and stay tuned for more from Flybrow as we continue to spread our wings!

    – If you need me,  I’ll no doubt be on Instagram stalking all the amazing before and afters – here’s to better brow days!

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    Sunscreen or Skinscreen?

    I’ve always been passionate about sunscreen after my mothers melanoma experience a few years back, and am thrilled that sunscreen is finally cool, thanks to important initatives like #CallTimeonMelanoma and beauty gurus  such as Hannah English keeping sunscreen relevant. With brands now offering SPF50+ in Australia, which was almost unheard of previously, and new kids on the block Ultra Violette offering a wide variety of textures for all skin types – now is the perfect time to find your ideal sunscreen or skinscreen for LIFE.

    Ultra Violette: ‘A skinscreen is the perfect combination of skincare and sunscreen – with hydrating ingredients that are just as potent as their SPF counterparts. You can use them solo, or layered with your other skin staples like serums, moisturiser and foundation for an extra punch of hydration. All of our products are purposely designed to work for the good of your skin, both in the short and long term.’

    Ultra Violette are currently the following three options:

    1. Queen ScreenA lightweight, invisible broad spectrum SPF50+ serum with a luminising finish. For normal to dry skin, including sensitive.
    2. Clean Screen SPF 30 Mattifying Mineral SkinscreenA mattifying broad spectrum SPF30 mineral sunscreen, for all skin types including combination to oily, sensitive, and inflamed.
    3. Supreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating Facial SunscreenA broad spectrum SPF50+ three in one: moisturiser, SPF and primer. For all skin types that need a hydration boost.

    I’ve just re-purchased my second bottle of Queen Screen, as I’m obsessed with its milky light serum-like texture, that absorbs into my skin perfectly post-moisturizer and pre-makeup application. I will say though, that it did take some time for me to get used to the sheen the product gives off, and some days I do find I need to pop a primer on over the top of Queen Screen, just to reduce some of that shine #oilygalforlife. The price you pay for sun protection, right? It’s also very important to note I’ve experienced ZERO white cast wearing this skinscreen, and my husband has been known to “borrow” this little bottle often.

    Adore Beauty have recently come on board with Ultra Violette as an official retailer, offering free express delivery and two free samples on orders over $50, with my goodies only taking two or three business days to arrive in Tassie – no mean feat!

    If you’re a little unsure of when to apply sunscreen in your skincare routine, and the dosage required for adequate sun protection, peep this page and maybe add it your favourites for future reference. Interestingly, Australia has the most rigorous testing standards for sunscreen, so you’re definitely in the best of hands.

    Related imagesunscreen -one less thing to worry about!




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    Review | Eve Lom Cleanser

    If there is a product that I hear about more than any, it’s the cult favourite Eve Lom’s Cleanser. If it’s not being reviewed by beauty editors in a magazine (Vogue, anyone), you will see it in store or read a rave review online by a blogger or five – it’s just that type of product. Its ability to remove makeup and dirt from the skin with a spa-like experience is second to none, and it’s a product that I would recommend everyone would try, at least once in their life. For me, double cleansing was a game changer in skincare and I’ve never looked back since. It will never cease to amaze me how much is left behind after the first cleanse, no wonder my skin has improved in the last few years! For those with blemish-prone skin, this is definitely something to consider.


    But back to the spa-like experience, it’s as simple as warming up this balm in your hands and massaging in, and enjoying the aroma released from the balm from its unique set of ingredients. And speaking of the ingredients, we’re talking about:

    • Clove oil for clearer, less red skin;
    • Eucalyptus oil to drain away toxins, while hops oil tones,
    • Egyptian chamomile works to soften and soothe; 
    • While the luxurious cocoa butter conditions the skin.

    Once you’ve massaged til your hearts content, everything can be swiftly removed with a warm wet muslin cloth, which is included with the purchase. The muslin cloth also provides a gentle exfoliation for the skin, which will save you time and extra dollars – it’s one less step to include in your routine. On that note, a little pot of this cleanser will last you months, even if used daily – just a drop or two is more than sufficient and this is not juice to be wasted.

    Eve Lom is sharing the love this month by running a sale, offering £25 off £100 or £50 off £200 and the usual two free samples with every order, and free gift wrapping.

    I read somewhere that Kris Jenner uses a hot face towel every night to remove her makeup, so really I’m one step closer to being a Kardashian/Jenner, right?





    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website.

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    Dealing with Rosacea

    I’ve suffered from rosacea ever since I can remember, and have noticed a marked increase in redness since I’ve gotten older. The constant flushing of my cheeks or chin have always plagued me, and I often over-apply my foundation as I’m always trying to conceal this. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Cosmetic Physician, Dr. Phoebe Jones, trusted cosmetic doctor practicing a at Concept Cosmetic Medicine. Below she shares some of her expert advice on living with skin conditions such as rosacea.

    “When I first started working in the industry, anti-wrinkle injections were by far the most popular treatment clients were requesting but now we’re starting to see that change. Skincare conditions like rosacea and pigmentation were often left untreated but with technological advances and scientific research we now not only have a much greater understanding of what causes these skincare conditions but how to treat them,” says Dr. Jones.

    RELATED: What You Need to Know about Skin Health

    What are the tell-tale signs on our face that we are suffering from rosacea, as opposed to a similar skin condition?

    Rosacea is normally clinically diagnosed based on a few characteristic symptoms. The most common ones include: frequent facial flushing; a persistent red rash across the cheeks, nose and chin; prominent blood vessels (telangiectasia); red applies and pustules in the rash affected areas; sensitive, dry and flaky skin; red, sore and gritty eyes; an enlarged and unshapely nose (rhinophyma).
    Are there any specific ingredients we should look for in skincare, or specific products we can use for relief?
    UV protection, niacinamide, and azaelic acids can help improve general redness and prevent triggers and are good over the counter options. Salicylic acid (BHA) is also great if you encounter clogged pores and pustules. For more severe forms, go to your doctor for some prescription topicals as Dr. Jones says, “Diagnosis is important to determine what treatment plan is suitable.”
    Are there any in-salon treatments that reduce redness or inflammation?
    Yes, vascular lasers can help improve redness and telangiectasia (spider veins). Other lasers and LED lights can also help to reduce inflammation and pustule causing bacterial load in the skin. Gentle topical peels can also help to unclog pores. Rhinophyma can also be surgically treated.
    Is there anything we can change in our diet to avoid a flare up of rosacea, and reduce redness?
    Rosacea can flare up or be triggered by anything that can dilate the blood vessels (vasodilation), which includes alcohol and spicy foods. It is also triggered by extremes of temperature and UV exposure. In skincare, it can be useful to avoid (if possible) steroid creams, very oily creams and fragrance. “Also, if you suffer from acne rosacea, I’d suggest using a non-comedogenic sunscreen”, advises Dr. Jones.

    Personally speaking, I’ve experienced a huge reduction in redness when using the AMPERNA® skincare range which has helped heal my skin through their unique ingredients, and The Ordinary’s Niacinamide definitely helped the bumpiness of my cheeks and chin. Simplicite Skin has also produced great results for me, and I also recall an amazing LED light session at a local salon, which decreased the redness for days.

    I’d love to know, what’s your secret weapon in concealing redness on the face, or even the arms ala pilaris keratosis? Let me know!


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    How to Master the Bold Lip

    You’ve all seen one before – the perfect bold lip. It’s mesmerising, alluring and with just a pop of colour, it can create an effortless statement in a flash. Step out in confidence this season with our guide to mastering the bold lip.

    Preparation is key

    Before you can attempt this assignment, you need to prepare your lips for duty. A sugar scrub is the best way to exfoliate your lips, leaving you with a soft and smooth surface for flawless application. Scrub your lips in a circular motion to remove dry and dead skin cells and to remove makeup residue. Once you’ve buffed away the bad stuff, be sure to hydrate those lips for an ultra supple surface with a treatment or an ointment. You can also prolong the wear of your lip colour, by sealing off the lips with a heavy balm, to prevent the colour from bleeding. Then, lightly apply a translucent powder or a lip primer to absorb any additional moisture. This will keep your colour locked in for longer.

    A bold statement needs a natural base.

    Whether you apply your bold lip first or last, you need to make sure that your base is complementary to your lip colour. Choose a foundation colour that is the most natural for your skin tone, taking notice of whether your skin has yellow, pink or purple undertones. Before applying your foundation, add a pop to your natural look by using an illuminating primer to liven up a relatively natural look. Apply your chosen foundation to your face, using a dampened sponge for a more even application, Taking particular notice to blend your foundation properly around the lips and nose, as well as along the jawline. Regardless of whether you normally bronze, blush, shade or highlight, we recommend leaving your eyeshadow and contour until after you have applied your bold lip, just to ensure that your palette matches the lip.

    Pick the right shade.

    Picking the right lipstick shade is essential, because believe it or not, red is not always just red. You need to pick a colour that will suit your complexion to pull off such a statement lip. For example, if your skin has pink undertones, a shade which has a blue tones will match your look more naturally, whereas if you have yellow undertones, a warmer shade with vibrant orange tones will suit your bold lip to perfection. Once you’ve chosen the shade, pick the right finish for your look. Matte lips are usually a winner for the winter months, but take the opportunity to mix it up with an ultra high shine or even a metallic finish.

    Create the right shape

    Now is the time to create the framework for your look. Take a lip liner which can either match the colour of your bold lip shade or it can match your natural lip colour. Bulk up the shape and fullness of your lips by lining your cupid’s bow and your vermillion border. You can overdraw the shape of your lips, but be sure not to skew from the natural contour of your lips.

    Apply your statement colour.

    Get ready to bring the glam. Take your lipstick of choice and apply it to your upper lip in sweeping motions, moving from the inner edge of your cupid’s bow to the outer corners of your lips. Then apply it to your lower lip, applying layers until you reach your desired level of coverage.  Once you have achieved your desired colour, feel free to add a lip gloss finish to enhance your look. Finally, clean up any uneven edges or lines with a flat concealer brush, to create a razor sharp look.

  • InBeauty

    My lookfantastic AU Experience

    You might not be aware that SkincareStore Australia recently rebranded to lookfantastic, Europe’s number one online premium beauty retailer, giving us Aussie’s access to more than 250 international and local brands. We’re talking brands such as Dermalogica, The Ordinary, Christophe Robin, amika, Alpha H and many many more, but just recently Clinique has joined the crew as a new brand available for purchase!

    I was recently given the opportunity to experience the lookfantastic service and their sparkly new website, and now I get to share my experience with you all! For transparency, I was provided a voucher to purchase some goodies but I also picked up a few extra things that weren’t covered.

    After a long debate with myself, I ended up ordering the following:

    I cannot rave enough about the service provided by lookfantastic. Once the order was confirmed via email, it arrived just a week after it was placed which is normal for delivery to Tassie – it’s a little slower down this way. Also kudos to LF for not including any unnecessary packaging within the box, gotta help out the environment where we can!

    Regarding the products, if only you could smell the amika signature vanilla, citrus and clover fragrance – it’s a spa in my shower every day. These two will be a definite repurchase, as well the Kora Noni Glow sachets. This potent, nutrient-dense blend of superfoods in powder form is non-GMO, gluten & dairy-free, vegan and cruelty-free, boosting the skin’s health and wellness from the inside out. I think it also tastes a bit chocolate-y which I’m not complaining about! The Clinique highlighter has the prettiest sheen with a sheer pink undertone, and has been working perfectly as an alternative to a powder highlight.

    lookfantastic offers free tracked delivery to Australia on orders over $50, and always have a coupon or two available for a sneaky GWP. The site is also offering a free makeup bag when you spend $120 with the code LFAUS – so run, don’t walk!

    Have you tried our Aussie version of lookfantastic, and what was your experience like?