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    How To Properly Care for Your Scalp

    Most people don’t think of their scalp as an area of the body that needs to be ‘maintained’, but did you know that the root of most hair issues usually begin at scalp level? Yes, you read that right. In fact, a neglected scalp can lead to hair loss and an array of issues with your hair (hello dandruff, dry scalp, or the dreaded oil slick). Below, Grow Haircare’s Expert Stylist Tiarne April from Chumba Concept Salon details how to properly care for your scalp so you can reveal your best hair yet. 


    Take some time to really look at your scalp and figure out what is going on. Ask yourself some questions like, “is it looking dry?”, “is there product build-up?” etc to understand what you’re working with. Then, monitor it over a few days to see how your daily activities might be affecting your scalp. Which brings us to the next point! 


    Are you a regular gym junkie or surfie gal? Do you smoke or spend a lot of time in the sun? Well, all of these things can have an impact on your scalp health. Depending on your lifestyle habits, your scalp might require more attention than other people. For example, swimming in salt water or chlorine regularly can dehydrate and irritate your skin, including the skin on your scalp. That means you would need to make up for lost moisture, both externally and internally (with water and nutrition). Or if you’re constantly at the gym it’s likely you’re sweating more than the average person and therefore you scalp would require a deeper clean. Excess sebum, dirt and sweat can all clog the hair follicles which can have an on-flow effect on your hair. Using products like a scalp scrub can eradicate these issues but more on that later! 


    Try to be mindful of the haircare products you use on your hair, avoiding products containing harsh ingredients which might irritate the scalp or strip it of its moisture. Invest in a range that features natural ingredients like Grow’s Thicker Fuller range of everyday use haircare products that strengthen and moisturise hair without all the nasties. Enriched with the highest quality ingredients, these products will help to add volume and substance to each strand of hair, whilst moisturising the hair from within and repairing the appearance of damaged hair.


    Most people have likely tried a plethora of products in the never-ending pursuit of dream hair; however, a scalp scrub may not be one of them. Touted as ‘exfoliation for the scalp’, a scalp scrub could be the thing that’s missing in your haircare routine. After all, exfoliation can be the key to a luminous complexion, so you best believe that it can lead to luminous hair! A scalp scrub is basically a formulation of exfoliating ingredients that prove the power of exfoliation isn’t just limited to your face. Typically containing ingredients to deeply cleanse and nourish, scalp scrubs are the next best thing in haircare. As the demand increases for healthy, shiny and manageable hair, scalp scrubs can give you that salon experience at home. Allowing for a deep exfoliation of the scalp, it will remove excess sebum, dead skin cells and product build up to allow our natural oils to keep the hair and scalp nourished and healthy. Grow’s Stimulating Scalp Scrub detoxes, refreshes and restores balance to the scalp, making way for fuller, shinier and healthier hair. What’s more, its formulation can help with hair thinning and shedding, by helping to unclog hair follicles. Many people don’t realise that over time the build-up of products, residue and sebum can clog our hair follicles, which can lead to hair thinning. This happens because hair follicles typically have two or more hairs growing from them, but if they become clogged, this can result in less hairs being able to grow through. Healthy hair should always start with the scalp, so ensure your scalp scrub will work hard to lift away impurities and remove product build-up which can keep your hair follicles clear.


    Ideally your routine should include one day a week that puts some time and effort into your scalp. Invest in a scalp scrub and get to work by gently massaging it into the scalp. This can further stimulate blood circulation, delivering oxygen to your scalp and encouraging hair growth. Grow’s Stimulating Scalp Scrub contains natural sea salt and peppermint oil which has anti-inflammatory properties that can be known to relieve irritation of the scalp. Upon application, users of Grow’s Stimulating Scalp Scrub can expect a light tingle to the scalp which simply means that the product is working on stimulation blood circulation – better for encouraging hair growth! The Peppermint oil is also great at absorbing excess oil which can be the culprit of clogging hair follicles. Grow’s Stimulating Scalp Scrub will also deeply exfoliate the scalp to remove product build up, dead skin cells, and any residue like air pollution which also has the potential to cause hair loss. The best bit about Grow’s Scalp Scrub is that it doesn’t require shampoo afterwards, making it any easy step to add to your haircare routine.

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    It’s a New Year, Why Not Celebrate with New Hair?

    How exciting is a new year, especially after the year that was twenty twenty – right?! I have already booked an appointment at my hairdresser to chop off my old, dried ends and start this year with a fun bob – I mean, growing out my hair is so last year! 

    With that said, I recently reached out to Bex Gold, the founder of Department of Brands (which includes KYN, Bar None, Brite Organix and Spot Medic) who shared her opinion on 2021 hair trends – and thank goodness I am bang on trend with my shorter locks. Let’s jump into it!

    “Short hair is all the rage at the moment, especially short hair with loose waves. Achieving this look is incredibly easy with one key product in your routine – the Kyn Sea Salt Spray. It’s a non-drying spray that will moisturise while adding volume and emphasising loose curls.” – Bex

    “A ponytail is always the ultimate day-to-night look, however a textured ponytail gives you the extra added edge that’s on trend this upcoming season. Simply secure your hair in a ponytail and then use Kyn’s Texture Spray on your mid-lengths and ends and use a thin comb to tease it through. This will add volume and texture giving you a thicker and fuller look with extra shine.” – Bex

    “Everyone loves a statement look, and there’s no better statement to make than blunt bangs. The key to this style is ensuring that your hair is hydrated, moisturised and frizz-free. The Kyn Overnight Hair Mask is the perfect addition to your routine to achieve this look. It’s a repairing mask that restores both your scalp and your hair, moisturising while removing build-up and leaving you with silky hair free of any flyaways or frizz!” – Bex

    Which of these are your favourite, and what are you doing to your hair this year?

    Share with me in the comments!

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    Growing Your Hair Out? You’ll Need This

    While I am normally championing the cause for a bob or lob – the shorter, the more fun – but earlier this year, I decided to grow out my hair and enjoy longer locks that I can more with. I am so excited to be able to wear a top knot without strands falling out everywhere!

    Speaking of which, I also spent my period in isolation slowly training my hair from being washed-every-single-day to every second day, which feels like a massive achievement after 15+ years. I’ve since become interested in learning about how I can support my hair for increased growth and health, and when I noticed Apotecari Bioactive Hair Care on my Instagram feed, I knew this would a brand to know about.

    Apotecari™ hair nutrition is Australia’s only complete 3-part hair care system for health and growth from within. Apotecari’s Hair Food is suitable nutrition for all ages and health conditions, and within 3 months,  they advise you should notice a change in the condition, volume and overall health of your hair and scalp.

    I spoke to Simone Abaron, founder of Apotecari Bioactive Hair Care to fully understand how a hair supplement can impact the health and strength of your hair. I asked: Why do we need to be taking hair supplements? Simone explains: “While supplements should never replace a balanced diet, we live in a fast-paced world where our diets may not provide adequate amounts of key nutrients. With pace, stresses and exposure to daily pollution, our bodies have to work harder to remove potential threats. This can use up the valuable nutrients we store, and the ones we need to have every day as part of a balanced diet. It’s well documented that modern-day living can use up key nutrients that we need for health and wellness, which is why the Australian Government has set guidelines for the recommended daily intake of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. In a 2017 survey undertaken by the Australian government, many Australians are not meeting their daily intake for some of the key vitamins required to be healthy. Supplements are an excellent way of boosting your nutritional intake of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.”

    Just like the skin, hair strands are the first place any stress within the body will show on the outside. 

    I then asked Simone, when would you take your supplements? “We’d recommend taking your Mane Event and Crowning Glory with your breakfast or lunch. Some people find that the B vitamins in these supplements can give them energy, so if you tend to be on the more sensitive side, it may be best not to take them before bed. Hair Food can be taken at any time of the day. If you’re powering your Apotecari supplementation and taking more than one product, for practicality’s sake, we’d recommend taking everything together, so you don’t miss a dose.” It’s worth sharing that Apotecari hair and scalp supplements are certified vegan, with the exception of Crowning Glory, which, given the nature of its plant-based omega oil contents, requires a soft-gel capsule casing.

    Of course, I couldn’t resist asking Simone for advice on promote hair growth and health? She replied: “Avoid high heat tools if you can, or if you need a little heat in your life, adjust the heat setting on your flat iron and curling tong – it should be on the very lowest temperature setting. Styling may take a little longer, but not as long as it will take to counteract the damage caused by high heat in the long-run. Wearing your hair in a very tight braid, bun, pony tail too often is also a big no-no, it can result in hair breakage which will seriously delay those hair goals. A good scalp massage each week might seem a little decadent, but is helpful at distributing your natural oils and stimulating blood circulation for increased health and consequent growth.”

    Here’s to healthier and longer hair, and the fact that 2020 is almost over!

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    New Year’s Eve Ready with ghd

    It’s not just the end of the year, it’s the end of the decade so this year, I’m going out with a bang and thanks to My Haircare & Beauty X ghd, my hair is going to be flawless. While I’m still not 100% sure what I’ll be wearing just yet, I know I’m going to have smooth slick strands and of course, statement earrings.

    As a proud stockist of ghd in Australia, MyHaircare & Beauty invited me to help share the word of the limited edition rose gold styler, which coincided perfectly with NYE preparation.

    The Dynasty Rose Gold Platinum+ with Vanity Case in the limited edition rose gold comes complete with an exclusive vanity case, for safer storage and travel. For a styling experience personalised to you, the styler features ultra-zone predictive technology, which anticipates the needs of your hair according to thickness and styling speed. Working at an optimum styling temperature of 185 degrees, this tool also features a convenient automatic sleep mode that switches your styler off after 30 minutes of non-use, for peace of mind once out and about.

    I’ve been playing around with the styler over the last few days and was easily able to create sleek locks (albeit with a touch of summer humidity!) that I zhuzhed up with a bit of texture for a more relaxed look. A touch of sea salt spray and my gold sparklies and I’m set.

    Perfect to add to your vanity, this styler looks good and performs even better!

    Bring on NYE!

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    Advice From The Team Behind Jesinta Franklin’s Hair

    With a new year comes fresh new trends, and of course stunning new haircuts. Jesinta Franklin is a perfect example of this, as she recently debuted a new style that is beyond words. Mark my words, this cut will be HUGE this year. And the talented hands behind this look is no other than the über-cool team at KODA Cutters in Bondi Beach NSW, whose Creative Director I was lucky enough to speak with recently. An editorial stylist for over a decade, Diane Gorgievski is behind some of Australia’s most influential editorial shoots and her vast list of clients include Vogue, Russh, Harpers Bazaar and Elle. Diane regularly works with local celebrity clientele including Rose Byrne, Sarah Murdoch, Jodhi Meares and of course Jesinta, to name but a few.

    Diane, thanks for speaking with me. Let me ask, what’s your prediction for hair trends in 2019? “Hair is going edgy – people are coming away from that ‘balayage and tonged look’ and going for something more direct. We are seeing a lot of women going for the scalp bleach / full tint with roots shadow and the riskay cut. Love a pixie or even a bob!”

    What’s your favourite cut or colour at the moment?Love the lived in colour Jesinta Franklin had done this month by our Colour Director Adam Hopkins. So cool and understated.”

    Who is your ultimate celebrity muse?THE MOSS BOSS – she is just everything still to me.”

    Any haircare brand you live and die by?Oribe.”

    What’s one thing we can all do for better hair health?Look after coloured hair – so many women just don’t. If your going to spend on the colour then you need to take home all the stuff that going to keep it in good condition – and just like your skin, be sun smart!”

    If you’re close by in Bondi, stop by their stunning space but if you’re like me and a little too far away, enjoy this sneak peek in the KODA Cutters picture-perfect salon.


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    Review | EVO Haircare

    One of the most comprehensive Australian beauty retailers is, with over 250 brands available at the online store. evo is just one of these brands, and I’m excited to share my review on the two brands products recently trialled, the Ritual Salvation Shampoo and Conditioner.

    Bursting with personality, evo are a luxury salon quality hair care products that are also sulphate, paraben and propylene glycol free. In the Ritual Salvation range, the treatment shampoo and and rich conditioner work to strengthen hair while protecting the fading of hair colour, i.e great for weak and brittle locks. A huge tick for me is the fact the shampoo has a low foaming action, which gives a gentler cleanse and of course much better for the environment. Even though I am definately a gal who loves the sensation of a great shampoo lather, these two products together leave me with the shinest and softest locks that I don’t even mind this minor detail.

    Both the shampoo and conditioner smell just like a hair salon – think luxuriously expensive – and the packaging is both stylishly minimalist yet witty enough to re-read each time the products are reached for. I really enjoy the especially yummy feeling once I’ve rinsed the conditioner out, and once my hair is dry I could literally play with my hair ALL day, it just feels like velvet. I’ve noticed enhanced shine using these two little guys, and I’m always reminded how important salon quality haircare is when I drop back to supermarkets brands – I’ll admit it!

    I am a daily hair washer and these products have had 10+ applications and I’m yet to feel a dent has been made inside, the containers still feel as heavy as the first day – the products are very concentrated that only a little bit is required each time.

    With many brands available on, including Alpha H, Bareminerals, Bioderma, BECCA, Christophe Robin, Deciem, ghd, Lanolips, La Roche-Posay, NUXE and Olaplex – this is your first stop for beauty in Australia.

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    Review | Goldwell Dual Senses Shampoo & Conditioner

    Ever use a product that you think you’ll never live without, and then find yourself reminded of it five years later and think ‘why did I ever stop using this?’. Yep this was me, with Goldwell Dual Senses Rich Repair shampoo and conditioner. I remember using this years ago after it was recommend by a hairdresser at the time, I think I was gradually going lighter after many many a black box dye, and I thoroughly enjoyed both products.

    My hair was so dry after multiple rounds of bleach and these two little guys instantly smoothed my stressed locks, and give me that smooshy feeling when I massage it into my hair. You know that feeling that just makes you swoon and want to touch your hair all day afterwards? Yah that one. So anyway, I ended up chopping and changing shampoo and conditioner over the years until I again recently picked up this duo set at my local salon. Seriously, as soon as I opened the nozzle, I remembered that sweet familiar scent of the products and was instantly taken back to a previous time in my life. From that day a few months back, I’ve had these guys in my shower ever since.

    Dual Senses claim to restore even the most severely damaged of hair structures from deep inside, which is why it was recommend some years back by that smart hairdresser, and I gotta say, it does what they say it will. As Goldwell put it, it’s as gentle as water, and I’ve read that lost lipids (from chemical treatments) in the hair are replaced with this duo effectively and deeply for intensive regeneration of the inner hair structure. These lipids also repair the hair surface layer too! The shampoo and conditioner are both cream formulas, which feel thicker and more expensive to be honest, and since I recently lightened my hair up again, I’m falling in love all over again.

    Also worth noting is the unique FadeStopFormula minimizes color fading with every use. I can’t say I’ve noticed any less colour fading, as my grey roots show through before this can even happen, but I do know that my ends remain correctly toned between each appointment and never require additional DIY toning. My hair is so soft to touch using these products and give great shine, I wear my hair down more than ever when I use these two. To me, that’s proof they’re great.

    Goldwell products are available in-salon and at home, and I strongly recommend you try these if you are suffering from dry and damaged hair, or simply just have chronically colour-treated hair.

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    A Totally Natural, Luxury Vegan & Cruelty Free Hair Care Range

    Australian made hair care range Reverly Hair Co has recently joined me in the shower and I couldn’t be happier. With their shampoo and conditioner completely free of SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, PEGS, pthalates, gluten, artificial colours and fragrances, harsh detergents, mineral or palm oils, animal derivatives and never tested on our furry friends, it’s a hair-match made in heaven!

    Revelry Hair Co was created by Wendy Esplin & Cathryn McCann, two entrepreneurial friends with a passion for health, wellness and high performance natural products. Together they had over 30 years experience in the hair & beauty industry but were never able to find a hair care range that was clean, green & active enough to rival chemical loaded products – so they set out on a mission to create their own. With years of research, testing and sourcing the most innovative natural ingredients, they finally came up with a formula that not only met their strict criteria but was completely different to anything else they’d ever used before. 

    A totally new concept; a hair care range that cleans & repairs the hair so well that it remains fresh & healthy at the roots and glossy and frizz-free at the ends for days not just hours.

    I was fortunate enough to have trialled the Repair Therapy Trio over the last few weeks, and because I’m a naughty daily-hair-washer, I’ve already noticed a significant decrease in the oiliness on my scalp – which is part and parcel really of washing hair so often. I feel that if you suffer from a sensitive / extra oily scalp, this would be simply perfect. As I have quite dark hair, I do often have a nice shine to my hair but I’ve noticed a softer feel to my hair, even with my balayage-d midlengths and ends, which I’ve read is Sunflower Seed Oil & Jojoba Extract strengthening and protecting my hair from future stress. The products have a natural citrus fragrance to up lift and energise, which is very subtle and pleasant – especially first thing in the early mornings. What intrigues me more though, other than everything else I’ve mentioned is, the Repair Elixir serum. This all natural pre-shampoo intensive hair mask is quite literally skincare for your hair, with a luxury blend of organic avocado, argan, desert lime, jojoba, rosehip & macadamia, corrects the scalps natural oils & deeply nourishes the hair from within.

    Using this slightly runny oil of an evening from root to tip, before shampooing the next morning, I gotta say – it simply compliments the results from the shower. I’ve noticed that of late, pre-shampoo or scalp treatments are becoming more and more popular, and I get it. Treating the scalp just makes sense, as the hair strands are getting the best possible TLC to grow long and strong – right?

    So to sum up the review, if you want super glossy hair, that lasts longer between shampoos, with products that actually feel good for your hair – I suggest you take a chance on Revelry Hair Co and give it a try.

    Yours in great hair,

    *Sponsored: While I have received payment for this blog review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine and a true & accurate reflection.
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    Want California Cool Girl Hair?

    If you want to achieve that effortless California cool girl hair, I’d like to introduce you to Playa. Playa, the newly launched haircare brand out of Venice Beach, created by the stunning Shelby Wild, who thoughtfully combined natural oils and botanicals with hand-selected clinically active ingredients for that gorgeous touselled bed-head hair we all covet.

    After living in New York City for years, Shelby’s bathroom cabinet was an overflowing graveyard of half used products as she “had like, six sea salt sprays and none of them worked perfectly. I wanted to minimize and de-clutter.” Upon moving to Venice Beach, Shelby began creating her dream products, formulating each product to be different from anything else on the market so we, the customers, get radical results with fewer products. Former fashion stylist Shelby says, “I wanted them to be infused with the laid-back California spirit I love so much.  I wanted them to be effortless and healthy, but I also wanted them to actually work”.

    Natural hair texture is enhanced, roots are stimulated for growth, and youthful luster is restored.

    Playa do not use SLS, parabens, phthalates, or dyes in any of the products. Cruelty free and not tested on animals, no animal derived ingredients are used either!

    From start to finish, Playa has your hair covered with:

    • Every Day Shampoo – An SLS-free, every day shampoo that’s anything but ordinary. This coconut-derived, every day clarifying shampoo gently foams to remove impurities while preserving your hair’s natural oils. Coconut water weightlessly hydrates; sugar beet extract stimulates roots to promote volume and growth. 
    • Supernatural Conditioner – This intelligent deep conditioner self-adjusts for all hair types: the more damaged your hair is, the harder it works to condition and repair. Baobab protein rebuilds strands for renewed youth; Brassica and copaiba oils smooth frizz and impart sublime shine. Post shower, you can supercharge the reparative properties by applying heat (sunshine or a blowdryer).
    • Pure Dry Shampoo – This rare blend of botanicals and minerals refreshes and revitalizes hair instantly—no shower required. Rose powder invisibly absorbs excess oil at the roots while keeping hair soft; star anise extract treats scalp and eliminates impurities. Use on clean roots as the final step for extra volume, or to refresh dirty strands.
    • Endless Summer Spray – Made with sea salt harvested in Southern California, this formula gives you the perfectly tousled hair texture you usually only get after a day at the beach or out on a board. Our proprietary Marine Collagen Complex nourishes strands to add fullness and shine; natural UV filters shield hair and scalp from harmful rays. Spray all over damp or dry hair after using Ritual Oil.
    • Ritual Hair Oil – This weightless blend of natural oils penetrates deeply to radically transform your hair without the use of harmful silicones. Apricot, kukui, and our proprietary derived coconut oil blend restores moisture to soften strands; sunflower oil tames frizz and makes hair shine. Apply liberally before surfing or swimming to protect hair from damage caused by salt and chlorine.
    • Hair Essentials Set – Playa’s five products work in harmony, so they’re all you need for beautiful, healthy, beachy hair. This sweet box is packed with a full-size bottle of each, making it even easier to have laid-back, effortless style.

    Styling tips for tousled texture: Apply Ritual Oil from mid length to ends of dry hair and follow by spraying Pure Dry Shampoo on top.

    For beachy volume: Spray Endless Summer Spray on roots and rough dry with a blow dryer.

    So far I’ve trialled the Endless Summer Spray, Pure Dry Shampoo and Ritual Hair Oil – with extremely good results. Each product smells slightly different, however the scent is overwhelmingly just Summer; think beach, cocktails at dusk and endless days of sun – literally. If you have the chance, please take a sniff or two – simply <3

    Playa is sold exclusively at Violet Grey or at, and for the ultimate inspiration I’ll leave you with this quote from Shelby, “We love calling Venice Beach home, and our eclectic community continually inspires our products. While we spend most of our time working on Playa, living a balanced life is important to us. We don’t have an office, ride our bikes instead of drive, and get out to the water and surf every day we have waves”. Sounds blissful. 

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    Must-Have Haircare by Christophe Robin

    Christophe Robin has just released a new product to his cult status volumizing range of haircare, in the Cleansing Volumising Paste. Launching back in 2013, the volumizing range with rose extracts was one of the first volumizing ranges dedicated to color treated hair. Becoming one of the staples of his brand, Christophe wanted to complete the product range with a volumizing and re-mineralizing shampoo that blends care and incredible volume. As Christophe puts it ‘a daily care ritual that promises natural volume and respects your hair’.

    The unique new cleansing volumizing paste is made with pure Rassoul clay and rose extracts, that creates real volume, noticeable from the first use and effects that build up day after day. Its exclusive composition is 85% natural origin. In addition to restoring hair health, these innovative products and unique textures are also free of parabens, silicon, SLES and oxidants.

    Free of any surfactant agent, the Rassoul’s cleaning process acts like blotting paper, to absorb impurities, and restore balance to the scalp while preserving the hair’s protective cuticle layer.

    Rassoul is rich in trace-elements and minerals (magnesium, iron, calcium, sodium, and potassium) that are essential to the hair vitality, and has strong re-mineralizing properties. It is renowned for giving even the thinnest hair strength, resistance and volume. For the best results, begin with Cleansing Volumizing Paste with Pure Rassoul Clay and Rose Extracts, apply Voluminizing Conditioner with Rose Extracts and finish with a spritz of Instant Volumizing Mist with Rose Water. In addition to restoring hair health, these innovative products and unique textures are also free of parabens, silicon, SLES and oxidants.

    To learn more about Christophe, I recently had the opportunity to speak with him via email – here is our conversation!

    Hello Christophe! From beginning a hairdressing apprenticeship at the age of 14, to owning your first salon at 24 – in Paris no less! – you’ve had a hugely inspiration career. Is Paris the most beautiful place that you’ve created great hair? I would like to say that my family home in the French countryside is also the most beautiful place with Paris, as it was there that I discovered my love for colour! Every Sundays with my mom and her friends, creating new colours for their hair.

    I am utterly obsessed with the rose scent of the voluminising range, did you always have the rose additions in mind for this set of products that first launched back in 2013? As rose is a natural volumiser, it was always going to be at the heart of this range. It was only when I discovered the miraculous effect of rassoul clay on creating more density for fine hair that I decided to add another product to the routine. Rassoul clay combined with rose extracts is an innovation for women who experience problems with flat hair with not enough bounce. Its amazing how many natural minerals and ingredients the Moroccan’s have been using in their beauty regimes over the years, they are only just being discovered by the rest of us!

    Do you have a favourite product within your hair care ranges? The Cleansing Cream with lemon is forever one of my favourites, it is the rolls royce of products and can change hair for the better after just one use. I developed it in 1999 with the moisturising oil with lavender to repair and protect the coloured, stressed hair of all the actresses and super models that I worked with, and it is still as effective and important as it was then.

    Do you have a favourite moment or achievement during your career? My new salon and boutique in Rue Bachaumont is the feather in my hat, I am proud of what we’ve created. It is a unique space and concept, and I am in love with the area and the history that surrounds it.

    Christophe, what is the hottest trend in hair right now, and what will we begin to see more of come 2018? For me, trends are always led by colour! Reds are my personal favourites and they are enjoying a moment in the sun. Strawberry blonde similar to Jessica Chastain at the Met Gala is very on trend right now. It is so sensual, and warming. It lights up the eyes and warms up pale skin before summer.

    Low maintenance is more and more a demand of women these days. Balayage is the best technique to achieve this, the modern way is to hand paint little touches of light to create natural contrast. It always looks chic, laid back and contemporary. With my shade variation care in golden blonde, it helps to achieve an incredible lasting shine that keeps colour looking fresh and ahead of the curve.

    Christophe’s Cleansing Volumising Paste is now available online via Sephora, Adorebeauty, QueColour and select salons. For the most luscious smelling of your life, this is it.

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    The International Icons Heading Down Under to Hair Expo Australia

    If you’re a hairdresser in Australia, believe me, this is one event you cannot miss in 2017. Hair Expo Australia is the premier trade event for hair professionals and will take place from Saturday 10 to Monday 12 June (Queen’s Birthday long weekend) at the International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney. Who’s attending you ask, well let me share with you!

    He’s worked the tresses of Lady Gaga; set global hair trends on the runways of fashion houses like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Stella McCartney; and worked on editorial campaigns for designers like Calvin Klein, Jil Sander and Giorgio Armani. Lauded as a true visionary of the industry, hairstylist Eugene Souleiman will grace Australia’s shores in June for a rare appearance at Hair Expo Australia, where he will take stylists through his unique approach to cutting and styling during a masterclass in partnership with Mizutani Scissors.

    [ Guy Tang ]

    Joining the stellar line-up at Hair Expo 2017, Hollywood colourist and social media superstar Guy Tang will return to Australia on the Olaplex World Tour, following his celebrated appearance at Hair Expo 2016 in Melbourne. Guy has amassed a following of “#HairBesties”, with more than 1.5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, 1.3 million Facebook followers, and 1.9 million followers on Instagram. These hair groupies follow Guy’s uniquely whimsical and vibrant hair colour tutorials, many of which go viral with styles like Unicorn Hair and Phoenix Neon Glowing Hair. This year, Sydneysiders will have their turn to witness Guy’s colour mastery in the flesh during a creative session in partnership with Olaplex and Haircare Australia.

    In an ode to the popularity of barbering, the illustrious Scumbags of Rotterdam, the Schorem Barbers, will also visit Hair Expo Australia in June to showcase their unique approach to classic men’s barbering in partnership with Reuzel and Haircare Australia. The subjects of social media fanfare, the barbers are known to have queues lasting up to five hours outside their small Rotterdam barbershop, as men from around the world wait for a turn in one of their coveted barber chairs. Hands-on learning with hair heroes Hairdressers will have bucket-list opportunities at Hair Expo Australia 2017, with the chance to participate in intimate workshops with hair legends in a live setting.

    Direct from the UK, Mark Hayes and Edward Darley of Sassoon will lead three exclusive technical skills workshops, which will be limited to just 12 people. Stylists will have a never-before-offered opportunity to learn directly from some of the best in the international hair education industry. Also offering more personal, intimate education for hairdressers at Hair Expo is reality television star and expert business advisor, Tabatha Coffey of ‘Tabatha Takes Over’. Tabatha will take four roundtable classes limited to just 12 people per session, where she will consult on key business considerations from staff motivation and leadership; to how to best use social media to improve the success of your business and reach the right customers. These hands-on learning opportunities have been designed to equip business owners and salon managers with the tools to ensure guaranteed commercial success.

    [ Tabatha Coffey ]

    Three nights of hair couture, never to be seen again. Be swept away by the art of hairdressing during Hair Expo Australia’s popular evening events, which have received a restyle in 2017. On Saturday 10 June, the new Masters of Hair grand stage will present intimate insights into the minds and craft of the biggest names in the industry, including Mark Hayes and Edward Darley of Sassoon; 2016 Hair Expo Australian Hairdresser of the Year, Frank Apostolopoulos; Tabatha Coffey; the teacher of all teachers, Sharon Blain; Jayne Wild with her legendary poppets; and 2016 Hair Expo New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year, Danny Pato, among others.

    On Sunday night, the GenNext Gala, designed to provide a platform for up-and-coming talent in the hair industry, will be injected with inspiration from our favourite reality TV shows (think ‘The X-Factor’ and ‘The Voice’), pairing eight creative teams with four sets of mentors who will guide them to success. Mentors for this year include Dmitri Papas and Justin Pace; Caterina Di Biase; Emiliano and Lisa Vitale; and Stevie English. On Monday night, the pinnacle event for the hair community – the Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo Awards Gala – will announce the winners of the distinguished Hair Expo Awards while the crowds are entertained by a spectacular Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks show.

    In 2017, Hair Expo is thrilled to be back in Sydney at the new International Convention Centre (ICC) in Darling Harbour, where visitors will be able to see and try the latest products from brands like De Lorenzo, Olaplex, Oribe, R+Co., TIGI, Glampalm, Trichovedic, Wahl, Mizutani, and Napoleon Perdis, among others. After Hair Expo saw a 35 per cent increase in visitors and 30 per cent increase in exhibitors in 2016 when held in Melbourne for the first time, the 2017 event is set to be bigger than ever, with 85 per cent of floor space already sold at a bigger venue.

    The full programme, event registration, and early bird tickets are now available at

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    Maintaining Your Hair During The Summer Months

    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website.

    Although it’s heading towards the colder months here in Australia, the other side of the globe is just starting to warm up nicely. With that in mind, Sam James-Cockayne Creative Director of EVY PROFESSIONAL Thermal Styling Tools and Salon Director at Orbe North Adelaide and Travis Bandiera, Salon Manager, and Principal Stylist & Colour Specialist at Royals Hair Hornsby (NSW) share their expert advice on maintaining the health and colour of your locks during Summer 2017.

    [ the barefoot blonde ]


    As Travis mentions, “long hot summer days can be nasty on hair; by the end of the season we are left with completely different hair due to the elements – sun, sand, surf, chlorine. To combat this, add in a leave-in moisturiser or a repairing oil such as Kevin Murphy Young Again Oil to your hair care regime. They are weightless but leave the hair feeling extremely soft. A shine spray will keep your hair (especially blondes) looking light reflective and polished. Heat protection is a must particularly when using thermal styling tools in summer (or anytime for that matter!).”


    “Great hair starts with hydration! Whether you’re styling with your blow dryer or hot tools, it will only last if your hair is healthy and hydrated otherwise it will fuzz or drop very quickly. KMS Moist Repair Revival Crème is a natural infused Leave-In Treatment and is my GO TO product for everyone with any length hair. Apply to wet hair after every wash and every other day in dry hair to restore moisture. This is so lightweight you won’t feel it in the hair at all so no oily feel or residue is left. So many of my clients keep this in their handbag and reapply at their desk for added protection from sun, sea and sand or heating and cooling”, says Sam.

    Sam says, “during summer, with all the added stress to our manes, choose professional styling tools to help curb heat damage. I use and recommend EVY PROFESSIONAL thermal styling tools as they actually help keep hydration and shine in the hair due to the brand’s incredible technology, which provides the hair with 32 hair hydrating and strengthening minerals originating from Japanese volcanic rock. Using tools that look after the hair means we can use them much more frequently rather than having to rely on air-dried hair through summer AND hair is left looking shiny, healthy and hydrated!”


    “Whatever you do don’t leave your hair all summer then run to your stylist in a panic at the first sign of colder weather. It is so important to be snipping those ends regularly to avoid split ends creeping up the hair, which will only lead to a bigger haircut. Remember healthy hair is much easier to maintain and always makes us feel fabulous”, shares Sam.


    “Bear in mind, unfortunately our hair can take a battering after a long beach resort style holiday. To avoid losing the beautiful condition of your hair whilst relaxing on your summer break, start your mornings with a moisturising conditioner, or treatment for thicker hair types, applied to your hair slightly damp not wet, and clip or bun in up til the evening then rinse”, says Sam.


    “For the blondes, amp up your blonde shampoo and conditioner usage. If you only use yours once or twice a week normally, then swap your routine and use this every time you’re washing. For the reds and brunettes, you’re more than likely using colour safe cleansers and treatments but throughout summer swap to a brunette colour pigment conditioner which adds a tiny amount of colour back into the hair to retain optimum colour and brightness. For many options with shades my go to is the EVO Fabuloso conditioners. They hydrate the hair beautifully without being too heavy, whilst maintaining longevity of any colour”, says Sam.

    “Yes, blondes need to swear by blonde shampoo to avoid brassiness and brunettes need a cleansing shampoo to avoid build up from swimming. You also can’t go wrong with a sea salt spray such as Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray – it creates that beach babe look without the damage from salt water on the hair”, shares Travis.

    What’s your best tip for maintaining your summer locks, share with us in the comments!


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    2017 Hair Predictions From The Experts

    Just as fashion trends and styles comes and go each season, so too does hair. With Summer slowly fading away and Autumn fast approaching here in Australia, I invited two hair experts to share their views and predictions for 2017 hair trends so you ensure you are one step ahead of the game.

    PINK Collection // Hair: Sam James-Cockayne Photographer: Haley Renee Photography Salon: ORBE North Adelaide.

    Sam James-Cockayne, Creative Director of EVY PROFESSIONAL Thermal Styling Tools and Salon Director at Orbe North Adelaide shares “this coming Autumn, be prepared for retro fun, volume and bangs as well as a touch of classic and timeless. For those always searching for their next seasons’ look, there is so much choice. Choose to be daring with either a rockin’ super mini choppy fringe or the “XXLong in my eyes but I love it” look. Ultra volume with mass texture, even crimping is making a comeback with the likes of Jeremy Scott and Gucci creating 80′ inspired hair looks for the runway.  Also try a popular wet look on occasions to amp up those cool glam feels.

    For the classic fashionistas, effortless long lengths and long fringes with subtle layering will be key to best complement new fashion trends, as seen on the runways of H&M and Elie Saab. Lobs are gaining length, and introducing bangs or soft texture will revamp the old favourite styles into 2017 hot trends. In styling, super elegant retro rolls and waves as well as hair embellishments have also been favourites spotted at Marc Jacobs, Gucci and Alexander McQueen.”

    Travis Bandiera, Salon Manager, Principal Stylist & Colour Specialist at Royals Hair Hornsby (NSW) – who can also claim title to 2016 Hair Expo New Creative Force Finalist – said that “as the seasons change from the warmer into cooler months we are going to see people become a little more experimental with colour. We’ll start seeing strawberry blonde tones shine through. I imagine they will be less traditional and have more variation with soft pinks and rose golds subtly hidden within the colours.”

    1. NEBULA Collection // Hair: Mary Alamine Colour: Travis Bandiera Photographer: David Mannah Makeup Artist: Mikele Simone Salon: Royals Hair.
    2. HOURGLASS Collection // Hair: Travis Bandiera Colour: Travis Bandiera Photographer: Daniel Knott Makeup Artist: Mikele Simone & Stephanie Pettito Stylist: Clare Frith Salon: Royals Hair.

    As we go forward in 2017 Sam & Travis, what hair trends can we expect to see become popular?

    “Colour is nowhere near as questioned as it used to be. With more and more companies using ammonia-free products everyone wants in. This season’s key technique will be revamping the ombré where one colour merges into another. We’re taking it next level with numerous colours being blended into each other throughout the length of the hair. The trick is to keep a harmonious colour palette so there is hardly any contrast and you can’t see where colours stop and start. The darker root won’t be quite as contrasting this season and and overall seamless result will be the demand”, said Sam. “Key fashion shades are still very much pastelized with white being the new grey and blorange being the new pink. Imagine cutting open a blood orange then pastelising it – #amazing. With tamer palettes you can expect to see warm blondes and cool brunettes. Darks are getting darker, choosing shades closer to black for extra depth and intense shine. Undertones of cool auburn and matte chestnuts will also feature. Blondes are becoming brighter with peekaboo strands of extreme lightness framing the face and overall tones of honey, caramel and roses golds making an appearance.”

    Travis says: “As the seasons change from the warmer into cooler months we are going to see people become a little more experimental with colour. We’ll start seeing strawberry blonde tones shine through. I imagine they will be less traditional and have more variation with soft pinks and rose golds subtly hidden within the colours. I think in 2017 we are going to see people embracing their own natural colours again; balayage and ombres have been at the forefront of trends for the past two years and now I’m seeing colours returning to their rich natural colour. One technique I predict which will be huge throughout 2017 is foilyage – an advanced version of balayage which incorporates a root area that is still highlighted and than subtly softened giving a natural blend whilst still enhancing the natural hair colour.

    I’ve actually come across a new hair product that’s worthy of a mention, that is Dessata Detangling Brush. This pretty little guy detangles your hair quickly with no effort or pulling, on all types including fine, brittle or coarse hair. It’s the perfect size for your handbag, gym bag or to pop away in your bathroom and protective cover ensure it’s always safe and ready to use. Plus it’s oh-so-cute! Oh, and if you pick up the Summer Collection as pictured, you’ll enjoy delicious coconut scented bristles!

    What’s your plan for your hair this year, any big updates? Share with me in the comments!

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    Meet Your Virtual Hairstylist

    Stocking luxurious brands including Balmain, Sachajuan, Davines, and Rare Marula Oil, Hyde Hair Care is a 100% Australian owned and operated hair care boutique, dedicated to offering the highest quality of professional hair care products. With the help of their virtual stylist, you are guaranteed complete product suitability for your individual hair needs and satisfaction. Just a few questions to answer about your hair, and a personalised hair care regime specifically for you is provided. Whether you are looking for volume, sun protection, colour protection or moisture, a personal recommendation will be produced in seconds!

    Founder Lily said “The idea of Hyde Hair Care started with making online shopping much easier and this is where our virtual stylist came into play. I wanted to ensure every customer was receiving the correct products for their individual hair needs, rather than simply guessing what was suitable, just as in a hair salon- the hairdresser recommends the products. After 10 months researching hair care brands globally, I came to find my 6 lines I wanted to stock. Each and every brand I have offer something unique, they are all high end products but they are affordable and they perform.”

    A handful of the standout products available through Hyde Haircare include;

    Balmain Hair Argan Moisturising Elixir: The ingredients stimulate an optimal moisture retention within the hair cell to repair and protect damaged, dry and weak hair from environmental extremes. The Travel Size Argan Moisturizing Elixir has a wonderful signature fragrance of the Balmain Paris Styling Line, a unique blend of notes which will steal you away to the perfect summer’s day. Each time the product is used, it enriches hair with nurturing ingredients and fragrance hair with this mysterious, feminine and sexy scent. Rejuvenating pure organic serum gives an instant boost Creates a smooth and healthy look. 

    The famous Balmain fashion house was founded in 1945 by the renowned couturier Pierre Balmain, known for his elegant and super feminine Madame Jolie-style. In 2005 the fashion brand took a twist when Christophe Decarnin came on board as a head designer. With his outstanding, edgy, glamorous and sexy looks, he brought rock & roll to the catwalk, making Balmain into the most wanted fashion brand amongst trendsetting party girls and celebrities all over the world.

    Davines Detoxifying Shampoo: Treating shampoo that combines delicate surfactants of natural origin with scrub particles for a gentle, yet deep cleansing of scalp, and a protective action against free radicals. It is intended for an in-depth cleansing of the scalp, in the case of asphyctic scalps (non-rosy appearance) and temporary and light exfoliation.

    Davines Love Curl Cream: Ideal for all curly or wavy hair to achieve better definition. Its leave-on formula is recommended to define curls in an invisible way. It does not weigh down the hair. It does not leave residue and keeps the hair soft and shiny.

    Marula Oil Rare Oil Treatment: Instant hydration for medium to coarse textured hair. Absorbs immediatly without weighing the hair down. Apply to damp or dry hair.

    Sachajuan Colour Save Shampoo + Conditioner: A special care formula with Ocean Silk Technology to create healthy shine and protect the colour, and condition containing UV-protection. This gives a long lasting care for coloured hair. It leaves hair with bounce and a silky shine, with superior detangling properties. 

    All products purchased through Hyde Haircare are authentic, with no grey market products, plus all orders over $50 comes with two FREE travelsize products. All orders over $80 will receive free shipping, but please note only Australian shipping available. If you’re a hair lover, whilst you’re browsing the website, make sure you check out Lily’s interviews with Tabatha Coffey and Eden Sassoon!

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    John Frieda® x Glamazon at The Iconic Swim Event


    Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach turned up the heat this morning for The Iconic Swim event. The first event of it’s kind held on Bondi on November 30th 2016, models showcased The Iconic 2017 Swimwear to over 100 media, influencers and celebrities.

    John Frieda® exclusively in conjunction with Glamazon created two hair looks that will be the must-have looks of the summer, led by hair stylist Isabelle Jackson and makeup artist Samantha Symonds for Glamazon.

    John Frieda’s award-winning Beach Blonde® Ocean Waves Sea Salt Spray was the hero product that transformed 16 models to Bondi beauties. “Everyone’s loving braids and wild messy texture. It’s a raw and undone look, girls have stepped from the festival to the sand, typical of Bondi” Isabelle Jackson for John Frieda & Glamazon.

    The makeup is all about the glow  as “given the location the models need to look fresh and luminous with that gorgeous Aussie beach girl glow. A natural look that doesn’t look like you are wearing any makeup” Samantha Symonds for Glamazon.

    Look 1 – Hair – Statement Curls

    Curls of all kinds from tighter to spiral to brushed out and wild.


    For naturally curly hair apply to damp hair the Frizz Ease® Dream Curls Perfecting Spray, to restore definition and elasticity to curls. Dry off naturally or with a diffuser.

    For tight spiraled or brushed and wild curls, prep damp hair with Frizz Ease® Heat Defeat Protecting Spray, to condition and protect hair against heated stylers. Follow with Beach Blonde® Ocean Waves Sea Salt Spray for texture and movement. Dry hair off loosely and use a small curling tong, about the size of your index finger. Divide the hair in to small sections and wrap the hair tightly around the tong, from top to tip Leave for 8-10 seconds and release.

    For the tighter curl look, leave curl in until just before parade then separate loosely with your fingers. For the wild curl pull apart or brush the curls out and spray finely with Frizz Ease® Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray,Tease around the forehead if required.

    Finish all looks with the Frizz Ease Perfect Finish Polishing Serum to add shine and protect hair against humidity and fly-aways.

    Stylist tip: For extra volume use two different sized curling tongs and alternate the direction in which you curl.


    Makeup – Peachy Keen

    Start with an illuminator mixed with foundation for an all over glow. Brows are brushed up and filled with natural colour. Bronzer is applied to all areas the sun naturally hits.

    A wash of peach eye shadow taken all the way to the inner eye, finished with lashings of black mascara and a natural glossy lip.

    Look 2 -Hair – Tribal Braids

    Tribal girl meets Bondi babe.


    Volume is key Start with the Luxurious Volume® Root Booster Blowout Spray which boosts your hairs volume at the roots. Follow with Beach Blonde® Ocean Waves Sea Salt Spray through strands, crunching hair as you blow dry. For extra volume part hair on opposite side to normal and section blow dry.

    Leave front halo of hair pulled out, teasing from the crown, into quiff. Lightly spray with Frizz Ease® Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray. Start braid over one ear to base of head then bring in more strands for a fuller ponytail.

    Stylist tip: For best results recreating this look work with two-day-old hair.


    Makeup – Bronze Metallic

    Similar to look 1, start with an illuminator mixed with foundation for an all over glow. A highlighting bronzer is applied all over the face, around the cheekbone and outer eye. Brows are messy and brushed up.

    A metallic bronze eye shadow is swept to just under the brow bone and carried down under the lower eye rim. A super fine black liner is used for definition followed with loads of black mascara.

    A soft and subtle powder peach blush. The entire lip is coloured with a peach lip-liner, blotted and then touched up with a peach matte lipstick.

    *Photography by @latessaphotography

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    Summer Beauty Advice From L’ORÉAL and Napoleon Perdis

    Just how beautiful was Kookai’s SS16/17 runway launch last week? Oh my – the venue, the dresses and you know I was all about the hair and makeup! Just recently, I got the chance to interview Peter Thomsen, the L’Oréal Professional Hair Director and Anna Papadopoulos from the Napoleon’s National Creative Team, after the big event to discuss beauty in Summer 2016.


    Hello Peter & Anna! Tell us, what is Summer Beauty defined by?

    Anna: “This summer it’s all about a gorgeous glow and skin that looks lit from within.  Think sun kissed accents of gold and bronze on the eyes and skin, glassy pink lips and soft flirty blush. Steer clear of dark dramatic lipstick as the look should feel natural and effortless”.

    Peter: “For me, summer beauty is defined by the elements and working with them. From the heat and humidity to the salty sea air, the warmer climate has this great feeling of freedom. For summer hair I always go for ‘less is more’, we feel more an alive, energetic and carefree so we want our hair to complement that and our lifestyles”.

    Anna, you’re totally in the know with this – can you make a matte makeup look work in the summer?

    Anna: “Yes definitely as long as the amount of product used is minimal. To control excess shine try a matte mineral foundation for a more understated look. Apply only where you need it so your natural beauty is enhanced, not covered. Keep it modern by adding dimension and luminosity to the top of the cheekbones using a cream highlighter.  For the lips, matte formulas are fab as they are incredibly durable. To avoid a dry feeling on the lips when the temperature soars try prepping the lips with a little lip balm before application”.

    I’ve gotta say that I’m not much of a CC cream user as I just don’t enjoy the coverage they provide. Anna, can you recommend a similar type of products that isn’t heavy or cakey during the warmer months?

    kookai-photos-by-lucas-dawson-photography-390“Yes! Our BBB Cream or tinted moisturiser is the perfect base for summer. Your base should look lightweight and fresh which is exactly how the skin looks with these formulas. To add a soft wash of pigment and an extra boost of hydration a tinted moisturiser is ideal. If you need to cover spots or redness, simply add a touch of concealer. Our BBB Cream is also a good choice if you like a bit more coverage and a luminous glow. It helps to create a youthful and refreshed look to the skin and is ideal for long summer days”.

    Peter, what hairstyle/s do you think will be popular/on trend this summer?

    “Hair looks from braids to texture pony tails and centre parts with the hair pulled away from the face and even the bun pulled more towards the back like a ballet bun are really versatile looks for the Australian summer. It’s so warm and humid that these types of styles work really well day to day, but you can make them your own by adding braided or rope details and gorgeous texture”.

    Anna, please share which beauty products we must have this summer ?

    “A bronzy/gold eyeshadow palette is perfect for summer as you can create so many beautiful combinations ideal for the day and night. I am also a big fan of a soft sweep of pastel pink blush. It’s the most cute shade for summer and doubles as an eyeshadow. For the lips I love a fun flirty mix of peach and pink. It has to be ultra-creamy and glossy to make the pout pop!”.

    What is your best makeup tip you can share with my readers?

    Anna: “Not to Prime is a Crime! Whatever skin type you have there is a primer that is perfect for you! Primers act as a  bridge between your skin and makeup and help to keep your base in place all day. There is such a wide variety of primers that target skin concerns like dehydration, dullness, excess shine and even work to smooth out the eyes and lips. My must-wear is the Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer which is ideal for all skin types and works to calm and smooth the skins surface”.

    And lastly Peter, what’s the best hair tip you can give?

    “My hair tip for summer; work with your hair’s natural texture! Don’t over complicate your hair look and embrace your hairs’ kinks and waves. You usually just need to make sure the texture and body is even. An easy way to do this and build texture into your hair is by investing in a good quality texture spray like L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Messy Cliché. Spray it onto damp before drying, twist the lengths and create a bun on top of the head wrapping the hair around its self or maybe even a lose plait. Then if you’re heading out that night and want a quick change take out the in the bun or plait and shake up the lengths with your fingers. Make a centre part and push the hair at the front behind the ears then you’re ready to go!”.

    Bring on the hot days by the beach and warm nights with a cocktail I say!

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    Kookai’s Spring/Summer 2016/2017 Collection Beauty

    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website.

    On Tuesday the 4th of October, aboard Seadeck, cruising around Sydney’s Darling Harbour at sunset, KOOKAI unveiled their latest Cruise Spring Summer 2016 collection in the most stunning of ways. KOOKAÏ, known for their large production seasonal runway shows, have taken their launch in a new direction for this collection, reserving it for an intimate crowd of carefully selected guests from the city’s A-list.


    Fresh from New York Fashion Week’s front row, Australian rising star Gabby Westbrook Shone as the show’s opener, alongside local favourites Astrid Holler, Georgie Perkins, Cassie Lapthorne and Amy Pejkovic. Guests on the night included Ksenija Lukich, Laura Dundovic, Bachelor beauties Anna Heinrich and Olena Khamula, Monika Radulovic, Charlotte Best and social media stars Pia Muehlenbeck, Natalie Roser, Aisha Jade and Ryan Ginns.

    KOOKAÏ’s Cruise Collection was created by the brand’s Melbourne-based design team, taking inspiration from European summers spent sunning on the Amalfi Coast and Isle of Capri. The season’s colour palette is bright and bold, with tiled prints and rich laces fashioned into playsuits, bustiers and off the shoulder styles. The theme of the night, in line with the collection, was playful, vibrant and indulgent. Guests aboard the floating venue, itself European-styled, were treated to summery cocktails on arrival.



    For lustworthy skin, begin by cleansing with Auto Pilot Hydrating Milk Cleanser; massage into skin using your fingertips, spritz the face with Auto Pilot Moisture Mist and massage further for a deeper clean.

    Plump and perfect with Auto Pilot Napoleon Complex Skin Renewal Serum; massage into the skin using fingertips or buff with Complexion Perfection Brush 23s.

    Boost under eye hydration with Supreme Eye Cream. Pat over the under eye area using your fingertips.

    Add luminosity and an extra shot of hydration with Auto Pilot Radiance-Boosting Primer; apply using Complexion Perfection Brush 23s.

    Frame the face by defining the brows with Eyebrow Pencil Pale Rider. Set in place with Wand-er Brow Clear to Go. Extend your lashes with Total Bae Own It! Mascara Jet. For added volume apply a second coat.

    Lighten and brighten eyes with eyes with The One Concealer. Tap around the eyes and any areas of concern. Fuse into the skin using Correct & Conceal Brush g14.

    Achieve a dewy finish using Auto Pilot BBB Cream. Blend over your skin using fingertips or High Definition Concealer/Foundation Brush g20.

    Set and perfect the base with Camera Finish Powder Foundation. Dust over the feature focus area.


    Add warmth to the eyes using Color Disc Tawny Temptress over the mobile lid, blending upwards past the socket of the eye for a fused finish. Add a soft sweep along the lower lash line for subtle definition.

    Sculpt the eyes further by sweeping Color Disc Espresso to Go softly through the socket and along the lower lash line for a smokey effect using Sculpting Brush 10r.

    Highlight the inner corners of the eyes with Loose Eye Dust Mosaic Gold.

    To brighten the eyes, tap Loose Eye Dust Star Light onto the mobile lid.

    Add a flushed hint of pink to the cheeks with a sweep of Blush It! Blush Powder Cheeky using Chisel Blush Brush 22b.

    Using Matte Bronze, sculpt the face and create a sun kissed look by applying to the high points of the face.

    Create golden highlights using Light Switch Luminizer Pallette Gold on the top of the cheekbones, cupids bow and down the bridge of the nose.

    Layer with a generous amount of Loose Eye Dust Honey Child for intense sparkle and shine.

    Team your bronze eye with an application of DeVine Goddess Lipstick Electra.


    For added volume and definition, style eyes with a pair of Lashes Zinnia. Cut to customise, coat the lash band with glue, position and pinch into place!

    To subtly blend the false lash into the natural lash, apply a thin line of Neo Noir Liner to the top lash line.

    Get creative and layer Luminous Lip Veil Pretty in Peach onto lips for a perfect blend of pink and peach.


    To complement the tailored playsuits and breezy sun dressers, Peter Thomsen of Chelsea Hairdressing created two stunning pony tails to help women take their style from beach to bar over the warmer months.

    “The hair has a beautiful nautical, relaxed and windswept feel to it. It’s quite windy on the boat tonight so we need a style that not only works with the clothes but also works with the elements.   The pony tail is a really versatile and practical hair look for summer. It can be simple but also looks incredibly chic,” explains Peter Thomsen. “We have two looks here tonight, both ponytails. One has a beautiful soft wave through the lengths while the other is straight and has a great dry natural texture to it. The key to both of these styles in is the preparation and positioning.  It’s really important to build texture into the hair as you blow dry.”

    Peter Thomsen, L’Oréal Professionnel Hair Director



    Apply L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Volume Lift from roots to ends and blast dry.

    Spray lengths and ends with L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Wild Stylers Next Day Hair to create a dry texture and brush through to distribute the product evenly.

    Take small sections of hair, spray with L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Wild Stylers Beach Waves and then curl the section from eye level down, horizontally using a medium sized curling tong.

    Brush the hair back off the face and tie lengths into a pony tail just above the occipital bone.

    Finish with L’Oréal Professionnel Infinium Hairspray to hold the style in place.


    Apply L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Pli to roots to ends. Blow dry the hair straight without curving the ends.

    Follow with L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Wild Stylers Next Day Hair and brush through to distribute the product evenly.

    Brush the hair back away from the face and secure into a ponytail just above the nape.

    Spray L’Oréal Professionnel Infinium Hairspray to hold the style in place.

    And that’s your 2016/17 Spring Summer clothing, dress and makeup sorted!

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    Review | Head & Shoulders Shampoo & Conditioner


    Black on black clothing is the epitome of style. But if you have a pretty little sprinkle of dandruff on your shoulders, not so much…


    When I was invited to trial Head & Shoulders Clean & Balanced 3ActionFormula Shampoo and Conditioner recently, I was super interested as I suffer from a bout of dandruff from time to time each year – #truestory – which I put down to the daily washing of my hair which in turn, leads to a dry itchy scalp. But even though I’ve tried to extend the days between washing numerous times, I cannot ignore the fact I just don’t feel clean after a shower unless I’ve washed my hair. Such is life hey?

    I remember using Heads & Shoulders back when I was younger as it was all my parents would recommend it for my dandruff, even though my dad though it was “a little expensive for shampoo!” – my mum hooked me up. Thank goodness I can happily buy my own shampoo now, my dad might actually have a heart attack if he knew the prices of some products I’ve bought over the years….

    This is a rave review really, because as a daily hair washer, not all products that are labelled ‘safe to use daily’ are actually good for such frequent washing – anyone remember the 2in1’s? Both the shampoo and conditioner are lovely and creamy, without the feeling of weight and oil dripping down my hair, and is a really great pre-blowdry option. I have used H&S on and off over the years and I was excited to see that the yucky ‘off’ smell was still not present whatsoever in either products which isn’t the case with some anti-dandruff prods – you know that scent I’m talking about! I’m very happy to report that my hair smells just as yummy as the high end products do and I’ve found a little actually goes a long way, and I’m a chronic overuser of hair care products – well expect oils, I’ve learnt my lesson there. The shampoo lathers and foams up nice and good, without the feeling of being stripped of any oils, and the conditioner has that real smooshy feeling that leaves my detangling comb gliding through my hair.

    No sly itching of the head within the last week so that’s another plus, along with no flakes within my hairbrush – told you it’s a rave!

    The packaging works too, both products sit comfortably upright in my shower holder and the SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER text is easy to read on the labels. The price is right too, with the shampoo retailing at $12.49AUD for the huge 400ml products.

    Have you used Heads and Shoulders before, is it your go to for eliminating dandruff?

    HOT TIP : Realised your hair is full of oil/grease/dirt/the smell of last night’s pub crawl but completely out of your usual clarifying shampoo? Anti-dandruff shampoos are the bomb substitute for deep cleansing shampoos, it’s tried and tested at Why Hello Beauty HQ – pass this important information on to your bestie, it’s a hack everyone needs to know!


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    Winter Hair Inspiration

    Rosie Viney Hair

    || Hair by Hair on the Boulevard staff ||

    Hello, it’s Rosie again!

    As John Snow would say “Winter is coming!”. And what’s better to do than embracing the cooler months by heating things up with a new hair colour? Here are my tips for changing it up this chilly winter!

    For those girls that are quite blonde already, I would recommend to only have a small change by adding some natural lowlights in caramel, copper, beige or ash tones. These colours will help blend your natural root colour in a little more, giving you a lovely contrast in your light blonde colour.

    For those that are closer to a darker blonde, there is the option of the stunning blended balayage. This colour is great for people that prefer lower maintenance colours, as it’s very versatile with options varying from quite a dark root colour to very light on the ends (1) or the roots being close to your natural colour with only a honey or caramel blonde on the ends (2) or even using your natural base as the root colour with highlights on the ends (3).

    For those that want an extreme change (given you have consulted with your professional senior hair stylist) can try out a dark all over colour. This colour should only be chosen by a professional for your skin tone to look as natural as possible and not going any further than two shades darker than your own natural root colour. *By not going any further than two shades also helps it to stay lower maintenance as your regrowth won’t be as obvious. If you want to go darker than that keep in mind you will get a more obvious lighter regrowth and will be higher maintenance. The darker you go you may need to make a few appointments closer together as it may take a little bit for your colour to adhere to your hair the first few goes depending on how healthy your hair is. Also if you are the type of person that likes to change a lot, I would recommend only having a semi colour as it is easier to lift out when you want to go back lighter. When my clients go dark I recommend our NAK Colour Masque Conditioners, these boost colour intensity (for bright red and purples), promote vibrancy and give a gorgeous shine. They also prevent against colour fading and will maintain your colour in between services. They do act as a mask so use only as needed, say once a week or fortnight.

    All these variations shown are lovely colours and changes for winter but please don’t attempt these colours at home, they need the love and care of a professional like myself 🙂

    Go on, take the plunge and speak to your hairdresser about a new hair colour for winter. Please feel free to add my salons Facebook page Hair on the Boulevard and our Instagram @hairontheboulevard or my personal hairdressing page @rv_hairdressing for ideas as well. Why not even try a new cut or style while you are there?

    Rosie VTake care, Rosie xxx

    Hair on the Boulevard

    2/32 The Boulevard Shearwater, Tasmania

    (03) 6428 7117

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    A Day in the Life of a Hairdresser, with Kristy Rattray

    I wanted something new for Why Hello Beauty in 2016 and I can finally present to you, the first in a regular feature ‘A Day in the Life Of’.

    As a beauty lover who doesn’t work within the industry (yet!), I am curious and also envious of those who do and thought I could live vicariously through them, within this platform. I have beauty therapists, nail technicians, makeup artists and various others working within the beauty industry all lined up to contribute throughout the year but first up, I have a Kristy Rattray, a local Tasmanian hairdresser sharing a typical day doing all things hair!

    “Hi – Kristy here; hairstylist, wife and mumma to my 7 month old daughter Evie. I live in beautiful Devonport, Tasmania and work 3 days a week in my fathers family business Get Smart Hairdressing. I’ve been invited by Emily to write a blog post detailing a day in the life of me. As you can imagine, with a little baby it can be fairly busy but I think I have everything pretty much down pat now after a couple of months of practice – and the days it all falls into place, I feel like supermum! For a typical day of a senior hair stylist, keep reading on!”

    6 – 6:30am: This is where my day usually begins with Evie waking up ready to start the day. If it’s not a work day, I go and get grab her and pop her into bed with me for another couple of hours snooze, but today I’m off to work so I get her up and give her a feed. When she’s finished, I usually express the other side (I am still breastfeeding so my days usually involve some pumping between clients!), then I change her and pop her on the play mat with her toys while I get ready for my day to start.

    7:30am – Once I’m showered, I always do my makeup before my hair. My hair takes ages to dry so I pop some Kerastase Ciment Thermique heat protectant in and let it air dry as much as possible while I finish the rest of my routine. Breaky time consists of weetbix and banana most of the time, this is also when I prepare Evies breakfast for her to have later on in the morning, usually whatever fruit I have in the fridge pureed with some yoghurt. I also pack her bag for the day ahead.

    8:30am – Now to do my hair, I’ve already put my heat protectant in so I use a round brush to blow-dry and straighten my locks and I’m ready to start the day. Now it’s time to drop Evie at her at Nanny or Grandmas house for the day, I usually feed her one last time before I head off to work.

    10:00am – Finally time for my working day to start – I must say once I walk through the door of the salon I can breathe a huge sigh of relief! My first client for the day is a ladies haircut, my apprentice had already coloured her for me earlier in the morning, so when I walk in she’s being rinsed off at the basin. Following her, I have a mens haircut to do, which both of these clients I have been doing for over 4 years so it’s a great start to the day.

    11:15am – Next up is another womens haircut, this client I haven’t seen for over 12 months as she has been travelling around Australia, so we have a great catch up! I cut her hair into a gorgeous concave bob, she rebooks for a cut and colour in 6 weeks time, just in time before she heads off again on another adventure.

    12pm – Lunch time! On a Monday I usually head up to my mother in laws to see my daughter for a feed and grab some lunch, they live very close to town and it only takes me 5 minutes to drive there.

    1pm – From now on my afternoon is filled with blonde clients, I like to think of myself as a bit of a blonde specialist – it’s definitely my favourite thing to do!

    First up is a full head of foils & toner and while that’s processing I complete another ¾ head of foils and tint.

    Once these have processed, I then tone and cut their hair. Over the years I’ve tried many different foiling techniques in order to perfect my blonde retouching, it is one of the hardest things to get right, and being blonde myself I know exactly how I like my colour to look. It is so important to get the highlights nice and close to the root and totally seamless and natural looking. I have now developed my own technique that I have been using for around 4 years, which some of other staff also use on a daily basis.

    5pm – My final client is a little boy whose hair I’ve cut a couple of times now, his mother is also a client at the salon. Once that is completed, we shut up the shop and I head off to pick Evie up and head home.

    6pm – Dinner time for hubby, Evie and I, she has vegies and we have whatever is going on that particular night. Next up for Evie is a bit of play, bath time, story time and bed, sometimes while she’s playing and being bathed I head to the gym or go for a walk, for that bit of me time. The rest of the night usually consists of other house hold chores, a bit of Facebook and Instagram updating, chats with the husband, TV and then bed around 10:30pm.

    So there you have it, a working day in the life of me – extremely hectic but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    Please visit my Instagram @kristyrattrayhair to check out some of my work and inspiration.

    For appointments, call Get Smart Hairdressing on 64243833, visit our website at or simply email me at

    With love, Kristy x