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    Eat to Glow From the Inside Out

    As you know, I have been working my way through so many books on health and nutrition over the past few months, and one of my favourites has been The Forensic Nutritionist by Fiona Tuck. Fiona – as well as being absolutely stunning – is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, skincare expert, yoga teacher and an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, therefore has more than enough knowledge and experience to pen a book on nutrition.

    I recently had the lovely opportunity to ask Fiona some burning questions I had about health & wellness which I’ve popped below, and please do take a peek at ‘The Forensic Nutritionist’, which is available online now but will also be released in health stores September 1st, if you too want to get the real deal on healthy eating – and see some yummy and very aesthetically-pleasing recipes to boot!

    Fiona, your book is such a great read and I’ve learnt so much about nutrition that I never even knew! I must admit, a lot of my desire to eat ‘right’ is to enhance my skin’s glow and gut balance but food really is a medicine isn’t it, as the old saying goes ‘let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food’. I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying the book. Everything we put into our mouth has an ability to harm or heal, this really changes the way we think about food. Knowing how to read food labels when in the supermarket is a great way to begin to eat smarter, is there anything in particular to look out for Fiona?

    Where possible, try to stick to the outer perimeter of the supermarket when shopping as this is where all the fresh foods tend to be. The fresher the food, the less ingredients on the label. The more natural, e.g. fresh fruit and vegetables, there are no labels at all. If there is a long list of chemical sounding ingredients or numbers, my advice is put it back on the shelf.

    Should we all be taking vitamin supplements or pre/probiotics, or are they only for specific concerns?

    It really is different for each individual. Try and get your nutrients from a diet rich in fresh foods particularly fresh fruits and vegetables. Supplements may be required when there is illness, if a person is on medication or there is need for nutritional support. To get the very best from a supplement, it is advisable to seek professional assistance to be sure you are taking the right supplement and at the correct dose for your particular requirements.

    I keep reading that salt is the enemy for the heart, but a nutritionist once told me many women are salt deficient and should be consuming more! Where do you sit on this subject?

    Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all it depends on diet, lifestyle, size and health. Most people get enough salt through their diet and it is rare to be deficient, however what we tend to need more of is iodine which is found in iodised salt. Whilst regular table salt is not beneficial for blood pressure, kidney and cardiovascular disease, it is important to include mineral rich foods in the diet such as seaweed and kelp to obtain adequate minerals particularly iodine.

    If the goal is weight loss and increased energy, what steps should begin to take for a serious lifestyle change?

    Cut right back on refined, processed foods which tend to be high in fat, salt and sugar and low in nutrients. Eating high calorie low nutrient foods leads us to crave more food as our body is in need of nourishment. This can lead to overeating and weight gain.

    Include a variety of different vegetables with each meal and aim for 7 – 10 servings a day, which includes a couple of pieces of fruit. Exercise every day even if it is only for 20 – 30 minutes. This with increase the feel good chemicals boosting mood and self esteem which will make it easier for you to stay on track with a healthy eating regime. It’s the small daily changes that make the biggest long term effects on weight and energy.

    And because it’s all about the skin for me, what kinds of food should I be consuming for that all-illusive glow? Should I really be drinking a glass of warm water and lemon each morning? 

    Warm water and lemon can aid digestion but just be mindful that lemon juice is acidic and can attack the enamel on your teeth. When it comes to clear skin it is all about fibre, antioxidants and good fats. We need the fibre to flush out toxins and old hormones, the antioxidants (fruit and veg) to protect against premature ageing and pigmentation and the good fats such as oily fish, nuts and seeds to keep the skin supple, soft and hydrated. Water is important for firmness and hydration and of course helps the fibre along nicely too!

    Learn more from Fiona from her website, as well as Facebook & Instagram.

    Here’s to living a healthier lifestyle,

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    A Day in the life of Natalie Sellars, of Kindred Toxin Free Facials

    “After 13 years in traditional beauty, there came a point where I could no longer go on. I needed to take full responsibility for the message I was sending about beauty and for what I was putting on client’s skin. I start work each day excited to educate my clients that the’s another way and that a bathroom full of products does equal beautiful skin!” – Natalie Sellers, Founder, Kindred Toxin Free Facial Studio.


    I’ll have hands on and hands off days each week. The days that are hands off I spend updating my online shop, confirming bookings and all things admin related to the business. I’ll always take 2 days off a week usually a Sunday and Monday to recharge, look after myself and spend time with family and loved ones.

    The days that I work in the studio are jam-packed so I need to be prepared. I make all my meals in advance and bring 3 litres of water with me every day to make sure I’m eating well and staying hydrated. Drinking enough water is seriously one of the easiest things you can do to look after your skin.

    I’m usually fully booked a few weeks in advance which helps me see when I will need to be prepared to the max and I can capacity plan. It also gives me time to ensure during that time I’m taking very good care of myself. As the business is only me I have to ensure I’m healthy and on my game.

    Hands off days usually involve some kind of meeting with a supplier, taking my fiancee to some kind of appointment, or checking out new yoga classes or similar (self care is always a priority), researching new products and the newest wellness trends, and making my food for the upcoming days in the studio.


    So my ‘average’ day in the studio?

    6:30am: I’m an early riser and I’ll jump straight into a morning meditation. A current favourite is Alison Potts Morning Meditation. After this I’ll make a smoothie (almond milk, turmeric, proplenish, prana caramel protein, greens and a few other supplements) and check any orders that have come in overnight, check emails, or reorder any stock I need. I’ll also spend a little of this time packing up orders ready for the courier to pick up.

    8:30am: Jump in the car and three times a week I’ll stop and train with my PT at EAT RUN LIFT. I have fibromyalgia and Beau is great at training with that in mind. After training I’ll grab a coffee and head to the studio.

    10:15am: I arrive to my studio at Inna Bliss in Bulimba. I’ll have a shower and set the studio up for a day of clients. I’ll usually see around five or six clients in a day.


    1:30 – 2:30pm: Depending on what rituals are booked in I’ll try and take lunch around now. If possible I prefer to get out of the studio and sit in the sun for a little bit. I might walk up to a local cafe near the studio that has WiFi, grab a coffee and check emails.

    5:45pm: I’ll take another break around now and have dinner which I’ll bring from home. Usually it is veggies or stirfry. It is all low GI, low carb and dairy free. It has to keep me energised to make sure I am giving the same level facial treatment at 6pm that I do for my first client of the day at 11am.

    7:15pm: I’ll clean up the studio after my last client of the day and depending on how I feel I might stay for a yoga class that is on in the studio I work from. Otherwise I’ll book in for an infra-red sauna or head home.

    9pm: While my studio and non-studio days look a little different, the one thing that doesn’t change is that I’m in bed by 9pm. It is the promise I make to myself and my wellness so I can continue to operate at my maximum.

    Natalie Sellars | Website

    Instagram | Facebook