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    Summer Makeup Palettes

    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website.

    It may be cliche but we all covet that golden glow during Summer, and if you can glow all over – then it’s even better! Below are a handful of exciting new releases that you best pop on your Christmas wishlist, they’re gorgeous…

    Becca’s Limited Edition Apres Ski Glow Collection

    Becca’s Limited Edition Apres Ski Glow Collection includes this stunning Eye Lights Eyeshadow Palette that includes 7 satin and metallic shades. The versatile palette includes 5 shades inspired by their iconic highlighter shades – Pearl, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Opal, and Topaz – and 2 holiday inspired shades – Toasted Marshmallow and Hot Cocoa.

    Clarins Bronzing & Blush Compact

    Clarins’ tropical leaf-embossed powder features a trio of bronze tones that warm the complexion with the healthy look of summer. An iridescent pop of coral brings a radiant glow to cheeks. Clarins’ exclusive Light-Optimizing + Complex with soft-focus pigments help to visibly minimize the look of lines and imperfections for a radiant, luminous result.  All skin types. All skin tones.

    Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Pallete

    Whether you want to create a natural look, a sophisticated smokey eye, divine date night makeup or rock chick party eye, this eyeshadow palette gives you an instant airbrushed look with new blendable, buildable shades. The fantastic new limited edition, control-pressed formula is designed for less eyeshadow fallout and more control.

    Huda Beauty Highlighter Palette

    Huda Kattan’s iconic Highlighter Palette is introduced with a fresh twist for summer in a vibrantly reimagined colour combination. From the melted strobe to the shimmering creamy powders, sculpt and illuminate your face with a warm gradient of gold, pink, and purple tones. Start with St Topez as a base. Then build your highlight with Malibu as a highlighter, Copacabana as a sculpting shade, and Mykonos as a blushing highlight.

    Get set to dazzle with this curated set of eye and face powders for ultimate cool-girl glam. Includes ten eyeshadows and four illuminating powders. Apply eye shadows wet or dry with your choice of brush to build and blend your eye look. Apply highlighting powders onto high parts of face with a complexion brush.

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    John Frieda® x Glamazon at The Iconic Swim Event


    Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach turned up the heat this morning for The Iconic Swim event. The first event of it’s kind held on Bondi on November 30th 2016, models showcased The Iconic 2017 Swimwear to over 100 media, influencers and celebrities.

    John Frieda® exclusively in conjunction with Glamazon created two hair looks that will be the must-have looks of the summer, led by hair stylist Isabelle Jackson and makeup artist Samantha Symonds for Glamazon.

    John Frieda’s award-winning Beach Blonde® Ocean Waves Sea Salt Spray was the hero product that transformed 16 models to Bondi beauties. “Everyone’s loving braids and wild messy texture. It’s a raw and undone look, girls have stepped from the festival to the sand, typical of Bondi” Isabelle Jackson for John Frieda & Glamazon.

    The makeup is all about the glow  as “given the location the models need to look fresh and luminous with that gorgeous Aussie beach girl glow. A natural look that doesn’t look like you are wearing any makeup” Samantha Symonds for Glamazon.

    Look 1 – Hair – Statement Curls

    Curls of all kinds from tighter to spiral to brushed out and wild.


    For naturally curly hair apply to damp hair the Frizz Ease® Dream Curls Perfecting Spray, to restore definition and elasticity to curls. Dry off naturally or with a diffuser.

    For tight spiraled or brushed and wild curls, prep damp hair with Frizz Ease® Heat Defeat Protecting Spray, to condition and protect hair against heated stylers. Follow with Beach Blonde® Ocean Waves Sea Salt Spray for texture and movement. Dry hair off loosely and use a small curling tong, about the size of your index finger. Divide the hair in to small sections and wrap the hair tightly around the tong, from top to tip Leave for 8-10 seconds and release.

    For the tighter curl look, leave curl in until just before parade then separate loosely with your fingers. For the wild curl pull apart or brush the curls out and spray finely with Frizz Ease® Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray,Tease around the forehead if required.

    Finish all looks with the Frizz Ease Perfect Finish Polishing Serum to add shine and protect hair against humidity and fly-aways.

    Stylist tip: For extra volume use two different sized curling tongs and alternate the direction in which you curl.


    Makeup – Peachy Keen

    Start with an illuminator mixed with foundation for an all over glow. Brows are brushed up and filled with natural colour. Bronzer is applied to all areas the sun naturally hits.

    A wash of peach eye shadow taken all the way to the inner eye, finished with lashings of black mascara and a natural glossy lip.

    Look 2 -Hair – Tribal Braids

    Tribal girl meets Bondi babe.


    Volume is key Start with the Luxurious Volume® Root Booster Blowout Spray which boosts your hairs volume at the roots. Follow with Beach Blonde® Ocean Waves Sea Salt Spray through strands, crunching hair as you blow dry. For extra volume part hair on opposite side to normal and section blow dry.

    Leave front halo of hair pulled out, teasing from the crown, into quiff. Lightly spray with Frizz Ease® Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray. Start braid over one ear to base of head then bring in more strands for a fuller ponytail.

    Stylist tip: For best results recreating this look work with two-day-old hair.


    Makeup – Bronze Metallic

    Similar to look 1, start with an illuminator mixed with foundation for an all over glow. A highlighting bronzer is applied all over the face, around the cheekbone and outer eye. Brows are messy and brushed up.

    A metallic bronze eye shadow is swept to just under the brow bone and carried down under the lower eye rim. A super fine black liner is used for definition followed with loads of black mascara.

    A soft and subtle powder peach blush. The entire lip is coloured with a peach lip-liner, blotted and then touched up with a peach matte lipstick.

    *Photography by @latessaphotography

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    New Launch | eyePRO

    eyePRO is ideal for everyday makeup, to create a smokey eye and as a precision guide for the winged cat eye. eyePRO prevents shadow fallout and helps to achieve a professional makeup finish. eyePRO will save you time and is easy to apply and remove; protecting the delicate skin under the eye.

    eyePRO was founded by Karissa, an Australian professional makeup artist, with over 15 years experience. Karissa’s goal was to create an affordable, accessible and easy to use product to give you total confidence and ease in applying your eye makeup and to feel beautiful within your own skin.


    I recently caught up with the the creator Karissa to learn more about this newly launched product to share with you all!

    Hi Karissa, congratulations on the launch of eyePRO! Where did you find the inspiration?

    eyePRO was born out of the desire to help every woman achieve a professional makeup finish at home or on the go. The eyePRO eye pad is ideal for everyday makeup, for creating a smokey eye and as a precision guide for the winged cat eye. It prevents shadow fallout and helps to achieve a professional makeup finish. eyePRO will save you time and is easy to apply and remove, protecting the delicate skin under the eye. The hydrogel backing leaves the under eye area feeling fresh and hydrated.

    Can one apply the eyePRO pads over foundation?

    Yes absolutely, the eyePRO pads can be applied either before or after foundation application as they won’t remove your foundation when manoeuvering or removing.

    Will the eyePRO pads pull the skin under the eye when removing, as sticky tape does?

    Not at all. We specifically designed the eyePRO pads to be gentle on the delicate skin under the eye.

    What is on the underside of the eyePRO pads to allow them to adhere to the face?

    The eyePRO pads contain a soothing hydrogel which leaves your under eye area feeling fresh and hydrated!

    What if the eyePRO pads lift during eye makeup application?

    Not a problem, different facial expressions may cause the eyePRO pads to lift slightly. If this occurs simply push them back down to adhere to the skin and carry on.


    Can the eyePRO pads be used more than once Karissa?

    It is recommended that the eyePRO pads are used for single makeup application only.

    Can he eyePRO pads be moved to different angles during eye makeup application?

    Yes you can, the eyePRO pads were created to be manoeuverable when applying your eye makeup. For example, you may initially place your eyePRO pads as a guide for a winged cat eye, then you can manoeuvre them downwards as a shadow shield when applying eyeshadow to your lower lash line.

    What is the best way to remove the clear backing from the eyePRO pad? 

    We recommend pinching the eyePRO pad between your thumb and forefinger and sliding each finger in the opposite direction to create an opening.

    To purchase eyePRO, just visit the website and be sure to keep an eye on this brand on social – it’s one to watch as this is definitely a must-have for all makeup junkies!

    Happy Tuesday loves,

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    Maria Kara ‘Essential Seven’ Makeup Brush Set

    I recently had the chance to interview Australian makeup artist Maria Kara to learn more about the ‘Essential Seven’ makeup brushes Maria created after years in the biz, which were recently seen at Vogue Fashion Night Out. The ‘Essential Seven’ makeup brush set, featuring seven essential makeup brushes that you can use to create any makeup look. The brushes are made from high quality, cruelty free natural and synthetic fibres and come in the luxurious acrylic hard case which perfectly doubles as a blending palette. The brushes can be used to apply and create any makeup look including contour, flawless base, smoky eyes, winged eyeliner, full lips, defined eyebrows and much more.


     #BeYourOwnMakeupArtist with the Maria KaraEssential Seven‘ makeup brush set.

    mariak-03v2Hi Maria, congrats on the release of the ‘Essential Seven’! I’d love to know your history, and where you found your inspiration to create the ‘Essential Seven’?

    “While working as a makeup artist, customers would love the look and often wanted to know how they could do it themselves. I would explain step by step, but found that everyone had lots of makeup and few had the right tools to get the look they wanted. When I explained which makeup brushes to use – which could be as many as fourteen or fifteen brushes, sometimes more – customers felt overwhelmed and didn’t think they had the skill to get the look on their own. Knowing that I had already culled my personal makeup set to a select few pieces and wanted to do the same with my makeup brushes. I began to look at creating the perfect set of makeup brushes, everything a girl (or guy) needed to get any makeup look, and versatile so they could be simple enough for anyone with any skill level, to use, which became the Essential Seven. I am very passionate about both good makeup and design, so for me, it was about finding the perfect balance between a set of every day makeup brushes that were super functional and versatile to use, so you would need no more than only a few good brushes. And stylish enough that people would love the look and feel of, and enjoy doing their makeup with”.

    What was your creative process in designing the makeup brushes?

    “Creating the ‘Essential Seven’ took over twelve months and 120 different makeup brushes were sampled in the design phase. Makeup brush sets are usually either natural hair or synthetic, however when we were creating the brushes we found that the softness of the natural hair has the most flawless blending for powdered makeup and the firmness of the synthetic brushes works best with the eyeliner, foundation and other liquid makeup brushes so the set was designed to be mixed. It was also important for us to make sure that the brushes (some made from animal hair) were sourced cruelty-free. It took many months to trial the brushes and make sure that they were as versatile as we wanted them to be and get down to seven that could easily be used to do classic looks all the way to on-trend and intricate makeup details. The final stage was the acrylic hard case. I wanted the brushes to have a stand so that when they weren’t being used they could sit on a vanity or dressing table on their own, and when you used the brushes, the lid of the hard case could double as a blending palette”.

    brushgroupWhat collaborations have you worked on?

    “Recently we took part in Vogue Fashion Night Out, showcasing with a pop up in Pitt Street Mall Sydney. The feedback was overwhelming. We’ve also collaborated with The Daily Edited and Art by Nez. 4”.

    What’s next for 2017?

    “We’re working on taking Maria Kara global for 2017 which will take us to a whole new level; and we’ll also be announcing key stockist early in the year. With that said, we have lots of activity planned in the pipelines that we can’t wait to share!”.

    I can’t wait to keep an eye on what’s next for these pretties and Maria Kara, have you tried these brushes yet? Let me know your thoughts below!

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    Summer Beauty Advice From L’ORÉAL and Napoleon Perdis

    Just how beautiful was Kookai’s SS16/17 runway launch last week? Oh my – the venue, the dresses and you know I was all about the hair and makeup! Just recently, I got the chance to interview Peter Thomsen, the L’Oréal Professional Hair Director and Anna Papadopoulos from the Napoleon’s National Creative Team, after the big event to discuss beauty in Summer 2016.


    Hello Peter & Anna! Tell us, what is Summer Beauty defined by?

    Anna: “This summer it’s all about a gorgeous glow and skin that looks lit from within.  Think sun kissed accents of gold and bronze on the eyes and skin, glassy pink lips and soft flirty blush. Steer clear of dark dramatic lipstick as the look should feel natural and effortless”.

    Peter: “For me, summer beauty is defined by the elements and working with them. From the heat and humidity to the salty sea air, the warmer climate has this great feeling of freedom. For summer hair I always go for ‘less is more’, we feel more an alive, energetic and carefree so we want our hair to complement that and our lifestyles”.

    Anna, you’re totally in the know with this – can you make a matte makeup look work in the summer?

    Anna: “Yes definitely as long as the amount of product used is minimal. To control excess shine try a matte mineral foundation for a more understated look. Apply only where you need it so your natural beauty is enhanced, not covered. Keep it modern by adding dimension and luminosity to the top of the cheekbones using a cream highlighter.  For the lips, matte formulas are fab as they are incredibly durable. To avoid a dry feeling on the lips when the temperature soars try prepping the lips with a little lip balm before application”.

    I’ve gotta say that I’m not much of a CC cream user as I just don’t enjoy the coverage they provide. Anna, can you recommend a similar type of products that isn’t heavy or cakey during the warmer months?

    kookai-photos-by-lucas-dawson-photography-390“Yes! Our BBB Cream or tinted moisturiser is the perfect base for summer. Your base should look lightweight and fresh which is exactly how the skin looks with these formulas. To add a soft wash of pigment and an extra boost of hydration a tinted moisturiser is ideal. If you need to cover spots or redness, simply add a touch of concealer. Our BBB Cream is also a good choice if you like a bit more coverage and a luminous glow. It helps to create a youthful and refreshed look to the skin and is ideal for long summer days”.

    Peter, what hairstyle/s do you think will be popular/on trend this summer?

    “Hair looks from braids to texture pony tails and centre parts with the hair pulled away from the face and even the bun pulled more towards the back like a ballet bun are really versatile looks for the Australian summer. It’s so warm and humid that these types of styles work really well day to day, but you can make them your own by adding braided or rope details and gorgeous texture”.

    Anna, please share which beauty products we must have this summer ?

    “A bronzy/gold eyeshadow palette is perfect for summer as you can create so many beautiful combinations ideal for the day and night. I am also a big fan of a soft sweep of pastel pink blush. It’s the most cute shade for summer and doubles as an eyeshadow. For the lips I love a fun flirty mix of peach and pink. It has to be ultra-creamy and glossy to make the pout pop!”.

    What is your best makeup tip you can share with my readers?

    Anna: “Not to Prime is a Crime! Whatever skin type you have there is a primer that is perfect for you! Primers act as a  bridge between your skin and makeup and help to keep your base in place all day. There is such a wide variety of primers that target skin concerns like dehydration, dullness, excess shine and even work to smooth out the eyes and lips. My must-wear is the Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer which is ideal for all skin types and works to calm and smooth the skins surface”.

    And lastly Peter, what’s the best hair tip you can give?

    “My hair tip for summer; work with your hair’s natural texture! Don’t over complicate your hair look and embrace your hairs’ kinks and waves. You usually just need to make sure the texture and body is even. An easy way to do this and build texture into your hair is by investing in a good quality texture spray like L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Messy Cliché. Spray it onto damp before drying, twist the lengths and create a bun on top of the head wrapping the hair around its self or maybe even a lose plait. Then if you’re heading out that night and want a quick change take out the in the bun or plait and shake up the lengths with your fingers. Make a centre part and push the hair at the front behind the ears then you’re ready to go!”.

    Bring on the hot days by the beach and warm nights with a cocktail I say!

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    Kookai’s Spring/Summer 2016/2017 Collection Beauty

    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website.

    On Tuesday the 4th of October, aboard Seadeck, cruising around Sydney’s Darling Harbour at sunset, KOOKAI unveiled their latest Cruise Spring Summer 2016 collection in the most stunning of ways. KOOKAÏ, known for their large production seasonal runway shows, have taken their launch in a new direction for this collection, reserving it for an intimate crowd of carefully selected guests from the city’s A-list.


    Fresh from New York Fashion Week’s front row, Australian rising star Gabby Westbrook Shone as the show’s opener, alongside local favourites Astrid Holler, Georgie Perkins, Cassie Lapthorne and Amy Pejkovic. Guests on the night included Ksenija Lukich, Laura Dundovic, Bachelor beauties Anna Heinrich and Olena Khamula, Monika Radulovic, Charlotte Best and social media stars Pia Muehlenbeck, Natalie Roser, Aisha Jade and Ryan Ginns.

    KOOKAÏ’s Cruise Collection was created by the brand’s Melbourne-based design team, taking inspiration from European summers spent sunning on the Amalfi Coast and Isle of Capri. The season’s colour palette is bright and bold, with tiled prints and rich laces fashioned into playsuits, bustiers and off the shoulder styles. The theme of the night, in line with the collection, was playful, vibrant and indulgent. Guests aboard the floating venue, itself European-styled, were treated to summery cocktails on arrival.



    For lustworthy skin, begin by cleansing with Auto Pilot Hydrating Milk Cleanser; massage into skin using your fingertips, spritz the face with Auto Pilot Moisture Mist and massage further for a deeper clean.

    Plump and perfect with Auto Pilot Napoleon Complex Skin Renewal Serum; massage into the skin using fingertips or buff with Complexion Perfection Brush 23s.

    Boost under eye hydration with Supreme Eye Cream. Pat over the under eye area using your fingertips.

    Add luminosity and an extra shot of hydration with Auto Pilot Radiance-Boosting Primer; apply using Complexion Perfection Brush 23s.

    Frame the face by defining the brows with Eyebrow Pencil Pale Rider. Set in place with Wand-er Brow Clear to Go. Extend your lashes with Total Bae Own It! Mascara Jet. For added volume apply a second coat.

    Lighten and brighten eyes with eyes with The One Concealer. Tap around the eyes and any areas of concern. Fuse into the skin using Correct & Conceal Brush g14.

    Achieve a dewy finish using Auto Pilot BBB Cream. Blend over your skin using fingertips or High Definition Concealer/Foundation Brush g20.

    Set and perfect the base with Camera Finish Powder Foundation. Dust over the feature focus area.


    Add warmth to the eyes using Color Disc Tawny Temptress over the mobile lid, blending upwards past the socket of the eye for a fused finish. Add a soft sweep along the lower lash line for subtle definition.

    Sculpt the eyes further by sweeping Color Disc Espresso to Go softly through the socket and along the lower lash line for a smokey effect using Sculpting Brush 10r.

    Highlight the inner corners of the eyes with Loose Eye Dust Mosaic Gold.

    To brighten the eyes, tap Loose Eye Dust Star Light onto the mobile lid.

    Add a flushed hint of pink to the cheeks with a sweep of Blush It! Blush Powder Cheeky using Chisel Blush Brush 22b.

    Using Matte Bronze, sculpt the face and create a sun kissed look by applying to the high points of the face.

    Create golden highlights using Light Switch Luminizer Pallette Gold on the top of the cheekbones, cupids bow and down the bridge of the nose.

    Layer with a generous amount of Loose Eye Dust Honey Child for intense sparkle and shine.

    Team your bronze eye with an application of DeVine Goddess Lipstick Electra.


    For added volume and definition, style eyes with a pair of Lashes Zinnia. Cut to customise, coat the lash band with glue, position and pinch into place!

    To subtly blend the false lash into the natural lash, apply a thin line of Neo Noir Liner to the top lash line.

    Get creative and layer Luminous Lip Veil Pretty in Peach onto lips for a perfect blend of pink and peach.


    To complement the tailored playsuits and breezy sun dressers, Peter Thomsen of Chelsea Hairdressing created two stunning pony tails to help women take their style from beach to bar over the warmer months.

    “The hair has a beautiful nautical, relaxed and windswept feel to it. It’s quite windy on the boat tonight so we need a style that not only works with the clothes but also works with the elements.   The pony tail is a really versatile and practical hair look for summer. It can be simple but also looks incredibly chic,” explains Peter Thomsen. “We have two looks here tonight, both ponytails. One has a beautiful soft wave through the lengths while the other is straight and has a great dry natural texture to it. The key to both of these styles in is the preparation and positioning.  It’s really important to build texture into the hair as you blow dry.”

    Peter Thomsen, L’Oréal Professionnel Hair Director



    Apply L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Volume Lift from roots to ends and blast dry.

    Spray lengths and ends with L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Wild Stylers Next Day Hair to create a dry texture and brush through to distribute the product evenly.

    Take small sections of hair, spray with L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Wild Stylers Beach Waves and then curl the section from eye level down, horizontally using a medium sized curling tong.

    Brush the hair back off the face and tie lengths into a pony tail just above the occipital bone.

    Finish with L’Oréal Professionnel Infinium Hairspray to hold the style in place.


    Apply L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Pli to roots to ends. Blow dry the hair straight without curving the ends.

    Follow with L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Wild Stylers Next Day Hair and brush through to distribute the product evenly.

    Brush the hair back away from the face and secure into a ponytail just above the nape.

    Spray L’Oréal Professionnel Infinium Hairspray to hold the style in place.

    And that’s your 2016/17 Spring Summer clothing, dress and makeup sorted!

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    A Day in the Life of Victoria Curtis, Creator of Curtis Collection

    Curtis Collection by Victoria is an Australian owned cosmetics brand created by Victoria Curtis. Having grown up in a family of talented hairdressers, makeup artists and beauty therapists, Victoria’s love affair with all things beauty began at a very young age. During her high school years, Victoria’s first job was in a beauty salon, an environment that she feels at home in to this day.Upon graduating from Swinburne University with a Bachelor in Business Accounting and Marketing, Victoria was awarded a graduate position in marketing with L’Oreal Australia. Her role specialised in the Professional Salon Division and it was during this time that Victoria identified a niche in the market. Her vision was to create a salon specific cosmetics range that would combine the luxury and style of a department store makeup counter with high quality products, ingredients and formulas that would compliment in store beauty services and the salon industry’s skin treating approach.

    Her quest for the ultimate makeup collection saw Victoria travel around the globe sourcing the highest grade of vitamins and minerals, cutting edge formulas and chic sophisticated packaging in order to create what is now known as the Curtis Collection.


    Victoria says: “My husband is a professional soccer player so our alarm usually goes off before 6am as he is off to training at this time! It works really well for me also, as I get my daily work out before the official business day begins. I like to mix my work outs up with a core/pilates program in the comfort of my own home, combined with half an hour of cardio straight after. This is my favourite part of the day and I utilise this alone time to to plan how I will attack the “to do list” that I usually prepare right before I go to bed.

    Following my workout I take a quick shower, cleanse and prepare my skin for makeup! My daily face is all about flawless, hydrated skin with our Curtis Collection Signature Glow. I achieve this look by applying my Skin Refining Face Primer first, as this will ensure that my makeup lasts all day no matter what I plan to do! Next I mix my Matte Perfection Mineral Foundation with Radiant Glow Illuminator to achieve a soft focus effect on my skin with a vibrant glow. I then apply my Airbrush Finish Mineral Concealer under my eyes and along my cheekbones to give my face an instant lift – this is the best way to disguise under eye circles and create volume in your cheekbones.

    I then finish with dusting our Illuminating Bronzer all over my face for a healthy, sun kissed glow. Finally, I fill in my brows with our Brow Creme, add a little mascara and apply my Glam Lipstick to complete the look. If I am attending an event, I amp up my eyes by adding eye liner and some golden and bronze shadows – love a bronzed smokey eye! This is definitely my signature look.

    I then start my business day checking all of my emails and returning phone calls right away. A typical day in the office includes speaking with our retailers, taking new business calls, creating content for our website and marketing campaigns as well as running daily reports on our sales and inventory. I also ensure that the warehouse staff are on top of our orders and that everything is running smoothly throughout the day.

    vc-head-shot2As we have over 250 retails now across Australia in New Zealand, I love to visit them in store personally for product training and hosting in store events with their clients. I normally spend part of the day planning up coming events and trying to fit everything in to my schedule for the month. Most weeks I am at the airport travelling instate. My husband and I feel as though we live there, as he is also a frequent flyer. We try to time our travel so that I can catch one of his games interstate if possible – which is always a bonus!

    At the end of the day I usually log onto our account system Xero which I can not live without! I actually have a degree in Accounting and Marketing so I can’t help but take control of the books!

    Around 6.30pm after a manic day, my husband and I will always go for a quick walk along the Brisbane River and then sit down to enjoy dinner together. I love this time as we are both so involved in the business so we take this time to debrief and share ideas. We then have a tea in front of our computer to discuss business and what we need to action the following day.

    We rarely watch television, however if we have some time to relax at the end of the night we like to watch Ted Talks or anything motivational on our Apple TV.

    If I am away for business, my evenings usually involve hosting a retailer event at one of our Curtis Collection stockist locations. Usually we invite approximately 50 clients and we educate the ladies on the best products for their skin. Curtis Collection is a skin care based makeup brand so it is designed to nourish, hydrate and protect your skin while offering a flawless glowing finish. This is one of my favourite parts of my job as I am so passionate about sharing this message. So many women are unsure about makeup and how to maintain healthy skin while enjoying beautiful coverage, so this is where I come in. I personally give guests make overs and speak with them about their beauty needs one on one.

    During our busier months, you will find me behind the scenes at our makeup shoots or Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney. I love creating the runway makeup looks for some of Australia’s leading designers and their shows – it’s such an honour to be invited to do so every year.

    Following our events, if I am in Melbourne I will always drop by Ichi Ni Nana Izakaya for dinner – it’s the best! In Sydney I love Sake the Rocks or Bondi’s Best! I love my sashimi so I always opt for Japanese!”.

    Victoria Curtis | Curtis Collection

    Facebook | Instagram | Website

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    A Day in the Life of Ash Quinn, MUA & Beauty Blogger

    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website.

    Ash Quinn is a Sydney based makeup artist and high profile beauty blogger at Oz Product Junkie, who has almost 40k Instagram followers alone! Her flatlays are some of the best I’ve ever seen and she’s just simply gorgeous.

    Keep reading for a typical day in the life of Ash, within the midst of wedding season 2016.


    Today I’m off to Kangaroo Valley to do bridal makeup. Most Saturdays, and some Fridays and Sunday, are consumed my bridal makeup so this is a pretty typical bridal makeup day intertwined with my blogging life!

    7:00am | My alarm goes off. I’m not a morning person so I usually snooze once and then spend 10-15mins replying to Instagram comments that have come through overnight and any key emails.

    07:20am | Time to throw on my all black ninja makeup artist uniform and a basic face. I always keep my makeup minimal when I’m working so I usually apply my morning skincare followed by;

    * Something with a light coverage and an SPF, like It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ SPF50+ cream
    * Filling in my brows with Benefit’s Precisely My Brows,
    * A quick wash over the perimeter of my face and eyelids with a bronzer, my current staples are PUR Cosmetics Bronzer, Sportsgirl Bronze Me or Thin Lizzy, 
    * Some highlight to the tops of my cheek bones, my favourites are Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit ‘Sun Dipped‘, BECCA in ‘Champagne Pop’ and Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips,
    * A lick of mascara, right now I adore Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir or ESSENCE I Love Extreme Crazy Volume and finishing off with Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour in ‘Seduction’, a neutral your-lips-but-better lip colour!


    If I have time I’ll shoot a face of the day flatlay for Instagram. When you see a FOTD from me it is quite literally what I threw on my face that day.

    7:35am | Grab something for breakfast to take with me. Usually it’s just a Milo milkshake and some toast #fitspo. Terrible but honest.

    screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-5-14-59-pm7:45am | I load my makeup kit and chair into my car and I’m on the road. I always leave around 15-20mins earlier than Google Maps tells me. Even thought I find the timing very accurate I hate being late! And I especially don’t want to be late to a bridal makeup job because the last thing a bride needs is worrying about where I am.

    10:45am | I arrive at the brides accommodation early so I use the extra time to reply to more emails and post an Instagram pic/catch up on other peoples pictures.

    11:00am | Bridal makeup starts! I spend about 10 minutes setting up. I like to make sure everything is laid out nicely so I can easily access any product I need quickly. Then we’re into makeup. The first person in the chair is usually the mother of the bride, followed by the bridesmaids and the bride always goes last. I allow 45mins per person for makeup (inc individual false lash application) and extra time for the bride because I’ll also spend time on any parts of her body that are exposed such as décolletage, arms etc. In between each person I spend about 3-5mins cleaning all of the brushes with a sterilising, spot cleaner. Hygiene is a priority! Today I’ve got MOTB, 3 bridesmaids and the bride so that takes me through to 3pm.

    3:00pm |
    The bride is all done and now I begin final touchups for all of the other clients and set their makeup with a setting spray. Everyone is good to go! I then pack up and help the bride with any last minute bits she needs. It’s all hands on deck so I’m usually pinning flowers to the lapels of Dad’s jackets, helping bridesmaids get into dresses, put on shoes etc and fluffing up the brides dress so it’s sitting right in the photos the photographer is usually taking at this stage. Things great crazy at the end so I’m happy to help.

    screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-5-12-44-pm3:30pm | The bride is out the door and so am I. Back in the car for the drive home.

    6:30pm | Arrive home to hubby having done 2 loads of washing and a tidy house. I’m so lucky that I married a real team player! I’m usually pretty tired after a wedding job, especially with travel. I find my eyes get strained from driving and makeup all day so I just take some time to have a nice, long shower, relax and order some take out. Since all of my makeup is off I lather on my nighttime skincare and make the most of my no-makeup face.

    7:30pm | Food and Netflix! At the moment some TV shows I’m loving are Peaky Blinders, Vikings (thought I’d hate it but I’m loving it!), Suits or maybe some Bachelor catch up if I’m feeling trashy. All the while I’m probably scrolling through Instagram and watching Snapchat in between eps.

    11:00pm | Bedtime which usually involves more Instagram scrolling, Snapchat catch up and emails. I really need to cut that out and not lay in bed for ages on my phone but I can’t help it.


    Ash Quinn

    Blogger • Instagrammer • Makeup Artist

    INSTAGRAM: @ozproductjunkie  | @ashquinnmakeup |

    SNAPCHAT: ozproductjunkie

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    Achieve Kim Kardashian West’s 2016 VMA Makeup Look

    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website.

    I’ve got the low down on how celebrity makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic achieved Kim’s flawless dewy complexion and natural glow for the 2016 Video Music Awards. Read on to be in the know to recreate this glam style yourself!

    Kim Kardashian West

    • To prep the skin, Dedivanovic used Laura Mercier Infusion de Rose Nourishing Cream to give Kim’s skin a soft, moisturized base.

    • To give Kim a natural look, Dedivanovic applied Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation in Maple ($65) to even out her complexion and give her a “lit from within” glow.
    • To ensure her flawless look lasted all night, he dusted Laura Mercer Translucent Loose Setting Powder ($62) all over her t-zone.
    • Dedivanovic contoured Kim’s hairline, nose and cheekbones using Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder in Bronze-03 ($50) to give her skin a sun-kissed, radiant glow.
    • To give the cheeks a summery, peach flush, Dedivanovic lightly dusted Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in Peach Whisper ($40). This added a pop of color to Kim’s face, without distracting from her lustrous skin.
    • Dedivanovic applied Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powder in Addiction ($50) to the inner corners of Kim’s eyes and on her cupid’s bow to brighten her complexion. He then dusted Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powder in Devotion ($50) along her cheeks to highlight her striking cheekbones.
    • He then gave Kim’s skin a warm glow using Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powder in both Addiction and Devotion on her chest, collarbone and legs.
    • Finally, Dedivanovic lightly spritzed Kim’s complexion with Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, giving her skin a fresh gleam.

    • To make Kim’s eyes look sultry and bronzed, Dedivanovic lightly swept Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Sand Glow ($45) across the lid. He then applied the Copper shade from the Laura Mercier Eye Art Caviar Colour-Inspired Palette on the outer corners of the eye and across the lower lash line to make her eyes pop.
    • In creating Kim’s signature bold brows, Dedivanovic applied Laura Mercier Brow Dimension Fiber Infused Colour Gel in Brunette to the outer corners of her brows, using a mascara wand to create more drama and apply a thicker layer of product. He then colored the middle of the brows with gel, using light strokes to create a softer look.

    • Dedivanovic lined the lips with Laura Mercier Lip Pencil in Hazelnut Tea ($35) to keep Kim’s lips looking soft and natural.
    • Finally, he applied Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lip Colour in Sensual ($40) to give her a perfect nude pout.

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    My Lipstick Republic Review

    LR2Two names synonymous with beauty, BECCA Cosmetics+ Nudestix, are right now in my hot little hands. Thrilled doesn’t even begin to cut it. Fellow beauty bloggers will understand my excitement, but then, with the attention both brands command on Instagram – I think everyone has scrolled past a pic or twelve!

    When Lipstick Republic asked if I would like to go e-shopping and discuss my experience, I knew which products I desperately wanted and they were the Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette along with the Nudestix pencil in Belle. I must say though, with brands such as Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Sigma, Beauty Bakerie, Spectrum Collections, Saucebox Cosmetics and many more available, the decision took longer than I had planned….  and I also hear there are 2 new brands to be available very soon at Lipstick Republic, so watch this space!

    Within 5 days of placing the order, I had received the Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette $70.00 – cue the hushed silence – and it’s everything I imagined it to be and more. The packaging, I mean, just look at it. Stunning. These shades are so luxurious and pigmented, just perfect for building the perfect shade for day or evening. The hues are so on trend right now and any skin tone can create the perfect eye look with this pallete. Oh – and thanks to the promo that was going when I ordered, I also picked up the Sleek Blush in Sunrise FREE which you can see below.


    As Belle ($31.00) was out of stock when I ordered, I did have to wait about 2.5/3 weeks but it was worth it – so nude, natural and pretty yet ‘done’. Creamy and a cinch to apply and no bleeding into the lines around my lips to speak of. I do find these pencils, along with liquid lipsticks quite drying on my lips, but Max May shared a great tip recently on his Facebook page to combat this. He suggested applying Lanolips lanolin balm when lips feel dry to emulsify any lumpy bits for a major hydration boost, without losing any of the lipstick colour. Alternatively, try applying a rosehip oil or the like to dry lips before applying these products for longer lasting hydration.


    The service I received from Michelle at Lipstick Republic has been fantastic, and communication has been a breeze. If your’re in Oz, this is a makeup e-store to check out – think free standard shipping over $95 AUD, that’s like saving money compared to the U.S shipping rates…!

    I am certainly a happy chappy right now with these guys in my life and am brainstorming up many a makeup look, have you tried any of these products yourself? Would love to know know in the comments!

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    Big Sephora Australia News

    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website.

    OH EM GEE. This news is the biggest Australian Sephora fans have had since the launch of the first Sephora store in Sydney late last year….

    Sephora is now offering 24/7 online shopping at, allowing all Australians to purchase all the cosmetics that their heart contents and be treated with free shipping with orders over $55AUD. No need for international package services or annoying U.S addresses anymore, Sephora has gifted us in the best way possible!

    The ranges available is massive, think Makeup For Ever,  Alpha – H and Sephora‘s own branded products as well as the list below, which is just the start. Oooo, and if you sign up to their newsletter, you’ll be given a 10% discount code for your first purchase!

    Be sure to check out everyone’s Sephora hauls on instagram at #sephoraaus and keep up to date with all the new upcoming launches at @sephoraaus, I hear new Kat Von D products are on their way – my eyes are peeled!

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    Feature | Alex Fevola of Runway Room

    Alex Fevola has been involved within the media and high profile events for years now so when I heard that she had created her own makeup range Runway Room, I was not surprised but also really excited! To have the experience of playing with makeup and especially makeup on camera for such a period of time would be an amazing stepping stone to creating what Alex believes is the ultimate professional make-up line. The complete Runway Room line includes cosmetics such as primer, base, concealer, powder, eye shadows, mascaras, false lashes, lipliner, lipsticks and lipgloss along with application tools for a complete one-stop shop! I was recently given the opportunity to quiz Alex a little about all things Runway Room and makeup with our chat listed below.

    Hi Alex, thank you for spending a few minutes with Why Hello Beauty! After owning your own Runway Room salon/ makeup bars, was the next logical step a Runway Room makeup collection? Yes, having worked with many brands over my 18 years as a MUA, I had always dreamed of creating my own line. It seemed like the logical step, as there wasn’t a professional, affordable, Australian Made cosmetic line available. I hoped to provide other salons with our ‘concept’ and our affordable and professional products. I felt a lot of cosmetic companies make it hard for small businesses to stock cosmetics as the opening packages are super expensive and the minimum monthly orders are hard for smaller salons to achieve. This stops a lot of smaller salons  from offering this service and products. I hope to be the more affordable alternative and will support and encourage them to expand their business but do not put minimum orders pressure them in any way.

    Did you know exactly what line of makeup you wanted to create, after years of being in the public eyes? My brand has been inspired by many other brands but the one thing I was sure of, was I wanted to manufacture in Australia.

    I simply adore the Runway Room packaging, simple yet eye catching! Was that your main aim? Yes, I wanted a fresh and unique look for the range, most other brands are black or dark and I wanted our products to stand out.  The white and fluro stands out from the rest and certainly makes it easier to find in the bottom of your handbag!

    What is your favourite product of the range? Its hard to say but I wear Face Base everyday along with Power Lash Mascara and Lip Prep. I am extremely proud of our Lip Range, especially our lipsticks, the payoff is amazing, rich pigments and long lasting creamy formulas. We have had so many professionals rave about our lippies so I would say they would have to be up the top of my favourites list.

    Best haircare tip you’ve discovered or been given? Use Olaplex with your colour treatments, it is new technology and simply amazing! No breakage and  strengthens the hair with every colour.

    How important is social media to Runway Room and yourself personally? Extremely important. I think every business should utilize social media to help grow their brand. Especially in this industry, people find a lot of hair and make-up inspo from Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs etc.

    What’s next for the remainder of 2015 and 2016? Well, we are in the process of establishing a flagship store in Adelaide and the Runway Room Academy. We will also be opening more salons / academies across Australia with Sydney firmly in our sights! The main goal is to grow the brand and gain bigger distribution for Runway Room, focusing on boutique salons and suitable stockists and of course, our online Store. We also are investing a lot of time into growing our consultants / direct selling team across Australia. We are in discussions with two international distributors in both USA and China, hopefully we will be international in the future!

    ~ Quick questions ~

    Lipgloss or Lipstick?

    For my clients, lipstick.

    For me personally, usually gloss.

    Matte or Shimmer?


    Today Show or Sunrise?

    Im definitely a Sunrise Girl, I watch it every morning!

    Thanks Alex once again for the opportunity to chat, the list of beautiful and inspirational women that I’ve interviewed on this platform is more than I could ever have imagined. Be sure to keep an eye on my social media and blog for my Runway Room product reviews, I’ll keep ’em coming!

    Have a lovely weekend,

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    Q&A with Shelley Sullivan, CEO of Modelco Cosmetics

    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website.

    What a year 2015 has been. Connecting with so many inspirational, motivated and successful women has continually pushed me forward and getting my hustle on. To add to the already long list of fabulous featured women, today I’m sharing my recent Q&A with Shelley Sullivan. For many, Shelley needs no introduction as the Founder and CEO of well-known cosmetic brand ModelCo Cosmetics!

    Shelley says of Modelco: “We’ve learnt that beauty doesn’t have to be hard. At ModelCo we create products for women who want to look and feel their best whilst enjoying a busy lifestyle. That’s what ModelCo is about – achievable, every day glamour”. From the launch and to the consequent complete sell-out of TURBO LASHWAND Heated Eyelash Curler in 2002, the brand has reached new heights with the newest product lash+line, a revoluntary mascara and eyeliner in one – which was recently reviewed here at Why Hello Beauty!

    ModelCo Cosmetics are sold worldwide and has been featured in global publications such as VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar, marie claire and Instyle. Shelley recently took a few minutes to chat to WHB and I’ve shared it all below!

    Hi Shelley, thanks for taking a few minutes to chat with me – it’s such an honour! Where did the idea of ModelCo come from, do you have a background in beauty? “Owning my own modelling agency I experienced firsthand the limitations of innovative beauty products and the lack of accessibility professional makeup artists had to premium products. When I first started ModelCo there were only two products, LASHWAND Heated Eyelash Curler and then TAN Airbrush in a Can, I certainly didn’t realise at the time that I was starting my own beauty company. What started as a pet project turned into a global brand before I knew it. I had an innate desire to create products that help women to look and feel more glamourous and help simplify their beauty routines”.

    What was/is the biggest challenge with creating such a high profile cosmetics business? “I think international expansion was challenging. It sounds glamorous but I have learnt not to expand too quickly. It is far more strategic to conquer one market at a time”.

    What’s been your biggest achievement so far? I notice you were recently featured in the Collective, I’m such a huge fan of the popular magazine! “My most notable career achievement was when the idea for Tan Airbrush in a Can hit me. I just knew there had to be a smarter and more user friendly way for women to self-tan and had often thought about the idea of marrying self-tan and a spray can. I knew that if I could create way to a product that put an end to stained hands and uneven coverage that it would be a success! When TAN Airbrush in Can – the world’s first aerosol ‘tan in a can’ self-tanning product hit the market it truly changed the way that woman self – tanned, delivering professional results with the convenience of an at-home application. To this date, one unit of Tan in a Can is sold every 36 seconds worldwide.

    Another career achievement would have to be signing, hosting and shooting Rosie Huntington–Whiteley for ModelCo in 2013 and then again in 2014. I am a believer in organic partnerships, so it was important and gratifying to know how much Rosie loved and identified with our products”.

    How important is social media for ModelCo and yourself as the CEO? “It is hugely important. I am constantly thinking about our consumer and trying to understand what she wants. I am across her social media channels so that I can best determine which products she wishes she had in her beauty cupboard that I can then deliver!

    ModelCo has a specialist digital and social media in-house team responsible for driving traffic to the ModelCo website and engaging with our customers on all levels. ModelCo’s rapidly expanding social media following has allowed us to build a strong, modern brand identity that engages with our customers and community 24/7, a focus with is a critical priority for our brand.

    My personal social media allows me to share ModelCo brand news and allow followers a glimpse into my life which I think it key to building a brand rapport and relationship with customers”.

    Do you have any exciting new product launches coming up Shelley? “We have just launched our new self-tanning products for Summer 2015/16. I am very proud of the new ModelCo One Hour Tan Mousse and ModelCo Exfoliate Double Sided Body Wipes. We are working on a contouring range which will be released early next year”.

    Do you have a favourite ModelCo product, can you pick just one? I have to say mine is the new Lash+Line, it’s certainly a revolutionary time and space saving product! 
    “I have to say Tan Airbrush in a Can will always have a special place in my heart! But I definitely agree with you on Lash and Line – I love a bold eye and the 2-in-1 feature is genius!”.

    Thank you so much Shelley for the Q&A feature, I always have had a soft spot for ModelCo due to the stunning packaging equally luxurious cosmetics but now you have a fan in me for life! Cannot wait to see what else is released in the months to come!

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    Swatches of New Lip Products

    Lipsticks and glosses always make me happy. Especially a red lip, which instantly gives me life.

    Lip Products5

    I’m sharing below a few new release lip products for you to go and check out, like right now! Swatches with absolutely no filter;

    Lip Products4

    Lip Products2

    1. Napoleon Perdis Super Lips Lipstick in Glory
    2. Napoleon Perdis Super Lips Lipstick in Destiny (Available 6th July 2015)
    1. Clinique Chubby Stick Intense #10 Grandest Guava
    2. Clinique Long Last Glosswear #11 Clearly Pink
    1. Rimmel London Oh My Gloss #190 Pin Up
    2. Rimmel London Oh My Gloss #100 Love Bug

    Which is your favourite product shown? I am totally loving the berry lip shade by Napoleon Perdis, just perfect for mixing with scarves and beanies!

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    Review | Loreal True Match

    So the holy grail foundation that every beauty blogger and youtuber talks about, Loreal’s True Match Foundation, finally makes it’s way onto Why Hello Beauty. Icons such as Lauren Curtis, Chloe Morello and Nicole Guerriero have all talked about and praised this jar of liquid. I decided it was time to bite the bullet and join the gang!


    I have been using this foundation in the shade Golden Ivory for over a month now, every day, and it’s time to give my thoughts. It’s a very good foundation but not the be all and end all of liquid bases.

    It’s a very runny consistency (almost a BB cream consistency) and that is something I am not used to when it comes to foundations. Not that this is a bad thing, I am just not used to it. It is super easy to blend but does require a bit of extra time spent doing so.  The previous foundation I used daily was Arbonne’s Perfecting Liquid Foundation and now I realise how much thicker of a liquid that was, barely any blending was needed in comparison.  I also remember using Estee Lauder’s Double Wear’s foundation a few years back and that also was much thicker from memory.

    I think it certainly needs a foundation brush to apply onto the skin, which I do myself otherwise it would sit on the skin noticeably. I find that my foundation brush from Sephora works best for blending with me.

    At the moment, you can pick this base up at Priceline for just $20 AUD so for a drugstore/ chemist foundation, it’s pretty affordable.

    If you use this foundation yourself I would love to know, how do you find it when it comes to taking up close and personal photos? Does it blur skin imperfections on camera?  This is something I will continue to monitor and report back stat!

    What are you using for your base currently, is it high end or drug store? Share with me in the comments!

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    Shanghai Suzy

    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website.

    Incredibly affordable and heavily pigmented lipsticks sounds a bit like a myth, right? Well, it’s now a reality thanks to Australian cosmetic range Shanghai Suzy!

    Who is Shanghai Suzy? Founded by former cosmetics marketing exec Joanna Wheaton, Shanghai Suzy is a lipstick-only cosmetics brand housing a bold and bright range of lipsticks. The only cosmetics brand of it’s kind, Shanghai Suzy takes it’s cues from the fashion industry – each colour lipstick is limited edition and a new on-trend range is delivered every season. 

    Tired of paying $30 or more for fashion lipsticks that she would only wear a few times, Joanna felt that there was a gap in the market for affordable, on-trend lipsticks that delivered in terms of pigment, formula, colour and packaging – and so Shanghai Suzy was born. 

    The brand was launched in August 2013 and after a successful first and second season, a third collection of colours for Spring Summer was released in September 2014. Each bold hue is matched with its optimal formula – either ‘Matte’ or ‘Nourish’. The ‘Matte’ formula is thick, creamy and long-lasting, and the ‘Nourish’ formula contains jojoba seed oil and Vitamin E to care for and moisturise lips whilst delivering a beautiful colour with a slight sheen.  

    Shanghai Suzy lipsticks are not tested on animals and contain no animal-derived ingredients. 

    At just $14.95 each or all 8 shades of the current season for $80.00, you can literally have all the lipsticks your heart covets.

    I was a little late to the Shanghai Suzy game, considering I have followed the brand on Instagram since launching in August 2013 but like all good things, they are worth the wait. For my first purchase, I chose to pick up the shade Neon Gauva which is a delicious incredibly matte neon pinky / corally / peachey shade that smells like bubblegum-yum!

    Hot Tip: As this lippie is matte which can be quite drying on the lips, always prep prior to application by gently scrubbing lips with a lip scrub or even a soft toothbrush. Apply a slick of balm whilst doing your makeup and then wipe off before applying your matte lipstick. Bam – hot lips are yours! Available online or selected stores, just click Stockists to find out your local Shanghai Suzy supply.