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    How To: DIY Gel Manicure

    I’m addicted to the feeling of freshly manicured nails, but let’s face it – my budget doesn’t always allow for it. So when Opallac reached out with a request to collab, I thought this was the perfect chance to nail the DIY gel manicure once and for all. Here a picture of how they turned out – good, right? Here’s how I did it!

    The Opallac Gel Polish Kit comes with literally everything you need – tools, polish and even the LED lamp – and the only extra thing I had on hand was paper towel to dry my hands before and after washing, plus it gives a great sturdy foundation to paint nails on.

    PREP: I started by filing my nails with the file included in the kit (black side), and then buffing the nail surface with the black side of the emery board. I then washed my hands with soap and water and dried with the paper towel. Now you’re ready to start the fun part!

    DURING: I begun by applying one thin coat of the Gel Base Coat and curing for 90 secs under the LED lamp. I then applied two coats of the Seductress Opallac Gel Colour, with the first coat thinner than the second. Each layer is again cured for 90 secs, with the Gel Top Coat then applied and cured. In this instance, I cured for a little longer than advised just to make sure it was completely dry. Gel polishes always leave a tacky reside on the nails, so Opallac have included a Shine & Soak liquid to wipe over each nail for a flawless finish. And voila – it’s as easy as that and can take as little as 20 minutes once you’ve nailed the process. *Opallac also advise to wash hands with soap after using the Shine & Soak.

    REMOVAL: Unlike many kits, Opallac have also included 30 finger pads, that when soaked in the Shine & Soak solution, can be applied to the nails to lift the gel from the nail for easy removal. For better results, use the nail file to gently file the polish down to begin to break it down.

    The more you practice this gel manicure ritual, the better you get and learning how the brush actually strokes the nail (as each brand and brush are different) allows you to apply the product precisely and swiftly, avoiding ‘colouring outside the lines’.

    If you mess up your application and get product on the surrounding skin, just use your other hands thumbnail to clean up as the product remains wet until cured under the light. I also use the nail file to clean up the nails once cured, as sometimes I’ve got random little bits sticking to the ends of the polish and this works a treat.

    Opallac Gel Polish Kit  They’ve made it completely fool-proof and provide you with all you need, and as you can see, my nails look fantastic!

    Do you DIY your manicure, or are you pro-only? Tell me in the comments!


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    Expert Advice for Your Healthiest Nails Yet

    While I was a life-long nail biter until about the age of about 20 years of age, I was somehow able to cut the habit cold turkey and have enjoyed the time experiencing the most luxurious experience of manicures and freshly painted nails. But recently I’ve found myself nibbling on my cuticles (maybe due to stress or anxiety) so I’ve been forcing myself to – firstly stop – but also apply a cuticle oil all around each nail and surrounding skin morning and night, which has greatly improved the condition and appearance of my my nails and hands. Inspired by this small step yet vast improvement to my nails, I have since reached out to Anna Lajourdie, a nail technician based in Ontario, to speak more about all things nail and nail care. If you’re obsessed with your weekly manicure, you’ll love this!

    Anna Lajourdie is a world-renowned nail technician, consultant, international educator and competition winner. A 22-year veteran of the nail industry, Anna has been featured and published in an array of magazines (Beauty Cosmedica, Nailpro, Scratch, and Nails Magazine—to name a few). In addition to working in her private manicure/pedicure studio located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada Anna actively works with various products manufactures, distributors and other industry leaders to raise industry standards.

    Please give Anna a follow at, her work is exceptional and is a reminder to me to always consider the hygiene of the salons I visit, and the health of your nails at all times. New or properly sanitised tools and equipment, fresh towels for every client and a spotless environment, before being treated with a superior treatment should be non-negotiable in nail salons, and I personally find that visiting mass nail chains – it’s simply not. We must expect better, and treat ourselves with the best of the best. Ok, let’s get into it!

    Hi Anna, and thank you for speaking with Why Hello Beauty. I’d love to know, first and foremost as it’s seen ALL over Instagram right now – is trimming or cutting the cuticle a do or huge don’t?

    This has been a super hot topic in the industry for a while now. Here is the funny thing. Most of people have the c word very confused. Turns out, that there is 2 “skins” around the nail. What an average person thinks of a cuticle, is, in fact- Proximal Nail Fold. And that ladies and gentlemen is… living skin. Cuticle is the thin film of skin cells that peaks from underneath of Proximal Nail Fold. That is dead (skin). Proximal Nail Fold can be gently nudged back, exposing the cuticle. Cuticle then can be and should be removed before of application of any nail polish/gel polish/enhancements or just to make the nail look neat. But what if the Proximal Nail Fold is ugly and thick and cracked? Well, if the PNF was cut, it does grow back thicker because the living skin is trying to protect the vulnerable area around the nail. When the skin is left alone and protected and cared for, it starts to grow in a more normal manner. When the PNF is pushed back gently (like after a shower, when the skin is softened) once or twice a week, and it’s protected with oil, the skin regains the flexibility and it starts to grow in a more appealing manner. Trust me on that. I had many clients with damaged skin around the nails. With gentle care, I’ve seen great improvement. Without any cutting.

    And speaking of nail care, what benefits will we use from regular cuticle oil application? 

    So many!! Oil sounds so simple and too good to be true but…. it’s true! Oil makes a huge difference! It mostly protects the skin from irritants and water loss (and excessive water absorption- too much water is not good either!). It plasticizes the nail plate and the product if you are wearing it (polish or gel polish). My fav oil at the moment is Dadi Oil by Famous Names. Look for something with a mixture of oils like avocado oil, almost oil, olive oil, rice bran oil as first ingredients. Even castor oil is a good addition to an oil in the winter (it’s heavier so it can feel little sticky though) it’s great for skin protection. I suggest using it minimum 2-3 times a day. More if your skin is dry.

    View this post on Instagram

    🔥Hot topic right now🔥. Should we cut/remove cuticle? Well, the problem is that majority of people are super confused what cuticle actually is. Cuticle is the dead, flaky, impacted skin that is stuck to the nail. 💡 The part what often gets cut is NOT cuticle but rather living skin (technical/“nail nerd” term: Proximal Nail Fold). The living skin should not be cut because it will grow back thicker and calloused. And that is not pretty. ✅DEAD SKIN— CUTICLE—- REMOVE ❌LIVING SKIN— PROXIMAL NAIL FOLD- DO NOT CUT Instead, after a shower push the skin gently with a towel and use a good quality nail treatment oil to protect it and soften it. Swipe⬅️➡️ to see this clients progress Ps. Don’t file the heck out of the living skin either. It’s as bad as cutting. It will get thicker and calloused! ****PLEASE SHARE************ #NonInvasiveManicures #oakville #downtownoakville @doug_schoon @nailsmagazine @ibxnails @nail.kandy

    A post shared by Anna Renata ( on

    I also have to ask, when painting our nails at home, do we really need a base coat AND a top coat?

    Yes, for sure! Go with what the manufacturer tells you. Some polishes now do not need a base coat so it can be skipped. The base in that case is built into the color coat. The results are actually impressive when it comes to lasting power. I do find that some darker colors and bright reds stain the nails if no base is used so I still add the base to protect the nails from staining in that case.

    Top coat is needed for shine. 100%. I haven’t found polish (or gel polish for that matter) that dries as shiny as top coat. My all time favourite quick dry top coat for pedicures is not Seche Vite… it’s Dior Abricot Top Coat. It does not shrink, doesn’t thicken up until about 70% used up. I use it on all my client’s pedicures. And yes, I buy it at full price at $30 a bottle. To use in my salon. It’s that good.

    For hands I like to stick with full systems. My favourite, longest lasting brands are OPI Infinite Shine (LOVE the ProStay base and top) and Essie Couture and of course Vinylux by CND. I don’t use Vinylux for pedicures often because after 4 weeks it’s very difficult to remove. I love the brushes on Essie Couture and the new Vinylux.

    Do you have a preference to a specific nail brand or range?

    Overall, I love working with CND, I respect for what they do for the industry and how the company markets their products. They never utilize any shady fear tactics that are so popular in the cosmetic world. Also Dior for their nail polish range. Great shades. Excellent formula. The quickest drying top coat (that doesn’t shrink).

    Gel polish, acrylics or SNS – what’s your expert opinion on these treatments Anna?

    They are all as good as the nail tech who uses them. They are all “healthy” when used as directed and bought from reputable companies. I don’t buy into fear marketing at all. One thing to remember: Enhancements are for the look. They look pretty. They should not be used to “make the nails stronger”. If people choose the enhancements mainly for the strength they usually ending up damaging their nails. If the product doesn’t break, the surface of the nail suffers. They also have to be maintained every 2-3 weeks. I don’t recommend enhancements to people who are not into caring for their nails and not willing to maintain their nails.

    What design trends or colour selections are your clients drawn to at the moment? 

    This is the first year in my 20+ year career that I did tremendous amount of light pink manicures. Everyone was and still is crazy about it. Like CND Winter Glow. Or OPI Infinite Shine “Pretty Pink Perseveres” and “Beyond The Pale Pink”. The New CND Shellac Luxe “Aurora” is one of the best looking pinks too! Also nudes and other softer pinks….. but my clientele is the “natural type” which is totally up my alley…. I’m all into minimalistic nail style. The “clean look” is also very requested. Very chic.

    Are there any nail art designs or styles that you are completely over, and can’t wait to see it gone forever? 

    French. I’m over it. And Russian Manicures (it’s when they use electric file to file the dry skin away). Dangerous and the puffy, swollen skin looks bad.

    What nail care products could you not live without, and recommend to everyone?

    Dadi Oil. Also Dior Abricot Top Coat. And I tried them all.

    And finally, what is the one thing we can all do for healthier, more polished nails and hands? 

    Gloves. They protect our hands from irritants (like dishwashing detergent) and water. I always wear the thin, nitrile disposable gloves when doing dishes. Wearing gloves in the winter to protect skin from cold is a must. Also if you are wearing gel polish or any type of enhancement it will benefit from that protection too! Also barrier cream! And sunscreen. Sorry, that was 3.

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    Polish for Purpose

    A favourite at Why Hello Beauty, personalised beauty retailer Say It With Polish, have partnered with six important charities (Manly Women’s ShelterPink HopeUN Women National Committee Australia, Vision Australia, Working Spirit and Sydney Dogs and Cats Home) to launch their charitable platform, Polish For Purpose. From May 1st 2017, by simply purchasing a polish from the Polish For Purpose collection, customers can choose to generate awareness for a life-threatening illness, raise money to assist the vision impaired or women in crisis, save lost and abandoned pets or support our military veterans.  Polish For Purpose lets customers nail the perfect gift for any occasion while supporting a worthy cause.

    Each nail polish shade and personalised quote has been designed in conjunction with the respective charity to express their individual style and compliment their mission, and for each bottle sold 100% of the profits are donated back to the charity in question.

    Say It With Polish products can boast as being Australian made, certified 100% cruelty free and vegan by Cruelty Free Australia and are 5-free, meaning they don’t contain any of the nasties commonly found in nail polish: toluene, DBP, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin or camphor. 

    Polish For Purpose bottles are available exclusively online at and retail for AUD $20 with worldwide shipping available.

    Such a worthy initiative to support!


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    Hand & Nail Care 101

    Is there anything better than freshly polished nails in life? It’s such an indulgence but if you’re short on cash until payday (that’s me!) then you’re all set. Natural beauty expert, holistic nutritionist and lead distributor of AEOS, Samantha Sargent, has shared her 5 top tips with us for the best at-home manicure experience, plus also gives us the heads up on a hot new beauty product spelt oil making buzz right now!


    [ ]


    1. Set up a sanctuary in your living room with a soft towel and your favourite essential oil blend burning.
    2. Make a little pot of calming herbal tea and a bowl of warm water scented with essential oils to rest your hands in.
    3. Shape your nails with a crystal nail file. Metal files and emery boards tear the nail as they file, leaving rough, sharp edges. The crystal file glides across the nail tip so you can quickly and easily shape your nail to a flawless, smooth finish. Crystal files seal the nail tip as you file, preventing water, dirt and debris from seeping into the nail tip.
    4. Rest your hands in the warm “bath” and focus on your breathing for a couple of minutes, breathing out any worries, and breathing in relaxation and the scent of pure essential oils.
    5. Remove your hands from the water and gently pat dry. Apply a nourishing natural and organic hand cream, such as the AEOS enriching spelt hand cream, to your hands and forearms, paying particular attention to the cuticles. This is a beautiful opportunity to gift yourself a mini massage to help further alleviate any stress or tension.
    6. Optional – if you like a splash of colour. Apply two coats of nail lacquer. Remember to choose a toxin-free nail lacquer brand that is free from formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor and animal derivatives.  To maintain a perfectly polished mani, keep the AEOS Biodynamic Nail & Cuticle Oil in your handbag and apply each day when you have a spare moment!

    Now again if you’re like me, you say “huh what” when you read crystal nail file, right? Let Samantha fill you in on what you need to know;


    “The first thing you will notice when you use your crystal glass nail file, is how smooth it is on your nail. You don’t get the rough, jagged edges like you do when using an emery board, metal or diamond file. A Crystal file is very smooth and gentle and yet surprisingly effective. Metal files and emery boards tear the nail as they file, leaving rough, sharp edges. The crystal file glides across the nail tip so you can quickly and easily shape your nail to a flawless, smooth finish. Crystal files seal the nail tip as you file, preventing water, dirt and debris from seeping into the nail tip. This is one of the reasons nails can chip, crack and peel, so after you use your crystal nail file for about one month, you will notice a considerable difference in how strong your nails are and they don’t crack, chip and peel as much.”


Unlike other nail files, the crystal glass nail file is non- porous and therefore cannot absorb water which creates an environment for disease (bacterial or fungal). Crystal glass nail files meet all the FDA requirements for sanitation including UV light, auto-clave and sterilizing solution. For at home use, you can rinse your files under warm water and pat dry with a towel.”


”Crystal glass files will never dull. They will last a lifetime. Emery boards and metal files have to be thrown away and replaced frequently due to the amount of bacteria that grows on them. Our files are solid crystal-glass which is non-porous, therefore fungus and bacteria can’t grow on the surface, making them very hygienic. Simply rinse under warm water. Lastly, all inks and dyes used in the coloring process are lead-free and environmentally safe.”


    Lead distributor of AEOS and holistic nutritionist, Samantha Sargent, has earned a reputation for being a respected advocate and leader within the natural health and beauty industry. With 18+ years of industry experience, various professional accreditations, and regularly being interviewed for her expert advice, Samantha has been featured in Australian, American and British magazines, websites, blogs and radio, including, Foxtel’s Lifestyle YOU, Vogue, Marie Claire, InStyle, Russh, Women’s Health, Nature & Health, Women’s Health & Fitness, Australian Women’s Weekly, Cleo, Famous, Peppermint, Better Health, Your Fitness, EcoLuxe and Real Living magazines, to name just a few.

    If you have tried a crystal nail file, or are keen to – let me know in the comments! Enjoy your at-home pamper and remember to turn your phone off – this is YOUR time!


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    A Day in the Life of Kirsten Hazell, CEO and founder of London Grace

    “I’ve always loved nails, but it was during my time living in New York that I really fell in love with the mani-pedi experience. Living in NYC on a student budget, I was amazed to find that getting my nails done was an affordable treat that I could enjoy with friends, even at 9pm.

    When I returned to London to start my career in consultancy I was disappointed by the lack of choice of nail bars in the city – the luxury, spa environments were too pricey, but the budget, high street options lacked in style and service. I realised there was an opportunity to do something unique, that offered the best of both worlds. My aim was to establish a branded lifestyle experience with beautiful store environments, high quality products and refined treatments, but at affordable prices. I wanted to transform nail care from feeling like a ‘chore,’ into a fun, social experience by creating a nail bar, coffee shop and cocktail bar concept with late night opening hours”.


    I’ve always loved nails, but it was during my time living in New York that I really fell in love with the mani-pedi experience. Living in NYC on a student budget, I was amazed to find that getting my nails done was an affordable treat that I could enjoy with friends, even at 9pm.

    When I returned to London to start my career in consultancy I was disappointed by the lack of choice of nail bars in the city – the luxury, spa environments were too pricey, but the budget, high street options lacked in style and service. I realised there was an opportunity to do something unique, that offered the best of both worlds.

    My aim was to establish a branded lifestyle experience with beautiful store environments, high quality products and refined treatments, but at affordable prices. I wanted to transform nail care from feeling like a ‘chore,’ into a fun, social experience by creating a nail bar, coffee shop and cocktail bar concept with late night opening hours. Although it’s been a lot of hard work, I’m so proud of how far London Grace has come in just under 2 years. I’ve shared a typical day for me below!

    7am: I absolutely love what I do, so I feel very lucky to wake up each morning feeling excited about the day ahead. I went from working for a large corporate technology company, to creating a beauty brand from my living room, but having a real passion for what you are doing is the best motivation!

    I swear by starting the day with one of my power smoothies (spinach, pear, apple, banana and lettuce blended with ice). I’m a firm believer in eating plenty of fruit and vegetables to keep your hair and nails strong and healthy. I love a to-do list, so I’ll write down my objectives for the day and then reply to any urgent emails before heading off to my first meetings.

    9am: I’m currently on the hunt for new locations to open London Grace, so I’ll meet with our Property Agent, Charlie and look around a few potential units in the city. Next I‘ll head to the flagship store in South West London to catch up with my office team over an Americano – we serve Ozone coffee at London Grace, which is the best!


    10am – 1pm: Once I’ve had an Ozone coffee and a snack (my go-to is peanut butter on oatcakes) I’m ready for my most productive part of the day. I studied Economics at university in the UK and then went on to study Graphic Design at university in New York, so I like a working day that involves using both sides of my brain! I am very hands-on with all aspects of the business and each day is varied. I might spend a few hours working on a lease for a new store with our lawyers, before moving on to designing a postcard advertising our party packages (we host baby showers, hen dos and birthdays).

    When 1.30pm lingers in I am ready for lunch. I’m a vegetarian so I love homemade soups and superfood salads. I’ll take a look at the weekly accounts over lunch to see how each store is performing and then meet with the Management team to discuss the business targets. I’ve experienced the ‘glass ceiling’ effect in previous environments I’ve worked in, so I really enjoy working with talented, ambitious women and encouraging them to grow within the company. One of the Manager’s joined us as a nail technician and worked her socks off to rise through the ranks and a former Barista in the store now works as a full time Admin Assistant in our office team. Not that we are by any means a ‘female only’ workplace, we have a bartender called Louis who works behind the bar and works his magic with the cocktails during our ‘Lacquer and Liquor’ happy hour.

    By late afternoon the store starts to come alive with our group bookings and although nothing beats the sound of hearing clients enjoying pampering and drinks whilst they catch up with friends, it’s not the most productive environment to work in. I’ll head back to my office at home and work through my emails, before taking a few calls from our architect and fit out team to discuss plans for our new central London store.

    7 pm: When I can fit it in, I love to sweat away the stress of the day with a spinning class. My girlfriends and I are very competitive when it comes to getting our names at the top of the leader board.

    8pm: My husband is a car journalist so he’ll pick me up in his latest test drive and we’ll head home to cook a nice dinner together. We’re recently married, so we are currently spending our evenings writing thank you cards and reminiscing over our amazing honeymoon in Bali.

    9.30pm: There’s nothing like a relaxing bath at the end of the day to help you unwind. I add a few drops of calming oil, light some candles and read my favourite magazine ‘The Week.’ My aim is to be in bed my 10.30pm as I’m an 8 hours of sleep kind of woman!

    Kirsten Hazell, CEO and Founder of London Grace

    Facebook | InstagramTwitter


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    A Day in the Life of Kirsten Noble, Nail Technician at Beauty Lounge St Kilda

    When you produce nails THIS good, girl you know I will be all over this on Instagram! As soon as I found Kirsten on Insta, I immediately asked her if she would like to feature on Why Hello Beauty, and I was so happy when she said yes. Put simply, enjoy reading + viewing <3


    Kirsten says: “For me, I moved to Melbourne 4 weeks ago and have just started my new job. A typical day looks similar to the below; I wake up each morning to my partner Ryan, who leaves at 6am telling me he loves me and then next thing I know, my alarm is going off at 8am. I will never be caught without makeup, ever, unless I’m at home with just Ryan so it’s makeup time and I almost usually never do my hair – it remains messy and touselled. I then have to decide between my Tony Bianco sneakers or Balenciaga boots with what matches my daily ensemble of layered black clothing! That said, I do love dressing up and feeling pretty on the weekend! But for now, it’s work time from 10am”.

    “I travel about 40-50 minutes to work every morning which isn’t too bad, but long enough, I think! Every morning I stop and get an oak chocolate milk, yes every day – it’s just too good to pass up! Once at work, I look through my day and as I am still building a client base, I usually work on building my social media and answering the phones throughout the day. I love creating relationships with my clients, especially the recurring clients because you can catch up with them every so often. My new role at Beauty Lounge, St Kilda is amazing, I love it! My days are still building my clientele as I said, however so far I love it – my current clients have been incredible and I’m looking forward to meeting more and continuing to leave work with glitter everywhere… think my cars steering wheel, my clothing, inside my shoes and bras and the like! On the way home, I have to be sure not to pull into KFC as that is often what I feel like – embarrassingly I could eat it every night!”.

    Okay Kirsten, Emily here – tell me what’s hot in nail art right now?!

    Kirsten: “Okay so everyone is different, you either love or hate glitter! You’re either a plain or an all-out-there person, it varies so much from client to client! I do think you go through phases of what you like, for me I actually dislike doing my own nails most of the time, but once they are done I love them – well for a week or so until I get bored…

    Keep in mind for extra nail strength, glitter is amazing and its definitely worth trying yourself. Lifework or Aztec designs are super popular and give your nails a little something extra!”


    Kirsten Nobel | Beauty Lounge, St Kilda

    2 Wellington Street, St Kilda

    ph: 0405 963 877



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    A Day in the Life of Beauty Therapist Rosanna Aloi

    I gotta introduce you to my instagram bestie Rosanna, who is the owner of salon Little Loves Beauty. She is the queen of stylish manicures and is so sweet + cute! Just visit the salons instagram page, which I’ve linked above, for all the manicure inspiration feels…

    Keep on readin’ for a typical day in this beauty-full gals life!


    Rosanna Aloi, beauty therapist and owner of Little Loves Beauty runs a busy little salon in the Western Suburbs of Adelaide. Her days are spent looking after her clients from spray tans to waxing, manicures to pedicures; Rosanna is constantly busy pampering and plucking at her salon. Her day starts around 730, where she wakes up and makes herself a nutritious breakfast, usually consistent of an egg omelette and a coffee, something to sustain her through to the afternoon. Living close to her salon, Rosanna has the luxury of riding her bike to work each day, and pedals in around 830, for a 9am start.

    She ensures everything is set for the day and she is well organised, as she explains she can get run off her feet and needs to be prepped for anything. Her mornings can range from waxing, manicures and her famous mani shellac nail art that she continues to emerge with new and exciting designs.


    Lunch doesn’t have a set time, as she has to work around her clients and their appointments. Tuna salad is a staple lunch here at Little Loves, and if Rosanna is lucky she sometimes manages to fit in an afternoon coffee with a client. Her go to coffee at the moment is from a local café one shop down from hers, one almond milk late to go thanks!

    Her afternoons are a delight, with some afternoons she has the pleasure of pampering bridal parties just before the big day, from manis to pedis to spray tans, you can get the full package and Rosanna will give the bride and her bridesmaids a nice relaxing time where they can enjoy their treatments.

    Her end of day is usually around 630 (minus the late trade on Wednesday and Thursday nights), and then its cocktail time for Rosanna as she unwinds for the week and refocuses her energy on the next week of her busy life as the owner and beauty therapist of Little Loves Beauty.

    X ~ Rosanna / Little Loves Beauty


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    My Top 5 Giitter Nail Polishes

    Glitter nails give me life, whether it’s New Years Eve or simply a Tuesday. What better time to share my Top 5 Glitter Nail Polishes, in no specific order!


    Glitter Polishes

    1.   Julep | Sharna It Girl

    2. OPI | Infrared-y to Glow” from Starlight Holiday Collectionworn beautifully by @thedailymark!

    3.  Essie | Summit of Style

    4.  Gloss & Co | Galaxy

    5.  Smith & Cult | Shattered Souls

    Which is your favourite shade above? Do you prefer large glitter particles or smaller? Share with me!

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    How To Use Jamberry Nail Wraps

    Jamberry Nails are everywhere right now, especially in Australia. Being a heavy instagram user, I have heard of Jamberry for some time but didn’t realise their popularity until just recently. So I decided it was high time I got my head around Jamberry and all it offered.

    Recently, I chatted with Jamberry’s Marketing Director Sarah Griener who gave me the full lowdown which I’ve shared below. Oh, and be sure to keep reading to see some images of my first DIY Jamberry manicure!


    Hi Sarah! So tell me, what is Jamberry? Put simply, Jamberry nail wraps are a nail treatment that you can use to apply a wide variety of styles of nail art to your nails from the comfort of your own home. They use a DIY heat and pressure application method and can last up to two weeks on your fingers and four weeks on your toes.

    What is the difference with nail wraps as opposed to nail polish/ gel polish? Jamberry nail wraps are made with a solid film covering, so not only do you not have to worry about drying time, but your nails will never flake or chip. With nail wraps, you can also achieve intricate nail art looks in just minutes that would be nearly impossible to create by hand, especially by yourself on both hands.

    Is Jamberry different to the nail wraps seen in beauty supply stores and nail foils? One of the biggest differences is the amount of variety Jamberry has to offer. With a catalogue that contains nearly 300 designs and limited edition designs coming out each month and with each holiday, everyone is sure to be able to find a wrap they love!

    What is your advice for long-lasting gorgeous Jamberry nails, Sarah? Properly prepping your nails is one of the most important steps in applying your Jamberry nail wraps. Nails must be clean, dry, and free of dirt, oils, or dried cuticles before applying your wraps.

    I notice you can become a rep of Jamberry to ensure an endless supply of Jamberry and also make a little cash, tell me more! Women across the world (Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, and Puerto Rico) can partner with Jamberry as independent business owners for the opportunity to run their own Jamberry business. As an Independent Consultant, these women are able to earn commissions, bonuses, and even incentive gifts and trips as they represent the Jamberry brand and help their friends try the product and express their personal style.

    Sarah, is  there anything else you would like my readers to know? Jamberry is a company that was founded by women (three sisters) to empower women to express their own personal style and to make life beautiful. In addition to our wide variety of nail wraps, Jamberry also offers a line of Professional Nail Lacquer, a DIY at home Gel Enamel System, as well as a variety of nail and hand care products.

    The range of nail wraps is mind blowing and I’ve popped a link below for you to scroll through all of the designs.

    From the Runway | Graphic Punch | Garden Party | Simple & Chic | Animal Instinct | Jamberry Juniors | Sports & Hobbies | Nail Lacquer | TrūShine Gel Enamel | Hand & Nail Care

    Now I promise you some snaps of my first Jamberry mani, so here you are. I used the wrap B015 Pretty in Pink for some Spring fun! I’ve also listed my top tips for flawless manicure below.

    • Swiftly pull the nail wrap from the backing and place onto an orange stick/ nail scissors and place over a heat source (i.e a candle) for a few seconds, until you see the wrap begin to gently drop.
    • With a pliable wrap, place over the nail and use an orange stick to adhere the wrap neatly and securely to the nail.
    • Trim around your natural nails with tiny scissors and at a 90 degree angle, use a nail file to file away the remaining wrap.
    • That’s it! Repeat to each nail and voila – how easy is that?!Jamberry 5

    Will you try Jamberry Nails for your next manicure?

    Be sure to tag me in your social media snaps, I’d love to see what designs you’ve chosen!

    Have a fabulous week babes <3

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    What You Need to Know About Nail Hygiene

    My blog is a place where I can share what I know with you but sometimes I also need to call in professionals to share their expert knowledge. Recently it was Lenita Cundari, today it is Kirby Holland. Kirby is the owner of Kirby Holland Beauty Massage & Nails, and today she will chat nail hygiene and what you need to keep in mind whilst pampering those claws of yours!


    My current nail inspiration via @littlelobvesbeauty_ <3

    Nails service’s in Australia are big business. From a basic manicure to nail extensions, so much money is poured into this section of the beauty world. For some people, nails are a must. They simply can live without beautifully manicured nails but what are the risk’s associated with this necessity?

    Over the years there have been many programs like Current Affair and Today Tonight (does anyone remember that show?) claiming to expose the dangers within nail industry, giving us nail tech’s a bad name. Like anything in this world, there is risk associated everything we do and this story is not to scare you but simply make you more aware of what can happen if you are exposed to bad hygiene practices in a salon.

    So what does bad hygiene practices look like in a salon? 

    Some signs are obvious and others are not. For example, grubby floors and walls and dust everywhere, doesn’t scream cleanliness. Look more closely to your nail tech’s table. Is it dust and dirt free? Does it feel dry? By the way dryness is good sign, it means it has been wiped down with hospital grade disinfectant. Nail files should never look discoloured, torn or damp and metal implements should look shiny with no signs dirt and grime from the previous client. Pedicurebowls and spas are a breeding ground for bacteria and they can be really difficult to disinfect. Spas have to cleaned and dried after every client, which can be tough if there are a high turnover of clients so be very weary when you are dipping your feet into a pedi spa. It can take only one spa that hasn’t been completely drained from the previous client to be at risk of developing and infection.

    Have you ever had a nail service, particularly a pedicure and notice the skin around your nails are really sore? Over the years I have had many clients come to me with some pretty bad horror stories. Implements like nippers, scissors, clippers, drills and cuticle pushers have the capacity to break the skin and take healthy skin with it. Never let someone use a callous remover blade on you, other than a trained podiatrist. These things can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. I remember a lady who had a blade used of her feet, so much healthy skin was taken off resulting in her not being able to walk for a few days!

    I hope I haven’t scared you all into thinking you are going to get a fungus at your next nail appointment but there is good news: the majority of nail techs do the right thing. Good hygiene looks like nail technicians wiping down tables and chairs with a hospital grade disinfectant after every client, washing their hands, washing, disinfecting and air drying metal implements in a dry sterilized area or autoclave. Files and buffing blocks also have similar cleaning procedures.

    Salons must have good housekeeping skills and if you don’t feel they meet those standard then select a different salon for your next appointment.

    Below I have put together a quick guide on ensuring your health when visiting your nail technician;

    • Always disclose if you have or had any infections, fungus’s or disorders regarding your hands and feet.
    • Take note of the nail tech cleanliness and nails; never trust a nail tech with bad nails!
    • Look around at the salon, does it look and feel clean? 
    • Are employee’s wearing dust masks? If so, leave immediately.
    • Are foot spas dry before use?
    • Only use a qualified nail tech.
    • Always look at the implements that are being used on you, say something if they don’t look right.

    Hygiene is probably not something you have ever thought of when getting your nails done, but it is incredibly important to your health to be wearing of what is happening around you. No one likes to walk away with more than you bargained for. Be aware and have great nails!

    Connect with Kirby on facebook for more nail information and inspiration!