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    Review | Twelve’s Sheet Mask Monthly Subscription Box

    A handful of sheet masks delivered right to your door sounds blissful doesn’t it? I find I never have enough masks stashed away and always find myself running low – especially when I’m about to pour a glass of wine and slip into the bath! Enter Twelve, the monthly Australian sheet mask subscription box service. With two different plans available at present, with either four or eight hand-picked premium Korean sheet masks included, this service begins at $14.99 per month. Twelve also pop into each box a brief guide on each of the masks included for you to get masking straight away and to help you understand exactly when and how to use your sheet masks to achieve their best results.

    ‘Sheet masks should be included as an addition to your beauty routine and treated as a boost to help you target your skin problems. Imagine that you are baking a delicious cake, sheet masks would be the yummy icing that you spread on top to make your cake perfect!’

    Included within the November box with a total dollar value of $39.50, was:

    1. Adaline Keep Cool and Drink Ocean
    2. Benton Aloe Soothing Mask Pack
    3. Mizon Enjoy Vital Up Time – Hydration
    4. Noh:j Deep Cleansing Bubble Mask
    5. Annie’s way Lavender & Chamomile Soothing Mask
    6. Lululun Weekly Face Mask Homeo Age
    7. JayJun Baby Pure Shining Mask
    8. Skin’s Boni Yogurt Bonimini Mud Pack

    This box is full of cute and colourful sheet masks that are very different to what you would generally find in Australian stores. My pick of the bunch was Skin’s Boni Yogurt Bonimini Mud Pack, and half the fun was opening the packaging – so cute! I applied these masks while I was in bath, before work on a Friday (my skin rejoiced!) and nearly every night since the box arrived while I was working in the office or simply just watching tv. With Twelve including both the shipping and the physical masks within the total price of $27.99 for the 8 piece box, it’s completely affordable for yourself and maybe even your best friend!

    Just an FYI – Twelve recommends that when storing sheet masks to ensure they’re kept at/in a cool place (less than 30 degrees) and out of direct sunlight but for something a little extra special, try popping the mask into the fridge for an hour or so prior to use for a sublime cooling touch.

    If you’re interested in trying out this subscription, make sure you enter your email address on the Twelve website pop-up and you’ll receive $5 off your first order, with a minimum $20 spend!

    *This subscription box was gifted for the purpose of review, but all thoughts, words and opinion are of my own.

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    Coming Soon from Bali Body

    Some exciting new product news has just landed in my inbox from the babes at Bali Body. Even if you think you don’t know who or what Bali Body, I’m going to bet you’ve seen their products ALL over Instagram. The proudly Australian and vegan friendly skincare company are about to release a new Pineapple Tanning Oil – a luxe multi-purpose, hydrating tanning oil that nourishes skin whilst creating a deep summer glow.

    Bali Body introduces the new Pineapple Tanning Oil – a luxe multi-purpose, hydrating tanning oil that will nourish your skin while helping create a deep summer glow. Enriched with grape seed oil, sweet almond oil and coconut oil to naturally enhance your tan and leaving you smelling like a tropical summer holiday. All four Tanning Oils are formulated to rejuvenate dry skin and treat eczema, cellulite, scarring and acne.

    The Pineapple Oil will join the range of high quality & affordable products now extended to four tanning oils (Cacao, Natural, Watermelon and Pineapple), a luxurious moisturising lotion, moisturising sunscreen, lightweight BB cream (the product I’ve read the most rave reviews about!), bronzing lotionvegan coconut lip balm and Body Shimmering Oil. In four short years, Bali Body has grown from strength to strength and has generated over one million Instagram followers with the products seen on celebrities around the globe contributing to their loyal following – just look at their Instagram feed for proof!

    Proudly Australian and vegan friendly, Bali Body are committed to using natural and naturally derived ingredients. The Pineapple Tanning Oil will be available exclusively online for $23.95, including shipping, with further information available here with free and fast shipping available for all Australians.

    Oh and did you know that all Bali Body tanning products are now available in 100ml bottles so you can fly internationally with your Bali Body product by your side!

    Happy Summer days,

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    Beauty Chats with @bambidoesbeauty

    Gone are the days of heavily powdered skin and Insta-brows, it’s all about natural glowing skin with dewy pops of colour and groomed brows. And no-one does it better or more effortlessly in my book than Elle Mcnamara of @bambidoesbeauty, who I recently caught up with to ask a few burning questions that I have no doubt we are all wondering! Just scroll down…

    [ Elle Mcnamara ]

    What do your morning and evening skincare routines look like, and any special skincare treatments you might do throughout the week? “My morning and evening skincare routines are pretty much the same. The only difference is if I’ve been wearing makeup throughout the day I will take a lot more care in double cleansing to make sure all the makeup is removed!My routine starts in the shower with the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, followed by Soap and Glory greatest scrub of all which has salicylic acid in it as well as micro particles to buff away dead skin. Once I’m out the shower I use an acid (usually Pixi’s Glow Peel Pads which are 20% glycol) which refreshes my skin once again and helps maintain my skins glow. Then I’ll go onto serum which varies from Glossier’s Super Bounce / Pure to Beauty Pie’s Lumiboost Spot Correcting Serum (both give you a nice dewy glow) followed by a combo which I’m loving at the moment, Glossier’s Priming Moisturiser mixed in with Sarah Chapman’s Overnight Facial Oil to achieve a lovely radiance to my skin. Sarah Chapman is Victoria Beckham’s go to facialist and now I know why – her products are fantastic especially if you love the dewy look! The only treatments I might add in to my skincare routine is when my skin is feeling blemished, dull and congested I will use The Body Shop’s Himalayan Charcoal Mask, this immediately calms my skin and helps soothe and soften it. I also like The Ordinary’s aha & bha acid treatment for when my skin’s looking dull and needs a 10mins fix!”

    If we opened your makeup bag, what would we find? “You would find a lot of highlighters! My go to brand for highlighting is Becca Cosmetics. There is literally no other brand that makes a better highlighter for me. No glitter, just a real sheen that makes it look so natural. I use their liquid shimmering skin perfector in shade pearl as well as their first light priming filter and their under eye corrector. Other than that I like to focus on the base so I have my Rimmel Instant Tan in there (lasts ages and I’m yet to find a tan that is as good – no orange tone at all!) I switch between Laura Mercier’s Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser and Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Gel Cream. Although I rarely wear eye makeup, when I do I use L’Oreal Waterproof False Lash Wings Mascara which is utterly brilliant for a feline cat eye type look.”

    What products do you use on your gorgeously long hair? “I adore Bumble & Bumble’s Sunday Shampoo which clarifies my hair and leaves it really lightweight (I have thick hair so can get weighed down with some shampoos). I also love Bleach London Reincarnation Mask for when my hair needs looking after! I’ve never used hair oils before I discovered Ouai. I use their hair oil when my hair’s damp and it leaves no residue just a lovely scent and softness.”

    If you could only have 3 makeup or skincare products, what would they be? “Pixi’s Glow Peel Pads, The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist, Madame LA LA West Coast Bronzing Serum – it treats your skin whilst tanning!”.

    Say hi to Elle on Instagram at @bambidoesbeauty, isn’t she just a beauty!

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    Review | Dermatonics Natural Skin Care

    The past few months I’ve dedicated to upping my skincare game (which may be thanks to my recent K-Beauty obsession!) and have recently begun to incorporate several Dermatonics® products within. Dermatonics® is created by the husband and wife team, Donna & Helder Marçal, whose passion for products that are free from harsh chemicals and great for sensitive skin is what drove them to develop this beautiful range of clinical-grade skincare.

    When developing the formulas, they ensure an effective and authentic product that retains effectiveness with NutridermaceuticalsTM .This is a world-first biomedical breakthrough of functional organic phytonutrients with high potency organic antioxidants. ELASTICEN® is the proprietary composition that helps exert youth looking effects through functions that behave like ‘ceuticals’ to enrich the natural physiological activities of skin. ELASTICEN® is exclusive to Dermatonics® and is used to help maintain skin radiance and youth appearance at its best through strengthening collagen and elastin matrix.  Dermatonics® was developed with innovative and safe formulas, with a superior blend of natural medicinal plants, flower extracts, essentials oils, herbs and spices that allows the super-pure ingredients to remain active. Dermatonics® NutridermaceuticalsTM are particularly beneficial for blemish correction and help skin that is dry, sun-damaged, eczema, rosacea and prone to acne breakouts!

    I’ve been trialling the below products for a few months, and want to share my thoughts on each product.

    This combination of products is known as the ‘Even Your Complexion’ kit, which I guess is fairly self-explanatory. The cleanser is a clear silky liquid which removes makeup and cleanses skin in one simple step, but while it was created with oily and acne-prone skin in mind and I don’t have many spots to worry about – it actually hasn’t left me dry nor tight whatsoever. I do tend to double cleanse of an evening when I wear a full face of makeup, but I actually think you could skip this step using this cleanser, it works that well. The Dermatonics Clearskin® is excellent at preventing new pimples and clearing up current ones, thanks to its natural breakout prevention formula, and feels especially nice on the skin. As I said, my skin is fairly clear (other than my rosacea) but anything to stop new zits from forming right? From what I can see, this product does not contain SPF so just remember to pop that over the top afterwards.

    I’ve gotta say, my HG product is The Brightening Essence, which helps with pigmentation, blotchiness and will help the appearance of large pores. As I’ve just turned 29, I figured it was high time to control any further discoloration that I may find, and my skin is left instantly softer and smoother once applied. The eye cream is, of course great for crows feet, but is also really good for dark circles under the eyes – again I feel that dark circles could be a problem as I get older so best to step in now!

    I’ve experienced zero irrationals or reactions whilst using these products, and I use both morning and night. A further Q&A section is available on the Dermatonics® website, which also goes into additional detail on the making of the skincare.

    Dermatonics® has been tested around the world in some of the most extreme climates to ensure stability and the products can be used on all skin types in all geographical regions of the world.  The range is, of course, completely vegan friendly products, and are proudly Australia made and owned. You can receive 15% off your first order by subscribing to Dermatonics® newsletter, just click this link!

    *While this post is sponsored by Dermatonics®, this post remains 100% completely my own thoughts and opinions. 

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    Protect Your Skin This Summer

    Long term readers of my blog will be familiar with my mother’s melanoma story, and how fanatical my family and I are about looking after our skin year round. Now it’s almost Summer (finally!) in Oz, let’s talk sun protection, because let’s face it – you only have one skin and it’s your job to protect it. Hayley Fahd, NSW State Educator at Ella Bache, speaks to the issue of protection against damaging UV exposure, and it couldn’t be more timely. Hayley says that “prolonged exposure in the sun can lead to signs of premature ageing, therefore using a broad spectrum sunscreen that filters both UVA and UVB rays is imperative. UVA rays penetrate deep into the epidermis; unprotected exposure can lead to premature ageing and damage to the skin. While UVB rays penetrate the superficial layer of the skin it is the principal cause of sunburn; both UVA and UVB contribute to skin cancer risk.”

    Hayley recommends that we choose a sunscreen that both light spectrums, and reminds us that Sun Protection Factor (SPF) measures how well a cream or lotion protects the skin from sunburn. SPF should be applied first thing every morning, 20 minutes prior to going outdoors. Says Hayley “exposure to the sun causes both the epidermis and superficial layers of the skin to age prematurely this can result in pigmentation, dark spots or static fine lines. The regular use of sunscreen helps to prevent these damages as it works in synergy to filter light spectrums.”

    “Did you know over 80% of premature ageing is caused by the Australian sun*? Not to mention, we still have the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Ella Baché have always been unrivalled leaders in the suncare category and as a brand we take great pride in this.” Pippa Hallas, CEO of Ella Baché

    Speaking of Ella Baché, they offer a wide range of advanced sunscreen protection from SPF30+ to 50+ with breakthrough product formulas, with the range made and tested in Australia to ensure suitability for the Australian climate. All of Ella Baché suncare products are tested and approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration), a division of the Australian Department of Health, responsible for regulating and safeguarding Australian products.

    Enjoy these gorgeous long days and stay safe,



    * US National Library of Medicine

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    Your Summer Skin Staples

    Introducing Ella Bachés’ newest launch, Great Suncover SPF40, a light diffusing, paraben-free light weight cream foundation, enriched with age defying ingredients that provide a luminous soft glow to the skin whilst protecting against UVA and UVB rays. The cream acts as a sun protective as well as a concealant, providing your skin with SPF40 protection as well as the perfect foundation coverage. Ella Baché’s Great Suncover SPF40 has been made and tested in Australia to protect against the harsh Summer rays. The Great Suncover SPF40 Foundation provides a medium coverage that can be layered, or applied thin for a sheer and natural look.

    Key Active Ingredients and Benefits:

    • Organic UV absorbers and titanium dioxide to absorb and reflect UVA and UVB to prevent premature aging.
    • Jojoba softens skin and offers healing properties
    • Green Tea as a powerful antioxidant to protect skin from free radicals.
    • Lanolin to protect lipid barrier and maintain moisture balance.

    Great Suncover SPF40 Foundation is available in 4 shades: Light Beige, Cream Beige, Medium Beige and Dark Beige. Ella Bache suggest to warm the product between fingertips and gently blend onto skin at least 20 minutes before sun exposure. Re-apply often, especially after swimming or excess perspiration. Suitable for all skin types and conditions.

    Now for the body, Ella Baché are also releasing Great Bodysaver Lotion SPF 50+, a nourishing and fast absorbing light weight non-greasy lotion for the face and body offering the highest broad spectrum protection of SPF 50+. The perfect take everywhere product for Summer, Great Bodysaver Lotion works hard to protect your skin from harmful rays whilst also providing your skin with nourishing benefits.

    Key Active Ingredients and Benefits:

    • Enriched with lanolin, macadamia nut and olive oil derivates to keep skin soft, moisturised and hydrated.
    • Packed with super fruit antioxidant complex of pomegranate, cranberry, grape seed and vitamin E, it enhances the skins’ protective barrier and prevents moisture loss.

    Both products will be available late August at all Ella Baché salons, David Jones stores and the Ella Baché online store. For stockists call 1800 789 234 or visit their location finder at

    Additionally, Ella Baché are excited to launch their #IWillBeMe campaign, encouraging Australians to find confidence in their own skin. Through their 28 Days to Skin Fit Program, #IWillBeMe is focused on empowering women to love and display their whole selves. Ella Baché believes it’s not just about how you show your skin, it’s what you do in it that matters. Ella Baché believes every Australian is unique and beautiful in their own way which is why they’re encouraging Aussies to take part in #IWillBeMe campaign.

    The #IWillBeMe campaign focuses on an Ella Baché 28-day Skin Fit challenge, encouraging inner and outer health. 28 days is the length of time it takes for skin cells to rejuvenate which is why Ella Baché are launching a Spring ‘28-Day SkinFit’ program. “#IWillBeMe campaign is about empowering Australians to be confident in their own skin. The 28- day skin fit program will allow customers to join us on a journey to skin health. We want Australian’s to share the best versions of themselves which is why we’re also encouraging them to share their story on social media.” Says Pippa Hallas, Ella Baché’s CEO.

    Ella Baché’s #IWillBeMe campaign stars Australian actress Madeleine Madden, Arabella Peterson of The Ladies Network and model Zoe Cross. Together these three Australian beauties signify the underlying themes of Ella Baché’s campaign, championing self-acceptance and a celebration of skin. Australians are encouraged to kick start their Spring journey to healthy skin by booking an initial complimentary skin diagnosis, followed by a 45 minute SkinFit facial treatment. Through the program customers will be prescribed a personalised skincare routine and educated on the best homecare skin solutions, allowing them to take the necessary steps towards optimum skin health. They’ll also receive a ‘SkinFit pack’ with two travel sized products tailored to their individual skin diagnosis.

    The #IWillBeMe campaign kicks off on the 28 th August where consumers are encouraged to visit an Ella Baché salon to receive their complimentary skin diagnosis. Throughout the campaign, consumers will also be encouraged to share their journey on Instagram using the hashtag #IWillBeMe.


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    Stem Cell Skincare

    The words ‘stem cell’ are often thrown around by journalists and television presenters, but I have to admit – I had absolutely no idea what they meant. When the Enbacci Skincare range landed on my editors desk, I was intrigued to learn more, mainly really because I quite enjoyed the products!

    Enbacci describe them as: ‘Stem cells are best described as undifferentiated cells, which have the potential to differentiate into specific cells with individual functions. For example, in the human body, stem cells have the potential to become muscle cells or other organ cells. As such, it has been recognised that stem cells have big potential in regenerative medicinal use. Skin stem cells are found in the epidermal layer of the skin and are involved in skin growth and regeneration. Hence, the ageing process is often a result of ultraviolet radiation (UV) that affects the ability of skin stem cells to regenerate the skin. It is said that 80% of ageing is due to UV radiation. As such, Enbacci utilises stem cells derived from different fruits to produce high quality products, in grape and apple.’

    I was fortunate enough to trial the Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating 3-Step System Travel Companions, which included the below products:

    • Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Gel Cleanser 20ml
    • Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Essence 20ml
    • Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Essential Crème 15ml

    I must admit, I planned to keep these for our US vacay travels but I’m already out, so that was silly of me! I found each of three products gorgeous to use on the skin, and my personal favourite was the Rejuvenating Essence. It’s classed a toner in a spritz form, and leaves the skin prepped for better absorption of subsequent products. The Essence is alcohol-free and is suitable for all skin types. The cleanser is mildly foaming on the skin yet very gentle, and left me feeling clean without being tight or dry – which is common on my rosacea prone cheeks and nose. While the moisturising crème didn’t have an SPF listed, I still enjoyed the sample size as it was hugely hydrating on my skin, and I didn’t even feel the need to add a facial oil as I usually do of an evening. Pretty happy I must say!

    Enbacci prides itself in producing animal cruelty free products, and all products are manufactured in Australia. All materials are fully recyclable after use, to support our world by lower landfill rates.

    Is this a skincare range you would try, let me know in the comments!

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    You Need This Highlighter For Your Body

    Dropping May 1st for a very limited time, Frank Body is releasing a brand new Shimmer Scrub, which has an ingredient being referred to as glow dust. Intrigued?

    What makes this even more interesting is, rather than being a coffee scrub as know and love Frank for, salt and sugar provide the exfoliation this time around and the addition of mica leaves a shimmery finish behind for a glow that even unicorns would envy! Why not pop an entry in for a competition that Frank is running to win a Shimmer Scrub along with a personalised demin jacket with the slogan ‘THROW SHIMMER NOT SHADE’ right here.

    I’m all over this product this morning and cannot wait for the launch, it’s going to all kinds of glitter FUN!

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    Eat Your Way To Glowing Skin

    Jema Lee is an author, speaker and a huge ambassador for making healthy living easy. She teaches people how to create healthy bodies & lifestyles over; burn-out, exhaustion, weakness, lethargy, tiredness, bloating, blemishes, obesity, confusion and frustration – anyone else mentally tick off ones of these?

    If you, like me, struggle with a healthy living lifestyle, you’ll want in on what Jema does. What intrigued me the most is her Eat Yourself Clean Program. This is a 21 day online program where previous participants have achieved big results in the following areas: weight loss and management, increased energy, lower fatigue, balanced appetite, improved sleep, glowing skin, and improved gut health. Did you see glowing skin in bright neon lights? Me too.

    You’ll learn why diets don’t work, all about protein, carbs and sugar, digestion, gut and detoxification pathways, understanding weight loss, cravings and fats, along with travelling, eating out and recipes – pretty much everything to make you feel equipped to live your best life possible. Oh, and Jema also shares her skincare secrets and how to have glowing skin, naturally!

    “Beauty starts on the inside, from the smallest of cells to a humming gum and loving liver.  You can’t expect to see results overnight but if you want to naturally glow, you’ve got to learn how to glow on the inside first. The first place to start for glowing skin is your liver.  Learn to love your liver and you’ll never have to worry about not glowing again”, says Jema.

    To learn more about Jema, her coaching programs or to simply subscribe to her free newsletter, which also scores you a free copy of Jema’s Gluten Free Recipe eBook, simply visit her website at Additionally, if you’ve got health goals, food challenges, are confused or frustrated about your health, or perhaps need guidance on nutritional products to help you glow, set up a Free Health Discovery Call with Jema herself, where she’ll get you started in the right direction and get you going on your journey to becoming the healthiest and happiest version of you – with glowing skin of course!

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    The Softest, Most Gentle Peel Ever

    Just recently, Origani’s Activating Thermal Peel Collection was launched and I’ve gotta say, this set is pretty AND powerful. Surprisingly gentle on my sensitive skin, this three-step process was a cinch to apply and left me with baby smooth skin in the morning. Let me tell you more….

    Included in the oh-so-glam gift set is an Activating Serum, Purifying Thermal Peel and a Cooling Cream. Each product plays a vital part in the puzzle, and work together to fight the signs of premature ageing, including the harmful effects of toxins. While our body naturally has a detoxifying function, overtime, this natural process begins to slow down – resulting in toxins accumulation. Toxins have a significant and negative impact on the appearance and behaviour of the skin, i.e. dullness, lack of firmness and tone, premature formation of lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dehydration, congestion and breakouts and/or reactivity and sensitivity. Origani brings a highly-targeted solution that addresses the issues of toxins accumulation in the skin, by promoting and prolonging our natural detoxification process – thank goodness!

    Let me run you through the process quickly;

    STEP 1 Activating Serum /A powerful ingredient cocktail of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

    To use: Apply the serum to freshly cleansed skin. Important: may be used independently as a high-potency antioxidant serum treatment – simply apply before day and/or night cream.

    STEP 2 Purifying Thermal Peel. Gently releases heat which opens the pores to optimise the delivery, penetration, and performance of the Activating Serum.

    To use: Apply the peel to the skin that has been prepared with the Activating Serum. Massage the peel in circular motions for 1 – 2 minutes. Leave the mask on the skin for 10 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.

    STEP 3 Cooling Cream. A soothing cream to re-balance and protect the skin after the thermal peel.

    To use: after removing the Purifying Thermal Peel, apply liberally to the skin. May be used independently as a soothing and calming moisturising treatment.

    I found using a mask, peel or treatment works best on a Friday night for me, as I enjoy a long sleep in on Saturday mornings, and this mixed with great skin treatments – my best skin ever. This peel is by far the most gentle I’ve ever used, and completely left my skin feeling and looking noticeably smoother, with was certainly a great start to my weekend. Peels often have a bad rap as they can be so aggressive and best left to the pros, but this one is an ideal at-home treatment for a pampering treatment for your beautiful self.

    For more information or to simply take a peek at their luxurious products – Origani has two bricks and mortar stores in Swanston Street and Melbourne Central (Victoria) as well as the online store that’s available 24/7. Physical addresses below;

    Origani Swanston Street: 191-205 Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC 3000 p: 03 99136740

    Origani Melbourne Central: 211 Latrobe St, Melbourne, VIC 3000 p: 03 9654 7654

    What’s your experience with peels been in the past, do you DIY it?

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    My Experience with Simplicité Skin Care

    In early December, I received an email from Robin Lyons, the co-founder of Simplicité Skin Care, which was established in Australia in 1992. Robin expressed interest in Why Hello Beauty trialling the products, which left me sceptical as always, ‘cos you know what I’m like with skincare. I did agree though as we had a mutual friend in Sarah Baker of SJ Lashes, so I was delivered a trial package swiftly after, but not before Robin assessed my skin via email to determine the correct products for my specific skin type.

    I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this on this platform before now I think of it, but I suffer from keritosis pilaris, which is a red and bumpy rash type condition that affects my lower cheeks and upper arms in varying degrees, depending on the day and temperature. Robin noticed this from the images sent via email and recommended products to relieve and treat this condition, which actually worked! I’ve found nothing I’ve tried really over the years has helped my keritosis pilaris, so to reduce the redness and bumpiness to a noticeable degree, is fantastic.

    I also had – note the past tense – a really dry flaky forehead that was more evident when foundation is applied, and I had really started to notice it more and more the last few months. When I mentioned this, Robin’s advice for this was just to continue with my trial pack for a flake free forehead.

    Within the trial pack valued at $69.95, the following products were included;

    • Plant Gel Cleanser (Combination Oily Skin) 30mL
    • One Step Exfoliating Cleanser 20g
    • Hydrating Floral Toning Lotion 30mL
    • Sage Face Oil 20mL
    • Oil Controlled Day Creme 20g
    • Lemon Night Creme 20g

    Robin also popped in a Results Lift Gel (LOVE) and some body products for the keritosis pilaris on my upper arms, such a lovely gesture!

    The trial products lasted about 3 or so weeks (with cleansing AM + PM) which left me feeling good but still wanting more, so I ended up purchasing another trial package for $69.95. I was a little hesitant about applying a facial oil both morning and night, esp. as I can be quite oily by the afternoons, but the benefits are completely worth it. I did reduce the amount of oil used in the mornings, just in case my makeups longevity suffered with it being summer and all, but nope, I’m still happy.

    What drew me in to Simplicité was the fact that their skincare was filled with concentrated, plant-derived ingredients—all of them exclusively medicinal grade, OGA certified organically grown, or handpicked in the wild. Additionally, Simplicité is PETA accredited as cruelty free and vegan and uses no synthetic or ‘natural’  fragrances. All fresh plant and herbal extracts are carefully produced in their Queensland laboratory by Robin’s naturopath husband David Lyons, using traditional methods. It’s a meticulous and gentle approach to skincare and one taken seriously, because OH MY GOSH seriously, my skin is so different. It’s plump, extra smooth, with 80% less redness and bumpiness, with a flawless fresh forehead that I am so enjoying. Hydrated skin is definitely healthy fresh skin, I finally have proof of this. Even my arms are improving, I’m using the Macadamia Body Scrub and Nutritive Body Lotion on the daily which is reducing redness greatly and slowly working to remove the buildup of skin. Robin also shared that the Nutritive Body Lotion ‘even reduces/eliminates early skin cancers on the arms’, which she has personally experienced herself! #willneverstopusingthese

    For those who are wondering about the cleanser’s makeup removal abilities- for best results, I do like to remove my makeup with a cleansing oil before I double cleanse with the Plant Gel Cleanser, which gives me a completely clean canvas to apply my oils and creams to. I then pop the other products on depending if it’s AM or PM, and away I go.

    Thanks to my extremely positive experience, I’ve actually just reordered myself the Simplicité Plant Gel Cleanser Combination/Oily, Sage Face Oil, Oil Controlled Day Crème and Lemon Night Creme. I’m still using the Results Lift Gel and Exfoliating Face Treatment and will definitely reorder these also, they’re such lush treats for my skin that I adore <3

    I can guarantee you, I’m absolutely in love with these products and will recommend these products to everyone, they have seriously transformed my skin.

    What’s on your beauty wishlist in 2017, share with me in the comments!


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    Discovering the Benefits of Botanical Facial Steams

    I’ve always been intrigued by botanical facial steams but never really knew much about them at all. When I connected with Michelle Slote of Elixir Apothecary, owner & stockist of holistic remedies, essentials and luxuriesI knew I found my source of knowledge. 


    Michelle shares that facial steams are a very old and effective practice and depending on the botanicals used can treat many things.  The steam from the hot/warm water opens the pores making the skin open to the botanicals’ benefits.  She believes it’s one of the most relaxing pamperings one can do and is currently developing her own line of facial steams! Let’s find out more…

    Hi Michelle, thanks for chatting with Why Hello Beauty! Tell me, what are the benefits of facial steaming, as opposed to using say a Clarisonic for example or a mud facial mask?

    The benefits of facial steaming are naturally occuring and I’ll list them below.

    1. The steam provides a gentle opening of the pores.  Depending on the botanicals + essential oils used in the steam will determine the results.  The opening of the pores allows the botanicals to be far more effective, unlike the Clarisonic that goes straight in for the cleanse with foreign (foreign to our skin) bristles.  Our skin reacts best to what nature has to offer due to our bodies being so aligned with the earth.  Therefore, our skin is much more receptable to steam followed by the botanicals grown from the earth. On the topic of face masks, facial steaming actually preps the skin for a face mask if desired.  This is due to the open pores and cleansed skin depending on the botanicals. The facial steaming process opens the skin up to soaking in more of the face mask’s benefits.
    2. Facial steaming relaxes you.  If you drape a small towel over your head, it will almost transport you to your own world of relaxation.
    3. Facial steaming boosts the skin’s circulation.  The heat from the steam sends a rush of blood and oxygen to the skin’s surface.  Circulation is essential for ridding dull skin, removing toxins + bacteria and skin’s elasticity + ability to fight age. Also that’s why we have a red, post-steam glow.

    What is actually within the pretty little facial steaming products, and what benefits can you achieve with the different botanicals available?

    • Allspice – anti-inflammatory
    • Arrowroot – heals acne
    • Clove – vitamins a + c + prevents aging
    • Cedar leaf – detox + boosts circulation
    • Cornflower – toner – anti-imflammatory – antioxident
    • Cardamom – boosts glow to skin
    • Calendula – calms skin – anti-imflammatory – reduces redness
    • Chryscanthemun – reduces irritation + anti-inflammatory
    • Linden – calms stressed skin
    • Comfrey root – reduces acne
    • Chamomile – calms skin
    • Danelion root – heals scarring
    • Ginger – reduces sun damage
    • Hibiscus – asntringent
    • Immortelle – repairs skin tears + marks
    • Juniper berry – provides anxiety relief
    • Lavender – relaxes
    • Licorice balm – calms skin + fights acne
    • Marigold – opens the spirit
    • Orange – balances skin tone
    • Rose – antifungal + antiviral
    • Red Clover Blossoms – purifies skin
    • Rosehip – nourishes + moisturises skin
    • Sunflower – repairs skin
    • Stinging nettle leaf – astringent
    • Star anise – antiseptic + cleanses skin
    • Peppermint – reduces the need for skin to over-produce oil
    • Thyme – anti-septic + levels out discoloration
    • Violet flowers – antibacterial – treats eczema
    • Yarrow – asringent – toner
    • Witch hazel leaf – calms oily skin + reduces the need for skin to over-produce oil
    • White willow bark – heals acne

    There are many more flowers + herbs that can be used in a facial steam.  Adding in essential oils too means the possibilities are endless! We are trying to narrow down herbs for our blend at the moment because there are so many beneficial options.

    What is the correct process we should follow for a safe & beneficial luxurious facial steam?

    1. Boil water on the stove.
    2. 1/2 way through add the facial steam botanicals and boil for 1 minute.
    3. Remove from the stove and let it cool for a few minutes.
    4. Place a small towel over the back of your head.
    5. Lean over the steaming bowl and let the steam do it’s magic.
    6. Five minutes minimum but no more than ten minutes.
    7. Do this once or twice a week to avoid irritation of the skin and the disruption of the top layer of skin.

    Is there any products/ingredients or activities we should avoid after a facial steaming?

    In general, your skin should be fine to apply your normal skin care routine afterwards. But this can vary person to person and if you have any doubts, stick to calming/ sensitive safe skincare after treatments.

    Keep an eye out for the release of Elixir Apothecary‘s range of facial steams due during the US Spring, I know I’ll be snapping one up for sure!

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    The Benefits of Beauty Supplements

    Everyone is chatting about beauty supplements right now but what are they and what do they actually do? To answer this question – and more! – I invited Alexa of Potion London, a newly released UK based beauty supplement range, to share her knowledge of why we should all be taking beauty supplements and how to choose the one that is right for us. I’m currently trialling The Hydraulic Complex,  The Collegan Boost and The Beauty Formula, with my review to follow soon!


    Hi Alexa, thanks for chatting with Why Hello Beauty today! I’ve just began trialling Potion London and cannot wait to see the improvements within my hair, skin and health. What inspired you to create your own range of beauty supplements? Have you tried beauty supplements in the past?

    Hi Emily, thank you so much for having me, I love your blog and I’m so excited that you chose to use Potion, and to see how you get on with them.

    I’ve always been interested in nutrition and have taken food supplements for as long as I remember, but never really thought about exactly what I was taking and why – it was more because I saw something on the shelf and thought it would probably make me healthier (I don’t advise this approach!). I had never taken specific beauty supplements before but as I got older I started thinking more about looking after my skin to avoid getting wrinkles. My background is in fashion and beauty marketing and at this time I started seeing a few new beauty supplement brands emerging and they sparked my interest. I knew immediately that this is the future of skincare and started researching which ones I should take, after all, it’s true what they say – you are what you eat. I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for in a supplement brand, so I decided to create it myself. After a lot of research and exhaustive searching for the best UK suppliers, I finally developed Potion London.

    How did you choose your product line?

    I wanted a mixture of specifically targeted beauty supplements as well as general health supplements. It was important that every product in the range also worked well together; one of my objectives was to take the headache out of choosing food supplements so that customers would know that whatever they take from the range is nutritionally balanced and can be safely taken together should they want to take more than one.

    Are these supplements to be taken before, after or with food?

    They should be taken with food (or just after a meal) and washed down with a glass of water. This is to boost the absorption of the nutrients – when we eat our bodies are in ‘digestion mode’ and are prepared to absorb the nutrients most efficiently.

    The exception (hey, there’s always an exception to every rule!) is The Collagen Boost – this one is best taken on an empty stomach so that the digestive acid in the stomach – which is produced when we eat – doesn’t break the collagen down. So this one is best taken last thing at night before bed, or an hour or two after eating.


    Which is your personal favourite from Potion London?

    I take them all and it’s hard to choose a favourite because they all target different requirements, but I would have to say The Collagen Boost. It is our best seller and for good reason – just a few weeks after taking this people notice that their skin is more plump, brighter and has less wrinkles. All my friends now constantly look like they have just had a facial and I’ve noticed such a difference in my own skin. The results are boosted if you take The Hyaluronic Complex as well. Collagen is one thing that is very hard to get enough of in our diet; we would have to drink a huge amount of bone broth every day in order to get the same amount of collagen to make a difference, so a supplement is definitely a good idea!

    My second favourite is The Probiotic. Good gut health is essential for our overall physical and mental health, and while it’s a very under-researched area, more work is being done all the time to understand our guts better and their influence over our entire bodies. Probiotics are not just for people on antibiotics, they are essential for maintaining the good bacteria in our guts, which can improve everything from asthma, eczema, food intolerances, skin health, mental health… the list goes on.

    Do you have any quick wellness tips for women to incorporate into their daily schedule?

    There are lots of quick and easy things can be easily incorporated into everyone’s day to improve overall wellness:

    –          Make a smoothie for breakfast every morning to cram a load of veg into your diet and get a hit of vitamins to start the day – then if the day deteriorates and you end up grabbing food on the go, you don’t feel guilty for not eating enough fresh food.

    –          Try to walk as much as possible. Take the stairs instead of the lift, walk up the escalator instead of standing still, walk to the furthest coffee shop on the street instead of the one next door to the office, get up and walk over to your colleague to have a chat instead of emailing them… tiny little changes all add up.

    –          Stretch for five minutes in the morning to start the day, there are loads of good five-minute videos on YouTube if you’re not sure where to start.

    –          Breathe deeply. We all breathe into our chests and rarely take the time to breathe right down into the belly. It’s amazing how calm and grounded you feel when you breathe really deeply for a few minutes. And you don’t even need extra time to do it – you can do it while walking down the road or sitting on the bus.

    –          And of course, take a food supplement to ensure that you’re getting all of the nutrients you need every day. In an ideal world we would all get 100% of the nutrients we need from our food, but in this busy world it’s so easy to eat the same things over and over, or eat convenience food, which means that we don’t get all the nutrients we need every single day, so we could probably all benefit from taking a supplement.

    What beauty supplements do you take and what’s your experience with them? I’d love to know!

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    New | Kleresca® Acne Treatment

    Acne is something I never experienced to a high degree but I have seen first hand through family and friends how much of an impact it can have on people’s lives. Whether it’s the red inflamed spots or the left over deep scarring, confidence can be shaken deeply when in full swing. Acne affects both males and females and so much is said about treatment for acne, with little actually being true or useful. A few weeks ago when I attended an event to launch a breakthrough treatment for people with acne vulgaris, it was so exciting to see that a new way to treat this ‘common chronic skin disease involving blockage and/or inflammation of pilosebaceous units (hair follicles and their accompanying sebaceous gland)‘ was now available in Australia. Even more exciting, was the before and after images of the lovely patient Natalie who we also met – to see this amount of difference in just 4 months is incredible. Photographic evidence below;


    Now I’ve got your attention, let me tell you more about the Kleresca® treatment. It’s a gentle, in-clinic experience that safely and effectively treats acne, whilst also stimulating the repair of scarring by encouraging the build up of collagen in the skin. It uses a gel applied to the skin which is placed under a high-intensity lamp to kill bacteria and stimulate your own skins repair systems in a pleasant and comfortable way. This treatment even works on severe acne in just 2 nine minutes sessions per week over six weeks, making it a small investment for such a fantastic outcome.


    Kleresca® has little to no downtime after each treatment and has a long lasting effect, as I witnessed on Natalie first hand (the event was held three months after the conclusion of treatments). In clinical trials, no serious adverse reactions were noted and 9 out of 10 people saw an improvement in their skin, with every third person reaching clear or almost clear skin – such a cool stat!

    Tasmania very rarely gets enough new treatments straight away, so to have one of the first 15 clinics offering this treatment in Australia is so exciting for us rural people, but it’s also available in NSW, QLD, ACT, VIC and SA. If you’re international, definitely one to investigate with your local derm.

    For more information, please see this link and if you’re in Oz – let me know if you’re interested in this treatment and I will point you in the right direction – or find a nearby Klersca® clinic here.

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    A Day in the life of Natalie Sellars, of Kindred Toxin Free Facials

    “After 13 years in traditional beauty, there came a point where I could no longer go on. I needed to take full responsibility for the message I was sending about beauty and for what I was putting on client’s skin. I start work each day excited to educate my clients that the’s another way and that a bathroom full of products does equal beautiful skin!” – Natalie Sellers, Founder, Kindred Toxin Free Facial Studio.


    I’ll have hands on and hands off days each week. The days that are hands off I spend updating my online shop, confirming bookings and all things admin related to the business. I’ll always take 2 days off a week usually a Sunday and Monday to recharge, look after myself and spend time with family and loved ones.

    The days that I work in the studio are jam-packed so I need to be prepared. I make all my meals in advance and bring 3 litres of water with me every day to make sure I’m eating well and staying hydrated. Drinking enough water is seriously one of the easiest things you can do to look after your skin.

    I’m usually fully booked a few weeks in advance which helps me see when I will need to be prepared to the max and I can capacity plan. It also gives me time to ensure during that time I’m taking very good care of myself. As the business is only me I have to ensure I’m healthy and on my game.

    Hands off days usually involve some kind of meeting with a supplier, taking my fiancee to some kind of appointment, or checking out new yoga classes or similar (self care is always a priority), researching new products and the newest wellness trends, and making my food for the upcoming days in the studio.


    So my ‘average’ day in the studio?

    6:30am: I’m an early riser and I’ll jump straight into a morning meditation. A current favourite is Alison Potts Morning Meditation. After this I’ll make a smoothie (almond milk, turmeric, proplenish, prana caramel protein, greens and a few other supplements) and check any orders that have come in overnight, check emails, or reorder any stock I need. I’ll also spend a little of this time packing up orders ready for the courier to pick up.

    8:30am: Jump in the car and three times a week I’ll stop and train with my PT at EAT RUN LIFT. I have fibromyalgia and Beau is great at training with that in mind. After training I’ll grab a coffee and head to the studio.

    10:15am: I arrive to my studio at Inna Bliss in Bulimba. I’ll have a shower and set the studio up for a day of clients. I’ll usually see around five or six clients in a day.


    1:30 – 2:30pm: Depending on what rituals are booked in I’ll try and take lunch around now. If possible I prefer to get out of the studio and sit in the sun for a little bit. I might walk up to a local cafe near the studio that has WiFi, grab a coffee and check emails.

    5:45pm: I’ll take another break around now and have dinner which I’ll bring from home. Usually it is veggies or stirfry. It is all low GI, low carb and dairy free. It has to keep me energised to make sure I am giving the same level facial treatment at 6pm that I do for my first client of the day at 11am.

    7:15pm: I’ll clean up the studio after my last client of the day and depending on how I feel I might stay for a yoga class that is on in the studio I work from. Otherwise I’ll book in for an infra-red sauna or head home.

    9pm: While my studio and non-studio days look a little different, the one thing that doesn’t change is that I’m in bed by 9pm. It is the promise I make to myself and my wellness so I can continue to operate at my maximum.

    Natalie Sellars | Website

    Instagram | Facebook


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    Summer Beauty Advice From L’ORÉAL and Napoleon Perdis

    Just how beautiful was Kookai’s SS16/17 runway launch last week? Oh my – the venue, the dresses and you know I was all about the hair and makeup! Just recently, I got the chance to interview Peter Thomsen, the L’Oréal Professional Hair Director and Anna Papadopoulos from the Napoleon’s National Creative Team, after the big event to discuss beauty in Summer 2016.


    Hello Peter & Anna! Tell us, what is Summer Beauty defined by?

    Anna: “This summer it’s all about a gorgeous glow and skin that looks lit from within.  Think sun kissed accents of gold and bronze on the eyes and skin, glassy pink lips and soft flirty blush. Steer clear of dark dramatic lipstick as the look should feel natural and effortless”.

    Peter: “For me, summer beauty is defined by the elements and working with them. From the heat and humidity to the salty sea air, the warmer climate has this great feeling of freedom. For summer hair I always go for ‘less is more’, we feel more an alive, energetic and carefree so we want our hair to complement that and our lifestyles”.

    Anna, you’re totally in the know with this – can you make a matte makeup look work in the summer?

    Anna: “Yes definitely as long as the amount of product used is minimal. To control excess shine try a matte mineral foundation for a more understated look. Apply only where you need it so your natural beauty is enhanced, not covered. Keep it modern by adding dimension and luminosity to the top of the cheekbones using a cream highlighter.  For the lips, matte formulas are fab as they are incredibly durable. To avoid a dry feeling on the lips when the temperature soars try prepping the lips with a little lip balm before application”.

    I’ve gotta say that I’m not much of a CC cream user as I just don’t enjoy the coverage they provide. Anna, can you recommend a similar type of products that isn’t heavy or cakey during the warmer months?

    kookai-photos-by-lucas-dawson-photography-390“Yes! Our BBB Cream or tinted moisturiser is the perfect base for summer. Your base should look lightweight and fresh which is exactly how the skin looks with these formulas. To add a soft wash of pigment and an extra boost of hydration a tinted moisturiser is ideal. If you need to cover spots or redness, simply add a touch of concealer. Our BBB Cream is also a good choice if you like a bit more coverage and a luminous glow. It helps to create a youthful and refreshed look to the skin and is ideal for long summer days”.

    Peter, what hairstyle/s do you think will be popular/on trend this summer?

    “Hair looks from braids to texture pony tails and centre parts with the hair pulled away from the face and even the bun pulled more towards the back like a ballet bun are really versatile looks for the Australian summer. It’s so warm and humid that these types of styles work really well day to day, but you can make them your own by adding braided or rope details and gorgeous texture”.

    Anna, please share which beauty products we must have this summer ?

    “A bronzy/gold eyeshadow palette is perfect for summer as you can create so many beautiful combinations ideal for the day and night. I am also a big fan of a soft sweep of pastel pink blush. It’s the most cute shade for summer and doubles as an eyeshadow. For the lips I love a fun flirty mix of peach and pink. It has to be ultra-creamy and glossy to make the pout pop!”.

    What is your best makeup tip you can share with my readers?

    Anna: “Not to Prime is a Crime! Whatever skin type you have there is a primer that is perfect for you! Primers act as a  bridge between your skin and makeup and help to keep your base in place all day. There is such a wide variety of primers that target skin concerns like dehydration, dullness, excess shine and even work to smooth out the eyes and lips. My must-wear is the Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer which is ideal for all skin types and works to calm and smooth the skins surface”.

    And lastly Peter, what’s the best hair tip you can give?

    “My hair tip for summer; work with your hair’s natural texture! Don’t over complicate your hair look and embrace your hairs’ kinks and waves. You usually just need to make sure the texture and body is even. An easy way to do this and build texture into your hair is by investing in a good quality texture spray like L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Messy Cliché. Spray it onto damp before drying, twist the lengths and create a bun on top of the head wrapping the hair around its self or maybe even a lose plait. Then if you’re heading out that night and want a quick change take out the in the bun or plait and shake up the lengths with your fingers. Make a centre part and push the hair at the front behind the ears then you’re ready to go!”.

    Bring on the hot days by the beach and warm nights with a cocktail I say!

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    My Alpha-H skincare review

    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website. 

    In the beauty world, Alpha-H is known as luxurious international spa quality skincare, therefore I was excited to have recently been given the opportunity to trial and review samples of Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser, Liquid Gold, Micro Cleanse Super Scrub and Protection Plus Daily, thanks to the fab team at SkincareStore!


    Alpha-H is the brand behind the cult status product Liquid Gold. I’ve wrote about Liquid Gold before, but just to remind you why it’s actually liquid gold – this one product boasts benefits including but not limited to;

    1. Clarifies and brightens the complexion
    2. Reduces the appearance of pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles
    3. Works as a toner, exfoliator, serum, and moisturiser
    4. Increases moisture within the skin

    If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know I can be wary of new skincare products especially if they are comparable to salon quality products. But as I’ve had a good experience with Liquid Gold over the last few years, I found myself reading up on other Alpha-H products on their website, which is why I decided to trial further Alpha-H products in case you too had been considering purchase this range. My thoughts are below;

    Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser: I prefer this cleanser on my no makeup days or even as the second cleanse, once my makeup is removed. I’m not confident on its ability to remove makeup as the one time I did swipe it over makeup, it didn’t do much but for a second cleanse – it’s a winner. It’s so creamy, may be the creamiest cleanser I’ve ever used, and leaves my skin feeling so nourishing and fresh without any sign of dryness whatsoever. The perfect winter cleanser….

    Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream: The moisturiser has a balm like texture and I really enjoy this applied of an evening, as opposed to a morning before primer. It has quite a thick consistency and I feel it’s a more of a nourishing night cream which feels so lush on the skin! It also doesn’t have an SPF factor which lends me to think it’s more of an evening cream, especially if sun protection is important to you. I must admit, some nights I even skipped a serum or an oil as it felt so lush on the skin! Again, would be excellent for the cooler months thanks to its hydration.

    Alpha-H Liquid Gold: There’s a reason why beauty experts, celebrities AND bloggers rave about this product, it’s HG status. I spoke about this product in a previous blog post, with my thoughts remaining the same as it’s a staple in my bathroom. I do have sensitive skin, as you may know, and I do worry about using such active ingredients for fear of irritation or reaction, but I can use this product every second night with no sensitivity at all – and less redness BOOM!

    Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub: A very grainy yet strangely gentle scrub that I quite liked. It had a very thick consistency, almost like sand, but still completely gentle and didn’t drag on or around the skin.

    And extra points to SkincareStore for the thoughtful sample of asap’s soothing gel, I always appreciate a sample that is specifically picked on your skin type or purchase – it’s a nice extra touch.

    Have you used Alpha-H products before, do you believe they live up to the hype? I’d love to know so please share with me below in the comments!


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    A Day in the Life of Alexa Mullane, Managing Director of Potion London

    Potion London launched in summer 2016 with a range of supplements promoting ‘beauty from within’. The brand aims to make life easier and take the confusion out of food supplements by offering one-a-day solutions to common nutritional needs; the range has been specially developed by nutritionists to provide the optimum nutritional intake for each particular requirement.

    imag1064 It’s hard to write about a typical day as every single day is so different. That’s one of the things I love about working for myself – if I want to sit in bed and work all day I can (not that I ever actually do this – promise), and if I want to go on holiday at the drop of a hat I can as well (not that I actually do this either but it’s nice to know that I could).

    The most typical day for me starts at 6am when the alarm goes off. I do a couple of social media posts for Potion and then drag myself to the gym. Mornings are my favourite time to exercise because I’m already in a spin or yoga class before I’ve properly woken up and realised what’s happening, and then when it’s over I feel great for the rest of the day. I’m trying to use more natural products to reduce the amount of chemicals I’m exposed to, so I use a home-made coffee scrub in the shower and use coconut oil or almond oil instead of body lotion before getting dressed.

    Breakfast after the gym is usually something like eggs and avocado or a banana and peanut butter smoothie which I prepare while checking my emails and listening to BBC 6 Music on the radio. I will either work from home or take myself off to a café where the gentle commotion of customers lulls me into a deep concentration and stops me from being distracted by that block of cheese in the fridge that keeps calling out to me.

    The morning will usually consist of responding to emails, following up with press, planning ideas for the future and taking online orders to the post office. My company is based in the UK but I’m amazed by how many overseas customers I have. My first ever orders through were from Greece and USA. It’s so exciting to think that people so far and wide are discovering the brand.

    potion-london-beauty-formulaI miss the social aspect of working in an office with lots of people so I try to schedule meetings, or coffee dates with friends most days to keep me sane. I usually arrange meetings in the afternoon – discussing brand collaborations, planning events or having strategy meetings with retailers. The UK department store Harvey Nichols launched the products exclusively when I first started the company, which has been amazing for getting the brand off the ground.

    When I’m travelling to and from meetings on the bus or the tube, I try to use the time productively and read an inspiring book to give me the motivation to keep believing in myself and to stay focused on my goals, or read a book about nutrition. At the moment I’m reading “Gut: the inside story of our body’s most underrated organ” by Giulia Enders. It’s fascinating!

    In the evenings I catch up with friends, go to French lessons, attend industry events or cook a healthy dinner (risotto or thai curry are particular favourites), and if my alarm is set for the gym the next morning I try to get to bed by 10pm (and maybe sneak in a bit of Netflix). The last thing I do before sleep is take the Potion London Collagen Boost capsules to prevent wrinkles and give me baby-soft skin…


    Alexa Mullane | Potion London

    Facebook | Instagram 


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    A Day in the Life of Erica Brooke, Founder of Erica Brooke Skincare

    Erica Brooke, of Erica Brooke Skincare, believes that beautiful and truly natural skin care should not contain things like, parabens, sls, slse, propylene glycol,  phthalates, fragrance, harsh alcohols or GMO’s.

    She believe in keeping packaging to a minimum and that recycling is a must. Unrefined and organic ingredients are best and will always be used when available. She believes in being open and honest with her customers and that multi use products are the best kind of products. She believes in treating her skincare’s ingredients with respect and getting the most out of them.

    Below Erica has shared a typical busy day in her life with Why Hello Beauty’s readers!

    dsc_0118-1  6:00am

    After waking up, I’ll get out of bed and make a hot lemon drink (lemon in hot water). It is my one consistent thing I do for myself each day! After making that, I’ll usually be getting at least one of my daughters, some days both, [Erica is Mum to two girls aged 5 and 3 years] ready for Kindy which includes making lunches, getting everyone to brush their teeth and get dressed. While they’re getting dressed I’ll try and take 20 minutes for myself. Depending on the day I might use that time to give myself a mini facial, I might meditate or read a few pages of whatever book I’m reading at the time.


    I try and drop the girls at Kindy by 8:30am and swing by my local cafe for a coffee. I’ll always try and drink it at the cafe and take the time to check my emails, Facebook and set myself up for the day rather than leaving it until I get home and get distracted!


    I’ll usually try to make the products that require the most attention in the morning. This is usually our range of moisturisers or our newly launched Emerald Elixir, both of which take a lot of concentration, but sometimes I’ll be pumping out our range of natural deodorants which are becoming quite popular!


    Around 2pm I realise I should have stopped for lunch by now and have lost track of time, and I’ll switch to packing any website orders that have come in overnight. I really try and tackle that everyday so that our customers are getting their orders delivered as quickly as possible. I’ll also check what wholesale orders need to be fulfilled and make sure we’ve got enough stock made for the next week.


    I head back to kindy to pick the girls up and head home to get dinner ready, get the girls bathed and ready for bed.


    On a good day the girls have gone to bed and my husband and I get a chance to check in with each other. I’m lucky to have him help out with the business so if it is a busy week he’ll get stuck into the book work for Erica Brooke Skincare while I keep mixing, packing orders or labelling any products. I’ll often make our smaller products at night (masks, the spot sticks or lip balms). I’m really lucky to have a great support network to help if needed. My mum and girlfriends have all been known to lend a hand from time-to-time!


    I’m generally in bed by 11:30pm, sometimes later if there’s a big order to fulfil or pack. I’ve just stopped drinking coffee and hoping that is going to help with getting a little more sleep!

    Erica Brooke | Erica Brooke Skincare

    Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

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    A Day in the Life of Sabrina Jacquier-Parr, Founder of Keeko Oil

    Sabrina Jacquier-Parr is the founder of keeko, the 100% natural, vegan and organic oil pulling products that is made in Australia. Developed to satisfy the market need for an alternative method to the popular treatment of oil pulling, keeko’s easy-to-use sachets are effective, fun & quicker to do than any other oil pulling practice out there, and come in 3 tastebud tantalising flavours that taste damn delicious.

    Used like a mouthwash, the clinically formulated tropical blends are infused with organic and cold pressed Coconut Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil and Myrrh Essential Oil to amp up the health benefits of this ancient Ayuverdic routine. Just 5 minutes on the daily & you will be on your way to naturally whiter teeth, clearer skin, increased energy levels & a detoxed mouth + body. Swish, swirl, spit. Easy!



    I try to stick to a routine in the morning. I like the feeling of freedom in the afternoon if I get all my life admin done early in the day.

    7.30am: Wake up and do morning pages in bed. It’s a form of journaling that helps you get into your subconscious before your ego ‘wakes up’. It’s a great stress reliever and thought processer. Keeko was born in my morning pages! I’ll alternate each morning between morning pages and meditation.

    8.30am: Kick start my metabolism with warm water, fresh lemon juice, honey, apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper and supplements. For me, I find I function best with an omega and an iron supplement.

    8.35am: I am a big believer in multi tasking! So as I take my morning shower I’ll do my Keeko oil pulling. I’ll also do a gentle micro facial exfoliation, at the moment I’m loving BareBabe Scrub, it’s got an AHA and smells like chocolate.  After I have cleansed my body I’ll put coconut oil on my skin whilst in in the shower, it works as an in-shower moistursier!

    Once I’m finished my shower I brush my teeth with Keeko Activated charcoal teeth whitening toothpaste which is coming soon! I wear minimal makeup, so I’ll spray Josh Rosebrook Mist on my skin before using his tinted moisturizer with SPF (it’s seriously amazing), some Tata Harper cheek tint, mascara and a swipe of Frank Body Lip Balm and I’m good to go.

    9am: I always have a protein smoothie in the morning. At the moment I’m loving the Healthy Lab Chocolate protein power with banana, Bruce Almond Milk, and a smoothie bomb (they are amazing). So delicious.

    I then process all the Keeko orders from the past 24 hours and start checking emails. This is usually responding to customer enquires, sales enquiries, and discussions with my marketing and public relations manager. This is also when I get my creative juices flowing. I’ll either be designing our latest product launch and liaising with designers, testing new formulas and chatting with brand partners and stockists to ensure everything is seamless. I have to be in serious Boss Lady mode most of the time, but I leave plenty of time to play too! The best part about running my own business is the flexibility to provides me with.



    Afternoons I allow to be more fluid and it’s usually when I’m running around and more active. I always try and schedule meetings in the afternoon.

    I also try and make it to a class at least 3-4 times a week. I alternate between Yoga, HIIT, Pilates, and Dance Class. Whatever I’m vibing with on the day, it makes it feel less like a chore!

    I always keep snacks in the car like Health Lab Protein Balls which I’m currently obsessed with if I have not time to grab a healthy lunch (usually a protein type salad)

    At 6pm I try and close my computer and spend some quality time with my husband. It’s important to learn when to shut off for the day!



    Sabrina Jacquier-Parr

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