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    Everything you need to know about purple shampoo

    Did you know that not just blondes can enjoy the benefits of using purple shampoo in their hair routine? Whether you’re blonde, lightened brunette, have highlights, balayage, white or grey hair – purple shampoo works to diminish unwanted yellow or orange tones for all hair shades. To learn more about this, I spoke with Moroccanoil’s Global Creative Director, Antonio Corral Calero, who shared everything you need to know about using purple shampoo.

    Who can use purple shampoo, and what are the purposes for each hair colour? Our Perfecting Purple Shampoo is designed for the unique needs of blonde, lightened (including brunette) or grey hair. Any hair type that needs to cool their hair colour down. Not only does it contain the beautiful cool pigments to cool the hair colour down, but also it contains the ArganID infusing the antioxidant powers of argan oil deep into the cortex of the hair leaving the condition of the hair exceptional.

    Are there any hair types or textures that should avoid purple shampoo? The shampoo is for all hair types. And everyone can benefit from it! 

    How should I use purple shampoo? Wash your hair once with your regular shampoo, then rinse and massage this purple shampoo all through your hair. Leave for 3-5 minutes, rinse, and condition. Start by using it on every third wash, and increase your frequency from there if you’re after a stronger result.

    How often should we use purple shampoo to avoid over-toning or damaging the hair? You would use this as often as needed to cool your hair colour down. When you get to a cool effect that you are happy with, you can then reduce it to once a week or until your hair starts to become warmer again. 

    Wishing you good hair days from now on!

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    Introducing the natural skincare that is good enough to eat

    If you’ve seen their aesthetically pleasing pumpkin mask on Instagram, you’ve probably heard about Andalou Naturals, a brand that combines natural ingredients with Fruit Stem Cell Science to create an effective range of natural skincare. When you consider that skin is our largest organ, and we apply products topically all day every day, it’s crucial to know exactly what is in our products for peace of mind. This is why Andalou Naturals’ formulations are powered by the fusion of nature and science, and are 98% nature derived, with no unnecessary nasties.


    In 2011, Andalou became the first beauty brand to achieve 100% Non-GMO (non-genetically modified) Project Verification on every single product, which allows the brand to create quality, efficient formulas with nutrient rich ingredients, without the use of pesticides and unnecessary harsh chemicals.

    Meet natural skincare derived from food

    Andalou’s unique and innovative ingredients, most of which are derived from nutritious foods we eat such as Turmeric, Kombucha, Pumpkin or Avocado, can be found in their best-selling products, such as the Brightening Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask. Speaking of turmeric, which works to help improve skin tone and prevent signs of ageing, I suggest you try the Brightening Turmeric + C Enlighten Serum for maximum benefits.

    We all enjoy a glass of kombucha for gut health, so why not try kombucha in your skincare? The Clear Skin Acai + Kombucha Oil Free Moisturiser uses Kombucha and Acai together to fortify and soothe the skin. Additionally, kombucha is also found in the Clear Skin Citrus Kombucha Cleansing Gel and helps brighten and detoxify the skin after a long day.


    Avocado is chock full of antioxidants that nourish the skin (and hair!) and Andalou Naturals smartly included this star ingredient in their Age Defying Avo Cocoa Skin Food Mask for your plumpest skin yet!

    Vitamin C is a buzzword – and ingredient – of late,  and rightly so with many benefits to boast. So why not indulge in the Brightening Clementine + C Illuminating Toner for your first foray into a natural skincare brand?


    If you’re concerned about the effects of pollution on your skin, or anti-pollution skincare ingredients, I recommend you try the Cannacell Dreamy Night Cream which uses potent antioxidants like hemp stem cells to  counteract oxidative damage and pollution assisting skin to achieve optimal health while you sleep! For the day, try the Cannacell Happy Day Cream for an extra boost of the good stuff.

    Treat yourself to natural skincare now

    Andalou Naturals’ products are all cruelty-free, gluten-free, and nature-derived, along with a range of vegan options. If you’re not sure which products to start with, I recommend taking the Andalou Naturals’ Skincare Quiz to find the best skincare for your individual skin type and/or skin concerns, and while you’re there – make sure to grab 15% off your first order!

    To learn how to effectively begin to switch to cleaner, more natural skincare, Andalou Naturals have made it easy to understand the different ingredients and their skin benefits so that’s one less thing to worry about this year, which I’m sure we can all appreciate!

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    What Is: Skin Needling

    I’ve noticed a whole heap of skin needling treatment videos popping up on Instagram the last few months, which has peaked my interest in learning more about this slightly-scary sounding treatment. I spoke to Rita Porreca of Cosmedic Professionals, a holistic cosmetic clinic in Sydney’s inner west, offering a wide range of beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures including skin needling, who alleviated my concerns with her understanding and knowledge of this treatment. Rita and her team have just launched new power-packed treatments by combining oxygen therapy facial with skin needling, which they say have already worked wonders on many clients to firm the skin and boosting collagen formation from within the skin for better, longer-lasting results.

    “While individually, skin needling and oxygen have always been beneficial, Cosmedic Professionals have been excited to offer then in a complementing treatment package. There is no down-time with this game-changing treatment. Your skin will continue to become firmer and more radiant as the days go on,” says Rita.

    The process works by starting with skin needling, in which their trained cosmetic staff gently glide over the skin with fine needles attached to a pen machine in a crisscross motion: the objective is to stimulate the skin and collagen. Once done, your face is then ready to receive an oxygen therapy facial which delivers an abundance of pure oxygen gas into the cellular level, effectively re-building the skin from inside out. The results are immediate and long lasting while your face is instantly more hydrated, firm and radiant.

    [ watch a quick video here ]

    Ideally suited for those people whose skin is suffering from dehydration, loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles – all part of the ageing process – in just over one hour they will get results. Costing $400 per combined treatment, Rita recommends having four to six treatments once one month apart – depending on your age and level of desired results. It’s safe to have a ‘refresher’ treatment every three months after that.

    Like the majority of cosmetic procedures, ladies who are pregnant, breast-feeding or trying to conceive are not suitable candidates. This treatment is not recommended in people on anti-coagulation treatment, autoimmune conditions, have suffered any type of cancer or who have certain implants in the treatment area.

    Have you tried skin needling, what was your experience?

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    What’s In My Beauty Cupboard, with Kristina Temelkovski of Raw Complexions

    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website.

    Kristina Temelkovski is the founder of Raw Complexions, the unique powder blends dubbed Beauty Food. The range consists of two blends of Beauty Food; Skin Balance, which is a powerful mix of herbs that aid in skin rejuvenation with antioxidant protection, slowing down the signs of premature ageing and Skintox, which is a blend of superfoods and ancient Chinese herbs that aid in detoxifying, purifying and cleansing the liver of any built up toxins that are generally the root to many skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, inflammation, dehydration and psoriasis.

    I’m so excited to say that Kristina has opened up to Why Hello Beauty and shared her beauty routine with us, so let’s get into it!

    “I have always been taught by my mother to take good care of my skin. She never used to let me wear makeup when I was a young teenager and taught me to cleanse and moisturize every night. Now I do wear makeup most days but make sure I always cleanse morning and night”.


    In the morning I start by cleansing my face with Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser is a light liquid cleansing gel. This cleanser leaves my skin soft, clear and radiant. It is gentle on the skin, yet very effective, and helps ward off congestion, breakouts and flakiness.

    After cleansing it’s serum time. Hyaluronic B5 serum and Niacinamide B3 serums by The Skincare Company help me to add moisture to the skin as well as controlling the sebum produced which can cause me to have congestion. A SPF moisturizer by Alpha H is then applied, I cannot stress how important it is to use SPF every day to protect your skin from UV damage.

    I use Raw Complexion’s Beauty Food Powders Skintox and Skin Balance most mornings. I am prone to hormonal breakouts and congestion and I find this always help to prevent that before my time of the month. I love to add it into my protein shakes, smoothies and yoghurt.

    My makeup routine I like to keep simple during the day. I use MAC Studio Fix with some Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer to cover my under eye bags (which I have most mornings), Nars Blush in Orgasm, a few layers of mascara and MAC matte lipstick in shade Kinda Sexy. This shade is a pinky nude that makes me feel like I have my life together as I’m rushing out the door.


    I usually like to take my makeup off as soon as I’m home and I know I don’t need to go anywhere. I use 2 cleansers at night. The first is Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk which is a milk-based cleanser which is great for sensitive skin. I then use my Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser to clean the rest of my skin. Next, I apply Alpha-H Liquid Gold to a cotton pad and wipe my face thoroughly. It contains glycolic acid which is great for helping to get rid of and prevent congestion. I apply Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Gel which helps control my rosecea followed lastly by Skinceuticals Renew Overnight Dry moisturizer to complete the day.

    Such a glamour, is Kristina. Have you tried Raw Complexions, I’d love to know your experience so share with me below in the comments!


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    The Only Lipgloss You’ll Need in 2017

    Attention girls, Glossier have just dropped a product that I believe will be the only lipgloss you’ll need in 2017, well at least until a new trend comes in and takes over!

    Introducing the Clear Lip Gloss, Glossier took everything you love about lip gloss, got rid of everything you don’t, and formulated what they call ‘the perfect lip gloss’. Their formula gives lips a cushiony, crystal clear shine with no gluey feeling, no stickiness, no grittiness and no glitter (which is v. important!).

    The fuzzy doe-foot applicator glides on a delightfully lightweight layer for a comfortable, glassy finish that won’t disappear after an hour and because the Glossier looks after us, your lips stay soft and hydrated thanks to moisturizing Vitamin E within.

    And if you, like me,  live outside of the U.S and Puerto Rica (currently where Glossier ship to), try using a delivery service like ShopandBox or MyMallBox – actually a MyMallBox experience + review is on its way in the next few weeks, so  stay tuned!

    Is this a trend you can see yourself rocking? Personally, I love the glossy lip and haven’t worn lipstick since like, last week!

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    Sephora Australia’s New App

    Have you downloaded Sephora Australia’s new app yet? Available 24/7, this beauty app is customised to you and is your on-the-go access to beauty inspiration, exclusive offers and more!

    Be the first to shop new arrivals, snatch up bestsellers, discover hot-right-now Sephora favourites and earn points every time you shop as a Beauty Pass Member. You’ll love easily navigating all things Sephora with the entire selection at your fingertips, plus personalised recommendations just for you. Oh, and get inspired by the hottest beauty trends through the videos and in-app blog, BeautyFeed.

    [ Sephora AU ]

    More than a makeup app, Sephora – Beauty Shopping for iOS and Android allows you to redeem points as a Beauty Pass Member at the Rewards Boutique, plus receive a birthday gift. App-only specials will give you exclusive access to previews and promotions you can’t find anywhere else but the Sephora app.

    Just another reason my credit card hates me, oh well #yolo!




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    Isabel Lucas for Sante by Enjo

    Although Isabel Lucas hasn’t been on our television screens since 2006, when her stint as Tasha Andrews on Home and Away concluded, she has never been too far from the limelight with her natural fresh beauty and gorgeous fashion picks. Adding to her long list of achievements, Isabel can include being the the face of new product range Santé by Enjo, which introduces skincare products to the already successful home cleaning empire (just ask your mum or grandmother!), thanks to the benefits of a uniquely handcrafted microfibre.

    The Santé fibre range is made up of ultra-fine monofilament fibres, designed to form a unique weave that has an exclusive medical-grade patent. The specially woven texture, originally designed for the gentle debridement of skin abrasions, cannot be replicated, which means ‘no other skin care product will leave your skin feeling as sublime as Santé.’ Handcrafted in Austria from the finest raw materials, each fibre product in the range is individually hand checked for quality and durability. Santé is proudly against animal cruelty, chemical free and passionate about sustainability, caring for both your skin and the environment.

    “I love that there are no chemicals used, it’s so simple, you’re literally using water, it’s so pure and clean – what could be better?” Isabel Lucas

    The new Santé by Enjo range includes the following products amongst others;

    Face Glove

    The fibres cleanse pores, lifts dirt and makeup from your skins surface, while maintaining the harmony of your skins natural oils. Try using this glove with coconut oil, it’s a great natural alternative to your usual skincare that works perfectly with the Santé fibre for a nourishing makeup removal ritual.

    Makeup Remover Set

    Using just water, Santé’s super-soft fibre discs gently cleanse, lift dirt and makeup from your skins surface while maintaining the harmony of your skins natural oils. The double-sided disc protects your most delicate areas, leaving water to do what it does best, soothe and hydrate.

    Exfoliator Set

    The microfibre exfoliators are perfectly designed for once-a-week deep-cleansing, to buff away dry, dead cells and re-energise your skin. Being kind and chemical free, Santé’s exfoliators use water alone, hydrating as they go to leave all skin types happy, healthy, bright and glowing!

    Bamboo Face Towel 

    This highly absorbent luxurious face towel gently removes excess moisture from the skin after cleansing, and as it’s made using bamboo, is super soft to touch!

    I think this range sounds heavenly for anyone who dreams of a simplified skincare routine, or has concerns around skin irritation or reactivity. Plus if it’s good enough for Isabel….

    Have you tried any products from the Santé by Enjo range, or would you try them?

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    Where To Find Korean Beauty in Australia

    Our obsession with Korean Beauty is at all time high, and with the constant evolution of exciting products and range available – it’s such a fun time! Whether you’re looking for extra hydration in your skincare, a new lip mask or foundation, or simply a fun facial mask, you’re completely set. For my local Australian fans, here are my picks for stocking up on all things K-Beauty – plus a few international options too!

    [ Chriselle Lim ]


    A Perth-based company specialising in Asian skincare products, and primarily Korean skincare. Aniqa is of Persian origin and means “elegant and beautiful”, and epitomizes the brand so eloquently. Brands such as Be The Skin, RE:P, Neogen, S2J and May Coop are all available here.

    CY House

    The pioneer of the Korean beauty scene within Australia, and the authorised retailers of the best beauty brands out of South Korea. Brands available include Innisfree, Skinfood, Tony Moly, Nature Republic, Banilla Co and Heimish, where is everywhere on Instagram right now! #skincaregoals

    Style Story

    When STYLE STORY first began, Korean beauty products weren’t widely known or available in Australia, but this Brisbane-based store was founded with the goal of showcasing the best and most innovative Korean beauty products to Australians. Brands available at STYLE STORY include COZRX, Laneige, Missha, Thank you Farmer and Hera amongst others.

    Lilac and Berries

    Lilac and Berries offers a selective collection of beauty products from Korea which the founder Michelle personally experienced and curated, before bringing to the online store. Brands available include Mamonde, Kicho, Goodal, Benton and many more!

    And for the international options, try Beauty Bay, Meet Unni and Peach & Lily, for all the cosmetics your heart could ever desire!

    Make sure you tag me in your skincare hauls pics on Instagram, I’d love to see what you’ve picked up!

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    Meet Lila Castellanos, Owner/Esthetician of Doll Face Skincare Studio

    Doll Face Skincare Studio is a boutique esthetics-based atelier in Los Angeles, launched by Lila Castellanos in 2014.

    Ms. Castellanos is a Licensed Esthetician with over thirteen years of experience in the skincare industry that includes med-spa, luxury day spa, and mobile spa environments. Her treatment philosophy is focused on delivering luxurious, personalized service and pampered care to improve and maintain the health and integrity of her clients’ skin.

    My mornings begin with coffee, a light breakfast, and spending some brief quality time at home with my partner and pups. Thankfully I live in close proximity to my skincare studio, which is a blessing in Los Angeles so I don’t have a long commute and depending on my schedule, I ride my bike to work whenever possible. After getting dressed and ready for work, I review my schedule and answer client emails before I head to my studio. Upon arrival, I begin my prep by lighting candles, setting my mood music, setting out all of my sterilized tools, stocking linens and products, and putting out my lemon/cucumber water and client treats. My studio is my home away from home and I want my clients to feel at home as possible, so making sure the space is client-ready is definitely part of my daily ritual.

    Our treatments aren’t just surface deep. That vibrant, dewy glow you’ll leave each appointment with will be a result of skin wellness
    from the inside out.

    My days are quite busy with back-to-back client appointments. As every client is different and client skincare needs can change based on a variety of factors, no two days are ever the same, which is wonderful as I embrace changing things up. I’m so fortunate to have a great rapport with my clients which makes my days go by very quickly. Any non-scheduled client time is spent communicating with clients via email, placing orders with my vendors, researching products and treatments, and staying current with my industry. Ongoing education is essential in the esthetics field as new ingredients and treatment tools are constantly being introduced. I’m also very active on social media so that contributes to my day as well.

    As a skincare professional, I’m constantly reviewing products and test-driving them on my own skin so I can make the best choices and recommendations to my clients. My product pantry is more like a warehouse, however that said, there are a few basics that I won’t let my skin go without.

    First and foremost, as a SoCal gal, I always wear sunscreen and encourage my clients to do the same. I rely on MD Solar Sciences as it’s a mineral-based sunscreen and is packed with antioxidants (vitamin c, green tea, cranberry fruit, and pomegranate) for bonus anti-aging benefits. My clients love
    the tinted mineral creme so much that it’s hard to keep in stock!

    Think of Dollface as your very own beauty bartender serving up personalized service and luxurious indulgence; using only the most
    up-to-date techniques, specialized products, and professional equipment to deliver results.

    I also LOVE a good eye product. We all know that the delicate skin around the eyes needs extra special care to minimize fine lines, keep the area hydrated, and minimize any puffiness or dark circles. I am obsessed with Intraceuticals® Rejuvenate Eye Masks as the plant proteins and hyaluronic acid really does the job. Plus, they are so incredibly refreshing. They also make lip masks which are equally indulgent.

    Exfoliators are important, as are quality serums and moisturizers that can be tailored to individual skin needs or concerns, and I do love a great mask, but another go-to product for me is Pollution Solution. With all of the environmental toxins that our skin is exposed to, it’s important that we neutralize the effects and limit the inflammatory-response that leads to aging and damage. The mist is a refreshing blend of stabilized vitamin c, lemon, white tea and malachite extracts, which smells amazing and protects skin against smog, tobacco smoke, and other airborne toxins. It’s another must-have for me and my clientele.

    At the end of my work day, I have my own end-of-day routine with regards to “closing up shop” before I head home. And before bed, I always go to bed with a clean, make-up free face, something I stress to my clients.

    We’ll help you meet your skin care goals to diminish sun damage, minimize scarring, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, combat environmental stress, address roblematic skin or hormonal changes, improve tone and texture, prepare you for a special event or ensure you’re “camera-ready”.

    And adding to my Los Angeles must-visit checklist… Have you visited Lila at Dollface, I’d love to know!

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    The Fun New Lipstick You Need Right Now

    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website.

    If you’re a makeup junkie, you’ve no doubt heard of Kevyn Aucoin. You’ll also probably know that his newest launches always go pretty crazy in Instagram land.

    Whilst reading the latest Cult Beauty newsletter that popped in my inbox yesterday, I noticed this within and knew I couldn’t not share this with you. As Cult Beauty puts it Kevyn Aucoin’s Molten Lip Colour Top Coat is guaranteed to inspire your inner unicorn (even if you’re positively grown-up).’

    The Molten Lip Colour Top Coat

    The ‘3D’ liquid top coat contains multi-dimensional pearls and intense pigment for the perfect prismatic, light-reflective shine. The moisturising formula feels weightless and comfortable but keeps lips gleaming with long-wearing staying power. Available in two irresistible, iridescent shades – lilac-hued ‘Cyber Opal’ and icy blue ‘Cyber Sky’ – the glosses can be worn alone, used to accentuate your everyday lip colour or layered up to achieve a max-impact holographic lustre.

    Adding an opalescent glow and holographic shine with just one sweep, this is the lip gloss dreams are made of. The soft, moisture-rich formula glides on for a sheer, long-wearing finish that takes any lip hue to the next level, or lends sophisticated, shade-shifting shimmer to bare lips.

    [ Kevyn Aucoin Beauty ]

    Perfect for a fun night out, music festival (hello Coachella!) or simply for a Instagram selfie – it’s a must have fun new product.

    Would you wear it yourself?

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    The Hair Brush You’ll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without

    As you’ve seen all over the runways, super elegant smooth and sleek hair is so on trend right now, with this look spotted at Marc Jacobs, Gucci and Alexander McQueen, just to name a few. To achieve your own glamorous waves, like the gorgeous Karlie Kloss below, you need to know about a little hair gem known as the Dessata Detanging Brush.

    I’ve personally been using this little guy for a few months now, and actually just last year chucked out my old hair brush to replace it with Dessata full time! It’s perfect for detangling wet hair after washing, as it doesn’t tug or pull at the hair at all and actually promotes shine and softness – all at once. I use this each and every day and cannot imagine my life without it, and if you have children with long hair – this would be a game changer. Find out why below!

    How is the Dessata product different from other detanglers and brushes on the market? Unlike other major competitors, the Dessata brush contains 347 triple length bristles which are uniquely designed to penetrate tangles deeply and comb the hair without causing trauma to the hair shaft. The MAXI brush in particular also sports 12% greater spacing between the bristles which makes it perfect for thick, long and curly hair types. The design itself is also ergonomic which means it moulds to the user’s hand for a customised and enjoyable hair brushing experience.

    I’ve read the bristles are coated in a gel to promote softness and shine, can you explain this a little more? The bristles are made from a unique gel compound which makes it incredibly resilient, yet incredibly gentle to hair. The Dessata MAXI bristles are stronger than the original to accommodate thicker hair types, and massage the scalp simultaneously for increased blood flow to the scalp. The gel compound is also antistatic which reduces flyaways and promotes a natural, glossy shine.

    Is there a different between the smaller and maxi size brushes? Dessata is proud to boast an impressive range of brushes for all hair types. From the original, to the mini, to the MAXI, Dessata has detangling tool to suit all ages and lifestyles  We even have a range of unique products specific to Dessata, including the coconut scented summer brush and the men’s beard grooming tool, the barber brush.

    Are there any hair types that should avoid this? The Dessata MAXI, although best suited to thicker and curlier hair types, can be used by everyone. The increased strength in the bristles make the MAXI a perfect alternative to traditional brushes, as well as a relaxing tool for a gentle head massage. Depending on the age and lifestyle of the user, a smaller Dessata brush, such as the Original or the Mini, may be better suited for those with smaller hands, like children, or those looking for something compact to throw in their daily handbag or gym bag.

    Have I convinced you this a product you need in your life, pronto?

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    The Makeup Trends We Will Be Seeing in 2017

    Jill Chambers, the founder of Australian owned, earth friendly and chemical free makeup range The Makeup Factory, has ever so kindly shared her expert knowledge with us at Why Hello Beauty, to ensure we stay one step ahead of the makeup game we call life.

    Jill says, “2017 is certainly moving back to ‘fresh is best’ based on trends we’ve just seen straight from the catwalks of Paris and New York. Barely there skin is back with a vengeance, mixed with interesting and quirky shots of colour i.e coloured metallic liner and deep plum lips. At TMF. we always believe that natural is never boring and our philosophy is to bring out the best version of yourself by choosing your own makeup story.

    You can achieve these key trends for 2017 with our ‘art series’ eye range (use these wet to create a bold metallic liquid liner) and ‘sadie’ and ‘jerry’ in our vegan lips range for the classic deep wine and sophisticated red lip which will never go out of style. Fresh skin is always in with our vegan skin perfector liquid foundation mixed with our pure skin base primer for a fresh, dewy, barely there foundation look.”

    Learn more about The Makeup Factory via their website, Facebook and Instagram – they’ve some gorgeous images on their social platforms!

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    How To Do Organic Health & Beauty in Australia

    In an age where everything is going digital, I discovered a new website, Sprout Market, that helps you achieve all your health goals along with natural and organic makeup, but at a wholesale price, with convenience. Instead of heading into the shops, I can shop online, and let the healthy goodies come to me, which late at night after work – I’m thankful for good food so much more!

    With such a wide range of food and products available, you can shop Food, Health, Babies & Kids, Home, Pets and of course as well as my personal favourite, Beauty at Sprout Market, it’s pretty much a mash up of Costco and a health food store, but much more accessible – with new makeup brands being available all the time!

    [ image : @these.sonny.days ]

    Speaking of wholesale, everything on Sprout Market is 20-50% off the retail price in traditional health stores because they’ve cut out extra costs to make organic food available to everyone. Sprout Market sources local brands and directly approaches them to cut out the middle-men who so often add the unnecessary cost to the equation – which is great for the customer!

    Sprout Market is really changing up the game in the organic market, and they care about our different values – whether we’re vegan, gluten intolerant, or paleo, they’ve got the best of the best products to make sure they satisfy all our needs. Whether you’re after a more fulfilling diet, or just curious to try organic makeup for the first time, Sprout Market is the ultimate online marketplace to begin your new and exciting health conscious journey.

    First-time members can test drive Sprout Market for free for 30 days. Your free trial begins upon placing your first order and will roll into a paid membership 30 days later. During your trial membership, you’ll have full access to our selection of great products at wholesale prices and other membership perks offered exclusively to Sprout Market members. Oh, and you’ll receive 15% off your first order and free shipping!

    FYI – I just placed my first order for 9 x Remedy Kombucha at just $3.95 each with free shipping – literally crazy as my local store sells this exact one for $6!

    What are your health and wellness goals for 2017, is Sprout Market something you might consider?

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    Create Your Own Custom Made Lipsticks with The Lip Lab

    The Lip Lab is a cult beauty experience in Australia, and with good reason. A beautiful stylish space where you can create custom lipsticks and lipglosses, personally chosen by you and created by colour consultants while you watch. Oh, and from the 27th March 2017, you’ll also be able to blend your own foundation at The Lip Lap, combining pure pigments and toners with skin enhancing ingredients, they can offer you a range of liquid foundations including matte, oil free and enriched! *squeal*

    How does The Lip Lab work? Simply make an appointment with one of the professional lip lab colour consultants. During a consultation with one of the professional colour consultants, they will discuss what colours you normally wear, what you would like to experiment with, textures you prefer, whether you like a creme finish or a matte finish etc. If you’re a located in Sydney, check out the flagship The Lip Lab store, located at 308 Oxford St Paddington, Sydney for their huge range of micas and pigments available for your viewing pleasure.

    Once you have chosen your colours, flavours and finish, your consultant will make it for you on the spot. This process involves heating, mixing and then cooling in our state of the art lipstick moulds. More than one lipstick can be created in a single session, and you can choose from creating a lipstick or lip gloss.

    In under 15 minutes your new custom blended lipstick will be ready for you to apply. The Lip Lab will also provide you with a consultation card specifying the blend if you wish to re-order.

    Lipglosses can be supplied in either a wand or pot, and a number of flavours are available which you can add; including strawberry, blueberry and citrus. There are lots of things you can add such as; a lip plumper to make the lips appear fuller whilst you wear lipstick, an anti ager to help prevent lipstick from feathering or creeping into fine lines, or an SPF, to just name a few.

    For special touch to your brand new lipstick,  check out the limited edition Swarovski lipstick cases. These can be purchased in store for $85 (standard Swarovski case), $150 (crystal fabric Swarovski case) or $350 (crystal rock Swarovski case). These prices are inclusive of your own custom made lipstick, and hit the link here to find your closest Lip Lab.

    Perfect for your next girls event, maybe your besties hens day or your birthday, it’s the ultimate girly pamper day with up to 6 people can be serviced at a one time, although advanced bookings are required.

    Have you visited The Lip Lab, what was your experience like? Share with us in the comments below or tag me on Instagram at @whyhellobeauty!


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    The Latest in Anti-Aging Beauty Treatments

    Keeping myself and you – the reader – up to date on all things beauty is a passion of mine. I recently caught up with Rita Porecca, founder of Cosmedic Professionals and Managing Director of the Sydney Permanent Make-up Centre, to learn about the latest in anti ageing, which if you’re like me – you’re all about! Rita shares that two of the best ways for quickly turning back the clock on ageing skin are meso-gliding and platelet rich plasma (PRP).

    These two medically endorsed beauty treatments can successfully be combined for maximum results in a matter of weeks. “For the first time we can now offer clients a powerful ‘double dose of internal and external skin repair’, using their own stem cells and amplifying the collagen production in the body, especially the face,” explains Rita.

    While PRP has been used for a few years now, the clinic can now offer the highest grade of rich platelets for the best results in non-surgical procedure for facial and skin rejuvenation but PRP can also be successfully used to treat thinning hair and hair loss particularly male pattern baldness.

    PRP therapy uses your own blood platelets to stimulate new cell growth, helping to improve your complexion, skin texture and to restore lost facial volume. Meso- glide is a skin needling technique, which helps to infuse active products, targeting acne or other facial scars, and tightens the skin for a more youthful appearance.


    “Skin Needling techniques like meso-gliding have vastly improved with better than ever results in stimulating our clients’ natural collagen, so your skin can improve itself naturally, with hardly any down time. At Cosmedic Professionals we are able to reverse signs of aging also great for acne scarring. It also stimulates melanin to improve the look of white scarring,” said Rita.

    What exactly is the PRP procedure?

    In PRP, 10-30ML of your blood is taken and spun it in a centrifuge, which enables the separation of the blood cells from your plasma and platelets. This is then re-injected into the skin to stimulate collagen and new skin cells. PRP harnesses the beneficial functions of the patients own platelets and therefore there is no risk of allergy or rejection of the treatment. Your blood is then placed in a centrifuge for around 8-10 minutes. Once your cells have separated, the rich platelets are extracted and injected into the skin where rejuvenation is requested.

    What should you expect after your PRP treatment?

    Most people will experience some mild to moderate swelling in the area of treatment, redness or heat, which are all common side effects and are part of the activation of your platelets. Because a volume of fluid has to be administered, swelling is inevitable. Bruising can occur and may take several days to disappear.


    How soon will I see results?

    Most patients will require an average of three treatments at four to six week intervals. The first thing people notice is an improvement in skin turgor and elasticity. Collagen production can take up to three months to occur and the results can differ depending on the individual. Because the injected product is 100% your own, factors such as smoking, stress and illness can effect results. A series of three treatments can yield results for up to two years.

    Are there any reasons why I can’t have PRP therapy?

    Like the majority of cosmetic procedures, ladies who are pregnant, breast-feeding or trying to conceive are not suitable candidates. This treatment is not recommended in people on anti-coagulation treatment, autoimmune conditions, have suffered any type of cancer or who have certain implants in the treatment area.

    PRP start from $650 for one area, with some clients wanting to add in their neck, décolletage or hands. Meso-gliding is priced from $200 for specific scars, a half face is $250 and $350 for a full face treatment. The Cosmedic Professionals tea, suggests at least two sessions per area, 4-6 weeks apart combined with different treatments for optimum results like IPL, skin needling or medical grade peels hence in a customised package, with loyalty discounts of up to 20 percent.

    Cosmedic Professional is a holistic cosmetic clinic in Sydney’s inner west, offering a wide range of beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures under a single roof. Founded by Rita Porreca, Managing Director of the well-established Sydney Permanent Makeup Centre boasting over 30 years of industry expertise, the clinic combines Beauty Treatments, Medical Procedures and Alternative Health Therapies under one practice.

    Happy hump day loves!

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    A Day in the Life of Rachel Roberts, Owner of Hobart’s Beauty of Arcadia

    Rachel Roberts is the owner of Arcadia Beauty, in Hobart Tasmania AU. Beauty of Arcadia provides natural, ethical and eco-friendly treatments for health and beauty conscious women of Hobart who want pure rejuvenation and relaxation in today’s fast paced world.

    Rachel has consciously selected product ranges for your beauty treatments that are friendly on the environment, your skin and, of course are natural + cruelty free.


    Rachel says: My day can start anywhere from 5:30am – 8am, depending on when Estela, my 18 month old daughter wakes up. I rarely ever set an alarm. If I’m awake before my partner’s alarm goes off at 6am, I’ll do a workout before he leaves and get back into bed until Estela wakes. I never go back to sleep, so I’ll be scrolling through social media!

    unnamed-48am-9am:  Estela has breakfast and plays with toys, while I’m packing her lunch box for day care and getting myself ready for work. Since becoming a mum I’ve gotten my morning routine down from an hour to less than 15mins! My daily hair routine is fuss free and full of dry shampoo + always up – if you see me with my hair down, I’ve put in  some effort! Makeup is always simple for work-using The Makeup Factory. The Makeup Factory is a vegan, cruelty free, natural Perth based makeup line that I stock at Beauty of Arcadia. I pop on some primer, foundation, brow powder and pomade, a little liner smudged into the outer corners of top and bottom lash lines and mascara – done!

    9:15am: I’ll drop Estela at care or my mum will have her for the day.

    9:40am: I’ll arrive at work, set up for my day of clients and have a chat and always a laugh with the ladies upstairs at Apache Hair before my first client arrives.

    10am-1pm: I’ll book clients back to back doing treatments such as brow henna (a natural alternative to brow tinting) through to manicures using vegan friendly five-free polish Gloss and Co.

    1-2pm: I usually only give myself a short lunch break but occasionally I’ll plan to meet a friend for lunch in North Hobart!

    unnamed-51-5pm: Some days I’ll head back to work after lunch and be booked through until the evening. Some days I’ll go home to work on my business rather than in it. As I’m only a new business (6months) I’m still building my clientele so scheduling time for marketing is important for my business to grow.

    5pm: I pick Estela up from care and the evenings are always spent as a family (unless I’m working late) bathing Estela and reading her books. Once she’s in bed I’ll catch up on social media or read a few pages of a book, or just sit on the couch with my partner to catch up on our day!

    My ultimate goal is to have my own premises, where I can offer a wider range of treatments. Next month I’ll be adding Body Sugaring (a natural, virtually pain free alternative to waxing) which I’m super excited about as it’s not really a thing here in Hobart yet! My vision is to have a natural beauty destination that is Eco-friendly, vegan friendly and using only the best natural products for my clients, see more on this link“.

    Rachel Roberts

    Facebook | Instagram

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    A Day in the Life of Professional Makeup Artist Tammi Hendricks

    Girls, if you dream of working within the makeup industry – and getting paid for it! – you can come join me in living vicariously through gorgeous Tammi, who you e-met just the other day in this blog post. Your daydreaming begins now…


    7am: I am up somewhere around 7am each morning to get the most out of my day. No matter what my day looks like, I make sure I do a yoga practice every day – even if it’s just 10 minutes, it makes all the difference. I’ve practiced yoga for about 15 years now and it’s transformed my health. It keeps me calm, focussed and it’s my time to clear my head and let go of anything that is not serving me. I sometimes mix it up with a brisk walk or plyometric exercises to build some heat or choose a more dynamic yoga practice for strength and endurance. My work requires a lot of movement through the neck and shoulders and these tend to get very tight and painful, so daily yoga gives me the strength I need to do my job.

    8am: I manage an autoimmune disease so my nutrition is key to my health but I’m also not great with eating breakfast, so I usually make a quick smoothie packed with “skin-food” ingredients. To clean my skin from the inside-out I always include a good quality turmeric supplement from Bioceuticals, some Zen Green Tea matcha powder, fresh organic ginger and cinnamon with frozen banana, coconut oil, coconut flakes, greek yoghurt and lactose-free full cream milk. It’s in an immune-boosting blend with a low sugar content and the turmeric has amazing blood cleansing and anti inflammatory properties that helps to heal and calm my immune system. The matcha gives me an incredible antioxidant boost that helps me on days when my veggie intake is low. Whilst I’m drinking my smoothie, I listen to business podcasts (Profit Boss is my current favourite), positive affirmations by Louise Hay or TED talks that inspire me to be productive and focussed.

    9am: I have a quick scan of my emails and social media, before getting ready for the day ahead. My makeup takes me no more than 10 minutes to apply as I have a pretty standard go-to look for most days. My first social media post is usually around 9am and I publish across all my channels; Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat and LinkedIn. I find that being consistent across my platforms gets the best results. I mostly work in my home studio unless I have a shoot or am doing beauty consulting or workshops. First up is always a flat white from FX Café to get my mind going and help me prioritise my day. If I’m on set, I’m usually travelling to a job in the morning (sometimes from as early as 4am) and by 9am I have set up my kit and starting makeup and hair prep on-set.

    11am: I’m a big believer that you can control your mornings but after that it’s anyone’s game. So, 8-11am are my “power hours”. It’s when I tick off my big tasks that will take me the most time and effort – especially my marketing content and video blogs. These take me time to plan and produce so I need to do them early in the morning whilst I am feeling fresh. At home, I am a big list writer but I find them hard to tick off with constant interruptions of email and phone. Instead, I just aim to achieve 2-3 major tasks a day. If I’m on a job this is the go-time for makeup and hair, getting models, clients ready. Once they are ready for set, I stay on to do touch ups and assist with the shoot.

    GM_49271pm: I’m also a shocker at lunch – I get caught up in my work and forget to eat! Especially when I am in between jobs as these always run past lunchtime and I find myself grabbing something random on my way home. I’m trying to keep at least a low-sugar protein bar and small coconut water with me in my kit so that I never get caught hungry. If I’m working from home I’ll make an effort to break and grab something healthy like sushi or soup.  This is usually the time where I attend to any important emails, make any phone calls and plan projects or collaborations with other businesses.

    3pm: If I’m working on set, usually this is when I’m travelling home or to my next appointment. I always try to find a café or somewhere I can check my emails or return any missed calls. I also like to schedule my meetings in the afternoon as it gives me something to look forward to and forces me to be productive in the morning. One of the best things about running a makeup business is creating beautiful content with great artists, designers and fellow entrepreneurs. I am working on a few very exciting projects with some amazing new businesses that will change the way we approach beauty and skincare and this is keeping me really busy.

    6pm – 8pm: I am home and scheduling my second social media post, responding to comments and engaging with my audience. I’m also preparing dinner, tidying up and doing any housework I don’t get time for (especially as I work most weekends).

    After dinner I try to switch off from business and enjoy time with my husband, watching a movie and enjoying a glass of wine. This is also when I wash my brushes, repack my kit and prepare for the next day. Every now and again I will run myself an aromatic bath to allow me to detach from the day’s events or do a bedtime yoga but mostly I just ensure I have switched off my phone. My final social media post usually goes up at 8:30 and I leave it until the morning to view the results.

    9.00pm: It’s become really important for me to allow myself an hour to wind down practice gratitude exercises before I go to sleep. I have found that focussing on the positives has allows me to manage the ups and downs of running a freelance business and I am truly thankful that I get to work with people to help them feel good in their skin. My call times can be as early as 5am (I have been known to set my alarm for 3am!) and I am always thinking of my next project or initiative, so sprinkling calming essential oils under my pillow ensures a calm, restful sleep, ready to start afresh the next day!

    M | 0410 303 611

    E |

    A | Unit 3, 49-51 Banksia Rd Caringbah NSW 2229

    W |

    Snapchat  | The Makeup by Tammi Hendricks