Celebrity Makeup Artist Michael Brown on Top Beauty Trends of 2017

Ahead of his Makeup Cheats professional skills session at Beauty Expo Melbourne in March, celebrity makeup artist Michael Brown shares his top five trends that you need to know about for 2017. As a makeup artist, a lot of my inspiration comes from red carpet events around the world. This is where we see globally recognised makeup artists and celebrities looking their absolute best in on-trend fashion, but also realistic and wearable makeup looks that can be easily re-created. Runway is aspirational for me and Instagram makeup? Well, it’s purely an art form… Over the top, larger-than-life makeup that is not for everyday wear. A true celebrity makeup artist contours, strobes, uses many products and techniques, but in a way that is so blended and so lived in, it is almost hard to tell what they have used to achieve the look.”

Here are some top trends to think about…

  1. Realistic Skin

Concealer and foundation are a common application for most women, but don’t overdo it! Spending that little extra time hydrating the skin, using the correct primer/illuminator is so much better in terms of long wear than piling on coverage for, half the time, no reason. No skin is all one colour, so try to only conceal and even out what is needed. Let the real skin show through, so there are no signs of foundation used – letting the skin shine through and glow is what a celebrity makeup artist is good at.

  1. The Natural Highlight 

We all love a highlighter, but the look of a very ‘placed’ highlight above the cheekbone is on the decline. Anything that looks visibly placed can take the magic away from makeup, and make it not seem as natural. I like to use a skin illuminator or highlight under foundation, which reflects light and lifts, but diffuses slightly to not look so heavily placed. Of course, a blended amount can be placed over foundation but in a gel or liquid formula that’s less metallic – to not look artificial.

  1. Face Shaping

Every makeup artist and celeb loves a little contouring, but we are steering away from the solid cheek contour and making it more about lift. By highlighting first, you’ll see the face lift, meaning you can use less shade for contouring. Add a light blush on the apple of the cheek in a peach or pink tone and you instantly get lift. It’s more about lifting than sculpting.

  1. Lived-in Eyes

We are seeing less of placed colours on the eyelid and more blended washes; less structure in application and more layering to build up depth. Eyeliners are smudged, nude tones are washed on the eyelid and socket with less-defined lines. Let the lashes and brows be the focus, not individual eye shadow shades.

  1. Creamy Lips

Lips should have moisture to look plump. Our lips should feel good all day, not tight or dry. Because of this, creamy textures are back! Not necessarily shiny or glossy; just full and creamy, as this is comfortable and allows moisture for a natural plumping. Bold or nude, it’s the texture of the lip product that counts for the look of your lip.”

On Saturday, 25 March at Beauty Expo Melbourne, Michael Brown will host Makeup cheats, a beauty professional skills session which will show makeup artists how to use multi-purpose products and textures to create different effects. Tickets and more information can be found at



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