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While the beauty industry was once prone to excess, and some may say over consumption, recently there has been a change to more sustainable approach to products and tools. Nadia Eizadi, conscious beauty guru and owner of Bat Your Lash, an eco and sustainable beauty salon, has taken her next steps in challenging wastage in today’s beauty industry with the launch of Pandoo, a one-stop-shop for sustainable beauty tools.

“My inspiration to start the range started when I realised how much waste the beauty industry creates. To be hygienic we had a lot of single use tools such as mascara wands, lip applicators and cotton ear buds. We were using and disposing so much in a day. To know the effects of what plastic does to the environment and our planet was disheartening and worrying. So I made the decision to swap the tools that I could from plastic to bamboo. What I couldn’t buy, I created”, Nadia said.

Encouraging consumers and professionals alike to replace their plastic tools with a more eco-friendly, sustainable solution, Pandoo provides an alternative to the often-overlooked plastics in our beauty routines. Nadia says: “We chose bamboo because of its many benefits. It is 100% natural, biodegradable, anti fungal and antibacterial. It absorbs greenhouse gases, not to mention it’s amazing growth rate compared to other natural resources. Knowing that plastic takes 1000 years to decompose and bamboo only takes 2-3 months, it makes it the eco-friendliest option. My aim is to try to reduce landfill as much as we can, so switching to bamboo (although it is slightly more expensive) is really a no-brainer.”

Pandoo is launching with three key products; Ear-Buds, Lip Applicators, and Mascara Wands all made from the super-powered plant, bamboo. Nadia says “Since Pandoo is bamboo based it has many benefits as mentioned previously, additionally we have also made the swap from using plastic to using biodegradable satchels to post our products. Not only are our Pandoo beauty tools promoting and supporting an environmentally conscious way of life, but so is the packaging in which customers are receiving their products. It’s a win/win!”

Here’s to saving the earth, one beauty product at a time!


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