De-cluttering Your Office: Creating The Best Space to Work at Home

New year, new you. Well, partly new you. It’s easy to make grand promises in January about all the things you’re going to do to make yourself and the world much better, but sometimes it’s important to start small. Reaching achievable goals gives you the motivation to accomplish bigger ones. And what better goal is there than transforming your environment to make it easier to work in and more productivity inducing? To help you change up your domestic workspace and enjoy the boost in efficiency that will come as a result, here’s our handy guide to de-cluttering and enhancing your home office.

1. Get cleaning

Having a proper, thorough clean can do wonders for how you feel about a space and what you get done within it. When you work in an environment or spend a lot of time there it’s good to have clean, fresh air. Set aside one morning, turn up the music loud and get scrubbing, dusting and hoovering until your whole home office is sparkling clean. If needs be refer to specific guides such as how to get rid of mould or specialist ways to clean blinds. A fresh and clean space will inspire you to sit down and get to work!

2. Create more storage

There’s nothing worse than trying to work when you’re snowed under with papers, objects and mess. It’s distracting and can make finding the things you need for the task in hand pretty difficult. To avoid this fate, spend a bit of time creating more storage in your work space. You can even label different boxes by type so everything is organised and much easier to find in the end.

3. Have a dedicated inbox for papers and letters

Old school, right? Everything comes electronically these days. Well yes and no. When you think about it you’d be surprised at how much of your working life still revolves around plain old paper. That means it’s important to have a clear system to deal with incoming letters or notes to stop them piling up on your desk. It’s also a good idea to recur to the good old sticky notes to mark important papers.

4. Clear out the draws

Draws hide an array of sins. It’s too easy to dump anything and everything into a draw and not have to worry about it anymore. Out of sight, out of mind and all that. The thing is, draws that become a home for everything and anything tend to take on a life of their own, housing weird odds and ends with which you don’t want to deal. Take action today, tackle each draw one by one and be ruthless in throwing unnecessary things away. And remember, if you find hidden nasties like stains or mould at the back of a newly cleaned out draw, double check how to get rid of mould or how to remove stains from wood effectively.

5. Keep your desk items to a minimum

Your desk is the main piece of furniture in your home office, so keep everything on top of it to a minimal. A clear desk means essentials only – plus one or two décor items for visual inspiration. So select which items you need the most to get your work done: laptop, pens, notebook, headphones, agenda, sticky notes, etc. And don’t forget to add some decorative inspiration to lighten up your work desk: a small plant, a flower vase, a candle, a frame with a picture or a motivational message – for example.

De-cluttering is cathartic; it makes you feel refreshed about your life and your projects. Get stuck in and see the difference it’ll make to your work today!



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