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With summer so close for us Australian’s, we are all looking to get our summer bronze on. Even if you live elsewhere, a bronzed glow is a much-coveted look so if you are looking for a new tanning product or just some different tanning ideas, be sure to read on!

If you’re new to DIY bronzing, ensure you read the below tips before any products hit your skin.

Be sure to always apply fake tan to clean, dry skin that has been shaved around 12-24 hours earlier or at least that morning. Otherwise, it can result in a rash or reaction in some cases. Also, keep hydrated whilst bottle bronzed by applying moisturizer daily and don’t forget your sunscreen all year around!

Self Tan WHB

Now, it’s product time. No matter what skin you have or what shade you desire, this list has you covered with links for each product mentioned. Online shopping/ instore shopping, here you come!


For a flawless fake tan regardless of the product used, be sure to use an application mitt. Streaks be gone and blemishes be vanished!

If you’re unsure on how to use a mitt, jump on youtube and you will see 500,831,221 videos with tips and tricks! Each brand have their own version of a mitt but they are all very similar, visit the below links for more.


 Generally have tinted formulas to see exactly where product is going and wears off gradually. 


Classic DIY tanning but best for the advanced tanners, due to the consistency.


Easy to manover around the body and great to reach hard-to-reach areas!


Thicker than a liquid so no drips marks to be seen!


Great for those new to DIY tanning and the depth of bronze can be controlled closely, with maximum colour achieved within 5-7 days. Top up as required!


For those spontaneous nights out and a quick tan is required, apply this and within minutes, off you can go!


When the scaly skin comes to town, it’s time to get your (gentle!) scrub on and start a-fresh.

There you have it, a guide to DIY tanning and gaining a gorgeous shade of bronze at home!

Do you have a go-to tanning product? Share with us in the comments and have fun tanning!


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