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Feature | Amy Molloy

Contributing editor to my all-time favourite magazine Amy Molloy is the latest fabulous and inspirational women to be interviewed here at Why Hello Beauty.

Amy writes in such a relaxed and conversational manner that initially enticed me to google her after a previous edition of The Collective and find more articles that she had written. Since then, I’ve discovered Amy has written for the Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday Life and The Sunday Times so it’s safe to say the girl is big news. Read on for my chat with the gal herself!

Hi Amy, thanks for chatting to Why Hello Beauty! What inspired you to want to become a journalist?

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t write – whether it was writing cutesy poems for my parents as a kid or keeping an angst-ridden journal as a teenager. Aside from a brief period when I decided I wanted to study fashion design at university (even though I can barely sew on a button), I thankfully did a side step onto a fashion journalism degree. The rest is history…

I’m such a huge fan of The Collective magazine and that’s actually how I found you – how did that collaboration occur?

I was a fan before I was a contributor. I started reading the magazine from about issue three and found the articles so inspiring. I particularly loved how they weren’t afraid of dedicating three or four of five pages to one article topic. In an era of 200 word blogs and 140 letter Tweets, some Editors are scared to run long articles because they worry readers don’t have the attention span, but The Collective delve deep into subjects. I knew I wanted to be part of the community they were creating, so I reached out to Lisa [Messenger]. Eighteen months on, I say that we’re creative soul mates, because collaborating together is such a dream!

10557402_613340968784283_6158991275774434628_nWhat advice do you have for those who wish to follow in your footsteps?

Accept you might have to start out writing about subject that you’re not really passionate about. The first article I ever had published was a news piece about a Priest complaining about how his cemetery kept being vandalised. I also spent months writing a gardening column for a daily newspaper. But, although I had no interest in these subjects, they taught me key skills about writing, editing and working with publicists.  I’m so grateful now that I’m freelance and can choose what story angles to pursue, but it’s been an interesting road to get here!

Who are you girl crushin’ on right now, Amy?

I recently interviewed Lauren Mulberry, the lead singer of The Churches for a magazine and walked away from the interview with so much respect for her. I also just interviewed an amazing woman for the front cover of The Collective’s October issue. I can’t say who it is yet but watch this space!

What three makeup products could you not live without?

I just returned from 4 months travelling around South America (whilst still working, thanks to the wonders of my iPad) and living out of a backpack completely changed the must-haves in my beauty bag. Because my fiancé and I are far more likely to sleep in a hammock in the wilderness than a hotel, I try to make sure my beauty essentials are environmentally friendly. I always carry GAIA biodegradable baby wipes, a pot of coconut oil for my face and hair, and ECO tan sunscreen. I lost my husband to skin cancer when I was 21, so I’m very vigilant about sun protection.

And lastly, what’s your signature lipstick shade?

I  have to admit, it’s rare I wear colour these days as I often just double up coconut oil as lip salve. But I recently discovered Burt’s Bees Lip Crayons and bought every shade in the range (sorry, not sorry!).

Thank you Amy for spending a few minutes with WHB, it’s great to get to know you more! Oh and I recently received a pink Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon so I totes get you there! 😉

Happy hump day all!


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