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If you have instagram, you’ll have heard of frank body ‘The Original Body Scrub‘. It may be the original and it certainly is the best. I gotta say, this coffee body scrub is worth the social media hype.

‘The high caffeine content of freshly ground roasted and ground robusta coffee beans stimulates blood flow targeting cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema, acne, and scarring’.

Earlier this year I was contacted by frank’s PR rep and when asked if I would like to try the original coffee scrub, I was actually like ‘Wait, I’ve never tried frank before – why is this?’. I have seen this brand dominate social media for so long and just never tried it, so I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email and the opp to finally review the product. This has, in no way, influenced my review or opinion, because as you know, Why Hello Beauty is a small place of positivity on the internet and I also believe myself to be a true and honest person. Within a week the oh-so-cute pink parcel received, was the Original Body Scrub, Body Balm along with some extra information on the frank range. The images used within the brochures are almost as fabulous as the products itself, absolutely lovin’ the campaign!


the verdict

After around three weeks of usage every third or so day, I’m absolutely in love with this natural and silicon & paraben-free coffee scrub. It smells like Jaffa lollies (think chocolate/coffee/orange) and whenever the packet is left open, it completely fills my bathroom with the sweetest smell. Usage of frank has left with me with no reaction or irritation at all and has even cleared up the odd eczema I get within my fingers, thanks to this time of the year.

I’ve used the scrub on the sensitive skin on my face, day + evening with no irritation whatsoever. Really cannot rave about product enough as it just leaves my skin feels silky smooth and with the slightest remainder of the Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil, which is noted within the list of ingredients. It also doesn’t leave that dark stain that I have found some coffee scrubs can leave and also didn’t leave me too oily & sticky all day.

I’m looking forward to spending Autumn + Winter scrubbing away all my blemishes and stretch marks to reveal beautiful Spring limbs later in the year!

Ooo before I forget, the Body Balm is beyond luscious with a thick consistency without being greasy and only the smallest amount is needed so will last me forever. Using this balm after the shower whilst my skin is slightly damp ensures my skin is primed to perfection and with my wedding last week, it was delivered in perfect time. But really, the scrub is the hero product here…

In addition to the frank body Original Coffee Scrub; Cacao, Coconut and Peppermint scrubs are also available, as well as skin care products such as moisturisers, creams, cleansers and lip care! Shop the whole range here (and receive free shipping!) and visit their instagram for a squizz here.

For reference, the products trialled and reviewed were the Original Body Scrub at $16.95AU and Body Balm at $24.95AU.

Yours in scrubbing glory,


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