How To Apply Matte Lipsticks For Best Results

Whilst matte lipsticks look fantastic when first applied, without prepping it’s a different story as little as fifteen minutes later. But according to celebrity hair & makeup artist, Sue Marshall, you can kiss goodbye smudged bold lips that leave you looking like a hot mess. “The new MODELROCK Liquid Lipsticks are definitely my favourite pick for a long lasting perfect pout. MODELROCK’s intense, highly pigmented sharp colours are 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free and the perfect accompaniment to an all day event, or a special night out – they won’t budge!”

If you’re a ‘sometimes’ lipstick wearer, or hate having to touch up throughout an event or an evening out, MODELROCK Liquid Last Lipsticks do what they say – they last, with incredible wearability and longevity. “There are many universally flattering colours in this range so there’s something for everyone! You won’t be disappointed. I always know a winner when I hand my models a makeup wipe to clean their lip colour off after we shoot and they leave with the colour on!” Sue says.

Sue shares her best application tips for her newest makeup obsession, to ensure your lips stay picture perfect and kissable;

Step 1: Exfoliate your lips, either use a lip scrub or alternatively you could use a lip balm and a soft toothbrush and gently exfoliate any dead skin off your lips.

Step 2: Lightly blot the excess balm or oil off with a tissue.

Step 3: Line your lips as you wish. Of course, that’s a matter of preference and if you do, ensure you feather the lip liner inwards slightly.

Step 4: The trick with the application is to apply a thin layer of your Liquid Lipstick and wait until it is completely dry. I find less is more with these.

Step 5: Conceal around the outer edge of your lips with a concealer on a brush or use a reverse lip liner pencil to give a clean clear edge to your lip colour. VOILA!

You’re now set for the weekends festivities, enjoy babes!


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