How To : Detox Your Bathroom

It’s a fresh new year and it’s prime time for a bathroom detox. So many of the beauty products we use on the daily are harmful but I gotta say, I couldn’t really tell you which ones these are – other than the usual culprits like the dreaded SSL! I invited health coach Chelsea Moore Stutzman to share her advice and knowledge on green-ing up your bathroom and giving it a spring clean whilst you’re at it! Take notes gals….

Chelsea is the founder of the​ Well Soul Collective​, a holistic health coaching practice. As a health coach and 200 hour RYT, she works to encourage women all around the world to develop an awareness of and connection to their health and wellness, taking responsibility for their happiness and building the life of their dreams. She also loves talking green beauty and giving product recommendations, so if anyone is ever struggling, they can reach out at

Hi Chelsea, so glad you’re here! Please tell us, what are the first step in detoxing your bathroom?

“The first step here is to learn about the common toxic ingredients found in beauty and personal care products. Some major things to look out for are parabens, BHA and BHT, formaldehyde, pthalates and sulfates. You can also download an app – like EWG Healthy Living or Think Dirty – and use those to check out the safety of products you’re using, as well as get recommendations for other products that may be safer.

Some of my favorite non-toxic beauty brands include RMS Beauty, Ilia, Vapour Beauty and Kjaer Weis. For skin care, I love One Love Organics and Mun Skincare. Acure and Shea Moisture are great for hair care and skin care as well. This is also a great place to start – check out LeVert Beauty or Detox Market and read about some of these brands, check out a few products, and experiment with finding a green, safe option to replace an old favourite. Try to see this as an experiment and an opportunity to find your new favourite!

Another thing is to take this in pieces. Green beauty doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but oftentimes can be more expensive than drugstore alternatives, and no matter what brands you’re using, it’s going to cost a pretty penny to replace your whole bathroom! Start with one section – maybe just your makeup bag – and find safe swaps. Then you can move to skincare and lotions, then eventually to the shower. Think of working backwards from products that spend the most time in contact with your body to the least.”

 Chelsea’s Go-To Green Beauty Products:

What’s the easiest thing we can do to keep our bathroom a sanctuary, not a jungle?

“My biggest tip is to return everything to the same place when you’re done with it, and in line with that to find organizers and/or furniture that works for you. Take a few hours on Sunday afternoon to find organizers you love, then find and make a space for everything in your bathroom and use those spots!

The second thing is to rethink your decor scheme. When you’re at TJ Maxx or Marshalls, find a candle in a scent you love, grab matching towels and a bath mat in colors than you find soothing or appealing. I love cool tones like blues, greens or purples for a bathroom, but pick a color you love and you’ll be sure to love your bathroom, too. “

What do you do yourself to keep your bathroom organised?

“Honestly, our bathroom is quite small, so when we first moved in I laid out areas so that everything has its place. Some mornings I’m in a rush to leave, but I make sure to return everything to its proper place at some point during the day. My skincare routine is in one spot next to the sink, lotions and body oils right outside of the shower next to my dry brush, haircare in a drawer under the sink (just because I spend time on my hair less than other things), etc.

I love searching through thrift shops, as well as the clearance section of Urban Outfitters, for wall organizers, wire racks/drawers that fit into cabinets and drawers to make my small space work for me.”

– Thanks for sharing Chelsea, I know what I’ll be doing this weekend! What techniques do you follow for bathroom organisation, and what’s your favourite green beauty prods? Share with me in the comments!


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