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How to Organise Your Makeup

Keeping your makeup organised will make your morning routine so much easier. I’ve learned a few tips over the years for how to keep your cosmetics collection in check. It’s important to keep on top of hygiene too, so I’ll also show you how to clean makeup brushes fast!


A place for everything and everything in its place

Having a dedicated area for your makeup will make all the difference. If you have to go to the bathroom to grab some of your stash, your bedroom for a few other bits and your handbag for the rest, the whole process is going to take you much longer.

If you have space, a dressing table is the best storage solution. You’ll have your makeup, beauty tools and mirror all in one place, with the added bonus of a stool to sit on.

There are plenty of other options if space is limited. A drawer in a table will suffice – place it in front of a mirror, perhaps near your front door so that it can double up as the place where you throw your keys when you get in. Or buy an extra bathroom cabinet just for your makeup.

Be creative

It’s best if you don’t just chuck everything in a box or a drawer without any categorising. Creating different sections will make it much simpler to find things quickly. It also helps keep each item clean.

You can get creative with your individual storage solutions for your face makeup, eye makeup, lips and nails. These are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Place a hanging organiser over a door to segment your bits and pieces.

  • Pop your brushes in a plastic cup, vase, toothbrush holder or flowerpot.
  • Mason jars can hold cotton wool or brushes.
  • Use drawer dividers to switch one drawer into a myriad of sections.
  • Keep your brushes in their own wraparound sleeve.
  • Repurpose mini hanging buckets or baskets for makeup storage.
  • Floating shelves will keep your makeup out of little ones’ reach.
  • Spice racks can double up as nail varnish shelves.
  • Stick magnets to the backs and attach your makeup onto a board on the wall.

Keep it clean

When your makeup is well organised, you’ll be able to notice when dirt is accumulating. This is particularly important with makeup brushes. Not only will dirty brushes not apply makeup evenly, they’ll also trap bacteria and irritate your skin. There are different ideas about how to clean makeup brushes, but a simple five-step routine is really all you need.

  • Rinse brushes in lukewarm water (avoid the ferrule – where the bristles meet the handle).
  • Lather in baby shampoo or hand soap.
  • Rinse the soap off in lukewarm water until the water runs clear.
  • Use a tissue to squeeze brushes dry gently.
  • Dry them lying sideways in a well-ventilated area.

You can also use an alcohol-based cleaner instead of soap and water. Keeping your makeup organised and clean will help your beauty routine be as safe, quick and effective as possible!



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