Spray Tan Addicts : Introducing Kaf.Tanned

It’s Summer in Australia right now and we all want a tan, but not a real one – it’s so damaging girl! As someone who has a lot of spray tans each year, I always feel daggy coming and going from my tan appointments in my comfy trackies and tee, cos you know what happens if you wear tight clothing or nice clothing but in 2017,  Jade Castles of Kaf.Tanned has us set, looking and feeling our best pre and post tan! Learn more below…

Pictured: Prism Kaftan

Hi Jade, thank you for chatting with us at Why Hello Beauty! What is Kaf.Tanned and where did the idea come from?

It all came about with the customer in mind. Solving the dilemma of what to wear after a spray tan all began when I was in high school and was introduced to fake tan. I have naturally very, very fair skin so the day I found out I could dye my skin a beautiful bronzed colour I was over the moon! I started to build up a clientele of about 20-30 tans each week (I created my first ever job!). My clients were turning up for a tan in jeans, leggings, tight clothes, daggy clothes and always asking me “What do I wear after my spray tan Jade?”. It was then when I came up with the idea to design a fashionable, specially made garment to wear to ensure a flawless tan could develop. I made up a few prototypes and gave them to some of my customers to trial and they loved them! The next few years I started to put everything together e.g. website, designs etc. The name really stood out for us ‘Kaftans when being tanned’ = Kaf.Tanned put together.  We launched 3 years ago with only 3 block coloured kaftans and have since launched over 40 different styles and patterns! I like to think we brought fashion in to the beauty industry!

What materials and styles are available?

We have a few different materials and styles available.

We have lovely long and short rayon kaftans, and a super cute ruffled rayon rope dress. Rayon robes, dry fit robes and more! You will have to jump on to check out our collection at

Where can we find Kaf.Tanned in Australia?

We are in about 300 beauty salons Australia wide and growing!

Is this product available worldwide?

Yes! We ship internationally.

Pictured: Co-founder Jade wearing Seashell Rope Dress (left) & sister Amber Castle wearing Red Desert Rope Dress (right)

Any advice for a flawless fake tan?

Lots! But I’ll make it short & sweet.

DAY/NIGHT BEFORE – Hair removal + exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Afterwards, apply a nourishing body moisturiser the night before tan to hydrate the skin.

DAY OF TAN – Have a quick shower before your tan so your skin is entirely clean, this will allow your tan to adhere to your skin evenly. Do not wear deodorant, make-up, perfume or apply moisturiser to your skin! You should now be ready to put your Kaf.Tanned Tanning apparel on and head to your spraytan sesh. Avoid any activity around water (no washing up tonight for you!) and anything that will cause sweating as this could result in uneven tan lines/blotchiness.

TAN MAINTENANCE – When you are ready to shower your tan off, wash with a mild soap lightly, and always pat dry! Most importantly keep your skin hydrated, this will prolong your tan and keep it nice and even.

Because I look to peek in other’s beauty cupboards, I also asked Jade a few extra q’s!

What’s your HG beauty product? Translucent powder!

BB cream or foundation? I know this might sound a little strange.. But throughout my makeup career I learnt and purchased an airbrush machine, now I just use a water-based airbrush foundation. I love it!! Super quick application and a flawless finish.

Lipstick or lipgloss? Lipstick.

Coffee or tea? Coffee during the day & tea at night!

Heels or flats? I’m a sneakers kinda gal atm or slip ons.

What do you wear to and from tanning appointments, what are your thoughts on Kaf.Tanned? I’d love to know in the comments, so let’s chat!


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