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Introducing Kalumi BEAUTYfood

With my new interest/obsession with beauty supplements, I recently came across Kalumi BEAUTYfood snack bar on my internet trawls, which pulls double duty as a beauty supplement. Kalumi claims to ‘say goodbye to totes of bottles, packets and serums and say hello to BEAUTYfood. This bar will be your new bestie, with 15 grams of protein and vitamins A and C to keep your body beautiful, inside and out’ – which is definitely intriguing so I set out more about this new pretty little thing cos it sounded so damn good!

I caught up with the creators Chrissy & Jayla and asked them to tell me more about BEAUTYfood, which they so kindly did!

“Kalumi BEAUTYfood is a completely gluten-free, dairy free, soy free and non-GMO snack bar. We came up with the idea ourselves in a little NY kitchen after a long day of castings. We were tired of not being able to find truly healthy snacks on the go.  We decided to combine all of our absolute favorite ingredients, the most important one being Marine Collagen Peptides. We saw a major improvement after consuming marine collagen and wanted to share the amazing ingredient with others in a super tasty way so we combined it with antioxidant-rich sweet potatoes and our favorite metabolism boosting root vegetable sweetner- yacon syrup! Currently we have three flavours available; Cocoa Kiss, Lemon Love and Sweetie Pie, which tastes as good as they are for you.”

What benefits can we expect to see from consuming BEAUTYfood?
“BEAUTYfood is formulated with a powerhouse list of our  favorite beauty-boosting ingredients. Our formula is designed to help you “glow from within” with noticeable improvements in the texture of skin, quality of the hair and nails as well as weight management and gut support. For more detail on the benefits, please visit this link“, says the ladies.

Is BEAUTYfood safe to keep in the cupboard, or in our handbags whilst out and about?
“Yes, BEAUTYfood does not need to be refrigerated, however avoid storing it in hot conditions exceeding 80 degrees. We use organic cocoa butter in our bars, so treat it like you would a chocolate bar- a super healthy and fancy one!”

Can we consume your food whilst taking other beauty supplements?
“Yes of course! Collagen is a special supplement as it is found naturally in our bodies. However,  we recommend eating BEAUTYfood on an empty stomach or before a larger meal as you want to make sure your body absorbs all the amazing benefits! Vitamin c actually promotes the production of collagen, this is why we’ve included some in BEAUTYfood already!”

Do you have any plans for new or different products in 2017?
“Yes! We are actively planning new products and line expansions. We are also currently developing a “healthstyle” plan with amazing naturopaths and nutritionists tailored to very specific health concerns and designed to help each person achieve optimal health. All designed to help you feel and look your absolute best through delicious nutrition. We can’t wait to share this with everyone!”

Just for the record, you might be interested to know that Kalumi offer free shipping on all 12-bar boxes within the US and free international shipping (including AUS) over $197.

It’s certainly sounding like a supplement I need to have in my life – something else to add to the wishlist! Have you tried Kalumi BEAUTYfood before, I’d love to know in the comments!


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