Maintaining Your Hair During The Summer Months

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Although it’s heading towards the colder months here in Australia, the other side of the globe is just starting to warm up nicely. With that in mind, Sam James-Cockayne Creative Director of EVY PROFESSIONAL Thermal Styling Tools and Salon Director at Orbe North Adelaide and Travis Bandiera, Salon Manager, and Principal Stylist & Colour Specialist at Royals Hair Hornsby (NSW) share their expert advice on maintaining the health and colour of your locks during Summer 2017.

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As Travis mentions, “long hot summer days can be nasty on hair; by the end of the season we are left with completely different hair due to the elements – sun, sand, surf, chlorine. To combat this, add in a leave-in moisturiser or a repairing oil such as Kevin Murphy Young Again Oil to your hair care regime. They are weightless but leave the hair feeling extremely soft. A shine spray will keep your hair (especially blondes) looking light reflective and polished. Heat protection is a must particularly when using thermal styling tools in summer (or anytime for that matter!).”


“Great hair starts with hydration! Whether you’re styling with your blow dryer or hot tools, it will only last if your hair is healthy and hydrated otherwise it will fuzz or drop very quickly. KMS Moist Repair Revival Crème is a natural infused Leave-In Treatment and is my GO TO product for everyone with any length hair. Apply to wet hair after every wash and every other day in dry hair to restore moisture. This is so lightweight you won’t feel it in the hair at all so no oily feel or residue is left. So many of my clients keep this in their handbag and reapply at their desk for added protection from sun, sea and sand or heating and cooling”, says Sam.

Sam says, “during summer, with all the added stress to our manes, choose professional styling tools to help curb heat damage. I use and recommend EVY PROFESSIONAL thermal styling tools as they actually help keep hydration and shine in the hair due to the brand’s incredible technology, which provides the hair with 32 hair hydrating and strengthening minerals originating from Japanese volcanic rock. Using tools that look after the hair means we can use them much more frequently rather than having to rely on air-dried hair through summer AND hair is left looking shiny, healthy and hydrated!”


“Whatever you do don’t leave your hair all summer then run to your stylist in a panic at the first sign of colder weather. It is so important to be snipping those ends regularly to avoid split ends creeping up the hair, which will only lead to a bigger haircut. Remember healthy hair is much easier to maintain and always makes us feel fabulous”, shares Sam.


“Bear in mind, unfortunately our hair can take a battering after a long beach resort style holiday. To avoid losing the beautiful condition of your hair whilst relaxing on your summer break, start your mornings with a moisturising conditioner, or treatment for thicker hair types, applied to your hair slightly damp not wet, and clip or bun in up til the evening then rinse”, says Sam.


“For the blondes, amp up your blonde shampoo and conditioner usage. If you only use yours once or twice a week normally, then swap your routine and use this every time you’re washing. For the reds and brunettes, you’re more than likely using colour safe cleansers and treatments but throughout summer swap to a brunette colour pigment conditioner which adds a tiny amount of colour back into the hair to retain optimum colour and brightness. For many options with shades my go to is the EVO Fabuloso conditioners. They hydrate the hair beautifully without being too heavy, whilst maintaining longevity of any colour”, says Sam.

“Yes, blondes need to swear by blonde shampoo to avoid brassiness and brunettes need a cleansing shampoo to avoid build up from swimming. You also can’t go wrong with a sea salt spray such as Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray – it creates that beach babe look without the damage from salt water on the hair”, shares Travis.

What’s your best tip for maintaining your summer locks, share with us in the comments!



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