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Makeup Vanity Essentials

Getting ready for the day can be stressful, but getting ready in the morning can be enjoyed a bit more with the help of the perfect makeup station. Here’s a checklist of the essentials every makeup vanity should have.

Accessible Storage

How can you keep all of your favourite palettes and lipsticks safe without somewhere to store them? Get yourself a drawer made for specific beauty essentials, i.e. an eyeshadow palette drawer, lipstick drawer and even an eyebrow drawer. Because, why not? Keeping organised not only keeps your space clear, it promotes a healthier work space, so you don’t get gross bacteria spreading across makeup products. Plus, the more you keep your vanity organised, the prettier it looks, so you can get that perfect snap for Insta.

A Comfy Chair

If you’re going to be doing your makeup for a night out, or for some extra likes on social, why sit in an uncomfortable chair? There’s no worse feeling than having your makeup on point, but your back and butt being sore from the process. Get yourself some comfy seating, whether it be a dining chair or an office chair; make sure you can sit in it for hours, plus it helps if it’s pretty!

Mirror Mirror

No vanity is complete without a mirror, and you can’t just have any mirror. Mirror with light often show off your makeup in a more flattering light, as the light is reflected directly onto the face, rather than above (which can lead to an unsightly shadow). If you already have lights that shows off your beauty in the perfect way, why not make a statement with your mirror? If you’d like to make your makeup vanity look extra fancy, why not surround the mirror with faux flowers? Yeah it’s extra, but so are you.

Beautiful Inspiration

If you’re feeling like you’re in a makeup rut, you should surround yourself with lots of beauty inspiration! Depending on your personal style, you could surround yourself with Chloe Morello, Nikkietutorials or even Kim Chi if you’re feeling the extravaganza. Surrounding yourself with inspiration is also a great way to push yourself with your makeup, creating new boundaries for you to push and break. The opportunities are endless; the only thing stopping you is you.

A Stack of Magazines

If you want to class up the joint, why not keep a selection of your favourite magazines stacked on your vanity? You can collect issues of Vogue, ELLE or anything with a monochromatic spine to give off the impression of pure class and sophistication. You don’t have to have read them, just collect and stack. Who knows, you may gain some inspiration from the 1993 September issue of Vogue!

Something A Little Luxe

Everyone needs something a little luxe with their makeup vanity. It doesn’t have to be the Huda Beauty palette, either. You can splurge a little and have an extra plush cushion or some pretty art that hangs on the wall. Match your chair with your bed head, grab a poster of your favourite designer brand and hang it up, whatever you like!

A Clock

Because we all need to know how long it takes to do your winged eyeliner, and you don’t want to be running late to work!

Author: Ally Feiam is the marketing & content creator for MyDeal, an online marketplace with over 25,000 products.



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