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Maria Kara ‘Essential Seven’ Makeup Brush Set

I recently had the chance to interview Australian makeup artist Maria Kara to learn more about the ‘Essential Seven’ makeup brushes Maria created after years in the biz, which were recently seen at Vogue Fashion Night Out. The ‘Essential Seven’ makeup brush set, featuring seven essential makeup brushes that you can use to create any makeup look. The brushes are made from high quality, cruelty free natural and synthetic fibres and come in the luxurious acrylic hard case which perfectly doubles as a blending palette. The brushes can be used to apply and create any makeup look including contour, flawless base, smoky eyes, winged eyeliner, full lips, defined eyebrows and much more.


 #BeYourOwnMakeupArtist with the Maria KaraEssential Seven‘ makeup brush set.

mariak-03v2Hi Maria, congrats on the release of the ‘Essential Seven’! I’d love to know your history, and where you found your inspiration to create the ‘Essential Seven’?

“While working as a makeup artist, customers would love the look and often wanted to know how they could do it themselves. I would explain step by step, but found that everyone had lots of makeup and few had the right tools to get the look they wanted. When I explained which makeup brushes to use – which could be as many as fourteen or fifteen brushes, sometimes more – customers felt overwhelmed and didn’t think they had the skill to get the look on their own. Knowing that I had already culled my personal makeup set to a select few pieces and wanted to do the same with my makeup brushes. I began to look at creating the perfect set of makeup brushes, everything a girl (or guy) needed to get any makeup look, and versatile so they could be simple enough for anyone with any skill level, to use, which became the Essential Seven. I am very passionate about both good makeup and design, so for me, it was about finding the perfect balance between a set of every day makeup brushes that were super functional and versatile to use, so you would need no more than only a few good brushes. And stylish enough that people would love the look and feel of, and enjoy doing their makeup with”.

What was your creative process in designing the makeup brushes?

“Creating the ‘Essential Seven’ took over twelve months and 120 different makeup brushes were sampled in the design phase. Makeup brush sets are usually either natural hair or synthetic, however when we were creating the brushes we found that the softness of the natural hair has the most flawless blending for powdered makeup and the firmness of the synthetic brushes works best with the eyeliner, foundation and other liquid makeup brushes so the set was designed to be mixed. It was also important for us to make sure that the brushes (some made from animal hair) were sourced cruelty-free. It took many months to trial the brushes and make sure that they were as versatile as we wanted them to be and get down to seven that could easily be used to do classic looks all the way to on-trend and intricate makeup details. The final stage was the acrylic hard case. I wanted the brushes to have a stand so that when they weren’t being used they could sit on a vanity or dressing table on their own, and when you used the brushes, the lid of the hard case could double as a blending palette”.

brushgroupWhat collaborations have you worked on?

“Recently we took part in Vogue Fashion Night Out, showcasing with a pop up in Pitt Street Mall Sydney. The feedback was overwhelming. We’ve also collaborated with The Daily Edited and Art by Nez. 4”.

What’s next for 2017?

“We’re working on taking Maria Kara global for 2017 which will take us to a whole new level; and we’ll also be announcing key stockist early in the year. With that said, we have lots of activity planned in the pipelines that we can’t wait to share!”.

I can’t wait to keep an eye on what’s next for these pretties and Maria Kara, have you tried these brushes yet? Let me know your thoughts below!


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