Why You Need a Moodboard

Do you have a mood board in your office or study area?

I like to always have an up to date board in my home office full of images to draw inspiration from, whether it be for my blog, my work, my relationship, my home or my makeup!

Mood Board

Images of holiday destinations, celebrities/ successful people, strong quotes or pictures that you love and make you think will all have a spot in your mood board to give you fresh thoughts, ideas and motivation.

I am drawn to quotes by successful bloggers/ entrepreneurs, Oprah, Beyonce, Andre Agassi and even Bob Marley! My favourite right now is “And though she be but little, she is fierce” by William Shakespear. It reminds me that while my blog is just one of just millions online, it may be one day read by millions.

The magazine renegade Collective is fantastic for mood board clippings and to read when you are feeling low or uninspired. It is chock full of quotes, sayings, interviews with successful and motivated people and tips and tricks to get to where you want to be. I promise, this magazine will never leave your hands.

What’s on your mood board? Do you use Pinterest in a similar manner? Share with me!


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