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My Experience with Simplicité Skin Care

In early December, I received an email from Robin Lyons, the co-founder of Simplicité Skin Care, which was established in Australia in 1992. Robin expressed interest in Why Hello Beauty trialling the products, which left me sceptical as always, ‘cos you know what I’m like with skincare. I did agree though as we had a mutual friend in Sarah Baker of SJ Lashes, so I was delivered a trial package swiftly after, but not before Robin assessed my skin via email to determine the correct products for my specific skin type.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this on this platform before now I think of it, but I suffer from keritosis pilaris, which is a red and bumpy rash type condition that affects my lower cheeks and upper arms in varying degrees, depending on the day and temperature. Robin noticed this from the images sent via email and recommended products to relieve and treat this condition, which actually worked! I’ve found nothing I’ve tried really over the years has helped my keritosis pilaris, so to reduce the redness and bumpiness to a noticeable degree, is fantastic.

I also had – note the past tense – a really dry flaky forehead that was more evident when foundation is applied, and I had really started to notice it more and more the last few months. When I mentioned this, Robin’s advice for this was just to continue with my trial pack for a flake free forehead.

Within the trial pack valued at $69.95, the following products were included;

  • Plant Gel Cleanser (Combination Oily Skin) 30mL
  • One Step Exfoliating Cleanser 20g
  • Hydrating Floral Toning Lotion 30mL
  • Sage Face Oil 20mL
  • Oil Controlled Day Creme 20g
  • Lemon Night Creme 20g

Robin also popped in a Results Lift Gel (LOVE) and some body products for the keritosis pilaris on my upper arms, such a lovely gesture!

The trial products lasted about 3 or so weeks (with cleansing AM + PM) which left me feeling good but still wanting more, so I ended up purchasing another trial package for $69.95. I was a little hesitant about applying a facial oil both morning and night, esp. as I can be quite oily by the afternoons, but the benefits are completely worth it. I did reduce the amount of oil used in the mornings, just in case my makeups longevity suffered with it being summer and all, but nope, I’m still happy.

What drew me in to Simplicité was the fact that their skincare was filled with concentrated, plant-derived ingredients—all of them exclusively medicinal grade, OGA certified organically grown, or handpicked in the wild. Additionally, Simplicité is PETA accredited as cruelty free and vegan and uses no synthetic or ‘natural’  fragrances. All fresh plant and herbal extracts are carefully produced in their Queensland laboratory by Robin’s naturopath husband David Lyons, using traditional methods. It’s a meticulous and gentle approach to skincare and one taken seriously, because OH MY GOSH seriously, my skin is so different. It’s plump, extra smooth, with 80% less redness and bumpiness, with a flawless fresh forehead that I am so enjoying. Hydrated skin is definitely healthy fresh skin, I finally have proof of this. Even my arms are improving, I’m using the Macadamia Body Scrub and Nutritive Body Lotion on the daily which is reducing redness greatly and slowly working to remove the buildup of skin. Robin also shared that the Nutritive Body Lotion ‘even reduces/eliminates early skin cancers on the arms’, which she has personally experienced herself! #willneverstopusingthese

For those who are wondering about the cleanser’s makeup removal abilities- for best results, I do like to remove my makeup with a cleansing oil before I double cleanse with the Plant Gel Cleanser, which gives me a completely clean canvas to apply my oils and creams to. I then pop the other products on depending if it’s AM or PM, and away I go.

Thanks to my extremely positive experience, I’ve actually just reordered myself the Simplicité Plant Gel Cleanser Combination/Oily, Sage Face Oil, Oil Controlled Day Crème and Lemon Night Creme. I’m still using the Results Lift Gel and Exfoliating Face Treatment and will definitely reorder these also, they’re such lush treats for my skin that I adore <3

I can guarantee you, I’m absolutely in love with these products and will recommend these products to everyone, they have seriously transformed my skin.

What’s on your beauty wishlist in 2017, share with me in the comments!



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