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My Natural Beauty Workshop Experience

Just last week, I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend a Natural Beauty Workshop, courtesy of the lovely Mel of Embalm Skincare. During the workshop, we got to create our beauty and skincare products, which included a lush milk powder and Epsom salt bath soak, a coffee sugar body scrub, a DIY clay face mask and a natural lip balm AND take everything we made home with us!

Held at The Townhouse Gallery in Launceston, there were 8 of us who arrived to get our hands dirty whilst chatting skincare over a wine or iced tea and nibblies.  Mel certainly looked after us and we left feeling empowered and inspired to play around at home with making our own skincare. We also left with the recipes for the products which was an extra little treat!

Some key points that I took away with me;

  • You can actually create skincare with products found in your own kitchen or local supermarket. For example, the coffee sugar scrub we created had just a handful of ingredients which included ground coffee, raw sugar and in my case, rose petals and rose geranium.
  • The internet provides SO many sources of ‘information’ on how to create your own natural skincare/beauty products, yet not all sources of information are accurate and some recipes can even be damaging to the skin. Mel suggests to attend a class like hers before DIY-ing it or at least research reputable sources of information online.
  • Essential oils are fantastic for their healing and relieving benefits, yet always be cautious with the amount added to your products. Even though essentials oils are generally safe to use within skincare, less is always best to avoid any irritations whatsoever.
  • If you do want to start creating your own basic beauty treatments, do your research and go with reputable providers when it comes to recipes. Not everyone is an expert! Even if you use readily available and seemingly harmless ingredients in your own formulations, it’s not necessarily safe. Take Baking Soda for example, which is one of the ingredients that regularly pops up in at-home beauty recipes. If you use too much, it can be damaging to not only your skin but – even worse – your health. Same goes for Essential Oils, which are extremely powerful and if used too much, it can do more harm than good – in general but also in particular if you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition.

I invited Mel to share with my readers what inspired her to begin teaching Natural Beauty Workshops and is there anything else like this available in Tasmania? Mel says: “There is so much incorrect information widely available online and not everyone who shares DIY recipes knows what they are talking about. I want to pass on some of my knowledge to ensure people who are interested in DIY skincare are getting the right information to get started. I am very passionate about educating women on the harmful ingredients in regular skincare products so I saw it fitting to host Natural Beauty Workshops, which I believe are the first of their kind here in Tasmania.

When I enquired about future workshops, Mel stated that she has received a number of enquiries from around Tasmania including the Blue Apple Gift Store & Gallery in East Devonport, who is very keen on holding a workshop early in the new year – so stay tuned!

As I said, Mel is just lovely and to prove it, she has offered as a little gift to Why Hello Beauty readers in the form of a discount code.  Just enter the code WhyHelloBeauty upon checkout to receive a 15% discount for all orders over $25, offer is valid until 31/12/2016.  I’ll also include a free Lip Balm for all orders over $60. You can find the link to the award-winning skincare range Embalm Skincare website here.
What’s your experience with DIY skincare, have you attended a similar skincare workshop yourself? I’d love to know, please share in the comments!

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