My Paul Mitchell Haircare Review

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Paul Mitchell says:

‘Your ultimate defense against colour fade. Ultimate Color Repair harnesses the reparative power of quinoa to lock in hair color, restore luster and reverse the signs of damage. Discovered by the Incas thousands of years ago, quinoa is an ancient grain rich in amino acids that penetrate into the hair and bond like a magnet, creating a protective shield.’


Emily says ‘”This is really amazeballs!”.

Shampoo and conditioner are something I am really funny with as I tend to gravitate towards those that really leave my hair silky smooth even though I nearly always rock a messy bed head style… I love that feeling of really conditioning smooshy shampoo (no other way to describe!) and a velvety conditioner, that’s for sure.

This shampoo provides this, the best I’ve actually tried from recent memory, other than the always-reliable Redken All Soft. My fingers glide through shampoo without any knocks and having previously bleached the life out of my hair, which is kind of a big deal. The conditioner is just as nice, leaving me with soft smooth hair even without applying a hair oil.

The smell is fine, nothing bad or offensive but it does smell familiar, I just can’t put my finger on what it reminds me of. Obviously quinoa comes to mind but it’s not that ha! The consistency looks gritty / curdled but it doesn’t have any crunch at all, again weird! I WILL definitely repurchase this once empty, promise.

These two products retail at $25.95AUD and can be purchased instore at Paul Mitchell salons or at various places online.

What is your favourite brand of hair products?


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