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Review | Cilk Rose Water

We all know how fantastic rose water is for the skin when applied topically in say a toner or spritz, but what about drinking rose water? Can you drink your way to luminous skin? Chanelle Louise of Cilk Rose Water says YES!

After a traumatic road accident involving Chanelle’s boyfriend at the time – and now husband! – Darcy occurred five years ago, Chanelle opted to create her own premium non-alcoholic drink alternative that had wellness and sensory elements, just like the red wine that they used to enjoy on Friday evenings pre-accident. She delved deeper into the health and beauty benefits of drinking rose water, analyzed the market and found there was a gap. What began as a simple idea to improve their lifestyle took shape almost on its own, evolved authentically by combining elements of edible beauty and elegance to formulate a unique luxury beauty beverage supplement, creating Cilk Rose Water.

“Drinking roses helps to awaken your senses and rejuvenate your skin”.

I have been adding a 5 or so drops to my water (filtered, mineral or sparkling water) each day for a few weeks now and wow, it is such a small luxury in every way. The water turns a beautiful pink shade that provides a rosey- almost vanilla taste that is so yummy, it’s silly. I’ve also found myself forgoing my odd evening glass of wine to enjoy a martini glass of rose water, which obviously gives me an air of celebrity – no? It’s delicious and completely enjoyable, and if it’s good for my skin – I’m in! No noticeable skin improvements yet, but I’m drinking more water than usual so that’s a plus in my book.

Excitingly, Chanelle recently collaborated with Orchard St to create an another just-as-dreamy beauty beverage, being their Rose Beauty Tonic. Launching in Orchard Street stores this morning, they’ve combined Cilk Rose Water and hormone balancing tonic herbs for a delicate and uplifting beverage, to ‘honour and balance female energies while enhancing your beauty from within’. Sounds intoxicating….

Cilk Rose Water retails for $79.00AU and will serve approx. 40 drinks.  It’s a completely vegan product, not tested on animals and is also gluten and lactose free. It is recommend that you do not use the rose extract with tap water as this effects the products pH levels.

What are your thoughts on beauty beverages, share with me in the comments below!


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