Should You Try Oil Pulling?

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If you’d like to improve your oral health, then yes! But I hear you say, what is oil pulling Emily? Glad you asked!

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment that consists of swishing oil (say coconut, sesame or olive oil) around the mouth to naturally remove toxins and whiten teeth. The oil works like a magnet by trapping the bacteria that hide in your mouth and teeth, so when you spit the oil out, you’re getting rid of plaque and toxins for overall improved mouth health.

Personally, I’ve been aware of oil pulling for a few years now but only recently began trialling the Australian range of Keeko Oil products, with their organic cold pressed coconut oil available in three yummy flavours. While it is the weirdest sensation I’ve felt, I can actually feel the benefits already. The oil in the packet is quite solid, but once you’ve moved it around your mouth for a few seconds it begins to turn to a water-like consistency, which is much easier to bare. I find it’s easiest to pop in the oil in while I’m in the shower, and I’m noticing the oil comes out a lot darker than it was originally, so that has to be a good sign right?

I’m looking forward to further results, and Keeko Oil recommend new users adopt a 14 day program where you oil pull daily, and then just every few days as maintenance – so stay tuned!

What do you think of this beauty practice, is this something you would try yourself?



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