The Best False Lashes I’ve Found

When your beautiful friend Sarah creates the world’s first party eyelash glue that applies like mascara, that offers a mess-free, drip-free, easy way to enjoy beautiful lashes, you know it’s going to be good. I’ve been using Sarah Jean Lashes since SARAH JEAN was launched in 2106 and they’ve never let me down in application or appearance. Available in 5 styles, from subtle and super-natural to all-the-sexy-volume, there is a lash style for everyone. Each style is lightweight, cruelty-free, comfortable, flattering, beautifying, reusable and completely vegan friendly.

What makes the world of difference for me though is, the applicator tool. I’ve always struggled with applying lashes thanks to getting sticky fingers or poking my eyeball with normal tweezers, but with the SARAH JEAN tweezer applicator tool, which has curved ends – it’s simply a matter of holding the lashes to your eye, precisely manoeuvring into place and clamping your real lashes and false lashes together. It’s a game changer for me, and definitely a must-have piece in your makeup kit. Speaking of ease, the anti-allergenic, latex free, water soluble lash adhesive that is available in clear and black, can be applied to both your natural lashes and the false lash band line, for your most natural false lashes yet.

Beautiful Sarah demonstrates below;

Oh, and removing your falsies are just as easy too, with a foaming cleanser the glue softens and forms little balls which can be swiftly wiped away without any damage to your real lashes or eyes.

To experience the SARAH JEAN products yourself, Sarah is offering a very limited offer of up with 47% OFF with FREE postage Australia wide, so if you’re in the mood for a lash restock, now is the time!

Have you tried Sarah Jean Lashes before? Do you think you would benefit from using a lash applicator too?


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