The Best of The Best : Makeup Sponges

As much as I love using my Morphe 439 brush to apply my foundation each day, I cannot deny how popular makeup sponges are right now. You and I both see them all over instagram, and even though I was once a nay-sayer (like, seriously, how could this blend anything properly?!) I’m slowly converting and now I use my beauty blender to buff out cream blushes, bronzers and illumimisers. Now is the perfect to get yo’ sponge on, with so many makeup sponges available right now – it’s silly! Let’s go through the best of the best, with the benefits explained for each! blender nude

You’ve seen the beauty blender errywhere, and it’s definately one of the best. Edgeless and high-definition, this non-disposable sponge can be used to apply foundation, primers, powders, creams and any other complexion makeup products. Beautyblender’s open-cell structure fills with water when wet, allowing the sponge to be “full” so that makeup products sit on top, rather than being absorbed. Best cleaned with the beauty blender Solid Cleanser or Liquid BlenderCleanser.

Additionally, the beauty blender’s benefits include being anti-microbial, is environmentally friendly; safe water-soluble dyes, and is paraben-free, sulfate-free and phthalate-free!

2. Napoleon Perdis Pro Makeup Sponge

Achieve a full, medium or light coverage by dampening the non-latex synthetic sponge with water or a facial mist and squeezing out any excess, before dipping into your foundation. Bounce and stipple the product onto your skin for a professional airbrushed finish, and use the smaller end of this sponge to apply concealer on any blemishes.

3. Crystal Teardrop Miracle Blender

The newest craze is using a silicone sponge, and this particular one is made out of the highest quality medical-grade silicone, which has been SGS tested and approved! This non-allergenic, cruelty free and paraben free beauty applicator is completely reusable and doesn’t waste any makeup. To clean, simply wash with warm water and soap or swipe a makeup remover wipe over.

4. Miracle Diamond Sponge joins Bold Metals Collection

Use each angle of this sponge for different areas, for example; the top to buff and blend out makeup for a flawless finish,  the larger flat areas function as a wedge to apply makeup to larger areas like the forehead and cheeks, the smaller sides are great for precision contouring around the eyes, mouth and brow bone, while the pointed tip covers small imperfections to correct and conceal!

5. Beauty Blender Micro Mini

A duo of mini sponge applicators above that double in size once wet—making them easy to contour, highlight, and precisely apply makeup onto the smallest parts of the face.

6. Revlon’s Sponge 4 in 1 Applicator

The Professional Blending Brush is a hybrid of a makeup brush and a beauty sponge. Unlike most blending sponges on the market that are meant to be held directly in one’s hand, this blending brush features a handle to make the makeup application process more hygienic, especially perfect for makeup artists who work with many clients. *Launching in Oz soon!

Here’s to flawless skin hey! What do you use to blend in your products, share with us in the comments!

*featured image via Beauty Blender.


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