The Importance of Quality Skincare

Quality skincare and lovingly after your skin will ensure you have healthy skin for life. I believe that to have a flawless makeup finish, you need to start with a fresh, clean canvas.

I have tried so many ranges of skincare and I believe the base of great skin starts with a cleanser. Foaming cleansers are good for those with oily skin but try to avoid cleansers that dry out your skin and leave it feeling tight. My pick is the Arbonne re9 Cleanser which is great for removing makeup, cleaning thoroughly without removing all your precious facial oils that are needed to balance your skin out.

Always ensure your toner doesn’t have alcohol as an ingredients as alcohol dries out the skins ph level and strips the natural oils which can leave your skin tight and itchy. Facial mists can be quite nice and leave a pleasant lingering scent. Try Avene’s Thermal Spring Water for an unscented facial spray which can also double as a makeup setting spray!

A moisturiser is a key step in skincare and a very friendly reminder to always use SPF. If you don’t like to use a moisturiser with SPF included, use a separate sunscreen underneath. The sun is so damaging to our skin and is the cause of so many wrinkles, sunspots and not to mention the dangers of skin cancer. My mum had skin cancer a few years back and luckily recovered fully but I now preach to everyone to please look after their skin, you only have one body! SPF 50+ is best but 15+ is sufficent, especially when your makeup has SPF as well.

Night creams are a luscious indulgence and renew the skin overnight, especially when combined with a mask or scrub a few times a week. A facial oil in place of night cream can work for those with drier skin or who are looking for a switch up. Josie Maran has a great facial oil which I have purchased from Sephora in the past and is reasonably priced.

Hot water in your shower or bath can deplete your skin of moisture so always try to keep the temperature luke-warm and moisturise after jumping out to replace that softness. I have tried the Nivea In Shower Body Moistuiser and that is great for those who are time-poor, plus it really does work!

Hair Tip: Always try to finish your shower with a cold blast of water which will close the hair cuticle that you have just opened and moisturised. It will provide a smoother, glossier shine that you will love!

What are your holy grail skin care products?

Originally a guest post by Emily Dick for Beauty Life Geek 


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