My Tips For Scoring The Perfect Instagram Image

Are you looking to up your instagram game? Need some tips for that perfect instagram flatlay? Too easy, just keep reading!


Okay first off, pick 5 of your instagram accounts and brainstorm what you love about them. So for me when I started snapping for insta, I took inspiration from those I looked up to and worked out what my ideal photos looked like and what materials I would need.

These materials turned out to be just simply a pretty yet neutral base to position products on that gave all photographs a glamorous edge. For just $30,  I picked up an A3 marble offcut which I use to take all my flatlays for instagram and my blog. Remember, even an piece of A4 white paper looks more elegant for snaps than just a plain table top – experiment with different foundations!

For makeup/fashion and all things beauty, be sure to visit these pages for some inspo;








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One problem you may come across sometimes when snapping photos is trying to get a photo of something, say cosmetics, that is oddly shaped or simply hard to sit right on your board/base. When this happens to me with products such as shampoo, as often the bottles can be hard to position for long enough to take the photograph. When I feel frustrated and uninspired, I simply hashtag #shampoo or #haircareproducts or similar and view what others have snapped with similar products to gain other ideas of how to photograph said product. This works for any type of photography, who knows – one day (or even right now!) someone might be taking inspiration from you!

The biggest tip I can give you for attractive photographs, esp with makeup snaps, is to use NATURAL light. It gives such a pretty glow to images that artificial light and darkened rooms simply cannot. Due to working full time and blogging in my free time, I very rarely take photographs during the week as it’s 5.30pm by the time I get home and while it’s daylight savings, the evening light can sometimes take on a ‘blueish hue’ rather than a clear/ white appearance. Take a look at some of my snaps on instagram and see what I mean.

If you are just starting out, be sure to play around with different lights and filters to see the variances between all, but I promise you natural light is always best.

cPeople always like flatlays, me included, and makeup & fashion flatlays are a favourite of mine. Flatlays always look best when neutral shades are paired with pops of colour or a complete flatlay of the same coloured hue, say pink. The queens of flatlays are @mija_mija@designbyaikonik and of course @margaret_zhang.

Mix up your flatlays by keeping all products straight aligned or for some fun, mix it up by laying products haphazardly whilst keeping cohesion between the angles.

So, those are my simple tips for scoring the perfect instagram image! Have I missed anything out or do you have a question for me? Just comment below, tag me on instagram or flick me an email at – can’t wait to see all your snaps!

Have a beautiful week!



  • Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    Great post Emily! Loved all your tips. I definitely need to up my instagram flatlay game!!!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    8 December 2015 at 4:33 AM Reply
    • Emily

      Thanks babe, glad to hear!! Hope you’re loving married life ?

      8 December 2015 at 4:34 AM Reply

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