What’s in My Beauty Cupboard with Tahlia Shorter

Tahlia Shorter from Tahlia Shorter Digital Marketing feels most at home when she leverages from her marketing experience to create masterful digital strategies in the hair & beauty, fashion and lifestyle space that light up the business owners she works with. With the help of her team, her goal is to provide a solution for business owners who know they need to be active in this space but no matter how hard they try to prioritise it, their busy schedule always gets in the way.

“I’ve always been a self-confessed lazy girl when it comes to my skin care routine. For some of you this will make you shudder, but for the rest of you I’m sure you can relate to the constant internal dialect of whether you should bother removing your makeup before you go to bed. Don’t stress ladies, at least 80% of the time I strop my way to the bathroom to do the bare minimum makeup removal routine – insert the token micellar water and rosehip oil. This little combo was all I have been able to muster up the bother for… well, until more recently.

In a bid to rid my bathroom cupboard (and kitchen cupboard for that matter) of anything that wasn’t in some way (shape or form) organic or natural, I went on the hunt and gather for some skincare products. I’ve always done the bare minimum for my skin, which often translates to the cheapest and I recently realised how bloody terrible that is. I read the back label of one of the products I had been using and I couldn’t pronounce any of the ingredients, let a lone understand what they are doing (positive or negative) to my skin and my entire health. After all, your skin is your biggest organ and it only takes a few seconds for your skin to start absorbing these potentially harmful chemicals. Scary, isn’t it!? With my budget in mind and always referring to my Instagram feed for inspiration, it didn’t take me long before I stumbled upon Australian (Tasmanian) owned and made Embalm Skincare.

At first I tried and tested the cleansing combo, as this is where I let myself down the most. This pack included the Uplifting Cleanser, Calming Toner and Luxurious Face Cream. It is appropriately labelled the ‘Absolute Essentials Pack’.  I could immediately tell that the products were indulging my your skin with its antioxidant-rich ingredients. That’s what happens when you’re lazy and live at the beach. The face cream locked in moisture yet didn’t make my face oily, the gentle cleanser promised to restore a healthy glow and vitality to my skin (which I can absolutely attest to) whilst the calming toner helps to clear complexion without drying your skin (which again I can concur).

As for my makeup routine I am still basic but I do appreciate good quality products I can rely on. I have an office job on the Sunshine Coast and spend most my time at the beach so don’t like to wear it too heavy unless there is a reason to be a glamour.

In terms of a signature style, I’d say I keep it simple and glowy. I wear Nars Sheer Glow foundation for my base, apply a light blush/bronzer combo using Too Faced Sweet Hearts Perfect Flush Blush, a Loreal Eyebrow pencil, Too Faced Natural Eyes Eye Shadow Palette and Lancome Hypnôse Volume-À-Porter Mascara – I only tend to use eyeliner at night time as it feels to dark for day time every day use.  I have tried and tested lots of different brands of products but have now figured out that these are the ones that work with my skin the best.”


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