A Bit of a Ramble

I’ve realised lately that while I blog fairly often, I don’t tend to just talk. I always talk with intention, which isn’t necessary a bad thing, but today I felt the impulse to just talk here on this platform. Of course, it’s going to be beauty based for the most part but who knows, if you really enjoy this – maybe it could become a more regular thing? Anyway, here’s my ramble.

I’ve recently begun incorporating a new cleanser into my routine, in the Embalm Skincare Uplifting Cleanser, and it’s different, in the fact that it’s jet black in colour. This is thanks to the ingredient of activated charcoal, which is known for its ability to attract and absorb impurities, but once massaged in, the colour dissipates and turns clearer. I use this cleanser of an evening for both removing makeup in the first cleanse, and then deep cleansing the second time around. This routine leaves me feeling completely fresh and clean, without any tightness whatsoever. It feels extraordinarily expensive, but it’s completely affordable, and the founder of Embalm Skincare is a fellow Tasmanian – which is another bonus! #tassierepresent *fistbump*

The Ordinary’s Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Serum has been a bathroom staple of mine for the last few months, after reading many a rave review online, and with the continued reading I’ve done on the subject, I think it will be a life long staple. Using niacinamide, aka Vitamin B3, has many benefits; including reducing the visible appearance of pores, uneven skin tone and fine lines, but most importantly, it’s strengthens the skin surface, and stronger skin equals a greater resiliency to environmental stresses. It’s also great for rosacea I’ve found, as it minimizes the bumpiness along my cheeks and leaves me softer to the touch and eye.

Just today the LUX AESTIVA Jade Face Roller landed on my desk and I cannot wait to try this out tonight, in conjuction with the Prickly Pear Oil for a smooth luxurious experience. The jade rolling craze is going nowhere, and with benefits such as boosting skins circulation, improving elasticity and promoting cell turnover for a brighter appearance, and the most importantly, lymphatic drainage by sweeping away toxins and excess fluid, it’s no surprise. LUX AESTIVA’s rollers are hand made from real slabs of jade, and for an extra cooling effect, they advise to keep your roller in the fridge. They also suggest using a gentle pressure when rolling over the face, and clean only as necessary. I plan to keep you all posted on my experience with face rolling, so watch this space.

No doubt you’ve heard of Biologique Recherche and their magical product P50, thanks to Emily Weiss’s blog Into the Gloss naming Rescue Spa as The Best Facial in NYC. Rescue Spa use and carry Biologique Recherche, and with devotees including The Olsen twins, Diane Von Furstenberg, Nicole Ritchie and Mandy Moore, I had to know more about Biologique Recherche’s hero product. P50 works to exfoliate, clarify and balance PH levels of the skin, and is available in various formulas for the more sensitive of skins, and I gotta say – I love it. My skin looks more refined and even, with less redness and dryness so I plan to keep trying my sample and probably purchase another one to experience the results of continued use. It is on the more expensive side, but what can you do?

Currently on my beauty wish list, I have the following:

Lastly, I’ve become real life pen pals with a gorgeous Australian girl I e-met on Instagram, which is the coolest thing ever. After chatting for months, we’ve started sending each other little beauty gifts back and forth, and it’s such fun. Beautiful Jennifer recently sent me the Lady Burgundy lipstick in Imaari, a gorgeous deep berry shade, and in return I sent her a bright red Charlotte Tilbury lipstick but I’ve forgotten which shade it was, sorry. If anyone else wants to be beauty-buddies with me, please holla – maybe we could something international?

A little of topic but I had to mention how in love with my Kate & Kole signet ring, which is part of acollaboration with Nikki Cruz. I always wanted a signet ring when I was younger, and it’s totally making the little Emily in me very happy, but with a fresh 2018 touch. I just discovered Mejuri jewellery along with Missoma, so expect to see a LOT of jewellery on my social feeds coming up.

Hope you enjoyed the read, and felt inspired to pamper yourself today / tonight, and chat again soon! 




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