A New Generation of Beauty Salons

When I read a recent press release with the heading ‘Vegan, Eco-Friendly Beauty Salon‘, I gotta say I was intrigued. The next line I read was ‘it’s also dog-friendly‘ and that was it, I had to know more. Introducing Bat Your Lash, a beauty salon tucked away on Melbourne’s famous Greville Street that is challenging the salon industry’s wastage problem with its eco-approach to beauty. The urban oasis, owned by Nadia Eizadi, has an ethos of beauty with intent and has transformed over the past two years to become waste-free, eco-friendly, vegan and toxic-free.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Nadia about her vision for Bat Your Lash, and why this is a salon we should be aware of. Warning – complete #decorgoals ahead ……

Hi Nadia, your ethos is ‘beauty with intent’, what does this mean to you specifically?

Beauty with intent has so much meaning to us! So much thought and research has gone into creating Bat Your Lash to create a space for beauty treatments that are not harmful to us, to the environment nor our four-legged friends. Every single service we offer has been carefully curated making sure there is no chemicals going on our clients skin, that it’s vegan and cruelty-free, that it’s got holistic and healing ingredients and no toxins are put down the drain. We replace plastic with bamboo and biodegradables and aim to buy local Australian products to support our economy and reduce C02 emission impact. When it comes to our furniture and décor we use natural materials from wood, marble, brass, copper, silk etc.

To top it off we are also a zero-waste salon which means all our rubbish gets collected by Sustainable Salons and not through council. We have several recycle bins throughout the salon in which this amazing company reduces our landfill by giving them a second life. Reusing our waste to build parks, outdoor furniture for our community, art, research, etc. the best part is that 50% of their workforce have disabilities which are so beautiful to hear and a pleasure to support. One will truly appreciate our ethos of beauty with intent when they receive the Bat Your lash experience.

So tell me more, what does a waste-free, eco-friendly, vegan and toxic-free beauty salon look like?

As you walk in you will find a lot of natural materials from copper, brass, marble, wood and greenery. We have 3-4 recycle bins in each room and sections of the salon, paper, plastic, metal and general. We avoid plastic as much as we can so most of our packaging is either glass, bamboo, recycled paper and pest wood (fallen wood) even when you shop on our online store you will receive a unique compostable and reusable bag, all packaged without any tape or plastic – yes we’ve gone that far! You will get a sense of an earthy, grounded feel as you walk into Bat Your Lash. Most people say it feels playful yet very fresh.

How can you make your space animal-friendly – not that I’m against it whatsoever – it’s just a new concept!
Being based on Greville St, our furry friends become like our little family. Our team are slightly obsessed so we either attract them or chase them down, but yes clients are used to bringing their pets and having them sit on their laps whilst getting treatments done. It definitely puts a smile on everyones faces.

What are the small touches that you offer, that give you that point of difference in beauty salons?

We aim to have a point in difference with everything we do. Being a green salon is the first thing as I have yet not seen one in the beauty industry. We have swapped plastic with bamboo and biodegradables which is rewarding for us and our clients have appreciated too. We have super comfy custom made pillows and lash beds that are heated so great for cold winter days as our clients purr to sleep. All our mani and pedi products are vegan, cruelty-free and toxic-free including all our polishes, shellacs and gels. Say goodbye to damaged nails as most of these products not only don’t damage them but are actually made to strengthen.

Our signature copper pedicure’s I would say is a MUST and an experience that can’t compare. It’s a custom made station of two, making it very exclusive, intimate, cosy and best of all tucked away from watching eyes of the street. Our copper bowls are unique to Melbourne and have many health benefits such as great for arthritis, skin conditions, low immunity, muscle and joint pain and most importantly anti fungal. With our signature copper pedicure our clients get to choose their own foot soak, scrub and oils to be used on them, which is quite fun.

Besides using the best local products we could find, our décor is one to brag about. It’s definitely no usual beauty salon. Let’s just say it’s a ‘new age’ beauty boutique. As you enter we have a beautiful green flower wall with neon lighting, to marble and wood mani tables, custom made burnt orange pedicure chairs made from silk. A Velvet green and brass reception.

Each room has a quirky name matched with its quirky wall art… pink flamingo, hairy canary and golden eagle. Theres so much to see but my favourite has to be our unique lash basin that is a vintage mid century brass champagne bucket with ram head handles… for those who know me, lets just say I like to be a little extra sometimes!

What service is your most popular?

I would say lashes and brow, and our signature copper pedicures are not far off.

Bat Your Lash has a professional, qualified team offering a range of services including; eyelash extensions, henna brows, manicures & pedicures, waxing & threading, and makeup, and can be found at


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