The Beauté Pacifique Skin Scanner, The Dermascan

Recently, I learnt about Beauté Pacifique’s ultrasound skin scanner, the Dermascan, which is able to view the condition of your skin before you see it in the mirror, highlighting evidence of sun damage, collagen and elastin fibre along with just how strong your epidermis is. This intrigued me greatly and I’ve since had the opportunity to speak with Vivi Holk, International Sales Director of Beauté Pacifique, to find out more about the exciting Dermascan and the Beauté Pacifique range!

Vivi, thanks for speaking with Why Hello Beauty today. What makes Beauté Pacifique different to others?

“The biggest difference between Beauté Pacifique skin care and other brands is our unique delivery system. Our products work in the dermis through our range of vitamin A ester night creams. These products need to be able to penetrate the dermis before it can repair and strengthen the skin. Through our ultrasound scanner Dermascan, we can show you your skin condition before and after using our Crème Métamorphique or Super3 Booster Night Cream.”

What are the benefits of having skin scanned with your technology versus a therapist’s diagnosis?

“With DermaScan, our ultrasound scanner, we can view the condition of your skin before you see it in the mirror, such as the level of sun damage, collagen and elastin fibre and how strong your epidermis is. This evidence is scientific and measurable.

After this, our trained consultants can provide you with product recommendations and you will have the opportunity to have a re-scan in 3 months’ time. In the subsequent scan, we can show you how much collagen and elastin you have rebuilt and how much your skin has strengthened after using our vitamin A ester night creams. This is scientific evidence which is not visible to the naked eye.”

What are your thoughts on beauty/skin supplements which are everywhere at the moment?

“Through our ultrasound scanner, DermaScan, we can see when people are using food supplements—some supplements are very good. We have our own anti-age food supplement, La Forte, which helps rebuild the lost collagen and elastin fibre for the whole body, and we recommend 2 capsules per day taken in the morning.”

I’ve read that the Danish Royal Family are big fans of Beauté Pacifique, are you able to share any particular favourite skincare products?

“After their visit to our headquarters in 2011, we spoke with the Royal Family and they informed us they have many favourites from our range, yet I cannot reveal their secrets!”

And finally Vivi, what’s the best skin care advice you can share with us?

“For Australian ladies in particular, it’s very important to have strong and resilient skin as the sun is strong and the ozone layer is thin. Using sunscreen every day is a must for ultimate protection and to slow down ageing. It is also important to have an optimal routine to cleanse, tone and hydrate the skin daily.”

Have you personally tried the Dermascanner by Beauté Pacifique, or had a similar experience? I’d love to know, so be sure to share below in the comments!


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