Beauty Hacks to Save you Time This Year

I don’t know about you, but I feel that life gets busier and busier each and every year, and any bit of free time I do have – I want to savour it. So, with that in mind, we’ve collated some of the best time-saving beauty hacks to make your life just that bit easier of a morning and get you out of the door quicker!

Consider laser hair removal

Toss out your razor that has seen wayyyyy better days, as the benefits of hair removal lasers are seriously game changing. And why not save some coin while you are at it, as most clinics have specials where you can purchase a package of say 3 or 6 sessions at a discount. This part is especially great because your appointments are booked – that’s one less to thing worry about in the early morning rush around. 

Invest in a proper skincare routine

If you’re new to skincare or looking to upgrade your regime, consider booking in to see favourite skin clinician / aesthetician or dermatologist for a professional skin analysis. Not only will they put together a personal skincare plan with treatment options (including the best skincare brands for you), they’ll also recommend treatments to work alongside and in tandem with your particular skin type or the condition you wish to treat. 

Consider products with dual purpose

Make your skincare work even harder for you, by purchasing dual-purpose products like moisturisers with adequate built-in sun protection, or a cleanser that can also be used as a mask. A cheek stain can multitask as a lip tint, or even eyeshadow. Less products equals less in your cupboard, and of course translates to less impact on the environment. 

DIY your own tinted moisturiser

This hack is as simple as adding a few drops of foundation into your daily moisturiser, and viola! Remember to stay protected from the sun and always apply your appropriate SPF before your makeup application. 

Turn your lipstick into your blush

The best part about this one is we all usually have at least a few (or 7 in my case!) lipsticks floating around in handbags, so you can dab on a bit of colour to your cheeks while waiting for your train to arrive at the station. 

Use your lip balm as a brow gel

Lastly, if you are all out of brow gel or pomade, why not try using your clear lipbalm over unruly brows for a groomed look almost instantly. You can also use a clear mascara here too, take your pick!


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