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Beauty Tips I Swear By

Ever heard something one day that made immediate sense, and then you wondered how you never thought of this yourself? Me too. Well, here are some of the beauty tips that I’ve learnt over the years and who knows, maybe you’ll pick something up that completely changes your life! Or at least, solves a makeup dilemma.

  • Try using a makeup setting spray to dampen your beauty blender, before applying foundation, instead of regular water or a face mist. I find I need less powder when I use this technique.
  • If you struggle with panda eyes twenty minutes after applying mascara, like me, don’t apply mascara to your lower lashes. Sounds simple but it’s something I’ve always done and always whinged about, and when I stopped – it was life changing.
  • Use a hair dryer for a few seconds to heat up your lash curler before curling your lashes, voila – you have a heated lash curler!
  • If your face feels dry mid afternoon, and maybe your makeup is beginning to separate slowly, spritz on a face mist for instant hydration and a dewy glow. I’d highly doubt you can over apply spritz’s, so go for your life.
  • For the last few months I’ve been applying my eye cream once in bed, on clean dry skin, rather than patting on immediately after applying my night cream. Obviously this is something that works for me and may not for you, but give it a go.
  • Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are the most hydrating cream lipsticks I’ve ever come across, with Lou Lou Lips a few very close second. I’ve very dry lips and these lipsticks actually feel like a lip balm on me.
  • Combing your hair with a wide tooth comb or a detangling brush whilst the conditioner is soaking into your hair will make brushing your post-shower so much easier. I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager and the longer my hair, the less stressful it is.
  • For an extra special cheekbone highlight, apply a cream highlight followed by a light dusting of a powder highlight. You can never have too much glow, right?
  • When brushing your teeth, ensure you are brushing your tongue as well as your teeth. So much bad bacteria and odour is sitting on your tongue, and I noticed such a difference once I started this technique.
  • Use a cuticle oil for the best nails of your life, your nails and hands will look so much better for it. My personal favourite is CND Rescue Rxx.
  • And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, wear sunscreen. Every day. You will thank me, I promise.

What’s your biggest beauty tip? Share below in the comments!


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