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Behind My Whiter-Than-White Teeth with SmileBrilliant + Giveaway

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I’ve got a beauty secret for you. It’s the secret to my whiter-than-ever-teeth. It’s SmileBrilliant and it’s the newest IT thing in my life. I’ve been using this treatment over the past few weeks, a total of 10 sessions, and this is my before and after. Pretty cool, huh?


I’ve always had stained teeth thanks to all the coffee and cheeky wines I consume, so this is a pretty big deal to have teeth this banging. When SmileBrilliant reached out and asked if I would be interested in a trial, I was sceptical – I’ve done heaps of teeth whitening over the years but never to this degree – but I gotta say, this product actually works #notsponsoredatall. As I said, in just 10 sessions I have a pretty white smile that people are commenting on each day!

How does it work? Quite simply but also differently to other professional teeth whitening companies in a few different ways. Upon commencement of your treatments, every individual creates their own dental impressions from the product provided, which then allows the SmileBrilliant team to make your own personal teeth whitening trays that completely fit to your own teeth/mouth shape to provide the best experience – and because the trays actually for your own mouth, you can talk while the trays are in place, which makes the time to go SO much faster!


Also, to soothe and protect any discomfort that you may feel during the treatment, you’re also provided with a De-Sensitising Gel which ‘is formulated to help eliminate tooth sensitivity caused by whitening and prevent re-staining in the process’, which is to be used after each whitening session. It actually works like a charm and provided relief from any sensitivity I experienced.

Is it painful? Okay I won’t lie, I did find the first session pretty rough on my gums, with quite a bit of pain from the whitening gel but the De-Sensitising Gel is amazing at soothing any reactions and after that first initial treatment, which only lasted about 45 mins in total, I’ve had no issues whatsoever and have been able to leave the trays in much longer now.

But if teeth sensitivity is a concern of yours, I asked SmileBrilliant if they could provide some information on how to prevent this in future, who said that “gum irritation is actually a rather common reaction to whitening but here are a few things to consider. Try using slightly less whitening gel so that not as much gel spreads out onto your gums – all you need is a “string” or a “line” of the gel each time. You can also remove any excess gel that has spread onto your gums with a Q-tip or fingertip + Kleenex. Another option I recommend is rubbing Vaseline or coconut oil on your gums prior to inserting your trays. The Vaseline will act as a barrier so that less whitening gel is able to come into contact with your gums and irritate them. If your gums become too irritated I recommend taking a break from whitening for a day or 2 to allow your gums to fully recover. You can swish with warm salt water to ease the discomfort if you’d like. The key is trying to minimize the gel from having prolonged contact with your gums”.

Is it worth it? Yes! The B&A seriously speak for themselves! And because I love you all + want you too to enjoy whiter teeth, I’ve got a 5% coupon code for you, which is ‘whyhellobeauty’.


For a chance to win your own SmithBrilliant kit, just click on this link and submit your name and email address on your giveaway page – best of luck babe!

The SmileBrilliant kit retails from US$129 and is available online here. What are your thoughts on teeth whitening, is this something you’ve tried yourself?



  • Mary

    Whaou ! We very can see the difference ! Like it

    23 November 2016 at 4:36 AM Reply
    • Emily

      Thanks Mary, it’s such a great result! 🙂

      23 November 2016 at 5:13 AM Reply
  • Kez |

    Whoa! What an amazing result! Your teeth look fantastic xx

    Kez |

    26 November 2016 at 1:25 PM Reply
    • Emily

      I’m so happy with the results Kez, have you tried teeth whitening before? xx

      27 November 2016 at 3:32 AM Reply

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