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Adorn Cosmetics’ Briony Kennedy’s Shares Her Skincare & Makeup Routine

“As the founder of Australian Beauty Icon, Adorn Cosmetics, taking care of my skin and looking after my appearance is paramount, however it needs to be simple and never at the cost of our beautiful ‘furfriends’ (read more here). Everything I use must be multipurpose, cruelty free, have a refill option where possible and have as minimal impact on our environment as possible. To have great looking skin I use only the best quality colour cosmetics and skincare on my face, as both are synergistic to having healthy glowing skin! A good skin care routine does not have to be complex, but rather work for your skin type and be adhered to daily.  Yes daily – to avoid the build-up of dirt, grime, pollution and dead skin cells to name a few of the yucky things that cause havoc to the health of our skin. No matter how tired I am – and I have 3 young boys so let’s face it, I am always tired!-  I will always cleanse, treat and moisturise my skin both morning and night.”

“At the end of each day, I wash my face with Adorn’s absolutely amazing Organic Jujuba Cleanser.  After many, many years of personally suffering deep congestion this gorgeous smelling gel cleanser completely cleared those annoying bumps up.  I cleanse once of a morning and twice to remove makeup of an evening. This cleanser thoroughly takes all my make-up off without stripping my skin and doesn’t aggravate my sensitive skin. I use Adorn’s organic Rosehip Oil to remove my eye makeup.

I spray Adorn’s Bulgarian Rosewater Mist all over my face after I’ve finished cleansing as serums and moisturisers penetrate the skin better when the skin is still slightly damp. And since Adorns minerals are water resistant, I also use this gorgeous mist during the day over the top of my makeup if I feel my skin needs a bit of a ‘pick me up’ to keep it feeling fresh and looking hydrated.

Of an evening I alternate products based on what my skin needs that day, therefore apply either Adorn’s Anti-aging Night Lotion or our new Anti-aging Night Repair Facial oil to my face and neck. As hands show ageing I also apply these products to the backs of my hands!  Of a morning I also alternate and this will depend on what my skin needs and the makeup type I will be wearing. Most days I will apply Adorns popular Hydration+ Skin Primer and Day Moisturiser. I love this as it is a 2 in 1 product and saves time! If I am feeling a little dehydrated I will apply Adorns new Antioxidant Super Food Facial Oil for a real skin boost. Of an evening I always always apply our Vanilla and Coconut Lip Balm to keep my lips super hydrated.

Essentially my basic skincare routine never waivers, but since skin is our largest organ and is forever changing I will sometimes add or swap products around for more targeted results when I’m feeling my skin needs that extra bit of help. Once a week I will give my skin a detox by applying Adorn’s Luxe Pure French White Clay for 10 mins, and I especially love this product before a night out as it really tightens and firms the skin, leaving my skin looking more youthful – and who doesn’t love that!”

“My makeup is always really simple and natural looking. For daytime make up I use Adorn’s;

– Anti-aging Loose Mineral SPF 20+ OR the Oil Free Foundation in Medium Olive mixed with our new Sheer Glow Liquid Illuminser for absolutely beautiful healthy looking skin.

– I apply concealer under the eye area gently patting with fingertips as I feel brushes and foundation are too harsh for this delicate area,

– Milan Bronzer for a quick contour around my hairline and cheeks,

Cream Blush in Joie De Vivre on my cheeks,

– Chubbi Eyeliner in Smokey Quartz or Amethyst smudged for a more natural daytime look,

– Loose Mineral Brow Dust to frame my eyes and I always use our Lash Primer under Adorn’s Mineral Mascara for longer, fuller lashes,

– And lastly, my go to for lips during the day is Classic Lip Gloss in Nude or Toffee OR Style Icon Lipstick in Grace.

In addition to the above, for a more dramatic night time look I will use Adorn’s;

Hydrating Cream Foundation in Medium Olive mixed with our new Sheer Glow Liquid Illuminser for absolutely beautiful healthy looking skin,

– Organic Liquid Eyeliner for more definition and Loose Mineral Eyeshadows in Pink Pearl, Invincible and Obsidian for a real easy, natural looking smokey eye,

And finally for an all over healthy glow, I apply Adorn’s Natures Organic Self Tan which looks truly natural, has no unpleasant odour AND is packed with anti-ageing ingredients for the whole body!”

Thanks for sharing with us Briony, I love a quick peek in others beauty cabinets! To connect with Adorn Cosmetics, find their social platforms like below and enjoy the weekend gorgeous!

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    Nice article! I really liked your advice and all these cosmetics seem amazing. I will definitely give them a try. Thanks for sharing.

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