Brow Rehab with Suzie from Flybrow

I’ve been growing out my eyebrows for years now, thanks those teenage days plucking what hairs I did have into that super thin tadpole shape that literally defined the 90’s, but we’ve come a long way since then. Brow experts such as Suzie Moldavon, founder of Flybrow make the grow out process so much easier, and it’s more bearable than ever. I never tire of seeing brow transformations, and Suzie and her team do some of the best. I recently caught up with Suzie to learn more about Flybrow and the experience that is brow rehab!

The first of its kind mobile brow service, FLYBROW was created to serve you, today’s modern woman, everywhere you already are. We go to your office and plan pop-ups at your favorite hair and skin salons making self-care easy and your best brows possible. At FLYBROW we start with brows, but end up reshaping your self-image, your confidence and how you show up in the world.

Hi Suzie, without giving away all your secrets, what advice can you give to those who are beginning the brow rehab process? I’m never worried about giving away secrets. Truth is I can’t be everywhere and I only have 2 hands, so I’d rather teach other artists my tricks and tips and empower them to run their own successful brow businesses. I’m teaching a Flybrow Academy on July 15th and we will be streaming it to anyone not in CA! The link to sign up is here and the streaming ticket is really affordable! Not sure what time of the day in AU it will be, but will be everything I know about brows and the beauty industry!

But brow rehab, you ask. We love it when we meet a client who came in for a clean up and we realize that she could be in for more of an eyebrow journey. Clean up after clean up is what lands most women at brows that are uneven or too thin. So it’s our job as artists, to pause and think, can this client achieve a better brow for her face than she currently has? Might more hair grow? How long has it been between brow services? And once you get all the information you need, you set her off on a journey, that is painful at first and liberating in the end. It’s so hard for an everyday tweezer to put down her tweezers, but once she gets out of the habit of pulling hairs daily, she’ll feel so free from the chore of it. But the best advice I can give, is get your brows shaped WHILE you’re on the rehab journey. Artist consistency is key and so is staying committed to the cause. But as long as the artist who holds your vision for a thicker fuller brow is guiding you and shaping your brows WHILE you’re rehabbing, you don’t have to live with giant messy brows all over your face for the 3-12 months rehab can take (each person is different depending on age and what their original natural brow looked like). Nobody needs an eyebrow on the middle of their eyelid. Clean up the excess and get them shaped while leaving space for the miracles to happen!

Listen to Suzie on the living skin by dermalogica podcast ‘Building Your Business Series: The Business of Brows’

What can we expect when we are going through brow rehab, and can the experience be made any easier at all? Yes, shape them while rehabbing! BUT make sure that the SAME artist is on the journey with you. If you’re someone who gets a ‘clean up’ at a nail salon or at a waxing salon that has a roster of artists, request the artist that noticed that you might be a good candidate for a rehab in the first place. That artist holds the vision of a fuller brow and they can make sure to not just clean up old lines and leave you with the same over-tweezed shape you had before. Tinting is something we love to use while rehabbing brows as well – it picks up the light hairs and helps to make what do you have look thicker. I always say “twins, not sisters” because to me, you should always aim for the top! So many artists settle at ‘sisters’, but between nature, professional brow artists and product, brows that are twins is definitely a possibility.

Do you recommend we use any specific eyebrow tools or products at home, i.e pencils, pomades, or gels? Yes, nature doesn’t always bless us with symmetry, so during rehab at home, product is your friend. Find a pencil, powder, pomade or gel that can help you fill in the spaces where your brows aren’t yet grown in. Product is used for ‘editing’ what nature didn’t make perfect so find a product that you’re comfortable using that leaves color on the skin. The product itself is up to you, the market is so over saturated, I’d find something that is comfortable in your hand, and responds well with your skin whether it’s oily or dry and looks the most natural! Always remember to spoolie the product after applying, this seems to be a commonly missed step. And, don’t use a tinted gel or ‘boy brow’ during rehab unless you’re a blonde – you’ll need product that leaves color on the skin and not just in the hairs that you don’t yet have.

And lastly, where can those in the US find you? They can find us all over! We pop up several times a month in LA, SF and NY and to see where we’ll be next, follow our Instagram and book here! Our vision is to empower women on both sides of the chair. We teach the Flybrow method so they can learn our techniques, and maybe run their own Flybrow in their city one day. Our mission is to spread the love and the magic of Flybrow far and wide to more clients than we could ever touch with just our two hands … so contact us if you’re interested in joining the team, or want to bring Flybrow to your city or company, and stay tuned for more from Flybrow as we continue to spread our wings!

– If you need me,  I’ll no doubt be on Instagram stalking all the amazing before and afters – here’s to better brow days!


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