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    The Must- Have Style Subscription Box

    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website.

    Are you a style savvy women on-the-go who:

    • is looking for style inspiration but doesn’t have time to search each season;
    • wants access to coveted brands and custom collaborations that can’t be found anywhere else at such an incredible value; and
    • wants to be more adventurous with their look but doesn’t have a personal stylist on tap to source the standout pieces?

    Introducing you Box of Style!

    Fashion queen and The Zoe Report Editor-in-Chief Rachel Zoe has curated a seasonal subscription box, The Zoe Report Box of Style, with brands such as Dylanlex, Alexis Bittar, Mara Hoffman, Too Faced, Shaffer LA, Topshop, Cluse watches, La Mer, Luv AJ and Sunday Riley featured in past boxes. Team Zoe has tapped into their exclusive network to bring members the most coveted fashion and beauty finds and every box has sold out since Box of Style launched in March 2015. Each season, the box contains at least 5 full-sized products—never samples—that can be styled together or worn on their own! Seriously, it’s the next best thing to being styled by Rachel Zoe!

    The Spring 2017 Box contains over $400 worth of this season’s fashion and beauty finds, with each brand featured founded by a female entrepreneur. It also includes 2 exclusive collabs found only in the Box of Style and these handcrafted collab items provided jobs and skills to hundreds of female artisans in India. The Zoe Report Box is a subscription box with purpose – women empowering women to live a life of style.

    It’s the perfect year-round gift for any style savvy women and of course, a treat for yourself too – as I have a special coupon code for you to receive $10 OFF the Spring Box which is ‘BOSSP10’ and also, use ‘BOSSP20’ for $20 OFF an Annual subscription. Coupon expires 04/30/2017!


    Have you received a Box of Style, and what were your thoughts on the contents inside? Share with me in the comments!

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    5 Minutes with Christina Fowler

    “Hi, I’m Christina!

    I’m a wardrobe stylist by day and a brand stylist at ByStinaFaye during every hour in between. My journey into graphic & web design started a little over 10 years ago and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I’ve taken design courses throughout high school & college, but I pride myself in being mostly self-taught.

    From 2011-2014, my journey took me on a wild ride during my first taste of success with an online store called High Standards—this is where my love for branding was born. Through this life experience, I learned so much through trial & error that I’ve carried on into my venture with ByStinaFaye. Although my business eventually closed, my desire to design & create never subsided. My interests have always wavered between style & design, I’m ecstatic that I’m now able to combine my passions in life!”

    Hello Christina, thanks for chatting with Why Hello Beauty! I’d love to know, what is involved in a typical day designing for creative entrepreneurs? 

    A typical day for me starts with a cup of tea while I review my e-mails. I’m definitely a planner, so I find myself most efficient when I create an agenda of tasks to complete for the day which often involve a lot more than just designing. Aside from my business, I’m also a full-time Stylist for an online retailer. I get to work remotely, so I like to get my day job hours done before I dive into  designing for ByStinaFaye. I usually work about 6-8 hours per day for my job, then take a quick break before pulling another 6-8 hours with ByStinaFaye. Overall, I’d say my days involve a ton of planning, communicating, and creating—it can be overwhelming at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

    How did you find yourself a designer, is style an important part of your life?

    Web & graphic design started as a hobby for me when I was a teenager. Social media sites such as Myspace & Xanga really opened the doors to teaching me how to code and customize my own graphics. I planned to make a career out of it, but I was also torn between exploring fashion & journalism. I ended up leaving web & graphic design behind for a few years and started my own online store that focused on trendy reconstructed high-waisted shorts. When that trend eventually fizzled out, I found myself back in design with a ton of experience under my belt to prepare me for my latest venture. Now I feel beyond blessed that I still get to work with fashion while utilizing my design talents. You could definitely say that style is a very important part of my life! 

    Who are the typical people you work with Christina?

    My niche is in fashion but my target market is a pretty broad variety of creatives, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. I work especially well with those with a feminine and/or minimalistic aesthetic. 

    What was/has your favourite design/project of 2016 or even 2017 so far?

    My favorite project of 2016 was definitely my branding & web design project with June & Mars. The focus of the entire project was creating a brand & web design that let her work speak for itself. It was really refreshing to create something clean & minimalistic yet very impactful for the brand. 

    What beauty products can you not live without?

    My top 3 faves in my beauty bag would have to be my Mario Badescu rose water spray, Makeup Forever Duo Mat powder, and my Kat Von D shade & light palette

    What’s on your beauty wishlist for 2017?

    Right now I’ve got major heart eyes for Kylie’s Royal Peach Palette! I’d also love to add more highlighters & peachy-toned blushes to my collection. 

    Thanks for spending 5 minutes with us Christina, I’ve such a crush on designers at the moment and love nothing more than trawling through stylish mood boards On Pinterest of an evening!

    To work with Christina yourself, visit and make sure you follow C on Instagram at @bystinafaye!

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    The Peach & Muted Pink Obsession Continues

    Our obsession with all things peach and muted pinks is here to stay and when accessorised with rose gold pieces…. #iswoon.

    To keep my love affair strong, I found these staple pieces on Witchery to create my own Fashion Moodboard! Pieces listed below;

    1. Laura Cosmetics Bag

    2. Ruffle Cami

    3. Double Button Blazer

    4.  Matte Lipstick

    5. Illuminating Palette

    6. Sabina Leather Bag

    7. Pleated Skirt

    8.  Frill Playsuit

    9. Lip Creme Pencil

    What fashion websites are you obsessed with, and is pink a colour you wear often? Share with me in the comments!


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    What’s in my Beauty Cupboard with Barbara Kovacevic

    I’ve invited my newest style muse Barbara Kovacevic, or @barbieekay as you may know her from insta, to share what’s in her beauty cupboard, to give us all something extra to swoon over. Plus girl can dress, and no explanation is needed as to why she made the cut in the recent My Favourite Street Style Instagrammers post..

    Barbara says: “My skin care routine usually begins in the evening, before bed; because doing a full routine at 5am in the morning (due to shift work) just isn’t ideal. I usually start by washing my face with hot water to open pores, then rinse with cold water to close them back up. I then use my Clarisonic Classic Sonic Skin Cleansing System (what a tounge-twister!) which is worth every cent! Before buying it, I thought I was cleaning my skin quite well, but I was seriously misled. It removes every bit of makeup, dirt and oil that I miss cleansing with my hands alone. It has improved my skin tone, helped reduce pores and leaves my skin feeling super fresh and radiant. You can use any cleanser but I like to use the Daily Essentials Refreshing Cleansing Lotion by Nivea. Usually after this, I apply Mabel & Meg Lumilixir Serum which contains vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines (because who wants wrinkles in their 20s?!). I swear by it”.

    “My makeup look is usually very natural with lots of bronze tones. I usually use the Brightening & Tightening Complexion Primer Potion by Urban Decay to develop a good base for the rest of the makeup. It has taken me years to find the right foundation but I’ve finally found one that is perfect. Napoleon Perdis Stroke of Genious Liquid Cashmere Foundation is by far the best foundation I have ever, ever used. The coverage is just right so it doesn’t make my face look cakey or shiny – and as an added bonus it has an SPF 20!

    Camera Finish Powder Foundation by Napoleon Perdis is usually something I brush on lightly after the liquid foundation to give my face a matte-like look. When the whole contour craze happened in the beauty world, I couldn’t decide which palette to buy so I opted for a cheap version and stumbled across the Sportsgirl Time to Define Contour Pallete. It is actually so perfect so after various Youtube tutorials I think I have figured out somewhat how to do it. I only use this kit when I’m going to events or in need of a more dramatic makeup look. I also use the highlighting powder from the palette on my cheekbones to give me a healthy glow”.

    “My go-to bronzer is the Sun Bunny Bronzer by Two Faced which I also use as an eyeshadow. I have eyelash extensions so I don’t really need mascara but for a more dramatic look I draw on a cat eye with Revlon’s Colourstay SKINNY eyeliner. I give my brows a little love by using the Hourglass Arch Brow Scultping Pencil. Lastly, lipstick. My two favourites are Napoleon Perdis Mattetastic Lipstick in ‘Sophia’ and Chanel Rogue Allure Velvet in #34“.

    Do you use anything of the above like B, and love them just as much? Share with me in the comments!

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    A Day in the Life of Helen McMurdo, Founder & CEO of Elle + Adhira

    Elle + Adhira is a curated collection of bridal and special occasion accessories. Founded on the insight that in the age of online shopping and social media, there is an overwhelmingly huge array of choices for the modern woman – however far too many bridal and special occasion pieces are just, well… ugly! Think poufy veils, jewellery that looks like it belonged in a dress-up box, and gaudy crystal-embellished headpieces – we should be doing better.

    To solve for this, Elle + Adhira presents a boutique collection of accessories, made in collaboration with designers and creators from all over the world.



    I wake at around 6:15am, which is a sleep-in for me because outside of Elle + Adhira, I’m a yoga teacher who teaches a couple of early morning classes each week (which involve a 5am wakeup!). Keeping it totally real here: Before getting out of bed, I flick my phone out of flight mode and catch up on what I’ve missed while I’ve been sleeping. Almost half of our orders come from outside of Australia, so before I even sit up I check three things – our online store platform, to look at sales and traffic overnight; my email; and our Instagram activity. I don’t typically respond to anything just yet – unless it’s vitally urgent, or it’s from a time zone that’s about to end its business day – but getting across the activity first thing helps me feel ready to greet the day. If I don’t have an Instagram post already scheduled, I’ll often push one out now, because early mornings are a peak time for our audience.

    My husband usually walks our dog MJ and makes breakfast (typically a protein smoothie) for us while I get up and get dressed, water the plants on the rooftop and take a moment to set an intention for the day. Then it’s time for breakfast over Instagram – this time catching up on other brands’ and bloggers’ feeds.

    At about 8am, I leave home with MJ to grab a coffee and then arrive at the office, which is a very short stroll from home. MJ plants herself under my desk for her morning snooze while I clear out emails. I have a tendency to leave uninteresting emails for ‘later’, which can mean I never get around to them, so I try to make an effort to respond to every single one before moving onto other work. I check in with my team, who help with customer service and shipping, and make sure they have everything they need for the day ahead.

    In the morning I often have conference calls with designers or collaborators based in North America. After that, I’ll make a point of doing the day’s least desirable task – like finances or analytics. I find I typically have loads of energy in the mornings, so I need a task I can throw my full energy into.


    Lunchtime is when I do my own yoga practice – typically at a studio nearby the office. One of the great things about working for yourself is that you can set your own schedule, so I make a point of not booking meetings around the lunchtime window. Doing a yoga practice at lunchtime helps me cleanse any nervous energy that’s built up over the morning, and it makes for an incredibly clear-headed afternoon. Without it, my afternoons would only be half as productive as my mornings.

    I’ll eat lunch at the desk while doing something light visual – like adding to our Pinterest account, or reading influencer blogs. Afternoons are varied but over the week cover anything from marketing planning, shooting stock, arranging stock replenishments, writing a guest blog or responding to an interview, and working with our collaborating designers to develop new additions to the collection. We’re also starting to talk to retailers about stocking Elle + Adhira in their stores (both online and bricks and mortar) so the brand can keep growing, which is really exciting.

    At 6pm I ‘down tools’, take MJ for a short walk, and make dinner. I always make enough dinner for two nights so that the big cook and clean up only happens every other evening – it’s a time-hack that I couldn’t imagine living without now! I try to stay offline at night, but if our customer service team member is offline and an email or live chat comes through, it’s up to me to respond to it. But where possible, I try to leave evenings as relaxing, non-work time – I think it’s vitally important for the nervous system to unwind once the sun goes down, and it’s alarming how few professionals and employers recognise this.

    Helen McMurdo

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    A Day in the Life of Sam Smith, Fashion Stylist at The Iconic

    The gorgeous Sam shares with Why Hello Beauty what she gets up to on the daily at The Iconic, and also how she reached the role of Fashion Stylist!

    “I actually started in the fashion industry quite late, I was always into Art and Photography throughout high school and university, but never really knew how to pursue a creative career. I decided to quit my job on the Gold Coast, move to Sydney and study fashion business at The Fashion Institute in Surry Hills, NSW. After only a few months studying I interned at Cleo Magazine, was sent to New York City to work in the lead up and during Fashion Week for six weeks and interned at The Iconic in styling. After three months I was asked to be part of the team as a casual stylist then six months later became a full time Fashion Stylist.


    A typical day for me is always different; one day I could be gathering inspiration, pulling clothes and organising for our next editorial shoot at The Iconic, to working in the studio with photographers and models styling apparel for e-comm, making sure looks are fitting correctly, shoes and accessories are styled appropriately and the right vibe is portrayed for each brand, to assisting our senior style editor at The Iconic with campaign shoots, either on location or in studio, which can consist of packing the clothes, steaming, taping shoes, organising accessories, writing credits for each look and basically anything she needs help with!

    Just recently I worked on my first solo location shoot called La Retour for The Iconic, which was based on tennis inspired outfits. I wanted the vibe to be fresh, minimal, with a slight sporty edge. We usually have 1-2 days to organise and plan shoots. We chose to shoot at a local tennis court and book Molly Gay as our model – she gave a fun, yet edgy energy to the overall feel of the shoot, which myself and the photographer loved.


    I was asked to assist with styling for The Iconic’s first ever international swimwear campaign shoot, which was in Cambodia. I was so honoured. It has always been my dream to mix work and travel together and it’s finally coming true. We shot with 5 models, 20 different looks, 3 different locations – Phnom Penh, Koh Rong and Siem Reap for 9 days. It was 15 hour days in 30°+ days, a lot of hard work but such an amazing experience.

    On my weekends I’m usually working on my Instagram blog, shooting content of my outfits or fashion flatlays. I like to keep my blog full of travel, fashion and inspiration, my passion is travelling so when I’m away overseas I make sure my Instagram is constantly updated with places I’ve seen and recommend when in certain parts of the world. My personal style is very much tomboy and relaxed, which you can see in my posts – also sneakers are a girls best friend, or maybe my best friend? Either way, I’m obsessed. My boyfriend, Dean, is a major sneakerhead so maybe it comes from him haha. He also helps me with my blog – from taking endless photos of me in different outfits to shopping with me at thrift shops for new content. He’s a keeper! I’m currently working on creating my own website for my blog and fashion portfolio, which I’m hoping will be ready beginning of 2017″.


    Sam Smith | Fashion Stylist

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    Summer Fashion Staples

    Summer is prime time for fashion. No need for bulky layers or itchy scarves, it’s all about pretty, light and loose fabrics to glide from an afternoon spot of shopping with the girls to date night with the boyf in the evening!

    Farfetch is an uber-amazing fashion e-store that stocks brands over 300 independent boutique stores at 1 address Founded in 2008, Farfetch now hold over 1000 labels worldwide and each order is delivered directly from the boutique to your door.

    After endless trawling drooling of the website, I found my dream festival outfit and I’ve popped it below with links!


    Wallet | Dress | Shoes | Necklace | Ring

    I am really lovin’ the clash between the printed wallet and the dress and the simple accessories just top it off!

    What’s your summer style, a fun playsuit or high waisted shorts with a cute tee? Or something totally different? Share with me in the comments!

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    2015 Spring Fashion Essentials

    First off, apologies for the lack of blog posts recently. My fiance and I have just purchased our first home together and moving in has really taken up all of our time! All of the packing and unpacking is now done and this is the first time I’ve had in weeks to write a blog post. I have kitty Maisie on my lap so now is Why Hello Beauty time 🙂

    So! Now that Spring is in full swing and the warmer weather is here to stay, I am on the task of refreshing my wardrobe. After some research I discovered that Princess Polly are totally up for the task with a full online store dedicated to fashion and you’re gonna wanna know about it!

    Below are my top picks for my Spring/ Summer 2015.

    KKnights Of Cydonia Dressnights of Cydonia Dress $75.00

    If you’re blonde or brunette, this rust shade dress will work from lazy days shopping and brunching to early evenings at the bar with your gals. Gold jewelry is also a staple with this dress, as shown!








    Diamond Sky Blouse $40.00Blouse

    This blouse with short shorts and tight jeans – stunning. Add heels and this blouse is even more versatile. I’ve seen beauties all over instagram wearing versions of this (think the glamorous Rachael Brooke) and it’s a 2015 staple for sure. I’d skip a necklace and go for statement earrings and tousled hair and bold toe nail polish!






    Tan SandalsTabitha Sandals $40.00

    Tan sandals work literally day and night with absolutely anything – skirts, dresses, playsuits, jeans and shorts! Sometimes black sandals can be a little harsh against lighter shades of clothing so tan is a natural winner.






    Piper Hat $100Piper Hat

    Your precious face at music festivals and bbqs with friends is completely protected with this hat and so on trend as well. Add your favourite sunglasses and your skin will thank you, and your friends will also want to borrow steal this hat!




    Now tell me, what do you have your eye on for the new season? What do you think will become your Spring /Summer staple? Share with me in the comments!

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    What to Expect From Fashion Month 2015

    Two times a year, the biggest names in the fashion world show off their best pieces during shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris—otherwise known as the “Big 4” according to Fashion Week Dates. Each location hosts shows for a week at a time, making up a collective “fashion month.” The first fashion month was held earlier this year from February to March, but the second round of shows starts in just a few days.

    I’ve been doing a little research in anticipation of the fall collections, and I couldn’t help but share a few of my favorite styles that I’m most excited about. Take a look at some of these fall fashion trends you can expect to see on the runways (and probably on your friends) in the upcoming weeks…


    Cozy and Casual Sweaters

    Sweaters for the upcoming season are going to be oversized and effortless, with heavy bohemian influence. Off-shoulder designs and relaxed silhouettes make each sweater as comfortable as they are stylish, creating a unique blend of sophisticated casual wear. The styles have already hit the front page of Lyst, with different articles that highlight what to pair with each variation. If I’m lucky enough to get my hands on one this year, you can bet I’m going to pair it with a great fall boot and a chic knitted hat. It sounds too cosy to pass up!

    Floral Patterns

    Usually reserved for spring and summer designs, floral patterns are expected to continue their popularity through the fall/winter fashion month. Fashionisers predict two types of floral patterns will dominate the runway: rose on black, and night flowers. Rose on black is pretty self-explanatory, with vibrant flowers (not limited to roses) featured on jet black pieces. The night flowers pattern features different shades of pearl and blue with a dark background. Both are usually presented on dresses, but I’m excited to see how the designers can incorporate them onto different pieces.

    Pleated Skirts

    If you’re skeptical, you’re not alone; I was, too. However, this new pleated skirt design is far from the one used on school uniforms. The Tig even called them “THE skirt” for the season, assuring readers that “this trend is NOT your mom’s pleated shorts.” The new design features carwash pleats that are long, thin, and delicate. They can also be presented as formal and casual attire depending on the outfit, so you’re likely to see them represented among a wide variety of designers.

    OK, fellow fashionistas! Shows are set to start in New York on Sept. 10. So find your magazines and fire up your tablets. This amazing month only comes twice a year, and I promise, you won’t want to miss a thing!

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    Meet Parisa of Teal & Tala

    Meet Parisa Arean, owner of absolutely stunning online fashion label Teal & Tala, who has sweetly taken  a few minutes to chat with Why Hello Beauty!


    Hi Parisa, what is your background? I come from a strong retail background where I worked in management roles. I started in retail when I was about 15 years old.

    How did Teal & Tala come about? Teal and Tala was something I always knew deep down I wanted to do. It wasn’t until May 2012 that I decided to take the leap and launch a store where I sold handmade one of a kind shorts. About 2 months into it, I started to introduce stock labels in the mix. When that took off, I took another leap and launched my own exclusive label Teal and Tala which has been an amazing journey.

    How has social media boosted your public profile / presence? It has boosted my profile considerably. I’ve found so many people through social media that have changed my business – whether it be models, photographer, textile designers. It has been so beneficial in that aspect and as well as being an outlet where I can really share my story with my customers.

    What has been your / Teal &Tala’s greatest achievement? Teal and Tala the label is definitely one of my greatest achievements within the business. There was such a teething process and so much involved with launching an exclusive label. Not just financially, but emotionally. Overcoming the fear of how your designs will be received is to date one of my most favourite things. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing people wear a concept you created and that your proud of.


    Who is your idol / role model? I look up to so many designers, but in particular Sass and Bide is always one that I love to think about. It amazes me that these girls had the endurance to continue on with their designs even through times when they were not being appreciated. It takes a certain person to be able to stay motivated when times are tough, and I think these girls really showed us that there is always something great around the corner.

    ~ Quick questions ~

    Tea or coffee? I love both but must admit, if push came to shove I would be choosing my iced latte over tea. Especially in the Queensland climate!

    Heels or flats? Flats, flats, flats. I really am not that great at walking in heels!

    Lipstick or mascara? I couldn’t live without mascara so I definitely have to rule out lipstick on this one (even though I love both!)

    Today Show or Sunrise? I’m a die hard loyal Sunrise girl.

    What a beauty. Thank you for taking a little time out of your day to speak with me Parisa, it truly means the world. The T&T label creates some fabulous fashion, check out for more images.

    Enjoy your weekend lovelies!