The Content I'm Consuming

Given that we are now at that special time of the year where some of us have more (ever-elusive) time than usual, I thought I'd share what content I'm consuming, and where I'm finding it. Of course, it's beauty content but with a touch of wellness, culture, lifestyle and fashion.


  • Allana Davison ~my OG vlogger, my ride and die 🙌
  • Sam Chapman ~ one of the faces behind the Real Techniques makeup brush & tool range who creates the most beautiful and fresh makeup looks
  • Joanna Marie Kutkina ~ a relatively new vlogger I've been following but she's now a #girlcrush for sure!


Audio Books / Podcasts


  • TSC's Him & Her daily newsletter ~ this newsletter has only just appearing in my email inbox, but I love the daily 'Tip of The Day' from both Lauryn and her husband Michael. Such great ideas, advice and suggestions.


I'm Emily - your beauty content creator and sometimes writer. I've has worked with brands including Charlotte Tilbury, Sephora AU, YSL Beauty, Christophe Robin, Clinique, Glasshouse Fragrance to name a few. My mantra is skin first, makeup second and I swear by a double cleanse. Currently, I'm obsessed with Jazz Club EDT by Maison Margiela!

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