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    A Day in the Life of Sabrina Jacquier-Parr, Founder of Keeko Oil

    Sabrina Jacquier-Parr is the founder of keeko, the 100% natural, vegan and organic oil pulling products that is made in Australia. Developed to satisfy the market need for an alternative method to the popular treatment of oil pulling, keeko’s easy-to-use sachets are effective, fun & quicker to do than any other oil pulling practice out there, and come in 3 tastebud tantalising flavours that taste damn delicious.

    Used like a mouthwash, the clinically formulated tropical blends are infused with organic and cold pressed Coconut Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil and Myrrh Essential Oil to amp up the health benefits of this ancient Ayuverdic routine. Just 5 minutes on the daily & you will be on your way to naturally whiter teeth, clearer skin, increased energy levels & a detoxed mouth + body. Swish, swirl, spit. Easy!



    I try to stick to a routine in the morning. I like the feeling of freedom in the afternoon if I get all my life admin done early in the day.

    7.30am: Wake up and do morning pages in bed. It’s a form of journaling that helps you get into your subconscious before your ego ‘wakes up’. It’s a great stress reliever and thought processer. Keeko was born in my morning pages! I’ll alternate each morning between morning pages and meditation.

    8.30am: Kick start my metabolism with warm water, fresh lemon juice, honey, apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper and supplements. For me, I find I function best with an omega and an iron supplement.

    8.35am: I am a big believer in multi tasking! So as I take my morning shower I’ll do my Keeko oil pulling. I’ll also do a gentle micro facial exfoliation, at the moment I’m loving BareBabe Scrub, it’s got an AHA and smells like chocolate.  After I have cleansed my body I’ll put coconut oil on my skin whilst in in the shower, it works as an in-shower moistursier!

    Once I’m finished my shower I brush my teeth with Keeko Activated charcoal teeth whitening toothpaste which is coming soon! I wear minimal makeup, so I’ll spray Josh Rosebrook Mist on my skin before using his tinted moisturizer with SPF (it’s seriously amazing), some Tata Harper cheek tint, mascara and a swipe of Frank Body Lip Balm and I’m good to go.

    9am: I always have a protein smoothie in the morning. At the moment I’m loving the Healthy Lab Chocolate protein power with banana, Bruce Almond Milk, and a smoothie bomb (they are amazing). So delicious.

    I then process all the Keeko orders from the past 24 hours and start checking emails. This is usually responding to customer enquires, sales enquiries, and discussions with my marketing and public relations manager. This is also when I get my creative juices flowing. I’ll either be designing our latest product launch and liaising with designers, testing new formulas and chatting with brand partners and stockists to ensure everything is seamless. I have to be in serious Boss Lady mode most of the time, but I leave plenty of time to play too! The best part about running my own business is the flexibility to provides me with.



    Afternoons I allow to be more fluid and it’s usually when I’m running around and more active. I always try and schedule meetings in the afternoon.

    I also try and make it to a class at least 3-4 times a week. I alternate between Yoga, HIIT, Pilates, and Dance Class. Whatever I’m vibing with on the day, it makes it feel less like a chore!

    I always keep snacks in the car like Health Lab Protein Balls which I’m currently obsessed with if I have not time to grab a healthy lunch (usually a protein type salad)

    At 6pm I try and close my computer and spend some quality time with my husband. It’s important to learn when to shut off for the day!



    Sabrina Jacquier-Parr

    Instagram | FacebookPinterest 


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    A Day in the Life of Ash Quinn, MUA & Beauty Blogger

    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website.

    Ash Quinn is a Sydney based makeup artist and high profile beauty blogger at Oz Product Junkie, who has almost 40k Instagram followers alone! Her flatlays are some of the best I’ve ever seen and she’s just simply gorgeous.

    Keep reading for a typical day in the life of Ash, within the midst of wedding season 2016.


    Today I’m off to Kangaroo Valley to do bridal makeup. Most Saturdays, and some Fridays and Sunday, are consumed my bridal makeup so this is a pretty typical bridal makeup day intertwined with my blogging life!

    7:00am | My alarm goes off. I’m not a morning person so I usually snooze once and then spend 10-15mins replying to Instagram comments that have come through overnight and any key emails.

    07:20am | Time to throw on my all black ninja makeup artist uniform and a basic face. I always keep my makeup minimal when I’m working so I usually apply my morning skincare followed by;

    * Something with a light coverage and an SPF, like It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ SPF50+ cream
    * Filling in my brows with Benefit’s Precisely My Brows,
    * A quick wash over the perimeter of my face and eyelids with a bronzer, my current staples are PUR Cosmetics Bronzer, Sportsgirl Bronze Me or Thin Lizzy, 
    * Some highlight to the tops of my cheek bones, my favourites are Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit ‘Sun Dipped‘, BECCA in ‘Champagne Pop’ and Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips,
    * A lick of mascara, right now I adore Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir or ESSENCE I Love Extreme Crazy Volume and finishing off with Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour in ‘Seduction’, a neutral your-lips-but-better lip colour!


    If I have time I’ll shoot a face of the day flatlay for Instagram. When you see a FOTD from me it is quite literally what I threw on my face that day.

    7:35am | Grab something for breakfast to take with me. Usually it’s just a Milo milkshake and some toast #fitspo. Terrible but honest.

    screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-5-14-59-pm7:45am | I load my makeup kit and chair into my car and I’m on the road. I always leave around 15-20mins earlier than Google Maps tells me. Even thought I find the timing very accurate I hate being late! And I especially don’t want to be late to a bridal makeup job because the last thing a bride needs is worrying about where I am.

    10:45am | I arrive at the brides accommodation early so I use the extra time to reply to more emails and post an Instagram pic/catch up on other peoples pictures.

    11:00am | Bridal makeup starts! I spend about 10 minutes setting up. I like to make sure everything is laid out nicely so I can easily access any product I need quickly. Then we’re into makeup. The first person in the chair is usually the mother of the bride, followed by the bridesmaids and the bride always goes last. I allow 45mins per person for makeup (inc individual false lash application) and extra time for the bride because I’ll also spend time on any parts of her body that are exposed such as décolletage, arms etc. In between each person I spend about 3-5mins cleaning all of the brushes with a sterilising, spot cleaner. Hygiene is a priority! Today I’ve got MOTB, 3 bridesmaids and the bride so that takes me through to 3pm.

    3:00pm |
    The bride is all done and now I begin final touchups for all of the other clients and set their makeup with a setting spray. Everyone is good to go! I then pack up and help the bride with any last minute bits she needs. It’s all hands on deck so I’m usually pinning flowers to the lapels of Dad’s jackets, helping bridesmaids get into dresses, put on shoes etc and fluffing up the brides dress so it’s sitting right in the photos the photographer is usually taking at this stage. Things great crazy at the end so I’m happy to help.

    screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-5-12-44-pm3:30pm | The bride is out the door and so am I. Back in the car for the drive home.

    6:30pm | Arrive home to hubby having done 2 loads of washing and a tidy house. I’m so lucky that I married a real team player! I’m usually pretty tired after a wedding job, especially with travel. I find my eyes get strained from driving and makeup all day so I just take some time to have a nice, long shower, relax and order some take out. Since all of my makeup is off I lather on my nighttime skincare and make the most of my no-makeup face.

    7:30pm | Food and Netflix! At the moment some TV shows I’m loving are Peaky Blinders, Vikings (thought I’d hate it but I’m loving it!), Suits or maybe some Bachelor catch up if I’m feeling trashy. All the while I’m probably scrolling through Instagram and watching Snapchat in between eps.

    11:00pm | Bedtime which usually involves more Instagram scrolling, Snapchat catch up and emails. I really need to cut that out and not lay in bed for ages on my phone but I can’t help it.


    Ash Quinn

    Blogger • Instagrammer • Makeup Artist

    INSTAGRAM: @ozproductjunkie  | @ashquinnmakeup |

    SNAPCHAT: ozproductjunkie

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    A Day in the Life of Sam Smith, Fashion Stylist at The Iconic

    The gorgeous Sam shares with Why Hello Beauty what she gets up to on the daily at The Iconic, and also how she reached the role of Fashion Stylist!

    “I actually started in the fashion industry quite late, I was always into Art and Photography throughout high school and university, but never really knew how to pursue a creative career. I decided to quit my job on the Gold Coast, move to Sydney and study fashion business at The Fashion Institute in Surry Hills, NSW. After only a few months studying I interned at Cleo Magazine, was sent to New York City to work in the lead up and during Fashion Week for six weeks and interned at The Iconic in styling. After three months I was asked to be part of the team as a casual stylist then six months later became a full time Fashion Stylist.


    A typical day for me is always different; one day I could be gathering inspiration, pulling clothes and organising for our next editorial shoot at The Iconic, to working in the studio with photographers and models styling apparel for e-comm, making sure looks are fitting correctly, shoes and accessories are styled appropriately and the right vibe is portrayed for each brand, to assisting our senior style editor at The Iconic with campaign shoots, either on location or in studio, which can consist of packing the clothes, steaming, taping shoes, organising accessories, writing credits for each look and basically anything she needs help with!

    Just recently I worked on my first solo location shoot called La Retour for The Iconic, which was based on tennis inspired outfits. I wanted the vibe to be fresh, minimal, with a slight sporty edge. We usually have 1-2 days to organise and plan shoots. We chose to shoot at a local tennis court and book Molly Gay as our model – she gave a fun, yet edgy energy to the overall feel of the shoot, which myself and the photographer loved.


    I was asked to assist with styling for The Iconic’s first ever international swimwear campaign shoot, which was in Cambodia. I was so honoured. It has always been my dream to mix work and travel together and it’s finally coming true. We shot with 5 models, 20 different looks, 3 different locations – Phnom Penh, Koh Rong and Siem Reap for 9 days. It was 15 hour days in 30°+ days, a lot of hard work but such an amazing experience.

    On my weekends I’m usually working on my Instagram blog, shooting content of my outfits or fashion flatlays. I like to keep my blog full of travel, fashion and inspiration, my passion is travelling so when I’m away overseas I make sure my Instagram is constantly updated with places I’ve seen and recommend when in certain parts of the world. My personal style is very much tomboy and relaxed, which you can see in my posts – also sneakers are a girls best friend, or maybe my best friend? Either way, I’m obsessed. My boyfriend, Dean, is a major sneakerhead so maybe it comes from him haha. He also helps me with my blog – from taking endless photos of me in different outfits to shopping with me at thrift shops for new content. He’s a keeper! I’m currently working on creating my own website for my blog and fashion portfolio, which I’m hoping will be ready beginning of 2017″.


    Sam Smith | Fashion Stylist

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    A Day in The Life of Be Fraiche Skincare’s Founder, Helen Dao

    Helen is a qualified skincare formulator, trained the in the UK and France in Organic Skincare Formulation and Perfumery. She is the founder and formulator of Be Fraiche Skincare, a Sydney-based skincare company that provides high-quality natural products and hands-on and fun workshops. Helen’s skincare journey started with her skin type.

    Having sensitive combination skin made it impossible for her to find a suitable product that could balance different skin types on her face, Helen decided to take matters with into her own hands and created her own skincare. Her aim was to create a well-formulated natural skincare range that’s effective, non-irritating, and smells divine.

    Helen’s passion is to share her knowledge and empower everyday people to choose the right products for themselves. Helen leads “Make Your Own Skincare” workshops series on a monthly basis in Sydney.


    7.00 AM: My weekdays usually start at 7.00 am. The first thing I do after waking up is to get myself ready for the day: exercise. I start the day with a warm cup of lemon water to help cleanse my digestive system and warm my body up. I then go for my morning run for about 45 minutes to 1 hour. I run 3-4 days a week and swim one day in between. Since I started working from home I didn’t get to commute as much as I did in my corporate job, hence, the morning exercise is a must for me to keep my body active and my mind clear. On rainy days, I go for a swim or yoga instead. I love the feeling of running through the park, hearing the birds chirping and inhaling the fresh and clean morning air.

    8.00 AM: I’m back home, see my husband off for work, take shower, then prepare breakfast for myself. It’s either smoothie or oat porridge with fruits and berries. These kinds of breakfast give me the right energy to tackle work until lunch.

    9.00 AM: I start work by getting through emails with suppliers, manufacturers, and team. My VA is working remotely to help clearing all the admin tasks, orders, and ingredients replenishment. On the days that I dedicate to formulating, admin tasks will have to wait until lunch. I found I get more things done if I focus on one thing at a time than multi-tasking. Hence, formulation days will be all about formulating, researching, and testing the ingredients.

    12.30 – 2.00 PM: Lunch time. I usually take this chance to post orders and check my PO box. I love to be outside for lunch, to get some fresh air, or sometimes do a quick grocery shopping if I spot some fresh fruits or veggies that we didn’t get to buy on the weekend. Those freshly bought ingredients will be in our dinner on the same day. I catch up with my friends for lunch every time I have meetings in the city or go to a business event there. I love the flexibility of working for myself, I have the freedom and the work is so satisfying and interesting.


    2.00 PM: In the afternoon, I work on more creative tasks, like writing blog posts, designing new product labels, planning my social media or updating marketing materials. On formulation days, I’ll be mixing and blending plant oils, waxes, floral water, actives, and so on into nourishing skinfood; or creating our fragrance blends with pure essential oils. My lab often smells like a flower field every time I create a new fragrance. I usually dedicate 2-3 formulation days in a row so that I can create multiple batches and variations at the same time. Then I’ll stop for a week or two to observe and test the samples, then pick the best one to work on the next round. In skincare, you won’t see the results immediately, you need to test, observe, test, test, and test again until perfection. I guess patience is definitely a significant virtue for anyone who wants to follow this career path. Don’t worry if you’re an impatient person (as I used to be), this career will train you well.

    6.00 PM: Work will be done by now and I’m about to prepare dinner. After diner, I write down my task list and prioritise the tasks for tomorrow.

    Once a month, I hold “Make Your Own Skincare” workshops at our cosy workshop space in Bondi Junction. So on that day, we pack up for workshops early and arrive there at 9.30am to set up. Our lovely students will arrive soon and we’ll start the workshop at 10.30am. I normally spend the first hour to show everyone product samples, tools & equipment, and walk them through the ingredients and theories. We’ll take a short break for morning tea so we can get ready for the next session: making skincare.

    After the break, I do a step-by-step demonstration then guide everyone through the formula. We usually have a lot of fun making skincare yet we look quite serious in photos as everyone has to get the measurements and the steps right. Our workshop will conclude with a big applause to congratulate everyone on creating their beautiful skincare products!






    Instagram: @befraicheskincare








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    A Day in the Life of Fiona Tuck, Skin & Nutrition Expert

    Fiona Tuck is a Skincare Expert, accredited Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

    Fiona’s in-depth knowledge and insight into future trends within the health industry has made her a sought-after media expert. Fiona is available to comment or present on a variety of topics regarding health and wellness including, but not limited to: Nutrition, Health and Wellness Trends, Food Labelling, Complementary Therapies, Brain, Gut, Metabolic Syndrome, Cardiovascular Disease, Ageing, Menopause, Inflammation, Arthritis, Diabetes, Obesity, Mental Health, Eating Disorders, Diet, Weight Loss, Exercise, Body & Mind Wellness, Aesthetic Medicine, Skincare Ingredients.

    Fiona is also the director of skincare range Skinstitut.

    Headshot 2 Each day is so varied as I work across multiple businesses in wellness and skincare but a typical day goes like this;

    Mornings. I wake up and have coffee in bed. I enjoy one good coffee a day and nothing gets done until I have my first sip. Check news, social posts and diary for the day. Next is either a good long brisk walk or a yoga class. If I have time, I do both! I like to exercise first thing so that if my day gets really busy I know that I have already done my work out for the day. Each day is different as my work is varied, I could be in a brand consulting meeting, meeting with packaging designers, taste testings for a new organic anti ageing supplement I am working on,  at a Skinstitut board meeting, at a media event or meeting with my book publisher for my new book The Forensic Nutritionist, to be launched 2017.


    Lunch. Many of my friends are self employed, so we often use lunch time to catch up and try out the healthy cafes in Sydney. I am also a big networker and believe in supporting others within the industry. Lunchtime meeting are a great way to do this.

    Afternoon. I don’t do any physical skin treatments anymore due to my busy schedule but I do still do nutritional and skincare consults for my clients. I believe good skin starts from the inside out so no matter how well you take care of your skin on the outside you also need to take care of the inside. I use holistic diagnostic techniques such as analysing the skin, fingernails, body shape and hair alongside traditional pathology testing to gain a good understanding of what may be going on with my clients. The skin is a direct reflection of what is going on inside the body so when you combine the right nutrients with the right topical skincare amazing results can be achieved. My clients have had wonderful results from following the acne and clear skin diet ebook.

    Late afternoon. Emails, responding to media Q&A’s, writing for and media articles. I like to write about topical information that is non biased, user friendly diet fact sheets, nutrition plans, healthy skin guides, and healthy recipes for my clients and followers to use to support their homecare regimes. All of the current information on my website is free to download in the hope that it will help and inspire others.


    Evening. Dinner usually consists of a light protein such as salmon with lots of veggies or bone broth based soups often with a cup of tea and a healthy treat like a bliss ball as an evening snack.

    After dinner. I like to do a gentle yoga/meditation at home most evenings if I am not going out. Having a busy lifestyle means that I can get anxious quite easily and when I get stressed carbs can be  my go to comfort. Yoga is my carb craving stress buster and makes me feel connected, enlighted and euphoric. I am currently near the end of completing a 500hr yoga teaching certificate and so evenings are a good time to practice my class sequencing. I am about to go on a 7 day yoga retreat in Bali to teach others about how to reduce stress levels and balance hormones but it is also a wonderful time for me to take some time out too.  I plan to run regular short weekend retreats next year in Sydney to encompass nutritional cleanses, skin therapy, mediation and yoga.

     Fiona Tuck |

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    A Day in the Life of Jo Lam, Founder of Online Natural Beauty Company Orli

    Jo Lam is the founder of the online natural beauty company, Orli.

    Orli was born when Jo decided to merge her passion for natural skin care together with her professional background in accounting; to create an beauty hub that was founded on the amazing properties of natural ingredients backed by evidence and scientifically based research. The marrying of traditional remedies with modern medicine (now complimentary medicine) has always been woven into Jo’s Malaysian Chinese upbringing. Growing up in a multicultural landscape, steeped in traditional Indian and Chinese cultural influences, left Jo with a life long appreciation for the healing properties of food, botanical extracts and essential oils for skin and well-being.

    Jo was frustrated by the process of squinting at product labels in order to find truly genuine, organic skincare products, in the everyday market. She came across too many products containing sulphates, fragrances, harsh alcohols and heavily processed preservatives sold under the misleading ‘natural’ umbrella. This propelled Jo to research and personally source her own selection of 100% natural, toxin free, cruelty free products made by individuals who shared her passion for a sustainably less toxic planet. A typical day in the life of Jo Lam, of Orli is listed below;

    Moda Familia_by_Luisa Brimble-119

    “My weekday life is a wonderful juggle of family, work and friends. I’m usually up at 6am and try my best to squeeze in a half hour run three times a week (if the kids are cooperating) so that I’m home by 6.30am to sort out the usual mayhem of getting my three boys ready for school. Our breakfasts are slightly unusual. We usually have bone or chicken broth with rice and any leftovers from the previous evening’s dinner gets thrown into the mix. I’m a big believer in giving the kids a nourishing breakfast so it matters less if they get too distracted at recess to finish their lunches.

    Straight into work mode after school drop off at 8.  I try to tick off the necessary items first like fulfilling orders, work meetings and admin. Once I’ve done that I move on to the more creative processes of product development, testing formulations and researching ingredients.

    Lunch is usually a salad or a spicy stir-fry of crunchy vegetables; often accompanied with eggs or fish. Twice a week, I enjoy a quick social lunch catch up at 1.30pm, which provides an hour of good solid conversation before I collect the kids from school at 2.45pm.

    The kids are my main priority when they get home but it’s amazing how much can be done using little snippets of time. I focus on tasks that can be performed in between meeting the demands of the kids. It’s the ideal time to respond to certain emails and do the once daily social media post. Key word is POST not SCROLL! I steer away from looking at social media when my kids are around.

    Work is set-aside completely from 5pm. This time slot is for preparing dinner and helping the kids with homework or reading all at the same time. My partner and the kids usually perform the after dinner cleaning up…(and then I clean up after them!)

    We all settle down on the sofa for a bit of ‘family cuddling/wrestling time’ before the kids go to bed. Once the kids hit the sack, I get stuck into writing blogs or articles with a herbal tea in hand. Although it’s work related… writing is very therapeutic for me. It relaxes me and is the equivalent of TV time or reading time for someone else. I would love to say I get to bed early but the truth is, bedtime for me is hardly before 11pm. Life is hectic but everyday I am so grateful that I have a healthy family and a business that I’m absolutely passionate about!”.

    Thanks for chatting with Why Hello Beauty Jo, I simply adore the concept of Orli and know my readers will too!


    Jo Lam | ORLI |


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    Feature | Amy Lee, from Amy Lee Active for Corkleaf

    If you read my last Health feature, you’d know that I’m interested in learning more about incorporating health + fitness into my daily schedule so when I was given the opp to chat with Amy Lee, of Amy Lee Active – I couldn’t wait to chat more about healthy living! Yoga is something I really want to try but I’m so nervous about feeling unco and unflexible, but it’s starting to sound like something that I could really benefit from now…. More details below!

    DSC_0086 L

    Hi Amy, thanks for chatting with Why Hello Beauty today! I’d love to know how did you find yourself immersed in health + fitness?

    Thank you for having me! Well, I always loved nutrition and food when I was in school, but I NEVER liked exercising – I used to fake every illness possible to get out of sport! After I finished school, I realized how unhealthy this was, joined a gym, and dedicated a lot of time to reading, researching and watching a lot of YouTube on all things fitness. I became addicted to the post-workout endorphin rush and all the extra energy I had!

     How often do you train/work out? I hear you’re a big fan of yoga, what benefits of yoga do you enjoy most?

    I will always make an effort to include a workout as part of my daily ritual; after all, it’s only 2% of your day! My workout regime includes 3-4 days of weight training, and 1-2 days of yoga per week.  No matter what type of exercise you do, whether that be running, resistance training, power lifting or crossfit, yoga is essential to the overall recovery and repair of the muscles you have worked out that week. It allows you to stretch and relax, increasing blood flow and oxygen to the worked areas of the body. It’s also wonderfully calming for the body and mind after hustling all day!

    I can see why you use Corkleaf yoga mats, they look so luxurious! Why is Corkleaf yoga mat your preferred choice?

    I’m actually very passionate about the future sustaintability of our environment, and not only are Corkleaf mats beautiful and luxurious, they’re also 100% made out of natural and recycled cork, with antimicrobial properties. The cork gives the yoga mats a stylish, but functional and surprisingly grippy finish. I love the aesthetic texture of the cork and receive so compliments on it every time I walk into yoga!

    DSC_0052 L

    What are your thoughts/benefits on choosing a yoga mat like Corkleaf that is made out of natural cork, that’s environmentally friendly and sustainable?

    Unlike the vast majority of synthetic yoga mats, one of the things I love most about my Corkleaf mat is that they can be safely returned to the earth, back to where they came from! Not only are you providing health benefits for yourself, you’re helping the environment, too. The innovative cork processing requires NO trees to be cut down. With every cork yoga mat purchased, a tree is planted, as part of Corkleaf’s dedication to the Plant-A-Tree Carbon Neutral Initiative.

    What do you think about Corkleaf’s mission to plant 1,000,000 trees with their ‘One Mat, One Tree Planted’ cause?

    Environmental sustainability is not a choice, but a necessity, and it’s important we support organisations that value the earth we ALL live in. It’s not about becoming a tree-hugging extremist activist, it’s about everyone doing their part for the planet, and it’s as simple as making the right consumer choices. Australia is one of the highest producers of waste per person in the world, and we can only reduce this by working together. 1,000,000 may seem like a big number, but if everyone makes a small effort to reduce, reuse and recycle, that is already a huge progression into a more viable future.

    What’s one healthy thing my readers can incorporate into their life today?

    Most people in this day and age are guilty of staring into their screens, stressed, and often with a slouched posture – no matter how busy you are, make sure you give your mind and body a short bust of rest and recuperation by going outside, closing your eyes, straightening your posture, and inhaling a big breath and fresh air. You’ll feel instantly energized, even if it’s just for 30 seconds!

    Thanks Amy for chatting with me and here’s to a happy and healthy week gorgeous! You can find Amy’s website here if you’d like to learn more about this gorgeous gal!

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    Hot Summer Style Straight From The U.S.A

    Because it’s dreary winter in Australia and I have an almost unhealthy obsession with the United States of America, I thought I would channel some of that healthy U.S summer glow this way and chat to a few babes from that neck of the woods about what’s hot in beauty + fashion, like right now! I’ve rounded up 4 gorgeous women from LA to NYC to share their thoughts from their city, to give you a little pep in your step this morning.





    “Everyone is wearing the off-the-shoulder look in Miami right now. It’s perfect for avoiding tan lines!” Jules | Miami, Founder of Deco Miami Cosmetics | + @sassyjulianna

    “In LA, the hottest trends right now is pastel hair. Specifically, pink or lavender. Another big trend is hair braiding. Even though Coachella is over, you’ll see some of the coolest looking gals with loose french braids wrapped around their head like a crown.”Piera | Los Angeles | @hiPiera

    “Beach wave hair is my favorite because it’s such a versatile hair style.  It looks classy when you are dressed up, sexy-messy when you are dressed down, hot with red lips, or simple, yet sophisticated with a more natural look. Here’s my technique!  You can do this using a 1 1/2 inch barrel curling iron or if you know how to curl with a flat iron, you can use it too. To start, I clip up the top part of the hair and work around the bottom. Section out a ruler sized chunk at a time.  With each section of hair I pull it through the curling iron paying special attention to the end of the section.  I do not curl this part, but stop about 2-3 inches from the end of my hair and then curl the rest of the section of hair up.  As I release the section I pull down and drag that end piece through the curling iron, but making sure not to curl it.  I do this all around my head.  Once I’ve curled the bottom I then let down the top and go back around my head savings the front for last.  To finish, I spray all around using a flexible hairspray while running my fingers through it and making it a little messy.  The result is beach wavy hair without the sand and salt!” Ro Ferrelli | Florida | Personal & Spiritual Development Mentor for Women

    “Summer is the perfect time for a fresh-faced glow, and getting the look can be easy if you have the right makeup. We achieved this look on our model, Morgan, with a tinted moisturizer, MAC bronzer used as blush (plus a little contouring, of course), Anastasia Brow Wiz in medium brown, and L’oreal Voluminous Mascara. This look is super easy to achieve and looks great for the warmer months. The only thing you’ll need in your purse are some blotting papers and SPF chapstick.” Jia Wertz | New York City | Founder / CEO ShopStudio15

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    A Day in the Life of Lydia Barca, of Miss Lydia Beauty

    Lydia says: “Ever since I was little I absolutely loved all things beauty. Being in the industry since I was quite young gave me time to see what my true passion is, lashes and beauty. Hiring a room and working alongside two amazing therapists at Zuri Beauty in Parkdale is how my days roll out.

    The girls at Zuri offer everything that I don’t, think luxurious facials and massages to spray tans and waxing, so we are definitely your one stop shop!”


    On the far right is Lydia, Lydia’s sister Jess in the middle and Jess’ business partner Mel on the left!

    “I usually work Monday to Saturday with 2 late nights (Wednesday till 7pm and Thursday till 9pm) but a typical day looks similar to the below;

    I wake up 7am, have a shower and breaky, which is usually boiled eggs to get me through the long work days.  I leave for work around 8ish, set up my work station whilst having my morning coffee from our local deli down the road (sometimes a white choc chip & raspberry muffin if we are wanting a cheeky snack!) and reply to clients before a 9am start.

    Most days are fully booked with eyelash extensions and bio sculpture gel manicures or pedicures. Usually we all try to have lunch at the same time to wind down at around 3pm but it’s always changing.

    Come the weekend, which for me is end of the work day Saturday, is usually spent with family and friends, either going out for dinners or having causal drinks to unwind from a busy week!”.



    Lydia Barca of Miss Lydia Beauty

    Instagram | Facebook

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    A Day in the Life of Kirsten Carriol, Creator of Lanolips

    Kirsten Carriol, a beauty industry veteran, couldn’t find the perfect lip balm. While lamenting her chapped lips before a long haul flight, she remembered the wondrous feel of the lanolin on the sheep’s wool – from her childhood spent on her grandparent’s sheep-farm in South Australia. She also recalled her Professor father (an award winning research pioneer in the science of DNA) telling her ‘the molecular structure of lanolin is the secret to skin moisturisation’. Growing up, lanolin was the only thing her parents used on her lips and skin. She realised that nothing had been as good since, so the journey began to create Lanolips™. The worlds finest lanolin.


    I’m a long time fan of Lanolips – it’s my go-to for soft + smoochable lips – and I actually squealed when I saw images of the recent rebrand, which included the launch of exciting new products, featuring Montana Cox + Nadia Fairfax within the marketing campaign, as they’re just so blooming gorgeous! And further to the excitement, did you know that not only is Lanolip stocked in over 650 stores nationally, they are now also available on Net-a-Porter – you know, just the world’s premier online luxury fashion destination? Go the Aussie’s with their amazing products!

    I invited the Lanolips creator, Kirsten Carriol, to share a typical day in the life of running such a busy beauty business and was just thrilled when she said yes! Keep on reading for all the deets you need to know;

    6am: I am up somewhere between 6am and 7am each morning with my two boys, making them breakfast and getting them ready for school. I will have a quick scan of my emails and social media, then check the weather before getting the boys off to school.

    9am: I usually arrive at the office by 9am with a skim latte and set about planning my day, I am a big list writer, I like to declutter my brain before I start working on something, so I write a list of what I want to achieve that day.

    11am: After firing off some emails I like to catch up with my team. We will usually have a quick 15 minute WIP – I am very hands on and like to stay across everything that is happening at Lano HQ.

    1pm: I usually have a quick and easy lunch – my go-to is a simple tomato and cheese pressed toastie.

    3pm: One of the best things about running a skin care business is creating new products. I am working on something very new (and very exciting) right now that will be launched later this year. I am truly passionate about lanolin; it really drives and inspires me, everyday I am finding new ways to work with the ingredient.

    6 – 8pm: From 6pm I am back in to full mum-mode, I switch off from business and enjoy family time with my husband and boys.

    8pm: Most nights once my boys are in bed, I will put a few more hours in as this is the ideal time for international business. With Lanolips expanding across the world, there is always an influx of fresh emails to respond to and calls to be made!

    Thanks Kirsten for chatting to us at Why Hello Beauty, definitely a highlight of 2016! Oh, I’ve just noticed that if you jump on right now and purchase any Hand Cream, you’ll receive a free gift of 101 Ointment in Peach Flavour (valued at $13.95) – score! Find Lanolips at Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all the new launches!

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    A Day in the Life of Makayla Herdman, Owner of House of Maxx Boutique Skin Clinic

    House of Maxx pays focus to the health of the skin both internally & externally.

    With a Health & Nutrition Advisor on site to clean up elements of your lifestyle that may be contributing to your Barrier Disordered Skin, experienced Corneotherapists to educate you and treat your skin, LED & CIT machines, & professional lash & brow technicians you are bound to be radiant and have skin that glows from within.

    All facial treatments are a customised dermatological treatment that uses advanced products specifically created to cater to your skins needs & concerns.

    Makayla says: “Owning a Skin Clinic sounds glamorous, and you know what, it is! Probably more so than me being a girl who grew up in Gippsland and wears trackies on her ‘days off’ (what days off!?), but everyday I love that the team and I have the chance to truly change someone’s life. We have hit a sweet spot with our concept, and it’s being confirmed everyday by our gorgeous yet desperate clients who had not found the answers to their skin conditions until they met us. Our skin is one of our largest elimination organs, so wouldn’t it make sense if we are presenting with eczema, acne or rosacea that it’s all coming from within?

    This is why we chose Dermaviduals, which treats the skin as an organ, healing and repairing our barrier so that cells can perform optimally. This is why we created our own Skin Food range Maxx Beauty Tonic, from detoxifying to repairing, anti-inflammatory golden lattes to indulgent sugar free hot chocolates that bring pleasure into our life without making our bodies pay for it with breakouts, flair ups or sore tummies… because after all isn’t life about the pleasures?

    [ images by Brooklyn Powell ]

    I feel like I need to write ‘A Day in the Life Of the House of Maxx team’ because we all provide something different. Jenny is our Health and Nutrition Adviser who will pinpoint and offer support and knowledge as to what is happening internally that is presenting externally. Allena is our head Corneotherapist that has an incredible attention to detail and brings that luxurious pampering into every treatment from a serious skin treatment to lash enhancement and even a Brazilian wax! And lastly, I am probably the headless chook driving everyone mental! I am your link in the middle that has lived and breathed gut health and healing for 23 years through my own journey, and had an incredible passion for beauty and improving women’s confidence for 9 years. I survive best on routine, which is hard when you run your own business, but for me it’s organised chaos!”.

    Here’s a snapshot for a typical day in the life of owning a beauty clinic;

    • My day starts with a morning snuggle from my gorgeous new cavoodle Puppy, Maxine (our little clinic mascot) before getting up and having a warm glass of lemon water and taking her for a walk.
    • I have a shower and perform my morning skin ritual, body brushing, cleansing, applying as many creams as I can fit on! – it is still so therapeutic for me….
    • I make my breakfast which changes depending on my mood between a big bowl of breakfast greens and poached eggs or my latest smoothie concoction, then head to work where Allena has already arrived super early and set up!
    • Together we set up the rooms and prepare ourselves for a day of providing support, creating great brows and lashes and giving the gift of self love and confidence through clear skin and a healthy body.Our day of clients is never the same, whether it be creating treatment plans and custom mixing products up, educating or providing impeccable beauty services it always keeps us on our toes and loving what we do. Between the three of us we always make an effort to have 15 minutes together in the middle of the day for a cup of tea, a little paleo treat that one of us has brought in and to educate each other on something new we are studying or have learnt.
    • Once the day is done, normally around 8pm, I tend to wind down by cooking (and eating of course!) then the rest of my evening will consist of a gym work out, reading, catching up with a friend or netflix and chill with Maxine!

    Makayla / House of Maxx

    A Boutique Skin Clinic located 1207 High Street, Armadale, creating the most beautiful version of your skin from the inside out.

    Facebook | Instagram | Website

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    A Day in the Life of Chanelle Louise, Director of Cilk Rose Water


    A snapshot into a typical day of Chanelle Louise, the Australian director of the luxury hand-crafted beauty beverage supplement, crafted with roses and enhanced with light floral notes of cold pressed hibiscus and a creamy hint of pure vanilla, creating the perfect balance of botanicals, elegance and of course, beauty. The perfect addition to your beauty collection, kitchen and soirées. Each Cilk Rose Water comes in 100ml / 3.4fl oz., which is equivalent to 50 standard drinks and each order will receive complimentary global shipping.

    ChanellelouiseChanelle says: “Each morning ritual is quite different for me, I’m not a routine person, I get too bored doing the same thing over and over each day which is why the entrepreneur lifestyle suits me. I just do what I feel like each morning I wake up; some mornings I feel like doing yoga, other mornings I want to sleep in, but most mornings I want to get straight into running my business, because that is what I’m most passionate about and enjoy the most. To narrow in on one day, I will start with making a green or fig, rose and vanilla smoothie and cleanse my face with May Lindstrom Honey Mud Cleansing Silk and massage in her Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm Concentrate, these are my morning skincare signature essentials.

    Early in the day I will pack and ship orders that have come through overnight, grab a coffee and then head to Spark Bureau, a co-working space on the Sunshine Coast which is a not-for-profit entrepreneurial community of thinkers, builders, movers, and shakers.It is an interactive and diverse space to be in, being able to bounce ideas around with entrepreneurs from different industries with an outside perspective enables you to push the boundaries of your business further than just working solo from home.

    I’m also an incubator program, learning in detail about design thinking, agile mythology, business law and many other aspects of running a start-up. I am fortunate to mainly work alongside my best friend Natalie Thorogood who is a fellow girlboss with her own wellness brand Soak Society. We really understand each others audience and missions and are always there for each other through the ups and downs of the business journey with the occasional Friday mid-afternoon cocktail break. This is what I love most about working for myself, the ability to structure my time that allows me to be the most productive but also enjoy myself”.


    “The rest of my day will be planned around any important emails that need to be attended to promptly and then I will schedule priority tasks for the day from R&D, identifying partnership or collaboration opportunities, meetings, working on scaling models, establishing export channels and creating content for a series of themed digital magazines we will soon be releasing.

    I also listen to business podcasts at every opportunity whether it’s a morning walk along the beach, making breakfast or driving, I try to compact learning as much realistic business case studies and information as quickly as I can. Most days I will take my work home for an extra hour or two then spend the evening with my husband who usually cooks a delicious dinner for us. I’ll unwind with a bath, read a book or watch a movie and extend my beauty regime into the night with a beauty beverage made with my CILK Rose Extract and a long restful sleep”.

    CilkRoseWater6Cilk Rose Water

    Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

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    A Day in the Life of Sarah Baker, founder of Sarah Jean Lashes

    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website.

    Sarah JeanSARAH JEAN founder, Sarah Baker is the brains behind an innovative new brand that makes applying false eyelashes at home easy.

    Gone are the days of sticky fingers and smudged eyeshadow – a common problem many of us encounter when applying false eyelashes – so to find out how Sarah developed the products, she gives us a sneak peek into a typical day and what goes on behind the scenes of this new brand that Sarah hopes will be a game changer for the beauty industry.

    An intro to SARAH JEAN

    “SARAH JEAN has been a labour of love. It’s taken more than a year of research and development to create a collection of products that actually make a laborious task easy, and that are also beautiful and high quality,” Sarah explains.

    “The signature product in the SARAH JEAN collection is the eyelash glue. It cleverly combines two existing products to make one product. I’ve taken an anti-allergenic, latex free and water soluble glue and put it in a bottle with a mascara style nylon brush. This allows the glue to be applied to your real lashes like mascara – the brush enables just the right amount of glue to be applied without any drips or mess. Because you apply glue to your real lashes and the false eyelash strip, the lashes are easier to apply and stay on longer. With the tweezer applicator tool, applying lashes is easier.”

    To remove, lashes are gently peeled off and the glue is removed by rubbing your real lashes gently with a foaming face cleanser. The SARAH JEAN lashes are synthetic, light-weight, latex free. All products are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

    What to trySJ Lashes

    The three piece kit, $49 or five piece kit, $75, have been going well as they’re affordable and a great way for people to try the products which work best together (click the banner to the right to order yours).

    “You can choose between the clear or black adhesive, and choose your favourite lash style or styles depending on the kit you buy,” Sarah said.

    So now we know a little more about the SARAH JEAN productions, let’s find out what a standard work day looks like for this savvy business woman.

    “I run a small creative content agency during the day and up until now, I worked on the research and development for SARAH JEAN in the evenings and weekends. Now I am juggling the promotion of SARAH JEAN in between my other projects.”

    A typical day in the life of Sarah Baker:

    I try to get to the gym a few days a week at 5:45 am. I prefer the 30 minute high intensity workouts. If I am there longer than that, my mind wanders to thoughts of what I’m going to eat for breakfast instead of exerting energy and I probable burn about five calories!

    Sarah Jean LashesLiving close to the Brisbane River, if I don’t go to the gym, I walk my dog, Lilo. Running two businesses, I have learnt the importance of setting realistic goals I need to accomplish each day. I’m managing the promotion for SARAH JEAN as well as handling the PR for other clients plus copywriting jobs. So I break my time into blocks in which certain tasks need to be carried out in.

    I spend a lot of time in front of the computer as I like to respond to queries as soon as possible. I also hand write a message on the thank you cards included with each purchase, which I also wrap in tissue paper. So the packaging of products takes time but it’s important to me that customers feel like they’re receiving a thoughtfully wrapped gift every time.

    I find it really difficult to stop for lunch so I often find myself eating at the computer which is bad! However where possible, I schedule meetings over lunch at a cafe as it’s a nice way to break up the day and really get to know clients and contacts.

    After packaging peoples’ purchases, I take the parcels for overseas orders SJ Lashes1to the post office or arrange a courier for the local orders. I’m becoming well known at the post office!

    A big part of my day is establishing new partnerships and ways to generate exposure for SARAH JEAN. This entails hours of researching suitable businesses and pitching to them. It’s time consuming, but I have met some amazing people who are also passionate about what they do and keen to create a positive and mutually beneficial relationship. Australia and New Zealand has an inspiring community of beautiful and innovative beauty brands – it’s exciting to be a part of.

    While I have a collection of products I’m really happy with, I am always on the lookout for new products or lash styles to add to the collection (down the track!). So an hour or two is usually dedicated to the R&D for these. I’ve received a few requests for additional products so I’ve started liaising with suppliers for these – although I’m mindful not to get too ahead of myself!

    By this time, it’s late afternoon and time to walk Lilo again. She is without a doubt the most spoilt dog in Brisbane! We got her through Animal Rescue Queensland – the best decision we made as she’s such good company and makes me smile when I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.

    LOOK-SJ005-WITH-TWEEZERAfter dinner, which is usually a salad or something I’ve thrown into the le cruset and left in the oven for three hours (unless we go out for dinner, which is always a nice treat), I usually find myself back in front of the computer. I watch very little TV as I find there is always work to be done. It’s hard to switch off but I enjoy what I do, and SARAH JEAN being a new product, I have a lot of work ahead of me with getting it to market so by the time I get to sleep it’s around 11 pm…

    The long term plan is to take SARAH JEAN to the world! Starting with Australia and New Zealand. I’m always looking at other distribution channels for SARAH JEAN apart from the website so that’s exciting and keeping me busy!

    To enjoy 10% off all SARAH JEAN orders, simply pop in ‘WHYHELLO’ upon checkout and it’s all yours!

    Yours in lashes,

    Sarah XO

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    A Day in the Life of an Eyebrow Stylist, with Melanie Marris

    “I was really thrilled when asked to write about ‘A Day in the Life Of an Eyebrow Stylist’, as from the outside it can seem super glorified owning and operating a successful and renowned brow company, however as glamorous as myself, my studio and my staff present and appear, the hard and constant work day in day out, the sweat, stress and tears and the pressure to always operate at the best of your ability can go unnoticed. Please do not get me wrong – I run a high end, up market brow boutique and I absolutely LOVE every minute of what I have created and what I do.

    I ooze passion for all things brows and beauty and I strive every singe day to better my business and myself. I am forever grateful for the loyal following in Australia, growing following world wide and dedicated clients and staff that I have. I will always continue to aspire to inspire young women, whether it is to bring out their entrepreneurial skills and be confident in their chosen career, or whether it simply is to work hard in their current roles and always aim for the top! Either way, I will forever continue to be a role model for as many people as I can.

    Business will have ups and downs, it will be hard and it will test you, but what you will get out of pushing yourself to your limits in what ever you do, is a strong mind, resilience in all aspects of your life, confidence, knowledge, a lifetime of life experience and the ability to live the life that you want to live.

    There are many, many perks to owning your own business, however my advice is always do not go into this if you think it is going to be easy, a way out of your 9-5, more money and more freedom, because you will not succeed. In fact when you own your own business it is exactly the opposite of this!! BUT because you are doing what you LOVE the over time does not seem like overtime, the stress is more manageable because you learn ways to develop strength to overcome it and the freedom and financial gain is earned, earned all by yourself, therefore it is respected and treasured that little bit more!

    I always say that if you are passionate about something, you have found way to make it your own and on you own, you have researched whether it is a niche market OR you have the talent to make it one and you are a risk taker – then go for it! Aim for the stars, because I did! I found my talent at a very young age, I have always been a peoples person, I remember everyone I meet! I took the risk of creating my own brand and my own business beginning as a soul trader and working my butt off to have what I have today! It WILL be the best thing that you ever do, just do it for the right reasons.

    Have personal short term and long-term goals, strive every week to better yourself or your businesses in some small way, research, write down your ideas-all of them! Collaborate-network with like-minded people. The options in business are endless! I will be writing in more depth about my business ventures, how I believe you create a successful business and how to make it manageable in my new blog.  One last thing I want to touch on is ignoring negativity on social media, in the work place and life in general. It sounds so cliché but you cannot have a positive life if you are constantly drained by negativity. This is so important in business! You will get burnt and you will have people steal, attempt to mimic your ideas and do the wrong thing by you, I surely have!!! The way I deal with it is to be better, take all that negative strength and turn it into something new, something bigger and something better! No one is YOU, so be your own motivation and become the best version of yourself. I am working on so many more ventures both personally and within my business – I hope you all enjoy my first ever blog, please head to my website to hear my next story!

    So, I would like to keep it real and let you all in on the life of a successful entrepreneur running one of the most elite brow studio’s in Australia”.

     6.15am – Alarm is set and my personal trainer is waiting for me!! I work out 3-4 times a week in the mornings. I used to train in the evening but found that working out in the morning prepared you for the big day you have ahead of you. I absolutely love it now.. after pushing past that want for one more hours sleep!!

    *Exercising and eating well are super important to me when running my own business, or when having a busy or stressful life style. It helps to avoid me getting run down, fatigued and over stressed. This is a huge part of my lifestyle. I still have my days where I eat what ever I want and don’t go to the gym don’t get me wrong, however over all my lifestyle is kept as healthy as possible.

    Over the years I can 100% vouch that living a balanced lifestyle including relaxation, meditation, exercise, you time, time with friends/social activities, time with a partner, time with family and work was the key to helping to keep me dedicated, determined, lowering my stress levels.

    Before I leave for the gym, I quickly make sure that no one has called into work sick, no notifications of emergencies from clients or staff have come up and that the day ahead seems as if it is going to run as per normal! With building new stores over east also, I need to check in with manufacturers ect due to the time difference. I have got a system where after plenty of trial and error that I keep this time to myself and I am only checking for anything that needs to be dealt with immediately. BUT as you can see…. work never stops for entrepreneurs!!

    8am – I have now had my work out and made a healthy breakfast. I sit down with my very large coffee and make my first social media post! I like to make up to 4 a day depending on content so I begin nice and early!! I then check my emails and make sure that everything that I needed to sort before clients is done! I have my make up regime down pat, and so I should after 13 years of getting ready for work in the beauty industry!! I allow myself generally 40 minutes to shower, choose a glam outfit and apply my makeup for the day! Then its rush, rush off to work to start my first client at 9.30am.

    Between 9.30am and 6pm – My Perth studio is open between these times, only as oftwo months ago I have needed to pull back slightly off clients to be able to manage my fast growing company. I generally work on clients between 9.30am and 3pm now, this can vary to end of day when people are sick or it is extra busy. With all the responsibility, 10 staff members and nearly 3 studios in Australia, my time is precious.

    I have delegated certain responsibilities to management however there are always issues that arise or projects that you work on which only you can do, so I have structured a way to use my time more wisely this year and it is working! I love being a hands on owner,  I could never see myself completely pulling back until I retire really!  Plus is it important to be there when I can! I still train and mentor all of my staff.

    My management is starting to also help with this so I have been putting a lot of extra work into making sure they are confident. During my 101 duties of the day I still perform back to back 30 minute intervals of clients. On a good day I can style up to 30 brows as well as over seeing all of my other staff members work, issues and helping the studio to run smoothly!

    Every single brow is different!! We have round brows come in, long brows, wirey brows, dark brows, thin brows, brows that are barely there and brows that have never been touched. My unique technique of brow styling is highly sought after, it creates a more full and defined brow extenuating your natural arch and lengthening the brow. Even still after over 10 years in the industry I still consult with all of my clients, I still make sure everyone was happy during their last treatment and I always strive to create a stunning set of brows!

    It is a very fast passed studio, music is pumping, clients are fun and interactive and my staff members are a beautiful bundle of energy and joy! These days can be super tiring and challenging but I still have never ever woken up after 4 years in business not excited to go to work!! I love each and every minute of the hustle and bustle, I love that I have created this environment for clients to trust, love and enjoy!

    3.30pm – If I manage to get out at 3.30pm…. which rarely happens hehe! I will then head home to have a late lunch, plan and work on my ventures. I generally snack throughout the day on small prepared meals as this keeps me going!! This is also when I manage to talk to my gorgeous sister who manages parts of H.R and all of  my accounts. Once your business turns into a company, you need strong, like minded women on your team! Driven, dedicated individuals who respect you and what your company is about, I am so lucky to have this support! When you are starting out and it is just you managing clients, enquiries, book work, social media and staff issues it can be super daunting and sometimes overwhelming. Please trust that when you build your business and get the help from the right people you will see a much smoother operation. The hard yards always need to be put in at the start and you need to determine your direction within your business first.

    I also deal with any interstate business that needs taking care of, there is a lot of this currently with the expansion and opening of Melanie Marris Eyebrow Stylist Melbourne and then Sydney. I have everything I need at home to work comfortably and efficiently as I do not have this space in the studio and it is important for me to separate so that I am not jumping in on my staff’s next brow wax.. as I tend to do if I stay hehe! This part of my day can sometimes be more full on then being in the studio but I love when I achieve all of my goals for the day, it is so satisfying!!

    By this time it is nearly 6.30/7pm – I love to eat dinner early and also get to bed around 9.30/10pm during the week! I usually walk my beautiful pup before I have dinner. Either this or I will spend some time with him cuddling after! I also like to network at night, if I am scrolling down my news feed, I may be shopping but my brain is always switched on and creating something new or networking with someone amazing! This to me is my down time, I love research and I love to create.

    I do, however switch off most nights after a small time catching up on any news with friends or family, I have learnt this the hard way, it is SO important to switch your brain off. It took me almost 3 years to learn this and I am still learning. I get great nights sleep, I do not watch TV to put me to sleep and I don’t stay up too late as I pay for it the next day.

    On a weekend I have total switch of day being Sunday! I am lucky enough to now be in a position where I can do this, as at the start it is a 24/7 role. This is, if there is nothing major going on at work, no deadlines and no issues!

    It is also so important to give yourself time to heal and refresh your mind. I spend weekends with my partner, my family and my friends. I am no party girl – I  had my time with that when I was a lot younger! I love eating out at beautiful restaurants or nice bars, going for coffee, beach or park walks and relaxing. I love to read so I also read every now and again as a great way to switch off.

    Each day is different with the same goal in mind, to enjoy doing what I love. I hope I can inspire you all in some way, or help anyone in business to see that you are not alone or even just let people in on my real life!

    I am not lucky, I have worked so hard for every bit of my success and that is what makes me continue to work even harder. A lot of people ask me what or where do I get my motivation.. and you also may be wondering this?? It comes from within and it comes from a true place of authenticity. Only you can motivate yourself and if you aren’t motivated, then I hope that you find something that you are motivated in!

    Warm wishes,

    Melanie Marris xx

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    Meet | Reese Evans & Yes Supply Co

    Yesterday I mentioned within My Early 2016 Beauty Wishlist blog post yes supply, ‘a community of go-getters, girl bosses and creatives who only take yes for an answer’ created by lovely Reese Evans.

    Yes Supply

    I remembering reaching out to Reese straight away because ‘I have decided I have had enough of negativity and bad eating and all that jazz, so I want to promote positivity as much as possible and empower others, whilst empowering myself’ and the concept of yes supply enticed me straight away. I invited Reese to share a little bit more about yes supply, as I thought the concept of the community may resonate with you, just as it did with me.


    Reese: “I started yes supply to help creative connect the dots between where they are, and where they want to be. I found that there was a huge gap online for advice from entrepreneurs that figured out how to make their dreams a reality.

    Years ago I was struggling to become a stylist. I knew that I really wanted to do it, but I didn’t know how to go about it, and how to take the first step.  I kept getting caught up in the cycle of making everything perfect, and also found that a lot of people wanted you to work for free. It was so hard to get out of that realm of the struggling artist, into something that I could actually make a living off of. I found when I looked up other stylists online, in interviews their answers to the question “How did you do it?!” was always “I just fell into this job”.

    Yes Supply2For someone like me, who was not handed opportunities, it felt so overwhelming to try and piece together a roadmap of achieving what I wanted. It seemed like the help that I really needed just did not exist. And everyone who I wanted to look up to made it seem like it was easy to start their successful careers. That’s why I created yes supply co.

    I created it as a platform to have honest conversations with entrepreneurs who have made it, getting them to share the ins-and-outs of how they got to where they are. I created it for anyone who has an inkling of creativity who wants to do something meaningful with their life, something they love. In my interviews, I don’t gloss over the obstacles, or the struggles that my interviewees had to overcome. That’s the part that makes it real, and that my readers can relate to.

    For someone who is just starting out, just deciding if they could really leave their job, there are going to be your fair share of obstacles, but the key is to keep your eyes on what you want, and look right over any obstacles that move into your way. I deal with obstacles every-single-day. From my email system not sending emails correctly, to facebook blocking me from writing comments in my own facebook group. But you really have to remember WHY you started out, and it will keep you focused.

    I realized that this really is my calling in life. It makes me truly happy to empower others and help them get the tools they need to bring their idea into a reality while keeping a balance in their lives. But by reading a blog post once, it’s so easy to forget about it.

    This lead me to launch Good Morning Beautiful, which is a daily uplifting email helping females own their morning rituals, and start their day feeling empowered.  I think that everyday we’re bombarded with ads and marketing that tells us we need to buy a new lipstick or outfit to be beautiful. This is a daily boost that helps us create better habits, and reminds us we’re gorgeous -no text from a boy needed.

    Yes Supply3I find that a lot of us start our mornings scrolling through instagram, twitter, and facebook. We start our days getting so caught up in what everyone else is doing, that we are not aware of our own goals, we’re not present in the moment. This starts our day in a negative space, feeling like we don’t have the purses, smoothie bowls, or perfect contouring of the people we see on social media. This is obviously not all as real as it seems.

    The Good Morning Beautiful email stops that habit. Every morning you’ll receive a message, reminding you to set your goal for the day, say a positive morning mantra to yourself so you’re not starting the day with negative self-talk, do a morning yoga pose or mediation, and I add also a tip on everything from building your confidence, to current events and conversation starters, to techniques on how to turn your passion into reality.

    Since starting my days with Good Morning Beautiful, my days are SO good, and I’m not just saying that because I made it. It’s like I’m attracting even more positive energy into my life, and the response from the women who have signed up for it so far has been amazing. You can get started for free with Good Morning Beautiful here www.goodmorning.subscribemenow.

    You can follow along the journey at, and on

    See you there!”







    Reese Evans | yes supply co.

    Connect with us: twitter: | instagram: | facebook: | tumblr:

  • InFeatures

    A Day in the Life of Kate Fissenden, Founder of Stevie K Cosmetics

    I’ve followed Kate for such a long time on social media – always had a lil girl crush – and I actually remember a moment of complete #fangirling when I saw Kate on Australian morning show Sunrise back in 2013 discussing her mission to knuckle down Ryan Gosling for a dinner date. Social media makes the world a very small place, hey?! Also, Ryan – call Kate!

    Okay, now in all serious, I recently noticed Stevie K on instagram a few months back and began following the feed. When I finally (like yesterday!) put two and two together and realised Kate founded Stevie K, I quickly got to asking Kate to share just what a typical day looks like creating your own thang!

    “I’m the founder of Stevie K Cosmetics– the new kid on the beauty block. I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 8 years now, working on all sides! I started my career at SAX Cosmetics as a quiet little receptionist eager to learn everything I could, and have since worked in brand management, product development and PR/Marketing for some of Australia’s biggest beauty companies.

    After what felt like 200 years of planning, I finally took the plunge and launched my own brand in Feb of this year. I was sick of seeing Australian companies manufacturing in China and tricking consumers with clever marketing. I wanted to bring the love back here to support our economy and put Aussie beauty products back on the radar. I’m also a HUGE dog lover and we all know what happens with animal testing over there…eep.

    I would describe Stevie K as a little bit rock and roll. We’re for the girls (and guys!) who live life on their own terms. Void of vanity, strong and sexy”.

    5:30am – As cliché and boring as this sounds, I get up and hit the gym. I hate it, but I find getting a work out done in the morning helps me focus during the day. My mind is constantly working at a million miles an hour so burning some energy early works wonders! While I’m there, I like to check our social media and get back to any emails that have come in over night.

    6:30am – I’ll head home for some (or lots of) coffee and breakfast. My boyfriend, Andy, cooks us breakfast every day. Before you shout “wow what a man” or “is he whipped??” we have a deal that he does breakfast and I do the laundry…so it’s equal! Haha. But yes he is a gem.

    7:00am – My outfit of choice is always last minute. Today I am wearing a men’s red flannelette with black skinny jeans and super high Manolo Blahniks. Very ‘tom-boy-chic’ haha.

    After getting dressed and wondering AGAIN why I haven’t won the Sunrise Cash Cow, I’ll head into the office.

    7:30am – As soon as I arrive, I’ll pop some music on and get to work on our online orders that have come in over night. I personally pack each order myself to make sure everything is perfect. Each of our orders comes with a hand written note, so that can take up a bit of time in the morning.

    9:30am – I’ll meet with Margot, our Assistant Manager, to go over the plan for the day. To be honest, every single day is different but it helps to prioritise everything and have a plan of attack. 9 times out of 10, the plan goes out the window haha. Anything that canhappen will happen when it comes to new business. We’ll also talk about her latest Tinder date and I’ll talk her out of texting ‘that’ guy again.

    12:00pm – Margot heads out to post our online orders. I’ll have coffee number 2. As we are working on the production of the rest of our range, a big chunk of my day is spent colour forecasting and designing packaging.

    We get our forecasts from all over the world, speaking with fashion designers and pigment manufacturers. They give us trend insights into what designers are working with, which often filters down into cosmetic colours.

    At Stevie K, I like to steer clear of telling people what’s ‘on trend’ and let them wear what they want. However, from a business sense, it helps to offer consumers popular shades and seasonal colours.

    2pm – In the afternoon, I’m often talking to our manufacturers to confirm lead-times and production dates. We plan on having a full collection by the end of 2016 but being 100% Australian made, it’s not as easy as it sounds. There is a timely process involved, each and every product needs testing. The packaging needs to be made correctly to ensure it is the right size and material and can withstand every day use.

    We then need to design the boxes. Our lipstick collection was inspired by Melbourne’s street art and culture, but the rest of the collection varies greatly. The majority of my day lately is spent on this process. It’s fun and tedious at the same time! Today I am creating a mood board for our eyeshadow packaging and also testing the formulations. We don’t test on animals so instead wear the products every day for about a month before approving them.

    4pm – Skype calls with our international distributors. I’ll also pack any orders or stock for tomorrow morning. Today I am packing for a collaboration we are doing with Girl Bosses Australia.

    7:30pm – If I’m lucky I can sign off on the day and head home for a wine. I often work into the wee hours of the night, but on a good day I’ll be home in my pjs with a big glass of shiraz in hand!

    There are always things happening in the Stevie K office, from photoshoots to packing and panic attacks after losing freight in transit. Each day is different, but that’s how I like it. I find I get restless if things are too monotonous and I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by an amazing team who believe in our vision and make every day a pleasure. I’d love for you guys to try Stevie K for yourselves so head to and use the code ‘WHYHELLOBEAUTY’ for 15% off your order.

    Kate x

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    A Day in the Life of an Australian Makeup Artist, with Sabrina Melei

    sabrina MeleiHi beauty lovers! I am Sabrina Melei, a freelance makeup artist based in Paddington Sydney and I am honoured that Emily has asked me to share with you all a day in my life. Today I was on a beauty photoshoot and I will take you through what happened behind the scenes and how we created the final looks.

    5:30AM – The alarm is ringing and its time to shower! I love using Dr. Bronner All Natural Pure Castile Liquid Soap in Peppermint to wake up my senses and feel fresh. I then apply my Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream Moisturiser to help brighten and awaken my skin. As I don’t have a whole lot of time in the mornings as I have to travel to different locations, I make sure my make up routine takes a maximum of 15 minutes with great results, leaving me 30 minutes to do my hair and get dressed.

    A primer is very important in my makeup routine, my pick is Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, as it will help smooth on the foundation but more importantly, keep my makeup on for the whole day. I love using Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation as it gives me a good coverage throughout the day. I set my foundation with Mac Mineralise Skin Finish powder in medium tan and apply my Mac highlighter in Soft & Gentle to my temples and cheekbones for fresh + glowing skin. My favourite blush colour at the moment is by Nars in Unlawful as it’s a great pink on olive skin tones. I love having lash extensions as it helps reduce the eye makeup time in my routine. I use black eyeliner by Chanel on the inner rim of my eyes and line it with Mac Carbon eyeshadow to keep it from running. I finish off the eyes with my YSL Faux Cils Noir mascara. Eyebrows are essential and my go- to product is by Georgio Armani Maestro Brow Pod in Mahogany.

    My lips are always kept sheer with Tom Ford Blush Nude lipstick so they don’t dry out on set with all the air conditioning and the harsh lights. I finish off my look by adding some Moroccan Oil to my hair to keep the natural shine and not frizz through out the day. This also helps protect my hair from the heat while straightening.

    6:15 AM – Its time to pack my car with my makeup case and chair and head off to the studio while drinking my coffee and having a piece of fruit on the go!

    6:30 AM – I arrive at the studio and start to set up my station making sure I am ready in time for our model who is due to come in at 7am. The photographer, stylist and I go through all the images and discuss which looks are best to shoot first.

    7 AM – Valerie our model has arrived and the day has began. It’s all team work from here on. We first fit the model with the outfits and then put rollers in her hair. Look #1 for makeup is a natural look that’s all about highlighting and contouring with brows and eyes. Once the makeup is applied the hair is styled, the outfit is on and its time to shoot!


    8:30 AM – The lights are on and I am on standby for any makeup touch ups every 2 minutes as the heat from the lights is so bright, we need to always powder and keep her fresh. To capture every image it takes from 30 minute to 1 hour with a team of 4 creatives, including myself, running around to make sure everything is perfect for the end results.

    9:30 AM – Looks #2 and #3 – Its a 70’s feel with warm colours also being captured in black and white with a denim touch. The make up for this look needs to change to a dramatic liquid liner and lashes are applied to create more depth for the black and white effect. I have made the contouring stronger for this look as the lighting is dimmed and everything on her face needs to be stronger including the brows! The hair is styled with GHD curls and parted to create a boho feel.

    11:30 AM – Its coffee time! The team quickly take turns in getting a caffeine fix while the model is removing her makeup and having her hair brushed out!

    12 PM – The fourth look is confident and timeless. I designed a bold lip using liquid lipsticks from Anastasia Beverly Hills with a touch of gold on her eye lids to compliment the dark shadows in the image. Her hair was pulled back slightly for a soft yet strong look.

    1 PM – Fifth look of the day was hard work as we had to do some labor and bring in black stones and lay them down around the model. Once the model was positioned, we created the wet look by adding water through a spray bottle. The spraying process was on going for an hour and a half as the lights dry the stones in less then a minute… The eye make up for this look was also made darker. I decided to go nude on the lips as her beautiful blonde hair was styled with beach waves.

    2:30 PM – Its lunch time! Steve our photographer has kindly organised a light catering with fresh fruits and salmon for us to eat while discussing the last two looks.


    3 PM – Sixth look and my favourite for the day. Once again, all the make up from the previous looks has been removed and I have started a fresh base with a strong but feminine look by adding flawless skin and dark lips. To compliment this makeup look we styled the hair straight with a part in the centre. Lashes have been removed and contouring around the eyes are added.

    4:30 PM – Seventh and final look for the shoot is where the fun begins! With bright and happy thoughts in mind, we choose yellow coloured paper and shred them to give a pop of colour. Her red lips compliment the yellow and her great smile. At this point, I am standing on a ladder while throwing down the paper as the photographer is snapping away and this process was repeated over 40 times up and down the ladder to get this final shot.


    6 PM – “And that’s a wrap!” The photographer announces and high fives are given as we smile and all thank each other.

    7 PM – My day is not quite over as I still have to re stock my make up kit and wash all 100 brushes! Once that’s done I am sharing a beautiful meal with my husband, mum and my little Chihuahua, Miss Coco Chanel.

    To create, is a privilege for any artist. Every image has a behind the scenes story and I for one, loved every minute of sharing it with you.

    Please visit my instagram @sabrinamelei if you would like to see more of my creations. For all makeup & hair inquiries, including bridal, please visit If you’re interested in fashion or photoshoots, please visit or drop me an email on

    Love & light,

    Sabrina Melei X

  • InFeatures

    A Day in the Life Of Simone Henderson, Creator of Gloss & Co Nail Polish

    Thanks to my dear friend Instagram, Gloss & Co Nail Polish came into my life late last year, and now I’m crushin’ hard over these polishes. The gold glitter, the rose gold glitter and the nudes – so good. I quickly got in contact with Simone, the founder of G&C and she’s totes amazing – just as I imagined! – and thought she would be perfect for ‘A Day in the Life Of’. Keep a-reading for all the deets + maybe a special little treat at the bottom….

    Simone: “Wow, it’s such a huge honour to be asked about my day by Emily! I’ve been such a fan for ages, so I’m thrilled! I am the founder of Gloss & Co nail polish brand. I’ve always had a love for colour, but have mostly worked the corporate life, so this really is a business that I have wanted to do for years! At the moment, I’m the Marketing Manager, the Financial Controller, the Customer Service Department, Stock Control, Creative Mastermind and the Sales Team, so the buck stops with me to keep everyone happy and to keep all the balls in the air. Here’s a snapshot of a day in the life of me!”.

    7am:  Being in Brisbane with great weather all year round, my work days typically kick off with some kind of exercise. Luckily, I have the world’s best PT, because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t do any exercise at all….

    For the purposes of this blog, lets call her ‘Steph’. She usually trains me hard for 45 minutes on a weights routine coupled with cardio to keep my heart rate up. God knows why, but that’s why I do what I do and she does what she does! I’m pretty conscious of staying healthy and strong as I get older (I’m 47) because the business keeps me so busy.

    8am:  Next up is protein powder with some fruit and coconut water in the Nutri Bullet – AND YES I HAVE ONE OF THOSE. So yummy! After that, it’s a shower, a snappy blow-dry with some kind of leave in conditioning goop, full serum, moisturizer with SPF15+ and make up before I throw on a shift dress or jeans and a top and I’m out!

    9am: Nothing happens before coffee though, as we all know, so it’s two cups at my fave coffee joint and then I’m off to see some existing stockists before lunch. I just love this part of my day, I get to chat away with them before they get too busy and organize their re-orders.  I also get a lot of great industry gossip too, which I love because it keeps me on top of fresh ideas and new trends.

    Today, I’m also dropping off some polish bottles to a couple of lovely girls who are launching their fashion label this weekend in Brisbane. They are giving away gift bags and the press along with a bunch of brand ambassadors from Instagram will be there too, so finger crossed we get a little media coverage there!

    1pm: Time for my standing Tuesday manicure appointment. I have natural nails and I love them short and square, so it’s a quick 20min buff and polish because I know it will look great all week long. My favourite salon only stocks my polishes these days because of their staying power and the fact the clients tend to buy the polishes once they try them, which is great! I get all warm and fuzzy when I hear that they’ve almost sold out each week. It’s a great sense of accomplishment that the market accepts and loves my product 😉

    2pm: Off to visit some new potential stockists – this part is super cool! It means I get to essentially go shopping for new clients.  I’m always up for a chat once I’ve had a few coffees, so it’s fun to pour over the colours with new stockists, have a laugh and help them choose the colours they think their customers will like.

    5.30pm-ish: Shops are closed now, so it’s time to head home and send out some invoices and order confirmations before I pack up any new orders and get them ready to deliver tomorrow before it all starts again. I check my diary and part of my day tomorrow will be to finalise our new Autumn and Winter colours for 2016. That sounds pretty exciting, but it means I have to turn 25 of my new favourite colours into a shortlist of ten… and that’s going to be difficult!! EEEK!

    Be sure to keep an eye on our insta for the new range coming soon at @glossandco and remember to tag us in any images you upload – I love to see them!

    To have your own Gloss & Co colours at home, head to and as a special treat, use the promotional code ‘WHYHELLOBEAUTY’ for 15% off all orders, and remember – all personal orders over $65 are eligible for free shipping in Australia.

    Big love Glossies!

    Simone xoxo

  • InFeatures, Hair

    A Day in the Life of a Hairdresser, with Kristy Rattray

    I wanted something new for Why Hello Beauty in 2016 and I can finally present to you, the first in a regular feature ‘A Day in the Life Of’.

    As a beauty lover who doesn’t work within the industry (yet!), I am curious and also envious of those who do and thought I could live vicariously through them, within this platform. I have beauty therapists, nail technicians, makeup artists and various others working within the beauty industry all lined up to contribute throughout the year but first up, I have a Kristy Rattray, a local Tasmanian hairdresser sharing a typical day doing all things hair!

    “Hi – Kristy here; hairstylist, wife and mumma to my 7 month old daughter Evie. I live in beautiful Devonport, Tasmania and work 3 days a week in my fathers family business Get Smart Hairdressing. I’ve been invited by Emily to write a blog post detailing a day in the life of me. As you can imagine, with a little baby it can be fairly busy but I think I have everything pretty much down pat now after a couple of months of practice – and the days it all falls into place, I feel like supermum! For a typical day of a senior hair stylist, keep reading on!”

    6 – 6:30am: This is where my day usually begins with Evie waking up ready to start the day. If it’s not a work day, I go and get grab her and pop her into bed with me for another couple of hours snooze, but today I’m off to work so I get her up and give her a feed. When she’s finished, I usually express the other side (I am still breastfeeding so my days usually involve some pumping between clients!), then I change her and pop her on the play mat with her toys while I get ready for my day to start.

    7:30am – Once I’m showered, I always do my makeup before my hair. My hair takes ages to dry so I pop some Kerastase Ciment Thermique heat protectant in and let it air dry as much as possible while I finish the rest of my routine. Breaky time consists of weetbix and banana most of the time, this is also when I prepare Evies breakfast for her to have later on in the morning, usually whatever fruit I have in the fridge pureed with some yoghurt. I also pack her bag for the day ahead.

    8:30am – Now to do my hair, I’ve already put my heat protectant in so I use a round brush to blow-dry and straighten my locks and I’m ready to start the day. Now it’s time to drop Evie at her at Nanny or Grandmas house for the day, I usually feed her one last time before I head off to work.

    10:00am – Finally time for my working day to start – I must say once I walk through the door of the salon I can breathe a huge sigh of relief! My first client for the day is a ladies haircut, my apprentice had already coloured her for me earlier in the morning, so when I walk in she’s being rinsed off at the basin. Following her, I have a mens haircut to do, which both of these clients I have been doing for over 4 years so it’s a great start to the day.

    11:15am – Next up is another womens haircut, this client I haven’t seen for over 12 months as she has been travelling around Australia, so we have a great catch up! I cut her hair into a gorgeous concave bob, she rebooks for a cut and colour in 6 weeks time, just in time before she heads off again on another adventure.

    12pm – Lunch time! On a Monday I usually head up to my mother in laws to see my daughter for a feed and grab some lunch, they live very close to town and it only takes me 5 minutes to drive there.

    1pm – From now on my afternoon is filled with blonde clients, I like to think of myself as a bit of a blonde specialist – it’s definitely my favourite thing to do!

    First up is a full head of foils & toner and while that’s processing I complete another ¾ head of foils and tint.

    Once these have processed, I then tone and cut their hair. Over the years I’ve tried many different foiling techniques in order to perfect my blonde retouching, it is one of the hardest things to get right, and being blonde myself I know exactly how I like my colour to look. It is so important to get the highlights nice and close to the root and totally seamless and natural looking. I have now developed my own technique that I have been using for around 4 years, which some of other staff also use on a daily basis.

    5pm – My final client is a little boy whose hair I’ve cut a couple of times now, his mother is also a client at the salon. Once that is completed, we shut up the shop and I head off to pick Evie up and head home.

    6pm – Dinner time for hubby, Evie and I, she has vegies and we have whatever is going on that particular night. Next up for Evie is a bit of play, bath time, story time and bed, sometimes while she’s playing and being bathed I head to the gym or go for a walk, for that bit of me time. The rest of the night usually consists of other house hold chores, a bit of Facebook and Instagram updating, chats with the husband, TV and then bed around 10:30pm.

    So there you have it, a working day in the life of me – extremely hectic but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    Please visit my Instagram @kristyrattrayhair to check out some of my work and inspiration.

    For appointments, call Get Smart Hairdressing on 64243833, visit our website at or simply email me at

    With love, Kristy x

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    Lusting Over Monogrammed Leathergoods

    [ image via monpurse ]

    Monogrammed accessories are so ON TREND right now. From tote bags to clutches, from purses to mobile phone cases, I want it all. So I thought today I would share where to buy your monogrammed items from, wherever in the world you are!


    Instagram: @mon_purse

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    *International shipping available

    Mon Purse 3

    Mon Purse 2


    Instagram: @thedailyedited

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    The Daily Edited 1

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    MARK & GRAHAM – ships worldwide

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    Mark and Graham

    What’s your pick of the bunch? I can’t choose – I love them ALL!