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    Special Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her

    To shake things up in 2018, why not think a little outside the box when buying your special someone, or even your BFF, a Valentines Day gift. I’ve handpicked the below as unique somethings that will work for the woman in your life, and if my husband is reading – I’ll have one of each please!

    • Lux Aestiva’s Brazilian Agate Coasters are a luxurious addition to any table setting, available in a set of 4 or 6. These luxe coasters are personally hand selected to ensure the highest quality, however each coaster is unique, cut from their natural crystal and varying slightly in shape and size to ensure their natural formation. Available in Bone, Fawn, Onyx, Azure, Emerald and Earth, and choose from a gild of silver or gold.

    • For a little extra luxury every day, shower in style and protect your crowning glory with Louvelle’s Shower Turbans! Your blow dry will emerge frizz free with this shower cap created from stretch, quick dry fabric with waterproof lining, perfect for the modern chic woman. Also ideal for protecting your hairline when removing or applying makeup.

    • Skin Juice’s Gift Bar allows you to handpick products to build a ready-to-give gift for someone special in three simple steps. To create the ultimate beauty gift box, the Gift Bar Store features delicious natural skincare products, with gifters simply selecting an exclusive gift box, choose to enclose a personal handwritten card, then curate a custom beauty gift box by handpicking indulgent products from the Gift Bar Store.

    • A personalised wine subscription, tailored to your individual needs is now possible with The Wine Gallery. By taking a palate quiz, your secret wine adviser will select three bottles they think you’ll love, and have it shipped straight to your door. Also enjoy the freedom to pause, skip, or cancel whenever you please.

    Happy shopping!

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    How to Clean Your Makeup Bag

    Everyone loves to get glammed up now and then, and most women have a much-loved makeup bag, filled to the brim, to help them do just that. Often our makeup bag stays with us for years, trustily holding all the important lippies and mascaras that make us feel great. The only problem with these useful little bags is that they have the potential to get a bit dirty with the inevitable make-up spillages and old tissues that sometimes lurk in the corners. To prevent any nasty bacteria growing in your cosmetic container try cleaning it out at least every few months. In case you’re not sure how, here’s our step-by-step guide with everything you need to know.

    Step 1: Clear out the contents

    Start your makeup bag cleaning session by completely emptying out the contents. If there are lots of things inside or anything that might spill place the items on an old, but clean towel. Separate everything out then start going through each item methodically. Now is the time to decide whether you really need everything in your bag and what requires a quick clean. Evaluate makeup by how long you’ve had it, how often you use it and the cleanliness of the contents. A blusher that’s been sitting at the bottom of your bag for three years is probably worth chucking. Anything useful, but dirty can usually be cleaned. For example, you can remove dirt from makeup brushes by soaking in warm water and a little mild shampoo. Wipe off any leaks or spillages and everything should start looking as good as new.

    Step 2: Make sure the inside is sparkling clean

    Next, it’s time to tackle the bag itself. The technique here will depend on what material is inside. A suede-lined bag for example will need a slightly different approach to something made of silk. Have a look at useful resources online for your particular material, for example guides on how to clean suede. If you’re not sure what the material is, play it safe and simply wipe with a warm damp cloth to remove dirt and stains. Always do a patch test on a small area of material to check it won’t damage the item first.

    Step 3: Clean the outside of the bag

    Finally, make sure to thoroughly clean the outside of the bag. As above the way you do this will depend on the material involved, but most things should come off with a bit of water and, if necessary, some household detergent.

    Those are my top tips on cleaning your makeup bag. Even if you need to work out how to clean suede or check the expiry dates of your favourite foundation it’ll be worth the trouble in the end. Makeup bags have the potential to harbour nasty bugs and no one wants that in their favourite concealer. Clean out your makeup bag regularly and you’ll be ready to apply fresh, clean makeup whenever you like.


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    Introducing Sephora Wellness

    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website.

    With over 2,500 stores worldwide (!) and a reputation as the global beauty authority, SEPHORA internationally is the pioneering force in beauty and the next big thing to hit the shelves is here in Australia. In a global first, SEPHORA Australia will lead the movement, with the launch of a new online vertical followed by in-store hub, as the Omni retailer welcomes WELLNESS to its assortment.

    As the first market globally to adopt the Wellness vertical, it’s only logical that the Australian market would select from the wealth of Aussie wellness brands. You can expect to see a selection from Miranda Kerr’s KORA Organics, Elle Macpherson’s WelleCo, Carla Oates’ The Beauty Chef, James Duigan’s Bodyism, and Chanelle Louise’s Cilk Rosewater.

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    Cilk Rose Water
    « 1 of 5 »


    Of the demand for the new Wellness category SEPHORA Australia Country Manager, Libby Amelia said, “In 2017 Wellness became the new black – far from a trend, this beauty essential is a staple in the routines of women across the globe. Instead of buying quick-fixes and synthetic supplements health-conscious consumers are turning to products with ingredients that promise to combat the effects of an always-on lifestyle. The latest beauty secret is out – it’s all about beauty from the inside out, and we can’t wait for SEPHORA Australia to be the destination.”

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    “Our customers always want the next big thing, and the demand for wellness has been growing for some time”, said SEPHORA Australia’s Digital Category Manager Alice Macdonald. “Women are seeing beauty as a natural extension of their health, and are scanning beauty labels just as thoroughly as they do the labels on their food. The social movement for the wellness category is really strong with our customers, and we are so excited to be able to cater to their needs.”

    From super elixirs to collagen boosters, inner beauty extracts, organic skin-foods and sleep superstars, SEPHORA Australia will be the only beauty destination for wellness. So, whether you’re a health-guru or a naturals-newbie, SEPHORA Australia’s curated range of luxury brands and products, are here to boost your beauty, helping your hair, skin and body glow. “The SEPHORA customer knows that Wellness isn’t an add-on or an afterthought, but a key step in her daily beauty routine”, said SEPHORA Australia’s Retail Category Manager Kirrily Bird. “When we selected
    the initial Wellness assortment, we were really conscious of partnering with brands and products that had a strong link back to beauty and skin health. That’s the core of our business and where we are always driving to be best-in-class.”

    Of the future plans for the category Country Manager Libby Amelia said, “Wellness isn’t a moment, but a mainstay at the core of our business. The launch is one moment in the journey of Wellness for SEPHORA and for our brands and offering. Watch this space.”

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    Eat to Glow From the Inside Out

    As you know, I have been working my way through so many books on health and nutrition over the past few months, and one of my favourites has been The Forensic Nutritionist by Fiona Tuck. Fiona – as well as being absolutely stunning – is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, skincare expert, yoga teacher and an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, therefore has more than enough knowledge and experience to pen a book on nutrition.

    I recently had the lovely opportunity to ask Fiona some burning questions I had about health & wellness which I’ve popped below, and please do take a peek at ‘The Forensic Nutritionist’, which is available online now but will also be released in health stores September 1st, if you too want to get the real deal on healthy eating – and see some yummy and very aesthetically-pleasing recipes to boot!

    Fiona, your book is such a great read and I’ve learnt so much about nutrition that I never even knew! I must admit, a lot of my desire to eat ‘right’ is to enhance my skin’s glow and gut balance but food really is a medicine isn’t it, as the old saying goes ‘let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food’. I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying the book. Everything we put into our mouth has an ability to harm or heal, this really changes the way we think about food. Knowing how to read food labels when in the supermarket is a great way to begin to eat smarter, is there anything in particular to look out for Fiona?

    Where possible, try to stick to the outer perimeter of the supermarket when shopping as this is where all the fresh foods tend to be. The fresher the food, the less ingredients on the label. The more natural, e.g. fresh fruit and vegetables, there are no labels at all. If there is a long list of chemical sounding ingredients or numbers, my advice is put it back on the shelf.

    Should we all be taking vitamin supplements or pre/probiotics, or are they only for specific concerns?

    It really is different for each individual. Try and get your nutrients from a diet rich in fresh foods particularly fresh fruits and vegetables. Supplements may be required when there is illness, if a person is on medication or there is need for nutritional support. To get the very best from a supplement, it is advisable to seek professional assistance to be sure you are taking the right supplement and at the correct dose for your particular requirements.

    I keep reading that salt is the enemy for the heart, but a nutritionist once told me many women are salt deficient and should be consuming more! Where do you sit on this subject?

    Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all it depends on diet, lifestyle, size and health. Most people get enough salt through their diet and it is rare to be deficient, however what we tend to need more of is iodine which is found in iodised salt. Whilst regular table salt is not beneficial for blood pressure, kidney and cardiovascular disease, it is important to include mineral rich foods in the diet such as seaweed and kelp to obtain adequate minerals particularly iodine.

    If the goal is weight loss and increased energy, what steps should begin to take for a serious lifestyle change?

    Cut right back on refined, processed foods which tend to be high in fat, salt and sugar and low in nutrients. Eating high calorie low nutrient foods leads us to crave more food as our body is in need of nourishment. This can lead to overeating and weight gain.

    Include a variety of different vegetables with each meal and aim for 7 – 10 servings a day, which includes a couple of pieces of fruit. Exercise every day even if it is only for 20 – 30 minutes. This with increase the feel good chemicals boosting mood and self esteem which will make it easier for you to stay on track with a healthy eating regime. It’s the small daily changes that make the biggest long term effects on weight and energy.

    And because it’s all about the skin for me, what kinds of food should I be consuming for that all-illusive glow? Should I really be drinking a glass of warm water and lemon each morning? 

    Warm water and lemon can aid digestion but just be mindful that lemon juice is acidic and can attack the enamel on your teeth. When it comes to clear skin it is all about fibre, antioxidants and good fats. We need the fibre to flush out toxins and old hormones, the antioxidants (fruit and veg) to protect against premature ageing and pigmentation and the good fats such as oily fish, nuts and seeds to keep the skin supple, soft and hydrated. Water is important for firmness and hydration and of course helps the fibre along nicely too!

    Learn more from Fiona from her website, as well as Facebook & Instagram.

    Here’s to living a healthier lifestyle,

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    What I’m Reading & Listening To in 2017

    The banner of beauty is a infinite one. While sometimes it’s easy to focus on makeup and skincare, it only takes a few naughty days of eating to see the results displaying on the skin and face. My goal in 2017 has been to slowly incorporate healthier beauty options, focus on a more nutritious diet and increase my fitness by more walking – and possibly returning to RPM classes! Instead of just thinking about it, I have been immersing myself in all the books I can, and listening to newly founded podcasts – which is my most recent obsession.

    While some of these podcasts are mainly beauty related, it’s a whole new feeling listening to beauty as opposed to reading or seeing it, and it’s so cool to hear other people talk about the same things we do – in a completely new format. I thought I’d share the books I am currently working my way through, as well as some podcasts I’ve been enjoying within the beauty realm – and if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

    Image via Bikinis & Beautiful


    ‘Welcome to the world of DIY beauty, where organic ingredients come together in refreshing, effective treatments that pamper on the inside too.’

    In French Complexion, Christine reveals the secrets of glowing skin – based on her 20-plus years of studying and practising skincare. Christine also share what she’s learnt from French culture and her upbringing about looking after your skin and self.

    ‘Eat Beautiful contains beauty tips and over 70 easy and delicious recipes specifically designed to feed your skin with the nutrients it needs to glow. Foreword by Sienna Miller.’ 

    ‘The definitive guide to a new generation of natural beauty, skincare and makeup. ‘Emma Watson’s Natural Beauty Guru’. {}’ 

    ‘The Forensic Nutritionist takes an investigative approach to health and well-being and is the first book of its kind on personalised nutrition.’

    ‘The ultimate beauty guide from the experts at GOOP – the trusted resource for healthy, mindful living, curated by Gwyneth Paltrow.’

    ‘Sali Hughes draws on over 20 years of wisdom, advice and expertise to show real women how to make the most of makeup’s physically and emotionally transformative powers.’

    ‘Leanne wrote this book in the hope that you discover that you too can be, do and have whatever you desire…if you choose!’

    ‘Delving into the products that are simply the best at what they do, the inventions that changed our perception of beauty and the launches that completely broke the mould.’

    Breaking Beauty Co-Founders Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins


    • Fat Mascara

    A beauty podcast hosted by Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein.

    • Mirror Mirror

    Mirror Mirror is a weekly podcast about the beauty routines and philosophies of remarkable women from all walks of life.

    • At Home With

    Your home says so much about you – where you’ve travelled, who you’ve met, and the kind of person you are. Hosted by content creators Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton, with previous guests including Alexis Inge, Liz Earle and Zoe Sugg!

    • Breaking Beauty

    The podcast all about the bestselling beauty products and the damn good stories behind them, co-created by Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins.

    • Glowing Up

    Glowing Up is a podcast about beauty, health, and all things girly and glowy. Hosted by Esther Povitsky and Caroline Goldfarb.

    • The Chasing Joy Podcast

    The Chasing Joy Podcast shares meaningful conversations about wellness that will bring energy and joy into your life.

    • The Beauty Brains

    Real cosmetic chemists answer your beauty product questions. Also available in written form on their blog!

    • Natch Beaut

    Jackie Johnson spills the tea on trendy products, baddie makeup, ride-or-die skin care, and seeks inspo from the holy grail of the cosmetic golden age: teen mags from the late 90s to early 2000s.


    There you have it! Have I missed anything new and exciting, let me know in the comments!

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    A Beauty Shopping Concierge Service

    For those who are tired of finding out that the one makeup pallete you actually need in your life is not available in your home country – Sephora anyone? – then let me introduce you to your own personal shopping concierge, Big Apple Buddy.




    Being based in New York, Big Apple Buddy have unlimited access to US online stores and ship to over 150 countries around the world, so we all now have the opportunity to buy the latest products when they hit American shelves, at American prices. The Big Apple Buddy service works by the customer telling their concierge what item they’d would like to buy, who will then source your item from a reputable US online store and ship it to you direct – hassle free. There is a small service fee, which covers the entire purchasing process, including sourcing your item, purchasing your goods, inspecting your goods upon arrival at our facility, packing your items and preparing all necessary shipping and customs documentation. But, the product cost and shipping are passed on directly to the customer without mark-up. Payment is currently accepted via wire transfers from U.S. bank accounts and credit card payments (Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Discover) through PayPal.

    For all the Victoria Secret and Sephora lovers like me – and of course the tech junkies – you’re going to love this! Have you used a service like this before, what was your experience like? Share with me in the comments!


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    Reshape Your Body For Summer

    Reshaping your figure safely and effectively is now available to all thanks to a new non-invasive, fat-freezing, fat-reduction treatment at Australian Skin Clinics in CryoDefine®. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Pav Sidhu, Manager of Australian Skin Clinics Collins Street Melbourne, to learn more about the exciting new treatment, so if you’re interested – keep reading!

    Hi Pav, so I’ve read the term ‘fat destroying technology’ and you simply have to tell me more! Is this treatment really safe? The term “fat destroying technology” certainly does get people’s attention! Australian Skin Clinics Collins Street are excited to have just launched our new CryoDefine® body slimming treatment, available exclusively through select Australian Skin Clinics nationally. CryoDefine® is an incredible new non-invasive, fat-freezing, fat-reduction treatment, that is safe, simple and produces permanent results.

    CryoDefine® is a unique, non-surgical, non-anaesthetic from of cryolipolysis (a medical treatment used to destroy fat cells), which selectively cools fat cells, causing them to be destroyed. The body then naturally removes the fat cells through its normal elimination process. The cooling energy is delivered to the subcutaneous fat layer without causing damage to surrounding tissue or structures.

    It really is the perfect solution for both women and men who want to eliminate stubborn fat that regular diet and exercise have been unable to move! I think we have all experienced the frustration of having that last area of fat that just won’t budge, no matter how hard you work at the gym or how well you eat.

    What are some the benefits from the CryoDefine treatment? Unlike other fat-freezing machines, CryoDefine®  is unique with its dual-paddle action system, allowing two body areas to be treated at once. This makes CryoDefine® a much more effective and efficient treatment process than alternate fat-freezing machines. There are seven major treatment areas including the abdomen, flanks, love handles (hips), bra-bulges, back fat, inner and outer thighs and buttocks. 

    CryoDefine®  is non-surgical, making it a walk-in, walk-out procedure. Typically, you can return to normal activities immediately, making it perfect for a lunchtime treatment. Any redness, bruising, tingling or numbness in the treatment area is temporary and will be resolved completely.


    • Eliminates stubborn fat
    • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
    • Reshapes “problem” areas on the body
    • No surgery, anesthesia or needles required
    • No downtime
    • Safe and effective
    • Treat two areas at once with dual-paddle system

    Is the body able to eliminate the fat in some way, and are the results permanent? How the body eliminates the fat is one of our most frequently asked questions. With CryoDefine®, the treated fat cells are crystalised during treatment and then die off, naturally being processed and removed by the body’s lymphatic system. After the treatment, the body’s natural rhythm can take six to 12 weeks to eliminate the broken-down fat cells. Progressive results will be seen 20-90 days post-treatment and additional treatments may be required for best results. The good news is that once the fat cells are destroyed, they cannot return! Each treatment destroys up to 20 per cent of fat cells in the treatment area.

    Is the CryoDefine treatment non-surgical, and how long does each treatment take? Yes, 100%! CryoDefine® is a unique non-surgical, non-anesthetic from of cryolipolysis, which provides a safer alternative to liposuction surgery. A complimentary 15-minute consultation is required before the clients’ first treatment. Each treatment takes 45-60 minutes per session (each session can treat two areas simultaneously.) This makes it a quick and easy treatment you could squeeze in on your lunch break or after work.  

    I must ask Pav, are there any people that should avoid the CryoDefine treatment? If you are pregnant, or suffer from cryoglobulinemia, cold agglutinin disease, or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, you are not eligible to receive CryoDefine® treatments. We have an initial pre-treatment consultation with each client, so that we can ask the relevant questions about their current health and wellbeing to ensure that the treatment is suitable and safe for them. 

    For more information or to book a complimentary consultation to find out exactly how the treatment works contact Australian Skin Clinics Collins Street on 03 9081 0626.

    Is this a treatment you would consider, or have you already experimented with a similar treatment? I would love to know!

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    The Who, What and Where of Paris, France

    Paris is such an iconic destination and whilst I’m yet to visit just yet, I’ve enlisted two lovely women who are frequent visitors to share their experiences of what they hear, see and do to allow us to live vicariously through them. Meet Jill Healy-Quintard, a specialist in the Mind/Body connection, and Charlotte Ravet, LUXit Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist, for all the inspiration and #travelgoals!

    [ Charlotte & Jill ]


    Jill: “I have been travelling between France and Australia for 20+ years and lived in the south as well and have noted since we are all only separated by perhaps missing a twitter, youtube update or a post on Facebook, that the fashion throughout the world, particularly with Gen X has become global rather than limited to a specific city or country, although each place tweak their own uniqueness. In Paris in the fashion districts and the tourist districts there will always be people dressed typically Parisienne style, but the young people could be from any country eg. in the hip hop music and dance scene the fashion is totally global and that is from Zimbabwe to Croatia and everywhere in between. My family and friends in Paris love our Australian style, but I do note that the women members of my family young and older tend to wear more make-up and are never seen without make-up or very coiffed hair. The perfume is much stronger and the shoes have a definite very good and well groomed style, if they are not wearing trainers and workout gear.”

    Charlotte: “The typical French uniform is usually a good leather jacket, slim jeans, a nice top, messy bun or loose hair and for the most adventurous a classic red lipstick. If you want to learn more about the Parisian look you could definitely look Ines de la Fressange’s book: Parisian chic. A “bible” for any French women full of tips, places to go, and best looks to wear. So French, so chic!”

    A big fashion trend in Paris those last years is the effortless style, to achieve this, there is the secret “rule of three”.

    Charlotte: “You never to do the three things at the same time: hair, makeup, clothes. You always have to leave one. For example, if you are going to a dressed up party and wear a cocktail dress with high heels, you can do your makeup but will drop the hair. Or look like you haven’t done much and opt for a “bed hair” style. If you have your hair and makeup properly done you will probably wear flat shoes. I never feel overdressed or too sexy in Australia but going out in Paris I always do more fashion details, instead of a full glamour look. A stylish handbags and a nice pair of shoes will always be noticed!”


    Charlotte: “I always stock skin care going to France; Bioderma, Avene and La Roche Posay  are brands I always trust. I also buy a cream at the chemist call “Ialuset”. This cream is 100% hyaluronic acid and usually used for burns and ulcers on the skin. But it also does miracles if you apply before sleeping to plump your skin before a big day or after a peeling treatment. *This is just a tip and this is not the actual prescription for this cream, so I would recommend a patch test before use in case of reaction, as no prescription are required.”

    Jill: “I have relatives and friends in and around Paris and the South of France. My sister in law, who has recently moved from Paris to Cannes, is totally the opposite of the ‘How to Look Parisian Wherever You Are’ and speaking of, my Paris based sister in law found the article in a newspaper and said sadly that women are beginning to copy the Kardashian look.  Far too much botox and filler. My daughter said to me last year when visiting our relatives, that women in Cannes look the same- not just natives but tourists as well though. It is sad to see many of the gorgeous young girls smoking, although they certainly have the stunning French look, tres cool, while lying with their partner/lover/friends on the grass of the Place des Vosges (one of my favourite places in the Marais in the 4th) and just chatting or reading or embracing.

    “In the early 2000’s the way French women in my classes kept their weight down was to smoke, drink coffee and have 1 meal a day if any at all…….which is the real truth of Why French Women Don’t Get Fat!”

    Madame Quintard (my mother in law) and her sister were the invisible menders of incredible fabrics for all the designers in the exclusive Place Vendome, which (before bulk cheap clothing) was the center of Paris fashion in the 1st and she even had a dress made for our daughter by Chanel for her baptism in Paris. I always saw her as the epitome of Parisienne French. She never went out without having spent a long time grooming and always had everything immaculate, including her house.”

    Charlotte: French women are actually not wearing this much makeup, the French are more into skincare and hair care. A beautiful natural skin and silky hair will be the first step in the beauty routine. We like to see the skin under the makeup and are big fan of the “no makeup look”. Liner, highlights and false lashes are not a big thing in Paris, sorry!”


    Charlotte: “When I travel to Paris there is a few beauty places to never miss! Firstly, the huge Sephora in Champs Elysees. It’s definitely a beauty temple where I can spend hours looking at all the latest beauty products. If you go during the sales, products can be discounted up to 70%!

    For the luxury places, Guerlain which is next door to Sephora has one of the most beautiful perfumes and beauty shop, and don’t forget to stop by Laduree for a delicious macaron across the street! On the side of my classic Chanel N 5, I choose my parfum form Martin Margiela at Galeries Lafayette, the scents are very unique and delicate. For the professional makeup artists, there are two places to not miss; 1. Mac cosmetics rue des Saints-Peres, a professional Mac store with an extensive range of products, and 2. Maqpro, le maquillage professionel, a professional makeup store with a thousand choice of colours and textures. The company is family owned and products are made in France using luxury ingredients, and they also offer a range of convenient palettes and customisable products to suit all professional artists.”

    Jill Healy-Quintard is an Australian married to a Frenchman from Paris, and has trained and worked for more than 30 years in fitness and wellness for the body and the mind. Whilst running a range of exercise classes for her clients, she also writes for her fitness and wellness blog.

    Charlotte Ravet is an elite makeup artist and hair stylist based in Sydney. Her expertise spans bridal, editorial, beauty, commercials & celebrities alongside training, and if you’re interested in booking Charlotte to visit you for a service you can book at

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    The Beauty Dust You Need

    Beauty Dust. Sex Dust. Dream Dust. If you haven’t heard of Moon Dusts by Moon Juice, where have you been?!

    In addition to their extensive juice and snack offerings, Los Angeles- based Moon Juice has created a range of all-natural, herbal ingestible powders that promotes health and wellness. Originally available in jars, now you can pick these up in 14 single serving packets you can take Dream, Beauty, Spirit, Sex, Brain and Power on the go anywhere.

    Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon, a chef and food educator uses food as medicine and has solved many of her own chronic health issues by incorporating plant based food and adaptogens into her diet.

     Chantal says: “I created Moon Juice for people interested in a new way of living. Not a way where you have to erase your past, but a way fueled by excitement to help yourself live better, here and now. Moon Juice is a cosmic beacon for those seeking out beauty, wellness, and longevity. Our only intention is to add goodness and beauty to your life.”

    Let’s go through each one in more detail!

    • Beauty Dust is a transformative blend of adaptogenic superherbs that help combat the effects of stress to expand your beauty, luster, and glow from within.
    • Brain Dust is an enlightening blend of adaptogenic superherbs and supermushrooms that help combat the effects of stress to align you with the cosmic flow for great achievement.
    • Sex Dust is a lusty blend of adaptogenic superherbs that help combat the effects of stress to ignite your creative energy, in and out of the bedroom.
    • Power Dust is an elite blend of adaptogenic superherbs and supermushrooms that help combat the effects of stress to fuel your physical and entrepreneurial feats.
    • Dream Dust is a tranquil blend of adaptogenic superherbs that help combat the effects of stress to soothe your tension for deep, nocturnal rest.
    • Spirit Dust is an uplifting blend of adaptogenic superherbs and supermushrooms that help combat the effects of stress to expand peaceful awareness and align you with bliss.

    Visit Moon Juice at one of their three physical locations – Melrose Place, Venice, Silver Lake – or online at MoonJuiceShop.

    See you in September LA!


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    Fragrance For The Home

    When an email landed in my inbox with the title ‘The scent of Melbourne now available Australia-wide’, I was quick to open and scroll through. I was so excited to read that TÄNDA Modern candles have released a new scent that encapsulates the true essence of Melbourne, with notes of roasted coffee and dark chocolate, named simply Melbourne. Available in three sizes of glass vessels, with burn times ranging from 30 hours to 90 hours. This candle, and the entire range, are made using pure soy wax, and natural soft wood wicks. All candles are scented with a maximized fragrance load, tailored to their size to make for an experience of luxury.

    I sat down with the founder of TÄNDA Modern Alyson, to learn more about the fragrance for the home and of course, the launch of the Melbourne candle!

    I simply adore Melbourne and I am so excited that one of my favourite cities has been immortalised in a candle! Where did the idea for the Melbourne candle originate and what was the inspiration behind the fragrance notes? Thank you so much! Melbourne is such a beautiful city, and I always feel so lucky to live here. The Melbourne candle was originally part of a wider Cities Collection, paying homage to some of my favourite places around the world. It’s been brought back to (larger than) life again with a slightly tweaked scent, and it’s being received so well! We seem to be such snobs about our coffee here in Melbourne, so it was certainly no stretch to look to that for inspiration. I partnered the roasted coffee scent with dark chocolate both to make it a little sweeter, and to pay tribute to some of our brilliant chocolatiers too.

    As a candle expert, where do you see this candle working best, by the kitchen bench or maybe on the coffee table in the lounge, and why? Personally, I always prefer to have strongly scented candles in the more open plan areas of a home. The kitchen and lounge / living room are perfect for our Melbourne candle, especially because of its gourmand nature.

    The Melbourne candle is noted as having a maximised fragrance load. What does this mean? At TÄNDA we use high quality fragrance and essential oils in our entire range of candles and diffusers, so that we can ensure our customers are getting the very best products possible. A maximised fragrance load refers to the candle containing the most fragrance possible for its wax weight. Once a candle reaches this amount (which is different for each glass size, fragrance, fragrance type, wick choice, and so on), it can hold no more, and will begin to weep the excess oil out.

    If you had to associate one fragrance with each city in Australia, what would it be? You just might be onto something with this question! Although I’m definitely biased towards beautiful Melbourne, I think Adelaide may be my very favourite place to visit! I would go with something featuring native gum leaves as a nod to the beautiful Adelaide Hills…or something deep and heady to match the Barossa Valley. For Brisbane or the Gold Coast, I’m definitely leaning towards a loud, citrus based scent – something to remind us all of holidays spent in the sun! Sydney’s style and fast paced nature lends itself to strong notes, such as leather or tobacco. I seem to always visit Tasmania in the winter months, so I’d have to go with a super fresh, clean fragrance for those crisp, foggy mornings. Something like our Oak Moss & Amber would be perfect! Perth’s beaches are so beautiful, so we’d certainly be leaning towards a fragrance with references to salt water and fresh air. I’m sadly still yet to visit Darwin, but I’d love to create a scent full of incredible native plants for the city.

    TÄNDA Modern candles are vegan, kosher, organic and animal friendly. Why is this so important in this day and age? TÄNDA strives to be as sustainable as possible, and we really pride ourselves on being entirely vegan, kosher, and eco-friendly especially. It’s so important to know what’s in any product you’re using, but particularly when it’s something that is permeating both our personal and wider atmospheres (such as with burning candles). Our entire range is made using recycled glassware and packaging also, and we try our best to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

    Can you please explain your scent process? How do you concoct the perfect candle fragrance? I tend to base our fragrances on my different memories and personal experiences, so the majority are all slightly left of the centre – I’m completely unable to put any products out that I don’t absolutely love! I’ve gone through who knows how many absolutely terrible combinations to get to the current range – some of them didn’t leave my nose for days and days! For the most part, I have quite a clear idea in mind, and then set out mixing the various scents that I think will get me there. There have been the occasional few fragrances that have been happy accidents after endless misfires – that’s always a wonderful surprise! I’m definitely most proud of our Constellations Collection; they’re made with organic essential oils, and they took weeks and weeks of combining individual oils to get just right. Definitely worth the time taken!

    Which scents do you think work best in the different areas of the home? Are there particular scents we should place within the bedroom for a peaceful nights sleep? I suppose I could be considered a bit of a traditionalist in this – I mostly have very specific scents in each area and don’t often stray from them.

    • bedrooms: I personally prefer the more subtle scents, such as Japanese Cherry Blossom, or Oak Moss & Amber in the bedroom, as they’re not too overpowering. Our ANDROMEDA candle is also perfect for the bedroom, as it’s full of organic essential oils designed to induce a sense of calm and reduce stress.
    • bathrooms: I tend to gravitate towards citrus based fragrances in the bathroom, so things like our Tangerine & Guava, or Tahitian Lime & Coconut work perfectly. They’re bright and sweet, and will have you dreaming of an island escape while you’re in the bath!
    • entrances: I think it’s quite important to ensure that your home smells inviting, but not overwhelming to the senses – there’s nothing worse than walking into a place and feeling like you’ve been hit in the face with any kind of fragrance (good or bad!). I am consistently burning Lavender, Cucumber & Sage in the front room – it’s super fresh and welcoming, and people are always commenting on it. It’s definitely a different kind of fragrance, and my favourite of all of the TÄNDA range.
    • lounge room: I am often drawn to the deeper scents for the lounge room, and frequently burn Lime, Basil & Mandarin, Lychee & Black Tea, or CETUS while unwinding from a busy day. CETUS includes essential oils such as patchouli, ylang ylang, sweet orange, and cardamom; it’s designed to combat feelings of fatigue and anxiety.
    • kitchen: In the kitchen, it really depends on what is happening in the area. Sweet, food-like fragrances, such as French Vanilla Bourbon and Melbourne (of course!) are great for after dinner, or when you’re in the mood to bake something.

    What is next for TÄNDA ModernI’m so excited for this coming year, there are so many things going on in the background! We have a new release coming in the next 6-8 weeks, which is going to feature the artwork of one of my absolute favourite artists. I can’t wait for this to be out in the world! In July we’re also popping up at Melbourne’s Finders Keepers market, which is going to be insane – if you haven’t been before, I definitely recommend visiting!

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    Get the Facts on Safe Laser Hair Removal

    Do you wish your skin could have that oh-so-silky feeling all year-round and not just on the day you shave? Laser hair removal is a godsend for women (and men) for this very reason. But for many, the term ‘permanent hair removal’ can be daunting! To remove both your unwanted hair and any confusion about laser hair removal, the expert team at Australian Skin Clinics have all the facts covered when it comes to safe and effective laser hair removal.

    How does laser hair removal actually work? With lighter skin types, a cosmetic medical-grade laser transmits a concentrated beam of light directly into the pigment of your hair follicles. With darker skins, the laser is attracted to the blood supply of the hair follicle. The laser then destroys and stunts the hair growth with both modalities. Don’t let the term ‘laser’ freak you out – the treatment is safe, fast and effective in the removal of excessive or unwanted hair.

    FACT: The word laser is an acronym. It stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation!

    Is IPL the same as laser hair removal? This is one of the biggest misconceptions in the industry: IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is not the same as laser hair removal. The biggest difference being that IPL devices do not use laser and therefore cannot effectively target the deeper hair follicles or be adjusted to suit specific skin tones. This can lead to substandard results, along with an increase risk in burns to those with darker skin types. Currently, there are no formal training regulations or equipment industry standards in place for IPL treatments in Australia. Laser hair removal is truly the safer, more effective method of hair reduction.

    FACT: Lasers utilise one wavelength to selectively treat the targeted chromophore (dark matter). When operated by a trained laser technician, it can effectively destroy its target without causing harm to the surrounding tissue.

    How do I know a clinic is safe? A safe laser hair removal clinic will offer clients complimentary consultations with a trained laser technician to assess the skin before treatments commence. The laser technician will also provide advice on how to prepare the skin for optimal results before treatment, as well as correctly advise on how to deal with any post-treatment discomfort that may occur.

    Clinics should only use medical-grade laser equipment with Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approval and operated exclusively by trained technicians.

    FACT: Queensland has the strictest laser licensing laws in the country and Australian Skin Clinics operates under these industry regulations across all their clinics nationwide.

    How do I know my laser technicians is highly qualified? You wouldn’t let a GP operate on you as a surgeon, so why would you want a beauty therapist performing laser hair removal treatments on your skin? Laser technicians should be just that, qualified for the job and hold a Class IV in Laser Hair Removal.

    Qualified laser technicians have a more advanced understanding of how your specific skin type and hair colour will respond to the laser, which means in your consultation they can provide the best advice according to your needs as well as create a personalised treatment plan for your skin and hair type to achieve optimum results.

    FACT: Australian Skin Clinics requires all laser technicians to have undergone laser safety training at The Advanced Skills Academy (TASA).

    Is laser hair removal painful? Laser hair removal feels like a light flicking or pinching sensation, with a little bit of added heat. It is designed to be a relatively comfortable treatment. After each treatment, the hair becomes lighter or thinner and discomfort subsides.

    FACT: All laser machines at Australian Skin Clinics include a cooling device called a Zimmer, which can be adjusted to provide relief should any discomfort occur.

    With your questions now answered, it’s time to find a clinic that ticks all of these boxes. Contact Australian Skin Clinics by calling 1300 303 014 or visit

    About Australian Skin Clinics
    Founded on the Gold Coast, Australian Skin Clinics is one of Australia’s original laser and skin rejuvenation clinics. Established in 1996, the company has achieved rapid expansion due to its successful business model and growing consumer demand for its services.
    Australian Skin Clinics offers a range of results-driven cosmetic treatments including laser hair removal, cosmetic injectables, microdermabrasion, acne management, treatments for rosacea, pigmentation, scarring, sun damage and skin care. With services to suit a wide spectrum of customer both in age and gender, Australian Skin Clinics’ mission is to make its customer’s look and feel fantastic about themselves. The Australian Skin Clinics team achieves this by offering affordable, accessible and effective cosmetic treatments in beautiful, high quality facilities and delivered by experienced, qualified and highly trained team members.

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    Chasing Your Dreams

    “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

    Samantha Christian is the founder of LOIS., which is Tasmania’s free magazine for women, by women. I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of this project since the debut issue, as the Beauty Contributor, and I’m proud to share that LOIS. has soft launched into Melbourne with Issue 2, with outlets being realised in Melbourne come Issue 3.
    I’ve always been in awe of Samantha’s vision and creativity and with the popularity of magazines like Collective Hub, entrepreneurship has never been more exciting, so if you too wish to create your own start up – Samantha may just give you that inspiration to go for it!
    Have you always been one to follow your dreams, and try new things business-related, Samantha? I am lucky to have come from a family and home environment that was incredibly supportive, I was taught from a young age that I could be whatever I wanted to be when I “grew up”. The problem for me was that I didn’t really know what I wanted to be and then when I did “grow up” I still didn’t know the answer. I had no outside pressure placed on me to make a decision about my career however the pressure I placed on myself was immense so I jumped straight back into learning and failed. I tried University and hated it, I wanted to be a journalist but I just wasn’t learning in that environment. I deferred my degree twice before I dropped out so I’m a University drop-out, but that doesn’t define me. I worked in hospitality waiting tables and clearing glasses, a job I actually enjoyed. I love people and serving people, and hospitality was just another way to do that. I am a person who has always been willing to try new things, so when I was encouraged to join the Navy Reserves in 2009 I took a leap and jumped straight in, 8 years later and I still perform reserve service. When it comes to business I take a more measured approach. Having worked in my family business for 6.5 years in varying roles, mostly in sales and management. I was given a great testing ground to feel my way through business. I was able to see how a business operated daily from the inside out and that has been an incredible blessing. It has allowed me to launch my business (thought still under the family publishing banner Temperate Zone Tasmania) in a way that I wanted with minimal risk. My entire life has lead me to this point and I am incredibly pleased to say that now at 28 years of age I am immensely happy with the direction my career is taking. I am still learning, growing and feeling my way through it but I am the editor and creative director of a statewide publication and that feels pretty f**king cool.
    What gave you the push to create LOIS. and when did you know it was the right time? My mum, Gaye played a huge role in the creation of LOIS., as we devised the concept together. We even came to each other with the same name during a late night telephone call, which was just bizarre. We actually decided to add another publication to the fold before we decided what it would be. LOIS. was the bi-product of many conversations about what was missing in the Tasmanian media landscape, after that it snowballed and we realised LOIS. really had legs, not only on a Tasmanian level but on a National level. We softly moved into the Melbourne market with another Tasmanian based business Makers Nest, a pop-up store supporting Tasmanian makers and creators.  
    What’s been the most exciting moment of the LOIS. journey? The most exciting moment so far has been securing our first “celebrity” cover. And for me, personally this celebrity couldn’t be any bigger. We are remaining a little hush on just who it is (for now) however we will be giving our tribe a sneak peek in the coming weeks so follow our social handle @loismag on Instagram and Facebook.
    Samantha, what’s the hardest part about being the ‘boss’ and leading a team? Well I can’t say that I ever really considered myself to be a “boss”. I manage a great team of freelance writers and draw a lot of inspiration from them. For the most part it’s about collaboration and moving towards a common direction. I do a lot of the work in house from graphic design, publication compilation and advertisement design to sales, consulting and managing client relationships. We have a wonderful team of people who have volunteered their time, resources and skills to help get this publication up off the ground and I can honestly say that without these people creating LOIS. would have been almost impossible. It is my dream that we can grow our team to hire its first full time staff member in the first 3 years (or sooner). I’m incredibly passionate about our state and I’m here to prove that you don’t need to leave the island to make a career for yourself. There are so many talented people running global businesses from our beautiful island home and we want LOIS. to grow to be one of them.
    If you were to create something new, what’s something you would do different next time around? Hahaha hindsight is a wonderful thing. I wouldn’t have launched LOIS. during building our first home. At times the stress of managing both projects has been crippling – ps. we still aren’t in our new home! I also would have started by drawing up a business plan before launching. Don’t feel like you need a clear 12 month plan, we all know life is unpredictable at the best of times. So give yourself 3 months worth of planning to work from. Have clear direction of where you would like to see your business 3 in months and if something deviates you from that plan adjust, it really is that simple.
    What advice would you give others looking to go after their dreams and create their ideal business? My advice is to really know your target market, consider your position in the market place and be sure that your product has a point of difference. It’s all very well to start a business but you want to ‘start smart’. Be lead by your heart and trust your intuition. Businesses and organisations that are heart-focussed come from a place of authenticity and integrity and consumers identify with that. Be true to yourself, true to your cause and find something that helps you sit in a space of positivity. For me that’s meditation and yoga for you it may be something completely different.
    One other point is don’t believe the social hype surrounding entrepreneurship. So many people paint being an entrepreneur as a glamorous and fulfilling experience and to put it plainly that image is bullshit. It’s hard work, it’s tears and anxiety and panic attacks and sleepless nights. You will have days where you feel like giving up, you will feel like it’s simply not worth it and that’s the truth of being in business. Some days you feel crazy and other days you feel like you completely have your shit together. It’s not easy, it’s incredibly hard. For me, at the end of the day it is worth the mental shit storm to create something beautiful, purposeful and meaningful. To create for myself and to create for others, for me that’s living the dream.
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    Eat Your Way To Glowing Skin

    Jema Lee is an author, speaker and a huge ambassador for making healthy living easy. She teaches people how to create healthy bodies & lifestyles over; burn-out, exhaustion, weakness, lethargy, tiredness, bloating, blemishes, obesity, confusion and frustration – anyone else mentally tick off ones of these?

    If you, like me, struggle with a healthy living lifestyle, you’ll want in on what Jema does. What intrigued me the most is her Eat Yourself Clean Program. This is a 21 day online program where previous participants have achieved big results in the following areas: weight loss and management, increased energy, lower fatigue, balanced appetite, improved sleep, glowing skin, and improved gut health. Did you see glowing skin in bright neon lights? Me too.

    You’ll learn why diets don’t work, all about protein, carbs and sugar, digestion, gut and detoxification pathways, understanding weight loss, cravings and fats, along with travelling, eating out and recipes – pretty much everything to make you feel equipped to live your best life possible. Oh, and Jema also shares her skincare secrets and how to have glowing skin, naturally!

    “Beauty starts on the inside, from the smallest of cells to a humming gum and loving liver.  You can’t expect to see results overnight but if you want to naturally glow, you’ve got to learn how to glow on the inside first. The first place to start for glowing skin is your liver.  Learn to love your liver and you’ll never have to worry about not glowing again”, says Jema.

    To learn more about Jema, her coaching programs or to simply subscribe to her free newsletter, which also scores you a free copy of Jema’s Gluten Free Recipe eBook, simply visit her website at Additionally, if you’ve got health goals, food challenges, are confused or frustrated about your health, or perhaps need guidance on nutritional products to help you glow, set up a Free Health Discovery Call with Jema herself, where she’ll get you started in the right direction and get you going on your journey to becoming the healthiest and happiest version of you – with glowing skin of course!

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    The Must- Have Style Subscription Box

    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website.

    Are you a style savvy women on-the-go who:

    • is looking for style inspiration but doesn’t have time to search each season;
    • wants access to coveted brands and custom collaborations that can’t be found anywhere else at such an incredible value; and
    • wants to be more adventurous with their look but doesn’t have a personal stylist on tap to source the standout pieces?

    Introducing you Box of Style!

    Fashion queen and The Zoe Report Editor-in-Chief Rachel Zoe has curated a seasonal subscription box, The Zoe Report Box of Style, with brands such as Dylanlex, Alexis Bittar, Mara Hoffman, Too Faced, Shaffer LA, Topshop, Cluse watches, La Mer, Luv AJ and Sunday Riley featured in past boxes. Team Zoe has tapped into their exclusive network to bring members the most coveted fashion and beauty finds and every box has sold out since Box of Style launched in March 2015. Each season, the box contains at least 5 full-sized products—never samples—that can be styled together or worn on their own! Seriously, it’s the next best thing to being styled by Rachel Zoe!

    The Spring 2017 Box contains over $400 worth of this season’s fashion and beauty finds, with each brand featured founded by a female entrepreneur. It also includes 2 exclusive collabs found only in the Box of Style and these handcrafted collab items provided jobs and skills to hundreds of female artisans in India. The Zoe Report Box is a subscription box with purpose – women empowering women to live a life of style.

    It’s the perfect year-round gift for any style savvy women and of course, a treat for yourself too – as I have a special coupon code for you to receive $10 OFF the Spring Box which is ‘BOSSP10’ and also, use ‘BOSSP20’ for $20 OFF an Annual subscription. Coupon expires 04/30/2017!


    Have you received a Box of Style, and what were your thoughts on the contents inside? Share with me in the comments!

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    Review | Cilk Rose Water

    We all know how fantastic rose water is for the skin when applied topically in say a toner or spritz, but what about drinking rose water? Can you drink your way to luminous skin? Chanelle Louise of Cilk Rose Water says YES!

    After a traumatic road accident involving Chanelle’s boyfriend at the time – and now husband! – Darcy occurred five years ago, Chanelle opted to create her own premium non-alcoholic drink alternative that had wellness and sensory elements, just like the red wine that they used to enjoy on Friday evenings pre-accident. She delved deeper into the health and beauty benefits of drinking rose water, analyzed the market and found there was a gap. What began as a simple idea to improve their lifestyle took shape almost on its own, evolved authentically by combining elements of edible beauty and elegance to formulate a unique luxury beauty beverage supplement, creating Cilk Rose Water.

    “Drinking roses helps to awaken your senses and rejuvenate your skin”.

    I have been adding a 5 or so drops to my water (filtered, mineral or sparkling water) each day for a few weeks now and wow, it is such a small luxury in every way. The water turns a beautiful pink shade that provides a rosey- almost vanilla taste that is so yummy, it’s silly. I’ve also found myself forgoing my odd evening glass of wine to enjoy a martini glass of rose water, which obviously gives me an air of celebrity – no? It’s delicious and completely enjoyable, and if it’s good for my skin – I’m in! No noticeable skin improvements yet, but I’m drinking more water than usual so that’s a plus in my book.

    Excitingly, Chanelle recently collaborated with Orchard St to create an another just-as-dreamy beauty beverage, being their Rose Beauty Tonic. Launching in Orchard Street stores this morning, they’ve combined Cilk Rose Water and hormone balancing tonic herbs for a delicate and uplifting beverage, to ‘honour and balance female energies while enhancing your beauty from within’. Sounds intoxicating….

    Cilk Rose Water retails for $79.00AU and will serve approx. 40 drinks.  It’s a completely vegan product, not tested on animals and is also gluten and lactose free. It is recommend that you do not use the rose extract with tap water as this effects the products pH levels.

    What are your thoughts on beauty beverages, share with me in the comments below!

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    Introducing Kalumi BEAUTYfood

    With my new interest/obsession with beauty supplements, I recently came across Kalumi BEAUTYfood snack bar on my internet trawls, which pulls double duty as a beauty supplement. Kalumi claims to ‘say goodbye to totes of bottles, packets and serums and say hello to BEAUTYfood. This bar will be your new bestie, with 15 grams of protein and vitamins A and C to keep your body beautiful, inside and out’ – which is definitely intriguing so I set out more about this new pretty little thing cos it sounded so damn good!

    I caught up with the creators Chrissy & Jayla and asked them to tell me more about BEAUTYfood, which they so kindly did!

    “Kalumi BEAUTYfood is a completely gluten-free, dairy free, soy free and non-GMO snack bar. We came up with the idea ourselves in a little NY kitchen after a long day of castings. We were tired of not being able to find truly healthy snacks on the go.  We decided to combine all of our absolute favorite ingredients, the most important one being Marine Collagen Peptides. We saw a major improvement after consuming marine collagen and wanted to share the amazing ingredient with others in a super tasty way so we combined it with antioxidant-rich sweet potatoes and our favorite metabolism boosting root vegetable sweetner- yacon syrup! Currently we have three flavours available; Cocoa Kiss, Lemon Love and Sweetie Pie, which tastes as good as they are for you.”

    What benefits can we expect to see from consuming BEAUTYfood?
    “BEAUTYfood is formulated with a powerhouse list of our  favorite beauty-boosting ingredients. Our formula is designed to help you “glow from within” with noticeable improvements in the texture of skin, quality of the hair and nails as well as weight management and gut support. For more detail on the benefits, please visit this link“, says the ladies.

    Is BEAUTYfood safe to keep in the cupboard, or in our handbags whilst out and about?
    “Yes, BEAUTYfood does not need to be refrigerated, however avoid storing it in hot conditions exceeding 80 degrees. We use organic cocoa butter in our bars, so treat it like you would a chocolate bar- a super healthy and fancy one!”

    Can we consume your food whilst taking other beauty supplements?
    “Yes of course! Collagen is a special supplement as it is found naturally in our bodies. However,  we recommend eating BEAUTYfood on an empty stomach or before a larger meal as you want to make sure your body absorbs all the amazing benefits! Vitamin c actually promotes the production of collagen, this is why we’ve included some in BEAUTYfood already!”

    Do you have any plans for new or different products in 2017?
    “Yes! We are actively planning new products and line expansions. We are also currently developing a “healthstyle” plan with amazing naturopaths and nutritionists tailored to very specific health concerns and designed to help each person achieve optimal health. All designed to help you feel and look your absolute best through delicious nutrition. We can’t wait to share this with everyone!”

    Just for the record, you might be interested to know that Kalumi offer free shipping on all 12-bar boxes within the US and free international shipping (including AUS) over $197.

    It’s certainly sounding like a supplement I need to have in my life – something else to add to the wishlist! Have you tried Kalumi BEAUTYfood before, I’d love to know in the comments!

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    Interior Design Inspiration : Your Invite Inside Highline, Melbourne’s Newest Event Space

    All Your Office and Event Space Dreams Have Come Together to Create HIGHLINE

    Highline is Melbourne’s newest event space located in Fitzroy. Home to Australian Style Institute, Australia’s leading fashion styling courses and industry network, jaws drop when walking into this space that looks like it could have been in The Intern. Featuring furnishings from Louis Ghost, Meizai and Clickon, this gallery-like venue has been meticulously thought through, down to every detail. By day, the bright space creates a fresh and lively atmosphere; by night, it transforms into a chic, polished cocktail location, worthy of making the pages of Vogue’s next party edit. The space includes an intimate private styling suite, perfect for meetings or small showings; a showroom, fit for larger showings or events, and open-plan gallery spaces, where people can gather, create and discuss. Let the lusting begin…

    *Photographer: Hugh Davies



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    Spray Tan Addicts : Introducing Kaf.Tanned

    It’s Summer in Australia right now and we all want a tan, but not a real one – it’s so damaging girl! As someone who has a lot of spray tans each year, I always feel daggy coming and going from my tan appointments in my comfy trackies and tee, cos you know what happens if you wear tight clothing or nice clothing but in 2017,  Jade Castles of Kaf.Tanned has us set, looking and feeling our best pre and post tan! Learn more below…

    Pictured: Prism Kaftan

    Hi Jade, thank you for chatting with us at Why Hello Beauty! What is Kaf.Tanned and where did the idea come from?

    It all came about with the customer in mind. Solving the dilemma of what to wear after a spray tan all began when I was in high school and was introduced to fake tan. I have naturally very, very fair skin so the day I found out I could dye my skin a beautiful bronzed colour I was over the moon! I started to build up a clientele of about 20-30 tans each week (I created my first ever job!). My clients were turning up for a tan in jeans, leggings, tight clothes, daggy clothes and always asking me “What do I wear after my spray tan Jade?”. It was then when I came up with the idea to design a fashionable, specially made garment to wear to ensure a flawless tan could develop. I made up a few prototypes and gave them to some of my customers to trial and they loved them! The next few years I started to put everything together e.g. website, designs etc. The name really stood out for us ‘Kaftans when being tanned’ = Kaf.Tanned put together.  We launched 3 years ago with only 3 block coloured kaftans and have since launched over 40 different styles and patterns! I like to think we brought fashion in to the beauty industry!

    What materials and styles are available?

    We have a few different materials and styles available.

    We have lovely long and short rayon kaftans, and a super cute ruffled rayon rope dress. Rayon robes, dry fit robes and more! You will have to jump on to check out our collection at

    Where can we find Kaf.Tanned in Australia?

    We are in about 300 beauty salons Australia wide and growing!

    Is this product available worldwide?

    Yes! We ship internationally.

    Pictured: Co-founder Jade wearing Seashell Rope Dress (left) & sister Amber Castle wearing Red Desert Rope Dress (right)

    Any advice for a flawless fake tan?

    Lots! But I’ll make it short & sweet.

    DAY/NIGHT BEFORE – Hair removal + exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Afterwards, apply a nourishing body moisturiser the night before tan to hydrate the skin.

    DAY OF TAN – Have a quick shower before your tan so your skin is entirely clean, this will allow your tan to adhere to your skin evenly. Do not wear deodorant, make-up, perfume or apply moisturiser to your skin! You should now be ready to put your Kaf.Tanned Tanning apparel on and head to your spraytan sesh. Avoid any activity around water (no washing up tonight for you!) and anything that will cause sweating as this could result in uneven tan lines/blotchiness.

    TAN MAINTENANCE – When you are ready to shower your tan off, wash with a mild soap lightly, and always pat dry! Most importantly keep your skin hydrated, this will prolong your tan and keep it nice and even.

    Because I look to peek in other’s beauty cupboards, I also asked Jade a few extra q’s!

    What’s your HG beauty product? Translucent powder!

    BB cream or foundation? I know this might sound a little strange.. But throughout my makeup career I learnt and purchased an airbrush machine, now I just use a water-based airbrush foundation. I love it!! Super quick application and a flawless finish.

    Lipstick or lipgloss? Lipstick.

    Coffee or tea? Coffee during the day & tea at night!

    Heels or flats? I’m a sneakers kinda gal atm or slip ons.

    What do you wear to and from tanning appointments, what are your thoughts on Kaf.Tanned? I’d love to know in the comments, so let’s chat!

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    De-cluttering Your Office: Creating The Best Space to Work at Home

    New year, new you. Well, partly new you. It’s easy to make grand promises in January about all the things you’re going to do to make yourself and the world much better, but sometimes it’s important to start small. Reaching achievable goals gives you the motivation to accomplish bigger ones. And what better goal is there than transforming your environment to make it easier to work in and more productivity inducing? To help you change up your domestic workspace and enjoy the boost in efficiency that will come as a result, here’s our handy guide to de-cluttering and enhancing your home office.

    1. Get cleaning

    Having a proper, thorough clean can do wonders for how you feel about a space and what you get done within it. When you work in an environment or spend a lot of time there it’s good to have clean, fresh air. Set aside one morning, turn up the music loud and get scrubbing, dusting and hoovering until your whole home office is sparkling clean. If needs be refer to specific guides such as how to get rid of mould or specialist ways to clean blinds. A fresh and clean space will inspire you to sit down and get to work!

    2. Create more storage

    There’s nothing worse than trying to work when you’re snowed under with papers, objects and mess. It’s distracting and can make finding the things you need for the task in hand pretty difficult. To avoid this fate, spend a bit of time creating more storage in your work space. You can even label different boxes by type so everything is organised and much easier to find in the end.

    3. Have a dedicated inbox for papers and letters

    Old school, right? Everything comes electronically these days. Well yes and no. When you think about it you’d be surprised at how much of your working life still revolves around plain old paper. That means it’s important to have a clear system to deal with incoming letters or notes to stop them piling up on your desk. It’s also a good idea to recur to the good old sticky notes to mark important papers.

    4. Clear out the draws

    Draws hide an array of sins. It’s too easy to dump anything and everything into a draw and not have to worry about it anymore. Out of sight, out of mind and all that. The thing is, draws that become a home for everything and anything tend to take on a life of their own, housing weird odds and ends with which you don’t want to deal. Take action today, tackle each draw one by one and be ruthless in throwing unnecessary things away. And remember, if you find hidden nasties like stains or mould at the back of a newly cleaned out draw, double check how to get rid of mould or how to remove stains from wood effectively.

    5. Keep your desk items to a minimum

    Your desk is the main piece of furniture in your home office, so keep everything on top of it to a minimal. A clear desk means essentials only – plus one or two décor items for visual inspiration. So select which items you need the most to get your work done: laptop, pens, notebook, headphones, agenda, sticky notes, etc. And don’t forget to add some decorative inspiration to lighten up your work desk: a small plant, a flower vase, a candle, a frame with a picture or a motivational message – for example.

    De-cluttering is cathartic; it makes you feel refreshed about your life and your projects. Get stuck in and see the difference it’ll make to your work today!


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    My Potion London Beauty Supplement Review

    It’s time to share my Potion London beauty supplement review, and I gotta say it’s a rave. In the last few months since coming back from a cocktail-and-pizza filled vacay, I’ve made a conscious decision to up the good in my diet and decrease the bad. Out went starchy breads and rices and the like, I cut out my beloved pastries and began taking supplements to compliment my new diet/lifestyle of fresh fruit, salad and vegetables and and ALL the water, matcha + green tea. The supplements I’m taking include Potion London’s The Beauty Formula, Hydraulic Acid and The Collagen Boost, amongst reishi mushroom (taken within smoothies) and fish oil tablets.

    [ THE WHO ]

    Potion London is a new health and wellness brand dedicated to making your life healthier, easier and more beautiful.  We take the mystery out of food supplements by making it easy to choose the best ones for you. Optimum health and nutrition is at the heart of what we do. We are passionate about quality and work tirelessly to source the best ingredients from the best UK suppliers.

    Here you will find a variety of supplements for specific heath, beauty and fitness requirements. The nutricosmetics provide anti-ageing ingredients to give beauty from within, the probiotics boost the immune system and contribute to a healthy gut, the super greens contribute to your five-a-day and the bone formula helps to prevent osteoporosis and support healthy bones and muscles.

    RECENT: The Benefits of Beauty Supplements

    [ THE WHAT ]

    Let’s have a look at the different selling points below;

    The Beauty Formula, £25.00 for 60 capsules

    Achieve beauty from within with POTION London’s specially formulated supplement to support healthy hair, skin and nails. The Beauty Formula contains the optimum balance of 19 vitamins and minerals – developed specifically to promote clear and healthy skin, strong nails and beautiful, lustrous hair.

    The Hydraulic Complex, £30.00 for 60 capsules

     Hyaluronic Acid holds 1,000 times its own weight in water which has benefits for many areas of the body. It hydrates and plumps skin, helping to reduce wrinkles, lubricates painful and achey joints and alleviates dry eyes. MSM feeds skin from within and promotes the production of collagen to strengthen skin and give a youthful complexion. It is also great for helping chronic joint pain like arthritis or joint inflammation as well as helping to relieve tendonitis and other musculoskeletal pains. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to fight ageing free radicals in skin cells. It also promotes the production of collagen for baby smooth skin.

    The Collagen Boost, £30.00 for 60 capsules.

    Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. A natural component of the skin that acts like scaffold (giving skin strength and elasticity and helping to replace dead skin cells) and is the main building block for cells, tissues and organs. Collagen production is gradually disrupted as part of the natural ageing process. Formulated to complement to support collagen function and formation, POTION London’s The Collagen Boost helps to maintain healthy skin and increases skin elasticity which reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, and shields the skin against visible signs of ageing.

    [ THE REVIEW ]

    Let’s just take a moment to discuss The Beauty Formula, wow. It’s actually strengthened my nails considerably and visually, as they have always been prone to weakness and splitting and this formula mixed with cuticle oil is a dream. My hair has grown so much since my last hair appointment and it’s pretty short at the moment, so I’m putting that down to Potion London… 1 capsule is the recommended dosage per day, which means this bottle is only half empty after 6-8 weeks.

    Gotta say, I’ve been a little slack on taking the The Collagen Boost religiously, as it is to be taken 1 -2 hours before or after food, and I’ve tried to take it off a night but some nights I forget until I’m almost asleep and then, well I ain’t moving. This is a New Years resolution for me though, to take this supplement each and every day. The recommendation for a 20-something year old is 2 capsules each day/evening, so this has lasted for the same period of time as The Hydraulic Complex.

    As I took two The Hydraulic Complex tablets per day, I’ve just recently finished off that container but I have to admit I didn’t notice too much of a difference, other than a sense of wellness as a whole. I spoke to Alexa, the creator of Potion London, who came back with this tid bit. “Funnily enough about the Hyaluronic Acid I have found that people with symptoms such as very dry skin, dry eyes or stiff joints see brilliant results from using it, and people with no unusual symptoms don’t see any particular benefits, which makes sense as it’s technically moisturising from the inside so if your cells are already holding a lot of water you may not need it,” says Alexa.

    Going forward, I will repurchase The Beauty Formula along with The Probiotic, for inner gut health, and maybe also The Collagen Boost, depending on further results.

    All in all, beauty supplements are definitely something that I will incorporate into my lifestyle long term and I look forward to further results with Potion London!

    What beauty supplements do you currently take, and what’s your experience with this kind of beauty? I’d love to know in the comments!