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A Day in the Life of Camilla Phillips, Beauty Therapist at Beautiful You

Camilla Phillips is the owner of Beautiful You – Beauty and Nails, in Bellerive Tasmania. Camilla say about the salon name; “I chose the name Beautiful You, because I believe that EVERYONE is beautiful. So many women – and men- dislike things about themselves and focus only on that. But then they fail to see the gorgeous bits and qualities about them that mean so much more. Always choose to be positive! I also believe so much in self care. It is very important for us to take time out and nourish ourselves in whichever way for our mental and emotional wellbeing! I just love that everyday I can help people look and feel so good about themselves. It’s the best feeling in the world!

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Camilla: Being a wife, mum of 2 children, and a salon owner means that there is never a day that’s not non- stop! I have come to love it though – it’s how I operate best when I am busy.

The morning starts with hubby heading out to work at 7.30 leaving us to get all organised and out the door by 8.30am. I like to start my day with a big glass of warm lemon water as it has so many benefits! It leaves me feeling great, boosts my metabolism, and hydrates me for the day. I pack a healthy lunch, and always have my travel mug of tea in hand as I head out the door. Then its school and day- care drop offs.

By 9.30am my day at the salon starts. Usually I am quite booked up – whether it’s creating beautiful gel nails, doing some waxing, spraying on a flawless tan, or making up a gorgeous face. I get asked all the time what my favourite treatment is to do, and my answer is always the same – every treatment. I love the variety of the day! Every client is different, every client’s needs are different and very specific. I just adore it! No day is the same. I love seeing every different cheerful face coming through my salon door!

In quiet moments, I use it to my advantage by giving the salon a good clean, updating my social media platforms, and doing bookwork! There is always plenty to be done when you run your own business! I finish my day at 2pm unless I go back that evening for any late night appointments. These are very popular with those that work 9-5. I also work a full day every Saturday, those days always are booked in advance! I then go off to do school and day-care pick up, and do any other errands I need to run.


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As soon as we get home, it’s cleaning and getting tea on. Hubby arrives home and we have tea, take the dogs for a walk as a family, and then get the kids bathed and into bed. Then depending on the night, its relaxation time! Most of the time I have appointments to answer and make for clients, and I catch up on my business social media. Then it’s time to switch off, I like to do a nice meditation using an app on my phone, that quietens my mind and gets me relaxed and ready for bed. And then it’s time to do it all again tomorrow!

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